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Article: The Most Ideal Facebook Cover Photo Size & Practices

The Most Ideal Facebook Cover Photo Size & Practices

Let's find out more about how you can edit or create an ideal image size for your Facebook cover photo and some practices to show a better-looking profile!

Currently, Facebook is one of the best platforms to serve as a marketing platform for your business. If you want or even have made Facebook your main marketing tool, you should pay attention to your Facebook cover. The following is a further discussion about Facebook cover photo size and also some other important information. 


Facebook for Marketing Tools

In this modern era, social media has changed from a social platform to become the best platform that can be used to market your company or business products more broadly. One of the most widely used social media for this is Facebook.

Since a few years ago, Facebook is no longer only used as a social media to share photos; now, there are many businesses and companies that create an account on Facebook as a way to attract more customers.

And Facebook itself has been proven to be able to reach more people and also bring in more sales and orders in a business. Facebook itself has even provided a Facebook marketplace to be one of the features that help its users market their products or services.

But when you open a business account on Facebook, your profile is one of the most important things that you should pay attention to in more detail. This profile will greatly determine the image of your business to customers or people who visit your profile to see the products that you offer.

This profile will present your important business identities such as profile, name, location, and also a cover photo which is one of the most important identities of your profile.


What is Facebook Cover Photo, and Why Is It Important?

The appearance of your profile on Facebook is one of the factors that will determine whether a profile visitor can convert into a buyer. This profile view acts the same as store decoration on an online business.

With an attractive and professional profile, many people will be interested in your business and products. One of the most important things that determine the appearance of your Facebook profile is the Facebook cover photo that you display.

When you enter the Facebook profile page of an account, the profile photo and cover photo will appear. This Facebook cover photo is one of the main identities because it is the biggest and also prominent.

This Facebook cover photo can act as a background for your profile. Because of its large size and also prominence, this cover photo is one of the main things that will determine the appearance of your business account's Facebook profile.

Therefore, you must choose an attractive Facebook cover photo and also the appropriate size so that it looks attractive and invites many people to view your profile further. To understand why a Facebook cover photo is so important for your business account, here are a few reasons:

1. Facebook Cover Photo Determine The First Impression For Your Customer

    First Impression is the most important thing in a business, both online and offline. In an online business through Facebook, your cover photo will greatly determine the first impression your business gives to people who visit your profile.

    If your Facebook cover photo is made with an attractive, good, professional design and also the right size, then your Facebook business account will build an image that is credible, professional, and can also be trusted by people who visit your profile.

    On the other hand, if your business account has an unattractive cover photo and it looks bad because the size doesn't fit, then it will ruin your business image.

    Your Facebook cover photo will be one of the first things that people who visit your profile see, hence why this first impression can be determined from the appearance of your Facebook cover photo.

    2. Showing Your Business’s Personality

      The cover photo that you will choose will certainly reflect the identity and brand personality of your business. Therefore, it is important for you to choose a good and interesting cover photo.

      This representation of brand personality will greatly determine the image of your business. A cover photo can give you an idea of ​​whether your business is a fun, playful, and creative business. Or whether your business is a business that is luxurious, elegant, and also professional.

      All these identities and personalities will be very clearly visible from the cover photo posted on your Facebook account business profile.


      Why Acknowledging The Ideal Facebook Cover Photo Size is Very Important?

      Facebook has provided a special column for you to put a cover photo on your business profile page. This column has been determined the size and dimensions by Facebook itself. If you want to choose a good cover photo, then you must first know the dimensions and also the ideal size.

      If later you install a cover photo that does not match the ideal criteria for a Facebook cover photo size, then the image you install will be automatically cropped or directed to fill the available fields on the Facebook profile page.

      If this is the case, it means that later the cover photo that you install will decrease the quality of its appearance and will affect the appearance of your profile as a whole.

      Therefore, an inappropriate Facebook cover photo size will make the resolution of the installed image bad. In addition to the Facebook cover photo size, choosing the appropriate resolution and dimensions is also very important to make a good cover photo.

      If the resolution of your cover photo is bad, later the photo will be blurred and also not clear to see.


      The Ideal Facebook Cover Photo Size

      Ideally, a good Facebook cover photo size is 820 pixels by 312 pixels. This size corresponds to the standard size that has been determined by Facebook itself. However, this size only applies to the display of computers or tablets.

      If you open Facebook via the website on a computer or tablet, the cover photo displayed will have that size. It's different if you display a Facebook profile on a smartphone.

      For smartphones, an ideal Facebook cover photo size should be 640 pixels by 340 pixels. The difference in the cover photo size that will be displayed on the smartphone and computer website can be a tricky thing for you business owners who use Facebook as your marketing tool.

      Facebook will automatically change your display photo size according to the device that people use to view your profile. That is, Facebook can crop or zoom automatically to cover photos that you already installed.

      This may be quite difficult for you to design an ideal cover photo, especially if you want to display various important information that should not be cropped out in your cover photo.

      You might also be wondering what is the aspect ratio of a Facebook cover photo? The ideal photo size for cover photos must have an aspect ratio of 16: 9. So even if the cover photo you choose does not meet the appropriate pixel qualifications but still has the appropriate aspect ratio, Facebook will allow you to display the image as your cover photo.


      Pay Close Attention to Safe Zone n in Your Cover Photo Design.

