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Article: 12 Creativity Exercises to Boost Your Artistic Mind

12 Creativity Exercises to Boost Your Artistic Mind

Have you ever short of idea or stuck in the same one? Let's train your brain with these creative exercises to unlock more ideas and possibilities!

When it comes to creativity, most people think that creative people have it from their talent. But it is not truly what occurs behind the scene. Just like any other skill, creativity needs exercise to keep going on and avoid being dull. That is why the term creativity exercises came as the way to make your ideas keep on flowing. Interested? Here are some of them.


1. Create A Deadline To Be Creative

If you ever think that the deadline is evil, then you have to think twice. In the case of being creative, setting boundaries to create something can also help to spark some ideas. You can say people will be bound to think faster when they are about to reach the deadline. In other words, you will be forced to create something under the restriction.

To make this idea happen, you got the chance to set the timer as you like. Starting from a longer interval, such as half an hour. You should challenge yourself to come up with something or anything. It can be a sketch, new idea, painting, poem, etc. These kinds of creativity exercises will push you harder to make what you should do.


2. Idea Machine And Explore Things

Being creative means, you got everything in your eyes. If you are a web designer, your main exercise and routine will be designing. But it doesn't mean you should throw other options like nothing necessary at all. The main point of creativity exercises is to make you ready for whatever you should face in the future. So, the solution is exploration.

In this case, you got the chance to learn other fields of design. Work your brain and flow of thought by switching things up and get different kinds of exercises as well. You can learn how to design clothes, houses, or some other unrelated ideas as well. The concept of these creativity exercises is an Idea machine, which comes in one simple way: get new ideas every day.

All you have to do is to come up with around 10 original ideas every single day. It might be hard at the beginning, but it surely is rewarding in the end. You can check out many different topics to join the idea of exploration. You got the internet as your helper. So, why don't you explore? Maybe a topic about 10 habits of cats, 10 traditional foods to try, or some 10 ideas for a beach outing.


3. Random Dictionary Ideas

Creativity exercises go with everything, and so does your dictionary. Sometimes, the abundant words and vocab in the dictionary are your mountain of inspiration. To make it a fun practice to do, you can select a random word from it. Close your eyes, open your dictionary, and point a word blindly. The chosen word is your new idea inspiration.

You can create everything from that word. If you want to improve your writing, then find a way to elaborate a cohesive story from the word. You can also incorporate the words under or above what you choose. The seemingly random element can help you improve your ability to develop ideas, connecting information, and combine thoughts from unrelated words.

You can also do the same with other fields. If you are a person working with paint, those words will be your motivation to do the creativity exercises. Try to figure out how to create a painting or creation through words. You can start by creating meaningless sketches to make an elaborate storytelling piece.


4. Quantity Over Quality

Just like any other expert, they got their ability from the long tests and trials. In this case, mastering one thing also needs expertise. You can do so by going for quantity over quality. The idea works very well for those who are living on the creative ground. Designers, painters, writers, poets, creators, and anything else will find these creativity exercises work their best.

The idea of creating more than one single product will help your creative minds run hard. Your focus is not creating one thing perfectly but creating multiple different things under the same condition. Forcing yourself beyond perfection can put a serious block to your creativity. Meanwhile, you might find the answer to your problem through different implementations.

If you are working on design, you should try the 30 circles exercise. You will need to draw or fill 30 identical circles under limited times. In this practice, you got to do anything and draw everything. Since you are under restricted time, the focus is on quantity, not quality. You can simply draw a doughnut, face, or basketball.

The creativity exercises will force you to pump out more ideas and different models. It is also adaptable. If you want to create restrictions, then do so. For example, today, you will draw 30 monsters, tomorrow 30 foods, the next day 30 expressions, and many other ideas. It can be a great way to replenish your creative muscles.


5. Schedule Your Time To Be Creative

To make more dedication, you can create your creativity exercise schedule. Set aside a few hours, minutes, or days to explore your creativity. Shed all your parameters and restrictions. It will be your free time to refresh your mind and absorb diverse ideas. With that in mind, you can explore anything creative, from creating a poem, doodling, playing music, or doing legos.

This particular exercise is also a great way to reduce your stress and anxiety. There is no limitation anyways, so you got the chance to learn different things. Believe it or not, these kinds of creativity exercises will let you practice your artistic mind without expectation or any barriers. With the refreshing mind and input inside your head, the daily job task will not be hard anymore.


6. Repetition For A Better Intention

If you consider these creativity exercises work like gym reps, then you got it right. When it comes to physical exercise, you will need to do reps to get the results. You will do the same exercise, actions, or activities over and over again. The reason is to master what you have been fighting with from the beginning. It works the same with design, arts, or music.

Repetition might sound boring or makes one creation appear dull. But repeating the same design will eventually help your creative muscles. By doing the same activities over and over again, you are not only mastering certain designs but also improve your perception. For example, you draw your house over and over again as part of these creativity exercises.

You will find a lot of flaws, uncertainty, and probably some new ideas on it during the repetition exercise. Reflecting on what comes into your mind during the exercise is what you need to do. You will have to make the design, pictures, or drawing getting better every time. Make it different and more interesting. Within that time, you might be figuring out new inspiration or methods.

There is more than just repeating the same things over and over again. Combine these creativity exercises with other approaches. You can try drawing the house manually, using a computer application, using paint and canvas, or anything. The different mediums, methods, and resorts in every single part you take will eventually bang your artistic minds.


7. Turn Trash Into Fresh Ideas

As adults, there is no doubt that people tend to see the object for their intended purpose. But actually, there is more than just the intended purposes. You can take everything around you as a source of inspiration. There is nothing called stumped. As with creativity, you can make treasure out of trash.

