The Most Updated Logo Design Trends in 2022

Creative trends keep changing and shifting to either progressing or even backward.
Here are the most updated 2022 logo design trends you should not miss!
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Is a trend a good thing or not? When it comes to logo design trends, they can appear as something designers need to think about further. In many cases, people will say that joining the new viral ideas is like following the quick train with an uncertain boost. It does appeal to the specific time, but it does not mean the new movement can stay or last as long as others. 

But learning trends and understanding the risk is part of the logo creators' research. Every work and project demands proper concepts or styling. Blindly working or adopting a new style movement will only lead to massive downfall, especially if the idea does not work properly with the project. Another point is how the trends won't be able to stay afloat in the industry. 

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In this article, you can find how far and what kind of logo design trends to expect in 2022. The said ideas might already run or have the potential to get bigger in the year. One thing that one needs to underline is the fact that some of the trends tend to have their specific elements, such as one that focuses on text, imagery, or concept and general. 

It implies that the ideation from one to others won't be the same. There are also points where the said viral ideas are less flexible or versatile. It tends to appear and appeal to specific markets. So, to help creators understand the current update, try to learn and understand the possible logo design styling. 

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The Aesthetic Style On 2022

It is a bit of a surprise that some of the new trends in 2022 are pretty much on the more freedom and freestyle design. Some options still implement the sense of restriction or planning, but most of the ideations underline the sense of freedom. That freedom or less restricted styles likely picture the post-pandemic situation. 

Designers love to play around with more unique elements, creating a feeling of liberty in them. The logo design new movements also reach almost every element in the design, such as the text, imagery, color, and also motif. Some of them are bound to add certain aspects which enable personification, personalization, and a broad style of logo model for varying industries or businesses. 

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Top 10 Logo Design Trends You Can Find In 2022

1. Handcraft On Drawing And Text 

With industry and business getting stricter and more competitive, creators fight for authenticity. That is why many trends in 2022 pinpoint authentic styling in their works. Among many, you will likely find more branding using a simpler handcrafting style. It goes with many industries, appeals to a range of audiences, and provides varying authentic identities. 

A socially conscious brand looking for a unique and authentic style can use handcraft style for a nice authentic touch. What makes it an interesting option is how the design has a more humanistic appeal. It drew real persona and fear from the isolation ideas. That is why the logo will have DIY aspects that highlight a great touch of freedom. 

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The design, in particular, has a vast possibility to appear simple to more complicated. Those variations also compose erratic styles of writing, drawing, or styling. In other words, it mostly focuses on creating something close to doodles, drawings, or imperfect lines. Those touches of unpolished styles create the sensation of friendly and familiar trends. 

It is favorable how unique and personal the design is. Creators have the chance to get creative with authentic visual identity. In writing text, the creator can make a logo design purely made out of a signature. In graphics or images, the said trends enable creators to play around with unique shapes, hand painting to simple doodles. 

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2. Geometrical Design  

A whiplash is similar to throwback logo design trends. In other words, the current styling mostly comes up with unique old-style imagery rooting back to classic logo, vintage imagery, old school style, art Nouveau, or another similar sister movement. As the name says, the trends are pretty much waking up old styles that capture the sense of nostalgia. 

But what exactly is it? If you are looking for a color, drawing styles, symbolism, and impression, a whiplash effect can turn into a treasure. The key is to make a creative rendition of the generation at the beginning of the previous century, such as the 60's posters. It can include a unique cartoonish style for the logo. 

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The key of this design mostly appears in its cartouches, illustration, and letter. The intoxicating style with the old style aesthetic makes a round of homage and life form. Another best aspect is how some of the designs bring both flora and fauna, making them the focal point of the design. But the logo design also has its flaw as the ongoing trends. 

The design can apply to certain industries, considering it has a particular visual to highlight. Using it for formal and professional business might not appeal to the audience. Meanwhile, it can be an attractive design trend for the younger target demographic. The key to successfully applying the logo style is to consider whether the project or the company relates to its appearance.  

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3. Clear Typography 

It is not a surprise that the current trend in logo design tries to appeal to a bigger audience or gain traction on the market easily. That is why many try to use clearer typography to deliver its purpose or meaning. Another reason why the style appears as one of the trends is due to its ability to cut through the noises and crowd and aid customer recognition. 

This year, expect varying styles of typography with high readability and recognition aspects. It does not mean monotonic or boring details. Instead, it goes with minimalism and simple logo design trends ideas. In this case, many use a direct appearance with logo text. It highlights or simply uses the name but adds a personality with customized fonts.  

One thing that makes this logo design attractive and favorable for many industries is the laconic sense. In other words, it highlights clear, stylish, and timelessness. The use of simple geometry and fonts make the logo recognizable. Designers can also make simple alternations by adding shapes, colors, or movement without losing their legibility aspect.  

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4. Natural / Botanical Design

There are pretty strange and contrasting trends in 2022. Many stay and try to attract people with vibrant colors. But some companies focus on staying natural, which appeals to more sustainability credentials. It goes with the current concern of global warming and sustainability efforts, which is why many try to communicate with environmental value.

The way the logo design trends appear in the creative industry is pretty unique. When it comes to illustration and motifs, you will see varying features that convey the great outdoors. It can be natural flora and fauna, such as forests, lakes, parklands, some delicate flower petals, leaves, blooms, and many other flowery or natural implications.   

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At the same time, you can also put the hand-drawn logos as part of the natural look design. The trends overall each other's, especially with the sense of DIY, back to basic or rustic feel on the logo. Another set of examples is the Nouveau styles under the whiplash trends. Since it comes along with old-style colors, floras, plus faunas, it fits perfectly with this category. 