      Don't worry; even though Facebook cover photo size is a tricky thing, you can still get around this by paying attention to the safe zone when you design your cover photo.

      Even though the size is always different, there will be a safe zone on your cover photo that will always be visible on your profile, whether it's displayed on a smartphone or on a desktop. This safe zone can be your reference for designing a good cover photo.

      When you design a cover photo, we recommend you to use a photo size with dimensions of 820 pixels by 360 pixels. If you have chosen this photo size, make sure that all-important information is located in the center and in the safe zone cover photo area.

      To find out where this safe zone is, you can compare the Facebook cover photo size for smartphones and desktops. Or, if you don't want to be complicated, you can look for various information and descriptions about this safe zone on the internet.

      Put various important information or elements that you want to show in this safe zone; these elements will not be cropped out even though the Facebook cover photo display size is always changing.


      Facebook Cover Video

      You may be wondering, can a Facebook cover photo be a video? The answer is yes; the Facebook cover doesn't have to be just a photo; you could make a video cover on your Facebook profile page. Using videos can add an interesting aspect to your profile that can attract more people to visit your profile.

      If you want to use a video for your profile cover, you can choose a video that has an aspect ratio of 16:9 that matches the photo size criteria described earlier.

      In addition, you can use videos that are from 20 seconds to 90 seconds, according to your wishes and needs. However, it is highly recommended to use a short video cover so that people can immediately catch the message from your video without getting bored first.

      To put a video into the cover of your Facebook profile, you can look for the change the cover option. If you have entered the options, there will be an option to upload videos or photos.

      If there is only an option to upload photos, it means you are still not eligible to upload a video as a Facebook cover. 

      To determine if you are eligible or not, it usually depends on your Facebook version and the device you are using. However, there are also several other factors that can cause you to not be eligible to upload a video as a Facebook cover.


      How to Make A Cover Photo Design for Facebook Profile

      If you already know the importance of knowing the Facebook cover photo size and also choosing a photo size that fits these criteria, then all you have to do is design a good and ideal cover photo.

      Designing a good Facebook cover photo is actually an easy thing. Here are some steps you can take:

      1. Choose What Information That You Want to Display

        The first and most important step that must be done is to choose what information you want to appear on your cover photo. Do you want to display important information about your business identity? Or do you want to display various photos of the products you offer?

        Determining the content that you display on the cover photo must be done with full consideration, considering the very important role of the Facebook cover photo. 

        Choose content that is as interesting and fun as possible so that your cover photo can attract many people and make a good impression.

        If you already know what content you will display, then, later on, it will be easier for you to create an ideal cover photo design that suits your business desires and needs.

        2. Use Design Platform

          You can use design tools and platforms to create an attractive cover photo. Design platforms such as Canva and Figma are some of the most widely used design platform choices by many people when designing their social media needs, including cover photos.

          In these two design platforms, there are already various elements and automatic templates that match the ideal Facebook cover photo size. 

          In addition, if you want to create your own design, there is a canvas option that is in accordance with the photo size for the Facebook cover photo, which will facilitate your design process.

          When you make a cover photo design, remember to design in a safe zone so that the photo size display problem does not interfere with the appearance of your cover photo.

          3. Choose The Right Image

            Some people may not want to design their cover photo and prefer to display an image directly as their cover photo. Usually, they will display various photos of the products they offer to immediately give an idea to the customer about what they are selling.

            If you are one of these people, you must remember to choose an image that matches the standard photo size for your Facebook cover photo. Choose an image with a high resolution. The size of 820 pixels by 360 pixels is the minimum photo size that you can use.

            But if you can, choose an image that has a higher resolution but still has a photo size with a 16:9 aspect ratio so that it is still installed as a cover photo.

            The higher the resolution of the photo you install, the better the quality of your cover photo. Also, choose an image with appropriate content, interesting and also engaging.

            4. Use Reference

              If you are confused about what content to display or how to design a good Facebook cover photo, then you can use the various references as your guide. On the internet itself, there are already lots of design references and also content for cover photos that you can copy.

              You can search for this information on Google or other search engines. There are lots of websites that will give you various interesting references for good Facebook cover photo designs.

              In addition, there are also many video tutorial scales on YouTube that can give you an idea of ​​how to design a good cover photo for your profile with various design platforms. Use these references and tutorials as your guide so you can create an attractive cover photo design.

              5. Be Creative With Your Design

                To make an attractive cover photo, you have to get creative with the design you make. You can use an unusual design method or style for your cover photo.

                For example, you can add interesting illustrations, use bright but harmonious colors, or use unusual shapes.

                Implementing some of these things will make your design stand out and be different from your competitors.

                But avoid making designs that are overcrowded and too crowded. A cover photo or video must contain important information, but only select some core information to display so that the display remains simple and not clean.

                Don't use too much text or use too many elements in your attempt to create a creative cover photo. 

                Creative doesn't mean your design has to be overcrowded and crowded. In fact, a design like this will make your cover photo look very bad and unattractive in the eyes of people who visit your Facebook profile.



                A Facebook cover photo is a very important and influential thing in the appearance of your profile on Facebook. If you want to create a good profile, especially for your business, then you must pay attention to the appearance and size of the ideal cover photo.

                Using a cover photo with the right size and also an attractive appearance will make it easier for you to attract more people to know about your business and find out more about the products you sell.

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