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Article: 11 Graphic Design Projects You Can Easily Do It Yourself

11 Graphic Design Projects You Can Easily Do It Yourself

Created by Natalia Sada |
Graphic designers tend to get a very complex project. However, graphic design is not particularly expensive and complicated to do. Everyone can try some of the projects as Do it Yourself or DIY ideas. It is particularly a great introduction for the passionate artist-wannabe or those who want to taste the career itself. 

Another good reason to do so is the chance to build up a portfolio. In graphic design, a stellar portfolio can help designers secure many jobs. At the same time, it is also a great way to help them gain more experience to do ranges of ideas. To get unrestricted access to a variety of websites for inspiration and to securely share information with future clients, consider a free VPN download. While DIY might only serve as free time graphic design projects and do not provide income, it does offer practice. 

The easy to do it yourself work itself is not particularly hard. At some point, it tells the sense of how the trends have changed to the more simple, free, and minimalistic detail. Doing the graphic design DIY will be a great warm-up and a way to envelop the new start. So, without prolonged intro, here are some DIY ideas that you can do in your free time:


1. Logotypes 

No one cannot say graphic design without a logo project. A logotype is one of the logo styles that focus on the use of typeface. Just as the logo, logotype work as a company or organization signage. Being a vital part of marketing and brand identity, marketing or PR teams tend to ask the help of graphic creators to do the job. 

But isn't it a complicated DIY project to do? Indeed, it is a hard project to nail, especially if you work with clients. However, it can be one of the easier DIY ideas that you can do as a practice. The design project demands the worker to make a graphic that represents the company. It needs a certain degree of understanding and research to convey the meaning. 

In other words, a logo must be considered appropriate for the company. It is called appropriate if the project can precisely imitate the company. So, how to do the DIY? Again the graphic design project can be complicated and need a lot of practice. As a Do it yourself idea, you can use the logotype work as a way to gain more experience and portfolio. 

There is nothing called a bad logo, only a bad decision. Playing around with color and typefaces is the primary key. The DIY graphic design also mainly uses the sense of KISS principle that stands for Keep it Simple, Stupid. It means that the majority of logo design uses minimalistic, understandable, and clean style to capture the millennial or modern audience. 

Following the changing trend and ideas also make the do it yourself idea more captivating to do. There is no end to making the design, so you can get more creative and make whatever logotype model. Putting your DIY logotype result also helps you gain more portfolios. Maybe some companies might see your job and eventually hire you to do the graphic project. 

But is it appropriate to call it an easy do-it-yourself idea since the process is very complicated? As a graphic design DIY project, you don't need to make it over-complicated. You can use free tools that help create vector images and create your logotype. The internet is also filled with stock icons with ranges of typefaces that give you endless possibilities.  

Created by Andrew Footit |


2. Banners

Everyone knows how important banners are in the design realm. From the digital banner to the physical one, you will find that banner will never cease sooner or later. It is part of the promotional media for companies that always appear. And the good news is, banner projects are almost always a constant job for designers. 

Talking about banners, the work can envelop the social media cover or the printed one. In graphic design projects, you can find many PR or marketing professionals who are always looking for it. They tend to ask designers to make a graphic banner that represents a product or service. It is also a very good DIY practice for designers. 

In the case of easy Do it yourself graphic design, banners pose an almost low challenge. The idea is that you don't need to wait for a client to ask. You can make a fictional company and its service and do a DIY project based on it. To make one good DIY banner, you have to make them with several simple rules. 

But overall, it is an easy project to fill up our portfolio. Be creative with the DIY design, take a look at the other graphic design models, and make yours. Do be afraid to post it and share it on your social media as a portfolio. The idea is to learn and practice. Over time, you will find yourself knowing the proper trick in DIY and making a high-quality banner.  

Created by Kintal Creative Studio |


3. Brochures

There is a reason why brochures will be your perfect do-it-yourself graphic design project to do. The first one is the high demand. Just like banners, you will find this project as one of the most demanded work. The process is pretty much the same as a DIY banner, which is to promote and tell about the upcoming event. 

In many cases, brochures are edited in a rush due to the short time to the upcoming event. To master the quick graphic design work, you can use it as DIY projects. Again, you can make a fictional company with the upcoming event. Try to make a brochure with a lot of ideas, elements, and design. Creating many designs will eventually help you get used to the project. 

At some point, you can also challenge yourself with some DIY challenges. Try to make a brochure for the same event with different themes. It may sound like a hard project for Do it yourself, but many programs allow you to do so. They offer templates and tutorials to make brochures, which make the graphic design DIY worth doing. 

Created by Andrea Bianchi |


4. Infographics 

If you are looking for a little bit of a challenge in graphic design projects, try to do an infographic. As a do-it-yourself idea, you can say that an infographic will force you to get creative with visuals and data. You will have to make an image that can envelop every piece of information and make it easier to look at, even though the DIY is harder to make.

At some point, infographics are a DIY design project that is pretty much loved and hated by marketers. Thus, they tend to throw the responsibility and as designers to make it. As it is complicated to make, you can use it as a DIY idea to sharpen your creative thinking. Do you need to wait for a client? No, you can use a lot of online information to make an infographic. 

Take the opportunity to use the do-it-yourself project as a practice. There is also a lot of information, such as graphic design branches, that you can explain into a communicative infographic. The thing is, infographics are not a DIY project that demands a designer degree. Everyone can do it with some online free tool. That is why it is one of the best DIY to try.    

Created by Adolfo Arranz |


5. Icons 

Icon design is pretty much one of the best DIY ideas to do in your spare time. The do-it-yourself project will never lose its popularity since it will always be needed in many media. You can call it a presentation, mockup, or website. One thing that makes icon graphic design interesting is the constantly shifting trend and ideas. 

