8 Easy Steps on How To Name Your Design Business

Naming a design business is one of the most important things that should not escape your attention. Let's find out how to make an interesting one!
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Giving a name to a business is one of the most important things that should not escape your attention if you are a business owner, especially if your business is engaged in the design sector. Therefore, in this discussion, there will be some tips or ways to name your design business.


The Importance of Choosing a Name for Business Development

The name of a business is one of the main identities that people will remember when getting to know your company. Because of that, when you choose a business name, It is important for you to choose a name that is easy to remember, catchy, and also, most importantly, represent your brand when you name your design business.

There are many types of businesses and companies in this world. All businesses and companies have their own characteristics. The same is the case with your design business. A design business certainly has several main characteristics that are eager to be highlighted as the face of the brand.

You can do this by choosing the right design business name. The right business name will be able to represent well the characteristics of the design business that you want to highlight. We know that the competition in the design business world is quite tight. Therefore, design businesses, as well as companies, are competing to become unique agencies and highlight different characteristics from others to attract customers. 

You can do this by choosing the right name when it comes to identifying your design business. If you are still confused about why a good business name is a very important thing to have, especially as a business owner, here is a further discussion that could enlighten you with the information:

1. Business Name Will Be The First Thing That Customer Remember

As mentioned earlier, to find out why a business name is so important, you must try to position yourself as a consumer. When you as a consumer find out from a company, one of the first things you will remember is the name of the business or the company, right?

Especially if the name of the business is a familiar name and its products are found everywhere. If you want your design business to have many customers, you must choose a name that is easy for consumers to remember.

When you name your design business, it is important to choose a name that is simple and easy to remember so that the name of your business design is imprinted in the memories of your consumers. If you have made your business grow rapidly, then there is a high chance that your business name will be associated with the products or services you offer. 

We can see real examples of Levis jeans. When people mention jeans, most people will refer to them as Levis pants, even though Levis is the name of a company and not the name of the type of pants. 

This condition will certainly be easier to achieve if you use a name that is easy to remember.

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2. Your Business Name Will Represent Your Brand

When you set up a business or company, obviously, you want to aim for the main goal to make a big one so you can create your own brand. It's the same with the design business. You want to create a famous brand from the designs you have made.

Therefore, when you want to create a brand, you must choose a name that will directly represent the characteristics of your design business. In the world of design business competition, you and your competitors will certainly offer the same design. 

But the main thing that distinguishes you from your competitor's business is obviously the design style or the characteristics of your own brand design. If you already know what brand characteristics you want your design business to highlight, you can reflect this into your business name. 

For example, if your design focuses on minimalism, you can name your design business with a reflective word such as "minimum". This name will certainly give consumers an idea about your business design. In addition, if there is harmony in the name and also the characteristics of your design business, your business name will be much easier to remember because later consumers can immediately remember the name of your business which is taken from the characteristics they like from your business design.

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3. Your Business Name Will Differentiate You From Your Competitor

As mentioned earlier, in a business world, it is important for you to stand out more than your competitors in order to attract as many customers as possible. If the name of your design business does not stand out, then the chances of your design business being known by people will be very small.

You can get around this by choosing a catchy and unique name. Today there are lots of businesses and companies that use a unique name as one of their best marketing strategies. A unique name will make consumers curious about your design business. You can use a funny name so that consumers are entertained and interested in getting to know your business more.

But a unique name does not mean it has to be a funny name, and if you want your design business to appear more professional, you can use a unique but still unique name. One obvious example of a unique and fun business name that could gain attention is the Gojek company that uses a unique name taken from the word "ojek", a name for a motorcycle-based mode of transportation in Indonesia. 

At the beginning of the company's release, the name Gojek often made people curious and eventually made this company often talked about. This is one of the best examples that you can also implement in your design business.

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The Standard of Good Companies and Business Name

If you are still confused about what actually makes business feasible to use, there are several parameters that you can use to determine this. You can use this parameter to make sure again later whether the name of the business you choose is a good name or not.

The parameters that will be discussed are made based on observations from various well-known brand names of companies and businesses. In addition, observations are also made by looking at the perspective of consumers who will hear or see the name of your business. The following are some of these parameters:

1. Easy to Pronounce and Hear

In terms of business branding, it is important for you as a business owner to choose a business name that is easy to pronounce and also easy to hear. This is very important because when there are many people who will talk about your business, you want your design business name to be heard clearly and also pronounced correctly so that it is easier for people to find your business later on.

To determine this, you can first see who the target market of your business is. We take the example of a design business that targets millennials and young people as their main target consumers. Because now developments are very advanced so millennials and young people will certainly prefer trendy names. You can use English or your own trendy language, which is still easy to pronounce.

Meanwhile, if the target market for your design business is people who are quite old, it would be much better if you use a name taken from the language of your own country or region. This will make it easier for them to hear and also pronounce the name of your business when compared to using a foreign language such as English.

