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Article: 7 Secrets to Save Money on Design Services

7 Secrets to Save Money on Design Services

Is it possible to have great quality design services and save money at the same time?
Yes, it surely does! Let's find out more about our tricks.

One of the questions regarding design services is if it's possible to do it and save money at the same time? To some people, those two things are hard to be compromised. Many people associate a good result with a lot of money spent on the project.

However, that is nothing but far from the truth. In contrast, it's true that design services can be quite expensive. But that's not always the case. There are ways to have a good design without compromising the quality. And none of these ways involving you being the designer and do most of the work.

You can save time and budget at once by employing the best service. And this can be done even when you are working on a limited budget. There is no excuse to compromise the service because of some budget scrimping. 


Is It Possible to be Savvy with Design Services?

The common consensus is that great design services cost a lot of money. It seems to be impossible to save money and still get a good design. As terms that seem to be exclusive to each other, it builds a general idea that there is no cheap design.

To be fair, there is no cheap intellectual work. However, it is possible to be money savvy with the design services—all without cutting the rate or risking the work quality. Still with you have the control and final say on order.

A project starts with an idea and a budget. Then comes the decision to the design and how to save some money by choosing the right service. The last part can be tricky since it's easy to be gullible or roped into a disadvantageous partnership.

But the underlying question exists, how to get the right service for the budget? How much money is available to spend, and how much can you save? These questions will appear on any project you have. But once you have the hang of how the service industry works, you can adjust the budget based on your needs.


Seven Secrets to Save Money

It is not impossible to save money and still resulting in a good design. These are some secrets that you need to know on how to get the best design services and save money at the same time. Follow all of them and see how much money you can save at the end of the day.

1. Use an Agency Service

Many people think that using an agency will only drain your money instead of saving them. But an agency can do you a lot of good, more than what you would expect. They have the experience and connection necessary in the circle.

In terms of design services, using an agency can save you time and money. They have the people ready for hire. And among these blossoming talents, you may find one that you will enjoy working with. 

Make sure that the agency has a good reputation and has been in the business for a while. Don't be too focused on saving money and forgetting that the design services run in a small circle. Even a new agency can be a good one when it's started by a well-known name in the business. 

It sure sounds risky to rely on a third-party agent. There is a chance you may spend more money on the extra fee. But these agency design services are great to help you save when it is your first time hiring for service in design.

For a first-timer, contacting an agency can be a life-saver. The agency works as the middleman between the client and designers. Any questions you have regarding the design can be directed to the agency instead. That way, the creator will be focused on the project and deliver the design on time.

Have some faith that they will put you in contact with talents who are affordable by your budget. You can still save money even after paying their service fee. Anyhow, having an agency service to help you doesn't mean you can't shop around.

Take a look at as much portfolio as possible to help you figure out how much your money worth for the service. If the budget plays a big part in the project, see how much you can save or can you be flexible with it.

To put your mind at ease, you can calculate the expenses between using an agency and directly to the designer. However, don't forget to also include time as one of the variables. And see how much time an agency will save you. 

The longer you are in the business, you will be able to save more money by having direct contact with the talent and have their service without the agency. This is a risky decision, but at that time, you'll know if it can save you some or not.


2. Have a Clear Vision of the Project

Before you start contacting anyone, make sure that you have a clear vision of what you want. This can involve short research of the elements you want to have on the design. This can save you a lot of money because it may shorten the time.

Design services cover a lot of things. However, it's all started with an idea supporting a wish from the client. As a client, it is your responsibility to be clear about your wish and idea before presenting it to the creator.

Being clear on the project means many things. It means that you know what you want and how you want it to be done, such as the color, design, graphic, and text placements, etc. You must have envisioned all of those. Save the details that are not in your knowledge.

Make sure that you choose a service that will provide your wishes for what your money worth. To save on service means compromising; understand that you can't have it all with a very limited budget. 

If you still have a vague idea, try to find a service that can guide you from scratch. This may cost you some money, so think if it's worth the money spend. However, this type of service is rare or costly. So, it's best if you have a general idea of how the design should be.

The talent will see your proposal through their professional eyes and will adjust as necessary. That is one of the main parts of their service. To help the communication, you can have a project board or bookmark on your browser filled with design ideas that you like. 

Even when your main objective is to save money, it still doesn't reduce you from having a clear vision of the project. Think about the constant revision that will only put the project away from being finished on time. More time spent means more money being wasted.


3. Keep a Good Communication

The person you hire doesn't read the mind or able to work with a vague pointer. That is why you need to communicate the required changes or revisions you make. Say your thoughts and comments you have regarding their service.

However, save the overcritical comments for yourself. Remember that they are the professional and been working on the design based on the initial direction. Make notes on their service and point out your wishes to see how they can provide them.

Keeping good communication can save you from some hassle. But people often took it for granted and came to the point where they dismiss the idea of calling to check up on the design progress. 

There is a solid line that you must walk on. The difference between a demanding client and a good communicative one is by how they communicate their wishes and how often.

