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Article: The Perfect Etsy Banner Dimensions & Best Practices

The Perfect Etsy Banner Dimensions & Best Practices

What is the perfect dimension for the Etsy banner? And do you ever wonder what best practices are to get more attraction from customers? Let's find out!

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Etsy is a commerce website based in the United States. This website is a platform that is used by entrepreneurs, artists, crafters, and various other community groups to sell their products or services to the wider community. In this discussion, you will get more information about Etsy, especially about the Etsy banner dimensions.


What is Etsy?

Some of you may not be familiar with a trading platform called Etsy. Etsy is an online shopping platform that is usually specifically for selling handmade products or products from small businesses based in the United States.

In fact, the platform, which was first launched in 2005, is similar to other website-based online shopping platforms. The only difference is that the types of products sold are mainly products from small businesses or handmade crafts.

Not only as a platform, but Etsy also acts as a community that will facilitate transactions from small sellers with their buyers. Most of the products sold on this platform are art-based products. Examples are paintings, crafts, jewelry, and many others.

In addition, Etsy can also be one of the best platforms that you can use to buy or sell vintage items. However, in order to sell vintage items, there are requirements that you must meet first, which are issued by Etsy itself.

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Why Do You Need to Start Selling on Etsy?

This platform is one of the most famous platforms and also the most sought after by many people to sell or also buy products from handcrafters and small businesses. As a seller, Etsy offers you a wide market where you can offer your products to many regions and even abroad.

Etsy also has a large number of users from various social groups. There are various age groups ranging from teenagers to the elderly. There are also various other community groups that belong to Etsy users. The market on Etsy is unquestionable.

Since its first launch almost 2 decades ago, Etsy has become the choice of many people to get authentic products from crafters, artists, and also small businesses.

If you're still in doubt, here are some reasons why you should start selling on Etsy:

  • Nice market
  • The website was very easy to use
  • There is a community specifically created to help sellers to market their business in Etsy
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What is Etsy Banner?

Basically, an online store must also pay attention to appearance just like an offline store to attract their visitors. If in an offline store you beautify the appearance of your store by decorating the interior of your store, then if at an online store like Etsy, you can make your profile more attractive.

In online sales platforms, especially Etsy, every seller or store that exists must have a store profile that can be seen by everyone. This store profile is certainly very influential in attracting customers to buy the products you offer.

In this profile, there is various information that will be displayed for customers who see your store. On the Etsy platform, usually, the information displayed is in the form of your store name, profile or logo, location, reviews, several store descriptions, and the last one is an Etsy banner.

This Etsy banner is one of the most important elements in your profile because it is located at the top and is also the largest in size. So the chances are that when someone stops by your store, your store's Etsy banner will be the first thing they see.

Because the appearance of the store is a very important thing, you should also pay attention to this Etsy banner indirectly. Choose and create an attractive Etsy banner that describes your product or store.

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The Ideal Etsy Banner Dimension

Because of its unusual size, many people are confused about how big the Etsy banner dimension is. Knowing the Etsy banner dimension is one of the most important stages when you want to design your Etsy banner.

When you know the Etsy banner dimension that you are going to design or make, the finished design will fit perfectly with the space provided in this Etsy profile. Of course, by knowing the Etsy banner dimension, you can also take into account what is fit to be included in the Etsy banner.

The Etsy party has provided 3 types of Etsy banner options that can be directly selected according to your own wishes. You can choose which option is most attractive to you. Here are 3 options Etsy banner dimensions that you can choose from:

1. Cover Photos

Most people will prefer to choose cover photos as their choice of Etsy banner dimension. This Etsy banner dimension is the most widely used dimension option by various Etsy users. 

A cover photo is a type of Etsy banner dimension where the banner will cover most of your profile so that this banner becomes one of the most striking main elements on the profile page.

This Etsy banner is perfect for those of you who want your profile display to be in harmony with all gadgets. Etsy will display cover photos according to the dimensions that you have installed on all devices and platforms, both on the application and on the website.

Ideally, this Etsy banner dimension is 3360 by 840 pixels. With a comparison of the Etsy banner dimension of 4 to 1, later, the Etsy banner that you create must be rectangular.

In addition, if you feel that the Etsy banner dimension has a resolution that is too high, so that you have difficulty finding an image that matches these dimensions, you can choose an image with a lower dimension of at least 1200 pixels by 300 pixels.

2. Small Banner

You can choose this view if you don't want your Etsy banner to cover most of your profile. Unfortunately, if you have this dimension option, later, the banner that you create will not appear if someone accesses your profile via a smartphone.

This dimension option can only be displayed on a website view that is opened on a computer or laptop. Later if someone opens your profile page on a smartphone, this banner will not appear at all.

Therefore, this makes many people reluctant to choose this banner dimension option. They will prefer the first option, where the banner will appear on all devices. 

But back to each other's tastes, if you want to choose the small banner dimension option, then you have to prepare an image with dimensions of 760 by 100 pixels. Due to its small dimensions, this option may be suitable for those of you who do not have images with high resolution or dimensions.

3. No Banner At All

You are not required to install an Etsy banner on your profile. If you don't want to, then you can choose not to put a banner at all on the Etsy account profile page. But of course, this is not recommended.

If you put an Etsy banner on your profile, you will certainly increase your credibility and also improve the appearance of your store for the better, which can have a greater chance of attracting consumers.

