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Article: The Most Ideal Facebook Event Image Size & Practices

The Most Ideal Facebook Event Image Size & Practices

Let's find out more about how you can adjust or create an ideal image size for the Facebook Event page and some practices to create a better-looking page!

To have a successful event, people need to actively participate in it. However, organizers have a hard time marketing their activities because the traditional methods are no longer effective for promotion. Facebook introduced a feature called the Facebook event to tackle this issue.

The organizers should pay attention to various components in order to create a successful Facebook event. The photo that the organizer uses for the event actually plays a significant role in the success. Knowing what constitutes best practices, such as Facebook event image size, is important.


The Benefits of Utilizing Event Feature on Facebook

How would a Facebook event benefit an offline or online event? It seems like many people still need the boost to utilize this interesting Facebook feature. Here are some benefits that you will get upon using the event feature:

1. Encourage Discussions Among Event Targets

    The first benefit of creating a Facebook event is encouraging discussions among the event participants. On the event page, the participants can discuss things that are related to the event. This process can actually create positive improvements to the activity.

    An organizer who utilizes this Facebook feature should maintain discussions at a high frequency. Adding an interesting image to stimulate the members visually is a good strategy. Of course, the photo must be related to the event. Additionally, the image size must be right too.

    2. Support Information Sharing

      If the Facebook event participants are active on the Facebook page, the participation rate in the D-day will likely fulfill the target. This is done through an information-sharing process. The current participants may invite their acquaintances to join the event.

      Of course, this method would fail if the Facebook page did not have an interesting image heading. The image is something that people will see at the beginning.

      A boring visual does not contribute to people’s interest in the said event. This is supported by the right Facebook event image size.

      3. Remind People About the Event Automatically

        Perhaps one of the best features of the Facebook event is its calendar. This calendar reminds people when the event is going to be held. The organizer can set up the calendar to remind people weeks or days prior to the D-day.

        To make the calendar more interesting, the organizer can attach an image for each reminder. It would make the reminder look visually more appealing to the participants. The image also causes people not to skip the otherwise simple reminder. A crystal clear picture has the right image size.

        4. Create Anticipation Around the Event

          This advantage of a Facebook event exists due to the combination of the three previous advantages. 

          People become more excited about the event because of the information sharing that happens on the Facebook page before the D-day. The reminder also makes them anticipate the event more so.

          The impact of this Facebook feature extends beyond D-day. Even after the event has ended, people can still share the information or photos related to it. That would make the effect of your organized activities more long-lasting. Make sure it has a good image size to support it.


          Two Size Components of an Image, Ratio, and Dimension

          It is necessary for the organizer to know the standard Facebook event image size. Understanding the correct image size and dimensions for a Facebook event photo will be helpful in the long run. The appropriate Facebook event image size is unknowingly going to promote an event effectively.

          Here are the important details about the ideal Facebook image size for your page:

          1. Ratio

            What size is a Facebook event photo? First of all, regardless of your image size, you need to fulfill the 16:9 image ratio. The Facebook system will crop an image that has a bigger ratio than that. In addition to looking less pleasant, the cropped part may contain crucial information.

            When the event organizer posts a photo that has a lower ratio or image size, the issue would be slightly different. 

            It is likely that the image will be placed in the middle, surrounded by a blank background. Certainly, this image style does not look too sharp either due to the small image size.

            However, by using Wepik's image background remover, you can create a more professional and eye-catching appearance for your event photos, making them stand out and attract more attendees to your event.

            2. Dimensions

              The dimension or image size plays a big role in the quality of the Facebook event image. The minimum Facebook event image size is 470 x 140 pixels. An image with such image size certainly has a low quality and will look pixelated when posted on the Facebook page.

              It is actually possible for the organizer to opt for an image size that is smaller than the bare minimum size. However, an image with a smaller size that fulfills the aspect ratio will be stretched out by Facebook. Thus, the image will look heavily pixelated, which destroys its visual appeal.

              Meanwhile, the maximum image size for a Facebook event photo is 1920 x 1005 pixels. This size is the ideal size that an event organizer should follow if they want to promote their event on Facebook. By following this standard size, the photo will look sharp and clear.