You can find many customized pieces with ranges of design in the inter, from the simple small to the more elaborated details in it. Professional graphic designers can eventually charge heavenly for this project. So, why don't you try and make it a DIY project? It is simple and easy, as long as you know how and what program to use. 

Another good charm in doing so is the ability to gain cash from sharing your work. Some online platforms allow graphic designers to post their job and sell it. It also works with the DIY icon. Considering how people can buy and use icon pieces on the internet, you can also do so to do your personal DIY graphic design project. 

Take a fundamental example of using online apple and worm images. From the two samples, you got to make a very fun icon that shows a worm-eating apple. It is also easy to do the DIY ideas since you have a range of programs available, such as Canva or Vectr. Put the result as one of the portfolios, and tell people about your ability to create the do it yourself icon.  

Created by Dima Groshev |


6. UI Mockups 

Since the use of online media is rising, you will find that web design gets more attention. It helps web graphic design projects get more spotlight and demand. One thing is for sure, designing a whole website is not easy to do it yourself idea anymore. But you can take a small portion of the work, such as creating a UI or UX design for your DIY project. 

So, the idea of this DIY project is pretty much introducing you to the new trending graphic works. If you look at the graphic design sharing platforms, many UI mockup designs are made for fictional companies. It is one of the ways people make a portfolio by creating non-job-related work. It can also come as a form of do-it-yourself idea to do.  

Doesn't it need some particular skill to master the graphic design project? Indeed, it is. One needs to learn and master how to make a communicative user interaction and experience design. It includes details from the web page to the other pages. But it also does not need expensive prototyping tools. So, you can do it as a simple DIY design project. 

How so? Try to learn from the fundamentals that designing a web page can be started from a concept. You can take it as a do-it-yourself idea to make your future web design. Play around with a vector graphic editor, add icons, web elements, design, and work with the alignment. It can be done in the most simple design and detail for your DIY graphic project.  

Created by Mhm Muradi |


7. Business Cards

Business cards are another do-it-yourself project that even kids can do. As a professional graphic DIY work, it demands a professional hand to make a compelling product. It should appear communicative with a range of possibilities and details to include. But, it is also a great DIY project to sharpen your design prowess. 

How so? Business cards, in particular, do not demand overly complicated designs. It is a graphic project that can be done by everyone, even with little design knowledge. At the same time, business cards are also easy to make using many programs. You can use the simples do it yourself work through Microsoft word or creating a more pro one with Illustrator.

Those who love a manual DIY idea can even make it manually. Yes, by using the basic pen and paper idea. Remember that the do-it-yourself idea is not always for the client. It can be part of your portfolio-building ideas, which include creating as much design as possible. So, how to make it? The answer is easy, and you can use free graphic editor software. 

The key point of creating a DIY business card is the size. The common size is around 3.5 inches by 2 inches or 1050 x 600 pixels. It's pretty much it. You can simply add names and details to make the most grounded design. If you find software that offers templates, do so. There are many ways to make a breathtaking DIY business card. 

Created by Noodlemaker |


8. Social Media Graphic 

If you are a social media manager, you will need to learn how to make social media graphics. The two projects focus on creating a specifically designed cover photo for the profile. It is a graphic design project that you can make as a do-it-yourself idea. Do you need to hire a designer? No. What if you are a designer? At least DIY can be one of your portfolios. 

The thing about social media graphics is the overall image dimension. The platform sets the graphic element with a predetermined size, so it can fit the space properly. Everyone can put anything as their cover. But to make the DIY project have more meaning and function, make sure you can make them stand out and highlight the product. The artwork will be worth for customer engagement.  

Created by September 5th |


9. Youtube Graphics 

Youtube graphic is also one of the graphic design projects that work as a do-it-yourself idea. It is a great idea for YouTube creators or graphic creators that want to spread their wings to the field. The DIY project itself is pretty much work, just like the social media cover. It is the face of the channel that serves memorable and stand-out information. 

So, to make it easy to do DIY, you need to pay attention to the channel image. The proper size for the design image is around 2560 x 1440 pixels. But the best dimension is around 1540 x 427 pixels since it helps make your cover visible across devices. For you who want to try it as an idea, try to use a pre-built template from many online graphic editor programs. 

Created by |


10. Coloring Book 

Surprisingly, another DIY idea that can help designers to practice is coloring books. You can find some books that include a more complicated picture for adults, a more creative book model, or the unique one. The idea of using this do-it-yourself project is to practice your color selection. At some point, the project can end up as a serious idea that attracts the audience's attention. 

Created by Lana Samokhina |


11. Photo Collages 

Collages are always one of the practices on graphic design projects, which are worth doing as a DIY idea. It looks pretty simple but can serve as a powerful marketing power. The idea of collages itself is to combine a few images into one collage or frame. The cool thing about the do-it-yourself project is that you can do many ideas and make it unique. 

One thing that makes college gain particular appreciation is the ability to choose images that go well together. Creating a mesmerizing collage needs skills in color selection, harmonious style, or photography details. When the graphic DIY project is done right, it can be one of the stellar buildings for a designer portfolio. It is also easy to do it yourself with handy image software.  

Created by Israel G. Vargas |


Final Words

A graphic designer needs constant practice. As it is part of the way to sharpen their skill, it is also a great idea to build a stellar portfolio. It does not need to be a very complicated DIY project. You can start with simple tasks such as creating icons or infographics. It is also available for those who want to do DIY. You can do photo collages, coloring books, or mockups to fill up some free time.

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