You can choose an image or also create a special custom banner that fits the criteria of the Etsy banner dimension. Choosing an Etsy banner that really fits the ideal dimensions that match the criteria from Etsy is an important thing that many sellers on Etsy forget. 

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Why Do You Need To Choose Appropriate Etsy Banner Dimensions for Your Profile?

If you choose an image or banner design whose dimensions do not match the predetermined Etsy banner dimension, then later, the image you have selected will be cropped or even stretched to meet the ideal Etsy banner dimension.

Of course, this is very bad and is often underestimated by many sellers. An Etsy banner dimension that doesn't fit and is eventually stretched or cropped will make the banner look bad. 

In addition to choosing the wrong Etsy banner dimension, one of the main mistakes of many sellers is choosing an image with pixel quality that does not meet the criteria. This will cause your store's Etsy banner to have a bad resolution which will make your overall store profile look very bad.

In addition to cropped or stretched, if the dimensions of the banner you use are smaller, Etsy will automatically zoom in on the banner you have. This, of course, will lead to poor banner resolution and make the store look unprofessional.

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The Ideal Etsy Banner That Could Attract More Consumers To Buy Your Product

When you choose an Etsy banner that you will install on your profile, of course, you can't just randomly choose an image. The better Etsy banner you use, the appearance of your store will be much more attractive when compared to other stores that do not have good manners.

If you are still confused about what you should include or what are the criteria for a good Etsy banner, here is some information you can read:


1. Give People A glimpse of Your Product or Shop

One of the main reasons why Etsy banners exist and are important is to give customers a little idea about your store or what products you sell. Usually, customers will be lazy to want to scroll and look further to find out exactly what products you offer in your store.

Therefore, the Etsy banner is here to be able to provide a summary and general description of this hence why this Etsy banner is placed at the top and also has a large size because its existence is very important.

An ideal banner should actually be able to give a good picture of what you are actually selling. You can put several collections of collages from your best-selling products. Or you can also create a banner design that directly represents your brand.

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2. Unique and Attractive Design

Make sure you keep using a clean, neat, and attractive design if you want to display a collection of photos of your products. Pay attention to the quality of the photos and also the design used.

The aesthetic aspect of the banner you use is one of the most important things you need to pay attention to. If a customer stops by your store and sees an interesting seller, the chances are that the customer will want to see the products you offer because you have caught their attention.

Many Etsy sellers still don't realize that the visuals of their banners are very crucial and cannot be ignored. To be able to use a good design, you can invest in hiring a designer to make a good Etsy banner design, so you don't have to bother and bother to design it yourself.

Even so, don't mistake an attractive design with a tacky and overcrowded design. One of the best tips for creating an Etsy banner design is to keep it simple. Use a banner design that is fresh, clean, simple but still has an attractive and pleasing design to look at.

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3. Contain Important Information

You might wonder what you should put on your Etsy banner. In fact, a good Etsy banner is a banner that includes important information about the store or product you offer.

You can include various important information such as your contact, store website, or also other social media accounts such as Instagram to make it easier for customers to find your store on other platforms. Information like this is important to include in the banner because the banner is one of the most strategic places to include various important information.

Whether or not the information included in the banner is important, of course, depends on your own criteria. You can include various information that you feel is important for you to convey to your customers.

One of the other pieces of information that you can convey is the announcement of discounts so that customers who enter your page can immediately find out the information and are interested in seeing your products.

Many people have the wrong perception by assuming that an Etsy banner is permanent and cannot be changed in a short time. In fact, this Etsy banner can be one of the best ways for you to provide important information about your store or product. You can use this Etsy banner as a bulletin board for your own store.

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How To Make An Etsy Banner

There are lots of guides or tutorials that you can find on the internet about how to make an Etsy account for your Etsy shop. In addition to guides and tutorials, there are many templates that are sold by designers or even provided for free.

However, if you want to create your own banner so that you can customize the design and also determine the information you will display, here are some steps you can take:

1. Use Design Platform

One of the easiest ways you can make an Etsy banner is to use a design platform available on the internet. Some design platforms that are widely used by people to create their banners include canvas, Figma, pixelated, and many others.

If you use this design platform, usually there will be lots of templates that are immediately available, and you can use them. In addition, they usually provide a dimension that matches the criteria from the Etsy banner. 

If it's still not available, you can also create your own canvas with the dimensions you adjust to the ideal dimensions. 

Custom your own canvas from the banner design that you made with the dimensions we described earlier. You can choose to use dimensions that cover photos or also dimensions that are small banners depending on your wishes.

In this design platform, there are not only templates but also many tools and elements that can help you create a good banner design. You can also follow the guide that is already available.

2. Watch Tutorial or Use Reference

You may not have had a basic design before or still don't know about what banner design you want to use for your store. If you experience this, then one of the best ways is to follow references from other stores or also from available templates.

Remember, following references does not mean plagiarizing other store banners. You can see what core information they include or what design style they use in their banners. After that, if it's still not clear, you can watch the tutorial on YouTube to get clearer information.

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The Etsy banner is a crucial thing, and you should include it in your Etsy shop profile. This banner can attract more consumers to find out more about the store or product you are selling. An attractive appearance of the accountant is something that should be the main concern of the seller when creating a profile on Etsy.

Make sure you display a banner with the right dimensions and according to the banner dimension criteria provided by Etsy. If you use the right banner dimensions, your banner display will certainly be much more attractive than using a cropped or stretched image because it doesn't fit the dimensions.

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