              Best Practice: Facebook event image size

              The best practice recommended to post an image on a Facebook page for an event is following the right aspect ratio and using the maximum size recommended. It means that the image ratio should be 16:9 while the image size must be 1920 x 1005.

              This recommendation applies to every image posted on the Facebook page. Every single one of them must follow the right image size guide. Here are some types of photos that an organizer will post on their Facebook event:

              1. Upcoming Event

              In the Facebook calendar, the activity will be displayed as a thumbnail. Anyone who accesses the participant’s Facebook page will see it through that thumbnail display. The recommended image size will make the image appear good as a thumbnail and full-size image.

              2. Facebook event page

                This is the main page for the Facebook event. People do not only use the image for the cover but also for the feed on the page. Image with a good size is an important visual component in the 

                Facebook page because it keeps people’s hype about the event. It needs to fulfill the Facebook event image size.

                3. Newsfeed

                  In the participant’s newsfeed, the latest image updates from the Facebook event will appear. This image needs to have the appropriate size to stimulate people into participating in the discourse. The correct image size will make the image appear in high quality on the newsfeed.

                  Regardless of the image type, by following the recommended practice of photo size, they will appear stellar. 

                  This is a chance for you, as an organizer, to market an event that you have worked hard for. Facebook makes this process easier; you just need to produce a good image with perfect size.


                  Getting a Facebook event Photo with the Standard Size

                  If you are confident with your personal image editing skill, then obtaining a photo with the standard Facebook event image size will not be difficult. As long as you are following the recommended image size, any image editing program will work just fine. They will yield the perfect image size.

                  However, not all organizers know how to operate the image editing program. These days, there are some free image editing tools offered to help these people. One example is Snappa. These tools can answer troubling questions such as: How do I resize a photo to fit an event on Facebook?

                  Here are some benefits of using tools like this to create an image with good size and design for a Facebook page:

                  • It already follows the Facebook size template, so organizers will not make a mistake by creating an image with an incorrect size.

                  • For people who are not gifted in design, there are various design templates to choose from in the catalog; some are available for free.

                  • The interface of these tools is easy to understand, even for people who are not used to creating designs.

                  • In addition to size variation, users can also extract the image file in various formats that suit Facebook or other social media platforms.


                  Why Is It Important to Follow the Standard Image size?

                  As explained in the previous part, an incorrect Facebook event image size will make the image suffer. It is because the image quality will be lower as inappropriate size pictures will alter. There are many implications for having a low-quality image as the Facebook event photo:

                  • People do not think that the event looks legitimate because the organizer cannot even provide a high-quality photo for it.

                  • Important information might be cropped because the image size does not fit the standard size.

                  • When seeing the event promotion on their Facebook page, people will skip it because the image does not look interesting to them.

                  • The branding objective fails because the size of the image being used to promote it does not deliver the brand message.


                  Steps to Establish a Facebook event

                  Once the organizer has chosen the perfect image that adheres to Facebook size guidelines, then they can head to the platform to start creating the event page. This menu is located at the left corner of the homepage. The title for the Facebook event menu is “Event.”

                  Here are the steps to establish a Facebook event on the platform:

                  • Click the Event menu and choose “+ Create Event.”

                  • Upload the cover image with the appropriate Facebook event image size onto the provided space.

                  • Add the name of the event, and it should have something unique to attract people.

                  • Explain the activity in the description box so that people will know what it is about.

                  • Select the date and time for the activity, when it starts, and when it ends.

                  • Select the location for the event and include the complete information so that people will not turn up at the wrong address. This information can be added to the cover image that has the right image size. If it has the right size, then the information will be displayed clearly.

                  • For a public event, the organizer can actually add keywords to accompany the interesting and appropriate size image so that more people will participate in the Facebook event.


                  The Best Ways to Establish Facebook event

                  Deciding on the image design and following the best size recommendation are two technical points in holding a successful event promotion through this platform. There are other things that an event organizer should focus on in addition to image size:

                  1. Appear Credible in Front of Participants

                    The first and the most important requirement for a successful event is credibility. People are wary about activities that seem shady to them. Therefore, the Facebook event page must have a setup that convinces people to join it.

                    As mentioned, a high-quality image will help it significantly. A high-quality photo should fulfill several criteria, including good design, appropriate image size, and informative content. People need to produce not only one good image but more throughout the preparation leading to D-day.