A good look at the natural 2022 design trends is from its colors. To create a more down-to-earth feeling, natural color palettes appear as solutions. In the moment of design, the blends of soft colors lend a visual for logos. To make it better, the looks can appeal to luxury products, feminine items, to more collaborative formal or casual business.  

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5. Stripped Back Design

As far as many logo design trends try to work with more authentic yet simple and clearer imagery, the new logo idea that will appear a lot is a stripped-back visual. In this style, the key point is how the creator focuses on playing with a more simplistic style and modern feel. That is why the answer goes to the more geometric logo. 

It is a simple, effective, and amazing iteration of classic logo design. Many go back to classic shapes, such as the diamond logo, lines, and geometric shapes. You can see it from how many famous companies have started to join the trend by simplifying and minimizing their images. Take the example of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. 

What makes stripped-back trends worth exploring is their vast possibilities and styling. You can implement the stripped-back looks to typography, icons, or symbolism. To make it more unique and have personality, some creators ramp up its aesthetic with a layering method. The layering helps create varying line thickness, font-weight combination, color blend, or shapes.  

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6. Multicolor And Gradient 

The new logo design trends on colors are likely surrounding the use of gradient and multicolor styles. Many will say stay with the brand color. Indeed, that is one of the true aspects. But with the more freedom and less restrictive nature in the current market, companies are bound to go extra. 

Multicolor, in general, can be a perfect implication of varying products, audiences, services, or industries. It is a great option when the company has a wide variety of purposes on its market. A similar reason appears to be the Instagram logo design. The previous design used vintage camera images, but now the logo uses vibrant colors. 

Another good point in using this style is the ability to blend and combine colors flawlessly. When the product or the brand has double or triple hues, using gradients helps create a sense of motion. Those motions appear from how the colors blend and associate with each other. For a logo design, playing with colors and gradients is as effective as working with shapes or other elements. 

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7. Experiment Shape

The shape trends on logo designs vary, something that goes with more than one option or style. In general, you can highlight how the 2022 logo design seeks more freedom but still has its restriction in working with less fancy imagery. It creates a wake of waves on surprisingly funny shapes and impressions. 

You can see shapes representing bowties and uvula to play around with symmetrical imagery. There are also almond shapes, which surface as a popular specific shape. It is also part of the fundamental building block for 2022 season trends. If you go further, you will find a lot of play using trellis and macaroni shapes.

Surprisingly enough, most of those shapes are pretty inconvenient. But with a good and smart hand, shape plays can be an authentic move in working with logo design trends in 2022. It goes with the fact that it can appeal and also appear in varying possible notions, such as icons, initials, words, or simple imagery of the product.  

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8. Monograms

The universal trends you can find almost every year are monograms and minimalism. In 2022, it is bound to resurface despite the unique intake in colors or shaping. The key to minimalism itself is providing simple and sharp elements appearing as fonts or images. Take an example of monogram brand identity; the visual will be less complex.

Minimalism itself has a huge possible variation, which later increases its possibility of staying on the trends list. You can see some luxurious brands come out with minimalism icons or monograms. It is easier to decipher, remember, and applicable in varying media. Other than that, you can also see how the minimalist movement adds another sense of restriction. 

Being a restriction does not limit creators' creative ideas. You can see some logo designs use the more vibrant color in this trend, blinding possible two trends at one to create authenticity. One thing is for sure; it is the most versatile logo you can find for the trends. But surely, it demands a bit of extra ideation in its creation since minimalistic does not mean generic icons.  

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9. Emblem / Framed Logo 

Free from container or containment, make the 2022 logo design trends list. It is probably the most freestyle detail you can adopt for varying products. The idea is pretty much told by the name; the logo design has no border. It goes with the fact that many older works completely try to work inside shapes, such as circles or rectangles. 

But the new 2022 trends have more leeways and freedom. It is mostly meant to avoid and refresh the dated, clunky logo, which is some designs playing with fonts, typography, and colors or overlapping elements. It makes the logo appear more fluid and less formal. But when planned properly, it can also appeal to the more formal or high-end clients. 

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10. Moving Styles 

Dynamic movement in logo design appears in many ways. Some works set their trends by adding glitches and blurring effects. You can also find logo design leaning to develop a sense of moving. It is not a novel trend, but surely can appear and be refreshed in 2022. It is especially true with the increasing demands in working with animated logos, design, and elements. 

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Final Words

At the end of the day, you can see that trends in logos are pretty much-unexpected features. It is a wave that made the industry go strong with its styling or lose it in a few sweeps. In other words, not all of those trends can last longer and create a better impression on your project. If you are working with logo design, pay attention to the longevity of the project. 

In 2022, many trends are inspired by the essence of freedom, yet simple and attractive. You can see that the use of handcraft made it to the top as it creates a sense of individuality. A whiplash or the touch of vintage imagery appears once again, considering the older trends have particular appeal in the modern market. It shares a sense of fun and uniqueness. 

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As the media come with varying options, the use of logos also appears with more dignified and clearer typography. Some love to appeal with less edgy images, which appeal to the more professional market. On the other hand, many design trends are bound to create a feeling of liberty. They use more colors, play freely with shapes, and avoid containers. 

Some also start to focus on minimalism with monographs to focus on attracting a vast market. And lastly, the logo design trend can also join more viral subjects. It blends a sense of movement, creating a more modern opening for unique animated logos. Because brands and personalities are not the same, you cannot simply use the trends for your project. 

Learn about how and what the company or projects want to appeal. After that, pick the best trend that can visualize the ideation. If it is not suitable, don't force yourself to work around it. Remember that not all trends are good. Designers need to be wise and smart in picking or avoiding the design movement, no matter how appealing and tempting the new ideas are.

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