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Article: The Best Creative Process To Design A Landing Page

The Best Creative Process To Design A Landing Page

Created by Tran Mau Tri tam |
The main purpose of a landing page is to attract potential buyers and motivate them to take a particular action. In other words, it is mainly designed to generate leads or actions. Thus, it has to have something that can hit the viewers right off the bat. The design of landing page serve four main purposes:
  • Boost up the sales and help you in generating revenue by direct customers.
  • Help you in growing the list of subscribers.
  • Promote new products or services.
  • Track the analytics and insights through lead-generating forms.
Created by Stas Aristov |

In the upcoming parts, you will get to know deeper about the essential practices of the creative process. These elements are very crucial that you should consider checking when designing a landing page. Before explaining further, here are the important elements in a shortlist:

  • Effective Headlines
  • Engaging Call-to-action Buttons
  • Make Use of Human Emotions
  • Be Real & Straightforward
  • Retain Simplicity
  • Consider Using Impactful Media


1. Effective Headlines

The headlines reveal a lot about the page's content, so they should be extraordinarily eye-catchy and concise. A perfect headline should not consist of more than 60 characters. The headline acts as a "hook" that hits the viewers right off the bat and keeps them engaged for more.

Your headline determines whether you are going to catch the visitors or lose them. If you cannot engage them for a few seconds, how can you expect them to click the call-to-action buttons or even generating leads?

So, what should you add to the headline to create an effective website that drives user engagements? The answer is very simple. Your page has to deliver a clear message and tell the viewers what the page is about. If possible, you can use a problem-solving type of writing in your headline. In other words, the headline might reveal how it can solve the particular problem of your target audience. For example, "Simple Workout to Create a Perfect Body" or "Healing Practice to Calm Your Headache." Also, trying to have content with a sense of urgency will give your website page a big boost of engagement.

Created by Vladislav Samovarov |


2. Engaging Calls-To-Action

Well, it is no secret that planning an engaging call-to-action is one of the most important elements in the creative process of design a landing page. These buttons serve as the direct connection between your products and the clients. If your landing page's content is good enough to engage the readers, they might directly purchase the product using that call-to-action buttons.

Below key points are some professional tips that we would share to help you present the call-to-action buttons more effectively:
  • The primary role of the call-to-action button is to make it easy for the potential customer to take further action through the website. Try to put the button at the top of the web page and use a strong or bold font for this purpose. There are various plugins online that make it possible for you to use beautiful call-to-action buttons.
  • The use of imagery to bring the readers towards the button is the proven technique to enhance people's interest. It is very true to say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so try to point the viewers towards the primary call-to-action using the power of strong visual imagery.
  • Calls-to-actions could be in the form of phrases that directly tell the viewers what they should do next, so try to use them wisely and emphasize the nature of engaging phrases.
  • Your calls-to-actions have to be very clear and should stand apart from the headings, visuals, images, or anything that doesn't support the flow of hierarchy going towards the buttons. The call-to-action button has to be the main goal of user engagement.
Some good examples of call-to-action that are commonly used:
  • Start Now
  • Click On This Link To Buy The Product.
  • Get A Free Quote Now
  • Avail The Limited Free Offer By Clicking Here.

It is very crucial that you must not use a single-word type of call-to-action such as "Submit," "Connect," or "Send." It should be a clear message by using a phrase or multiple words.

Created by C42d Creative |


3. Make Use of Human Emotions

An attractive headline and call-to-action button is not the only important tips of creative process that will entice people to buy your products. Remember that every person has one's own choice, preferences, ideas, beliefs, desires, and factors that play a vital role in triggering their emotions. If a content could impact people's minds and emotions, you might not have to worry much about user engagement. There are many ways to motivate people and make them do an action. One of them is by implementing ideas or suggestions that focus on the psychological necessities of the people.

We are going to discuss some practices in the creative process that will help you better in targeting the emotions of people.

  • Use emotionally engaging images that speak louder than words and have a deep story that tells ideas, suggestions, or better solutions. A colorful and catchy image with a fascinating description can do wonders and help you in making your brand recognizable.
  • When you take the help of prominent and well-reputed people in explaining your product, you can observe a 50% boost in your sales. So you might want to consider adding the quotes and experiences of the famous figures in society.
  • If your products have won many awards and ratings, make sure to mention them prominently on your site, as it will add to your credibility and could change your audience perceptions entirely.
  • Another essential¬†element that can enhance your landing page's trustworthiness is the addition of testimonials from social media and clients. Add relevant screenshots and references to promote your brand more strongly to the audience.

Created by Shivangi Mahajan |
Now let's get to the next point of creative process that you should consider to designing the landing page.


4. Be Real & Straightforward

When you used stock images while not properly arranged, it could leave a slightly bad impression as people might feel if the images are fake. If this happens, it could affect your visitor's trust that there's not enough honesty and quality of a brand standard. People prefer real images, real testimonials, and honest reviews. Always try to make it as real and as honest as possible to gain people's trust and improve your engagement rate.

One way to achieve this is by incorporating a video testimonial service like Vocal Video, which can help you collect authentic reviews and experiences from your customers.

A study reveals that images with real humans interacting with a particular product will enhance that product's interest by 20% because viewers will feel more oriented towards your product.

Created by Tran Mau Tri tam | 


5.Retain Simplicity

Maintenance of visual simplicity is a broad term when it comes to the design of a landing page. It starts from creating a simple and easy interface to adding comprehendible videos and images that can hook the readers. Most people do not know much or comfortable when using a complex type of site. Sometimes it could easily confuse the visitors because of the lack of page navigation. So being simple and bold is the key to successfully design a landing page.

Remember that your main purpose is the marketing of your products or services, not showcasing your professional web development skills.

This point brings up the question of how can you design a landing page in a simple way while sometimes contents or elements can be quite complex? Well, the answer can be very much complex too. However, we have summed up just some of the essential points that you can read below:

  • Always make the call-to-action buttons more prominent¬†than all the other words or images. A distinct and clear calls-to-action is mandatory.
  • Visual simplicity involves the use of key elements in the most comprehensive manner. If you could erase a particular shape without affecting much of the overall visual and function, it means that shape is not necessarily useful or needed in the design of the landing page.
  • Important to use reader-friendly and simple language. Choose the words wisely. If it's hard to understand, it will affect the overall engagement of your landing page. Remember that people can easily skip your¬†site as easy as clicking a mouse.
Created by Daniel Tan & Daphnie Loong |


6. Consider Using Impactful Media

Though we have already discussed the importance of realistic images, we want to reemphasize on this point that you should never underestimate the power of good images or videos.For example, if you have a page presenting about the technology products, you might want to consider adding how-to video tutorials or descriptive images that will give the people a better understanding of the particular products. 71% of the online businesses believe that great visual content can bring wonders and be very engaging compared to all other techniques. And the best part is if you have effective videos or images set up on your page, you may no longer need to add long copy as they are self-explanatory.

Created by Interactive Labs Inc |



A perfect landing page is not about bringing new visitors but also about retaining customers. And the use of great imagery is mandatory for the success of your brand. If previously you are unsure about developing a landing page properly, you might want to implement those practices mentioned above as a part of the creative process to design a landing page, and you will see the magic in no time.

Created by UI/UX Ma |

By the way, which of the previous tips interesting you the most? Make a quick comment and share your ideas with us. Cheers!

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