A good client will ask for an update every other day, depending on the project's deadline. It is best to start the design services by having an agreement on the updates. State clearly how often you'd like to be updated on their service.

Good communication will save money because it will ensure you that the design submitted will be as you wished it to be. The money will be well spent because of good communication kept between the services.

Another thing to keep in mind is to know not to expect daily updates unless necessary. A design takes time to finish. So don't be overzealous and call them for an update daily. Give them time to work on the design and revision per your request.


4. Don't Over Revision

It is okay to be a perfectionist, but when there is too much revision, it cost both time and money. Revisions will cost more money instead of saving when they are about minor changes in the design. It's something that can be avoided and maybe unnecessary.

Save revision only for a critical issue that can affect the whole design. There is no need to be over critical and focused on finding fault in the design services. It is your money, true. But the headache over picking on the service is not worth the money. Whenever presented with the updates, look at the big picture and see how pleased you are with the design.

There is a very thin line between wishing to save money and still getting a good design, with being stingy and yet over-demanding. As a client, respect the boundary with the employee and keep unnecessary comments at bay.

Keep in your mind that you're dealing with a person. To complement the design services they provide and don't try to find fault on any occasion. Try keeping bridges count as a way to save money since it can help you have a good reputation in the business.

Someone who has a good rep will have an endless supply of design services ready at bay. The creators will line up to have you as a client, and they may offer competitive prices. In the long run, being nice counts as a way to save money.


5. Hire Someone Based On Their Portfolio

When you shop around the agency for design services, make sure that you have a standard on what you want and see the creators based on their portfolio. Make sure that the creator has included in the portfolio the kind of design that you're looking for. Save their names and contact for further contact.

A single creator may have a long portfolio covering numerous works in many fields. They have worked with a lot of people. Yet, they still have preferences on what they work with. This is another thing to look at other than how much money they will cost you.

Look specifically for that type of person. Save yourself time and money by hiring a real specialist instead of a jack-of-all-trades. A jack may provide good design services, but they may give a different result, and you have to go through a different process.

Another thing to keep in mind is that being versatile is what is always preferred, but it's not the main important thing. And sometimes, it won't save money because their service will involve the need to delegate or outsource the project to someone else.

The portfolio can tell you a lot about the design services provided. You can see which color and style they are more familiar with and often used. Use the information to work with your ideas. Ask yourself, or the agency, if they can give you suggestions on who is the best candidate for the job.

Think about your project in general and look for a creator that has a lot of similar projects under their belt. In design services, these people are more capable of translating your wishes into reality. And you still can save money at the same time.

Having a big shot name may guarantee the result, but that's not always the case. Remember, the big shot may not help your pursuit to save money due to their inflated rate. There is no shame in asking for a discount or ask someone to help you get a better price.


6. Supply The Theme And Graphic In Good Quality

You are hiring someone to do the design services, so why must you think about the theme and graphics as well? For starters, the company's logo is provided by the client. Therefore, to save the time spent on the service, make sure that you have provided a high-quality image for them to start with. 

Remember that essentially this is your project; save the detail on who work on it. But assert your command by supplying a good quality theme and graphic. Make sure that the service provided suits the guidelines on color to fit the brand and theme.

By preparing this ahead, you can save money by saving the creator's time to research for you. Remember that some people may charge you by the hour for their design services. If that's the case, you can save money by giving them clear guidelines of how you want the result to be.

Keep in mind that supplying themes and graphics won't make you seen as a control freak. On the contrary, you are asserting your persona as someone who knows what they want. They will respect your authority and will give you their best service.

When you don't have time to look for graphics and themes to provide, at the very least, be clear on the theme and color. Giving them a vague idea may trigger their creative mind, but it may not help you save money.

There is no such thing as starting the project with a blank canvass. The starting point is on how you wish the design to be. Not how you can save money. But if you insist on the latter, then you have to provide all materials to work with to save money and time.


7. Aware Of The Hours Spent

It is a common mistake to take the hours used for granted. Make sure that when you start the project, you make sure that you aim to save money and get the best result possible. All parties involved must understand and agreed to this to save spending too much time on a project and going over budget.

The term time is money best represents the situation. For every hour spent revising, it is possible to save them and direct the energy and money for something else. The revisions are necessary, but they are not an absolute must. 

Sometimes the best design services are those that went through a minimum revision and were done in a record time. Some other time, it takes a lot of back and forth for the best result. But remember that the project has a deadline and must be done before that time.

In design services, revisions are common, if not to be expected at some point. However, when you have decided to get an update regularly, use the agreement to see if you can work with the creator further or not. It will save you from further headaches in the long run.

Being flexible is a two-way road that can be used to save money. As a client, you can be flexible with some of the minor items on the design. Make sure that the talent understands that so the project can be finished before the deadline.



When it comes to design services, it is best to measure how much you want to save money, not by how good you want it to be, but by how much control you have in hand. Keep in mind that the ultimate decision is on the clients. 

As a client, you may take the extra measure to save money. But you also need to remember that some things are not to be compromised. The design services are part of a creative industry where it runs in a small circle. And the creative industry needs time to do its miracle work. 

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