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Article: 11 Breathtaking Graphic Design Trends For 2024

11 Breathtaking Graphic Design Trends For 2024

Cover artwork by Gilbran Gomes |

Without the element of designing, nothing can look perfect. With the ever-changing demand for designing, graphic design has the potential to bring new changes every year.

The year 2023 was quite interesting in this regard, however, 2024 has come up with even more versatile graphic design trends that can hit the viewers right off the bat.

This article will guide you about the latest graphic design trends and how the global community of graphic designers chooses the trending designs.

Let's get started and see how graphic designing can help revolutionize the plain into something special.


1. Abstract psychedelia

Psychedelia is a graphic design trend that never faded and has been trending since the 1960s. The abstract psychedelia designers always remain on the top when it comes to creative experimentation. With this fantastic art and design option, you can transcend time and are no longer bound by the traditional constraints.

The main purpose of this design was to work for the social upheaval and its use was associated with hallucinogens.

Created by Pablo Espinosa |
Created by Yo Az |
Created by Pedro Correa |


2. Symbol revival

Little things matter in graphic designing. In symbol revival designing trends, the designers use the symbols and octagonal representation of the artistic lines to convey different meanings such as universality.

In 2024, the symbol revival designs are being widely used to represent growth, resilience, determination, and empowerment. It looks entirely simple but conveys a truly big message.

Created by Pavel Dorazil |


Created by Brett Kylszejko |


3. Retrofuturism

Retro Futurism conveys the optimistic message and is associated with the sci-fi dreams of the bygone era. It involves the use of computer-inspired typography and emphasis on bright colors to convey the optimistic message that brings the Viewers back to the past when everything was assumed perfect about the future.

In 2024, the use of retrofuturism is common to represent human progress and positivity. One of the signs of optimism is the use of green color that gives the whole peaceful look to its design and the text used in the design is always bold.

Created by Ceaser St. Martin |


Created by Wildner Lima |


4. Seamless surrealism

Nothing is perfect and surrealism is the designing trend that reveals “realism”. Its immense power was felt in 2023 when the pandemic gave rise to various designing trends that represented bad diction and harsh realities of life. Seamless surrealism comes up with the inscrutable imagery that takes the hidden meanings such as anxiety.

The interesting part?

Being the perfect combination of illusion and reality, it contains unrealistic and impossible combinations that reveal some kind of universal truth. Seamless surrealism is often observed on posters, book covers, and album art.

Created by Joseba Elorza |


 Created by Murat Yıldırım |


5. Authentic representation

In the era of global protest, the Black Lives Matter movement gave rise to this specific designing trend. It is no secret that the impact of this movement was not only on writing areas but also on every industry including graphic design.

This design represents the authentic images of the Black people including the Black men showing that they are also important. It was a journey of beautiful portraits that is definitely not going to fade soon.

Created by Liam Booysen |


Created by Alex Valentina |


6. Irreverent characters

If you are looking to ditch abstract visuals, then look no further. In the irrelevant character design, concept illustration is the main focus. The personality of the people represented in this design makes it entirely unforgettable and interesting.

The whole idea is displayed in the form of quirky characters that are displayed in the form of simplified shapes and lines.

In 2022, this design is getting another shape and is being more frequently used to represent humor and weirdness.

Created by Vago |


Created by Bernando Henning |


Created by Mat Voyce |


7. Comics and pop art

Here again, it is right to say that some design styles of the past never fade. It has revolutionized the modern minimalist trends and includes the simplified form of shading. With the power to create drama and emotion, this trend is taking the place of modern pop art trends.

Here it is worth mentioning that this design has been playing a role in our lives for years in the form of comic books.

During the pandemic, the illustrative techniques of comics were used to display the roles of medical staff.

This design has the potential to create strong drama and emotion and this is one of the reasons it is still trending in 2022.

Created by Mr. Richi Barba |


Created by Gilbran Gomes |


Created by Gilbran Gomes |


8. Fine art infusion

An expert graphic designer knows that there is a contradiction between design and fine art, but this is not true when it comes to the designing trends of 2023.

Some of the techniques used in fine art infusion include acrylic brush strokes and abstract expressionism. In 2024, this trending design is seen in wine labels and other cosmetic bottles. Its old use was for many different physical products.

Created by IWANT design |


Created by MILT Designs |


9. Elements of Nature

As the name indicates, the artistic design of the elements of nature can never fade. To express nature's manifestations in the form of designs and colors is something that can grab the attention of almost anyone. Some of the examples include leafy patterns, flowering panoramic designs, and earth-tone color schemes.

In 2023, it seems that this graphic designing trend is going green day by day.

Created by Karolien Pauly |


Created by Kingdom & Sparrow |


10. Blur and Grain

The addition of blur designs and scenes in the grain structured pattern gives rise to blur and grain trend. The presence of customized images evokes suspense and excitement.

In 2024, it is becoming the tool of choice and different designs come up in this category. So it is worth mentioning that there is a great diversity in a blur and grain design and this is the reason people are opting for it more strongly than in the past.

Created by Kuro Store |


Created by Ori Toor |


Created by Ori Toor |


11. Socially Conscious Design

After the pandemic and social conflicts that arose due to the exploitation of human rights, this trend is something that the world needs more than ever.

From healthcare to environmentalism, socially conscious designs are becoming more creative, interesting, and purpose-oriented. Nowadays, designers from all over the world are contributing to this unique trend and trying their best to showcase their talent for the betterment of society.

Created by Ana Tsoy |


Created by Telegramme Paper Co. |


Created by Adria Kaufman |



We can notice that in 2024, the world is becoming more inclined towards purposeful designing trends that can convey the social message, prove to be helpful for society, but also fun at the same time. The most important thing is to enjoy learning from other designers and see what are the common styles that people use then add that as your references. Happy designing & cheers!

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