Start with something very simple. Your paper waste is pilling on the corner of the office desk. There is always a different approach and ideas to make things work out. Figure out what else you can do with the paper. That will be your creativity exercises to do on every given day. Maybe you want to turn it into an origami collection or new project material.

The cool thing about this exercise is that you will run different scenarios in your mind. Figuring out the best out of a certain situation is not easy. In one case, you have to consider the possible outcome and the process. Thus, you ended up with a complicated inspiration that never actualized at all. But in fact, there is always an easy solution for it.

Now, a very simple example is a leftover cardboard box. What else can you do with that? Maybe you can create a paper rocket, making a table, or a fascinating work of art? Some ideas are way beyond doable. That is why the key point of the creativity exercises is to make it real. Why create a complicated rocket if you can make a simple dog house? Think about it!


8. Use Different Perspectives

Have you ever wondered if one dirt on the wall looks like a puppy head or a map of a certain island? Sometimes, what you find around you can mean dissimilarity from one person to another. It is one way to keep your mind running, creating something, and making sense out of objects or anything that doesn't even relate.

The fun thing about this exercise is, ideas can pop out every time and everywhere. If you find your work routine is boring, take a look around it. You might find some other things that add value to your daily routine. Maybe, you find that standing up in the subway gives you an interesting perspective and better views of the road.

These creativity exercises can force you to have divergent thinking. You can also take a look around your desk. Did you find an object that has one purpose? Paper clip, for instance. How about using a different perspective? You can use it for a keychain, make it into a flamingo-shaped figure, use it to open the sim card slot on a smartphone or zipper fastener.


9. Go For Simplicity

Simplicity is not the easiest to do. It looks effortless, but the idea of using minimal items for the maximal result is not a piece of cake. It is a challenge that every field of work should conquer. The best example is the situation when you are forced to go camping with limited gear. Your brain will work more than usual to make sure you get everything out of you.

You need to provide meals with very limited cooking tools, no flashlight while you were deep in the forest. So what are the possible things you should do? You can create a meal with firewood, using fire as light, and living in the forest. That is the case when a creative solution and survival instinct will kick in. You can limit your options and access to stimulating your creativity.

Maybe, you use a few design elements. You can only draw using a straight line, no color, no block color, no other shapes, and no transparency setting. What can you make from that limitation? That will pump your mind to adapt to the situation, bring new ideas, and implement it. The creativity exercises progress might be hard to do, but not impossible to accomplish.


10. Writing? Why Not!

Who said that you should cope with what you do every day? Sometimes, taking different actions will drift your artistic mind. It includes writing. Many of you who are an artisan will find this part difficult to do. But, writing will help you unclog your creativity. At some point, it's easy to write your inspiration and then realize it on the next stage.

So, creativity exercises in the form of free-writing only ask you to sit down, bring some pen and paper, then write. There are no boundaries nor limitations on whatever you want to write. The key point is not thinking over what you want to put on the paper but jotting down whatever comes to your mind. It can be anything, unfiltered, and raw.

Try it first. When people are doing nothing and sitting down, their minds are bound to go beyond what they see. It can come as thinking about your mother, the early morning telenovelas plots, to the spider that is dangling in the office shed. The idea for your creativity exercises written in these activities will be your inspiration.

As you write down what you have in mind, it will help in letting go of your worries and unnecessary thoughts. As you put down all the worrying concerns or what you have in mind, you will have room for more creativity. At the same time, what you have written down on the page may turn into something useful for your next ideas.


11. World Is Your Inspiration Bucket

Coped up in one place is not a good go for your creative brain. You will find yourself restricted and limited in the ever-changing situation. Thus, take the chance to exercise outside. It just likes working with treadmills that completely give a different sensation with joining the marathon competition.

Sitting down in front of your desk is not wrong. However, you will have a hard time finding inspiration. Of course, you can browse the internet. But creativity exercises in the form of going outside will help you experience it. Then, you can feel inspired, get-go, and implement any ideas that come out as you are outside.

Your earth is very vast, and there is a lot to explore. You can do creative exercises everywhere, such as by visiting a new shopping district, going on a trip to the city next door, hiking a mountain, joining your neighbor's party. Everything is a bucket of inspiration. A change of scenery, activities, or routine can spark your activities. It also adds more knowledge and lets you have fun.


12. Book Of Wonders

Books are the window to explore the world. That saying is pretty much explained how people cannot stray away from books. To get some inspiration flows, you have tons to do and read. How about visiting the local library or bookstore? Sometimes, taking a look at colorful books and the diverse cover will be great creativity exercises or inspirations.

Take the chance to venture into the different sections you have never seen before. If you are down to pet care, how about going to the gardening section? You might find new information related to your hobby, work, or your current curiosity. It is also a great time to challenge yourself with something completely out of your world. So, do it for research!



Many creativity exercises don't create boundaries. It is because creative minds come in many sectors, points of view, and fields. Focusing on one subject is good, but getting more knowledge is better. Expose yourself to whole new data that will challenge your creative ideas. All short of trivia might add your ideas and help you create something new.

The workout plan is not necessarily for the gym geek. In this case, creative workers or those who want to keep their ideas running will need proper creativity exercises. And as you know, inspiration comes in many ways, such as your surroundings, habits, determination, even your friends and activities. Ideas can pop out of nowhere. That is why these creative exercises will bring so many benefits for you as they open your mind to possibilities.

What do you think of these exercises? If you have any comments regarding this topic, feel free to write them down in the section below. We hope you enjoy this reading. Cheers!

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