                    Another way to increase credibility is by collaborating with notable local and even national brands, if possible. This is a great way to market your event to a larger audience, especially if it is public. Of course, good content, such as high-quality photos of appropriate size, is still necessary.

                    2. Develop Discussions Among Participants

                      The Facebook event should be an interactive page that does not only provide one-way interaction. Instead, the organizer should encourage two-way interactions on their page. It can only happen if the organizer can provide stimulating content. The content must have a good size and design.

                      There are many forms of content that people can include on their Facebook page for event promotion. Here are some of them:

                      • Image or photo (with right image size)

                      • Poll

                      • Video (that fulfills the size criteria)

                      • Press release (accompanied by a photo with the right image size)

                      • Live discussion

                      It is necessary that the content follows the guidelines, though. The previous parts have elaborated the size of the image for the Facebook page. It is important to note that other content forms will have their own best design and size guidelines to follow.

                      Some people might think that the size and aspect ratio of their content have followed the guideline. However, the file format might not be supported by Facebook. Additionally, it is also possible that the file size is larger than the maximum enabled size. 

                      3. Visualize the Event to Generate High Anticipation

                        The organizer should also attempt to generate anticipation about the event. It is not enough to have people join the Facebook page, but they are not excited about the D-day. The turnup is likely not going to be satisfying if that is the case.

                        Here are some ways to build the anticipation by creating visualization for the participants:

                        • Providing a good size photo (or multiple photos) of the future venue.

                        • Capturing image or even graphic that shows the facilities provided for the participants in the D-day.

                        • Providing the best image (that suits the Facebook size guidelines) about last year's event, especially if it is an annual activity.

                        • Offering infographic about the event that adheres to Facebook event image size guideline or even the video size guide.


                        Common Mistakes in a Facebook Promotional Campaign

                        Promoting a campaign on Facebook makes it more cost-effective. However, it does not mean that everyone succeeds in working with this Facebook feature. There are some common mistakes that people make when utilizing this Facebook feature to promote an event:

                        1. Make Facebook Spam Posts

                          Even if you are sure that your posts have adhered to Facebook size guidelines and therefore look good, you should avoid posting too frequently. The posts will appear on the participants’ Facebook feeds. If they appear too often, people will feel disturbed by them.

                          Every post should be valuable and related to the event. It means that the organizer must pay attention to the design and size fit. The process to create these posts takes longer because of size and design adjustment. A once-a-day post is only great if you are close to the D-day.

                          2. Unclear Information

                            People will not attend a shady event. Regardless of the content has a good design and follows Facebook standard size criteria, they will not attend it. The organizer must provide supporting information to lure people into joining it, starting from the Facebook event.

                            The following list contains necessary information that should be added to the Facebook page contents:

                            • The name of the organizer.

                            • The target participants.

                            • The aim of the event.

                            • The location.

                            • The date and the time.

                            • The price for the ticket (if any).

                            • The facilities that would be provided for attendees.

                            Using photos to promote the activity from start to finish might be boring. Therefore, you should find the content forms that Facebook allows in this feature. 

                            The content, if it is not an image, should follow the Facebook size standard to ensure successful upload. Unfit-size photos will see failure.

                            3. Inactive Facebook Page

                              The Facebook page for the activities that you organize should not be inactive. There are many cases when an activity’s Facebook page has so many followers. However, during the D-day, only a few people from the Facebook event will spare their time to attend the activity.

                              Making various interactive content will help to activate the Facebook page immensely. Technical aspects such as design and size are important. However, people should not overlook the fact that the organizer should build excitement through positive messages too.

                              4. Use Unfit (Size and Design) Facebook Cover

                                The Facebook page to promote the event has different size requirements for cover photos. Some people think that they are similar in size standard and thus use a photo with the wrong size specification. The unfit size will cause the cover photo to not look good.

                                Using a free tool like Snappa is great for an organizer. It helps them create a Facebook cover that fits this specific Facebook feature in terms of size and ratio. In addition to size fit, the designing process is also easier for less talented graphic artists since there are templates.



                                Promoting an event using Facebook is a tricky business. Knowing technical things such as the standard Facebook event image size is great. However, people also need to know that connecting with participants is as important as deciding the size of the photos used in Facebook promotion.

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