Avoid using tongue-twister words that will make it difficult for people to pronounce the name of your brand or business when it comes to naming your design business.

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2. Not Too Long and Easy to Remember

As a business owner, there will be lots of business name ideas that you can choose from. You want to choose a business name that really means something to you and also represents your brand well.

But unfortunately, some business owners mistake choosing a business name that is too long because they want to visualize their purpose or brand. Instead, keep the name short when it comes to naming your design business. You can choose to use a one- or two-word name. Also, make sure that the word doesn't have many syllables, which will make the name difficult to remember. Keep the name simple. 

You can see how many well-known companies use only one word consisting of 2 to 3 syllables for their business name. Large and successful companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many other well-known companies use simple names like this to make it easier for consumers to remember their names.

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3. Different Than Other Business 

In the world of business competition, make sure you use a name that is certainly different from the name of other businesses or companies. Using the same name can make consumers or people confused later when looking for information about your business.

Before setting your design business name officially, make sure that you name your business design with an available name and has not been used by another business or company. 

This also applies to the pronunciation of business names. Even if the name of the business has a different spelling, if the name still has the same or similar pronunciation as other companies, it will cause confusion.

So it is very important for you to name your business design with a name that is different from other companies or businesses.

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How to Name Your Design Business

After discussing what the standards of a good business design name are and also what are the benefits of choosing an effective business name design, then here are some ways you can do to name your design business with a great name.

Choosing a name for your business design is one of the most important steps you should take when you own the business and want to release it to the public. To do this important step, you have to make sure that you do it right so that later you don't choose the wrong name or regret choosing the name.

To avoid this incident, here are some steps you can take to choose a name for your design business with an effective great name to develop your business even more:

1. Collecting the Words You Want to Use as Many as Possible

The first step you can do when you name your design business is to collect name ideas or words that inspire you in choosing a business name. At this stage, it is important for you to create a word bank with as many words as possible.

If you already know the concept and also the characteristics of the business design that you want to highlight, you can use this to choose a name. Choose a few words that describe your business. For example, you can use the words "simple", "simplicity", "minimalist" if you have a business design that has a simple concept.

The name of your business must reflect well on your business. So choose the name of the words that represent it.

2. Choose Some Words You Want To Use

After creating a word bank, the next thing you have to do is to eliminate the words you don't want to use. Choose a few words that you think are potential and effective for your business design.

Choose a few words that are really relevant to the image of the business you want to build. Also, match the name you choose with the goals and vision of your business. Usually, a design business has a unique name that is unique and different from other types of business. 

A business that is engaged in design will usually highlight its design characteristics in its name. This can be one of the criteria that you can use in determining the name of your business design.

You can cut down your list to only 10 words remaining. These 10 words are what you can make as some of the best candidates to inspire you in choosing a good name for your design business.


3. Mix The Chosen Words to Create A Name

If you have chosen a name that truly represents your design business, you can use these words to be combined into a name. Usually, it will be much easier to combine only 2 words when compared to having to combine many words. However, this number of words can also be adjusted to the wishes and vision of your business design.

4. Choose Several Combination Name

If you are able to create a combination of words that will be used for the name of your business design, try if you have more than a one-word combination. You can choose the 5 best word combinations that you can use as potential names for your design business.


5. Compare All of the Combination Word That You Have

All the words that you have combined and you have chosen the best 5 then you have to compare them with each other again. In comparing potential names for your business design, you can use a comparison matrix or table to see which name is the best.

First of all, you can fill in the table with some of the criteria you are looking for in a design business name. Whether it's from the aspect of its attractiveness, from the aspect of whether it is easy to remember, and so on, compare all candidate names with the matrix you created.

You can rate all names with a score of 1-10. Later, collect these scores and see which name gets the highest score.

6. Discuss With Your Team

Even though you are a business owner, you cannot determine the name of a business. You have to ask for consideration from the team or at least the people around you to get the best name.

After you have selected some of the best candidate names, ask and discuss with your team what they think about the name.


7. Check The Name Availability

As already mentioned, choosing a name that is different from other businesses or companies is very important. Therefore, you can check the name ability of the name you choose.

There are several websites that can help you check this. You just need to look for the name availability checker on your trusted search engine. Choose a business name that has never been used by a business or other company.

8. Decide The Name

If there are several names that have passed the availability test and also the matrix that you created earlier, you just have to choose which name you want to choose as the official name of your design business. 

Take it easy, and you should not rush when choosing this name. Try to choose the best name because this name will be the first identity of your brand. Choosing a name for your design business is something that cannot be done carelessly and must be done with full consideration. Choose or create a business name that fits your vision and also reflects your business design. 

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Final Words

Giving a name to a business is one of the most challenging things that you should do when starting a company—especially in the design business, where creative agencies would compete for interesting names. Once you have followed these steps above, you should have a great name that you can be proud of. However, if you are still not confident enough, then try to rethink or change again. Lastly, don't forget to enjoy the whole process, and we hope you enjoy this reading!

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