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Article: 15 Tips to Design An Effective Sales Brochure

15 Tips to Design An Effective Sales Brochure

Print advertising is a standard tool that businesses use to promote their brands.
Let's find out how we can design an effective sales brochure that sells!
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The rampaging popularity of online businesses did not kill the need for physical marketing. In many cases, creating a sales brochure or any flyer can help boost up your business. But again, it is something that is not easy to nail. An effective design and model demands the creator to get creative around the project.

After all, a physical brochure will embody a significant marketing disbursement. It needs a budget, which increases the pressure to create an effective and best marketing flyer. The cost is not the only pinpoint. You also need to consider how your design can leave an impression and attract customers. To do it, here are the effective sales brochure tips for you. 


Copywriting Tips And Tricks On Creating An Effective Marketing Brochure 

1. Use AIDA Planning

Creating marketing tools that hit right on the audience's heart is not an easy feat. In a sales brochure, you can start the design process by planning out the AIDA. The AIDA is an abbreviation of Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. The trick is one of the ways to make an effective marketing brochure. 

Why so? One of the reasons is how the AIDA shapes up your design plan. It acts as a purpose that every creator needs to consider when creating a project. It includes creating an effective sales flyer. The idea of AIDA is pretty clear and also straightforward. It highlights that every brochure design needs effective AIDA planning before designing. 

When you want to design an effective sales brochure, try to think about AIDA as the goal. The brochure design should attract attention and be interesting to read. As you got the two aspects, the flyer also needs to invite the audience's desire to learn about the service. And lastly, the effective model will lead buyers to take action like buying, calling, or anything.  

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2. Ensure The Readability 

You might not create a novel or something familiar. However, you need to consider the readability rate. Just like the AIDA plan, people need to feel attracted and interested to read your sales brochure. So, an effective design will pay attention to the legibility aspect. Again it is a point that you cannot underestimate. 

Brochures and sales flyers usually are filled with graphics. Putting the right balance between text and graphics is another challenge you need to face. But the effective takeaway point is paying attention to the color contrast, typeface, and size. It also helps a lot if you can use font hierarchy as part of your marketing brochure design. 

The primary takeaway is to ensure you can try dark and light contrast between the background and content. Avoid using dark and dark combinations. Make it balanced to make it is easier to read. An effective marketing font also has readable text in comfortable size. Trying to break up the type with hierarchy, such as a headline or using white space, will also work.  

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3. Make It Professional 

If you want an effective sales brochure, you need to make it look professional. How to do it? It is pretty simple since you need to go back to the fundamental marketing design ideas. What you need to pay attention to is the overall appearance. Starting from the effective layout, arrangement, font design, color, and graphics. 

The type of text should be a comfortable size. It is also vital to work with a clear and definite layout. Try to use the less is more plan for the rest of the design. You can use less font variation, colors, and images. It can help highlight the main message. If you are confused about how to make an effective professional design, use premade marketing templates. 

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4. Be Creative With Restraints

Of course, everyone wants to make a creative design that resonates with the business. Being creative and making a unique design is one of the vital points in marketing. It is especially true for a more competitive market, such as designers or artists. In this time and trend, you can see how creativity plays a big part in creating effective marketing. 

Instead of joining the bandwagon, you can start with an original and unique design. The sales brochure design will make you stand out among others, increase your recognition and create identity. However, you also need to hold a strong sense of restraint. It is easy to get overboard when you are trying to be creative. Again, using less is more ideal for an effective result.  

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5. Focus On Selling, Not Telling 

Remember what you want about the sales brochure? An effective design should emphasize the AIDA and increase your sales. That is why, when you want to design a marketing flyer, you have to focus on selling, not telling. So instead of boasting about your company, try to win your customer's heart with some benefits. 

Showing benefits or great things about your service will help increase attractive points. Your audience will be interested to learn more and take action to your brochure. The best example is the smartphone sales marketing flyer. They focus on effective selling by highlighting the function to enhance communication, camera, or other features. 

The movement makes people interested in the idea. It also shows that people pay attention to the effective sales brochure due to the need to stay connected with others. They might also want to experience better photography. The marketing example tells how the benefit needs to resonate with the customer's needs, desires, demand and how you can provide the solution.  


6. Apply Bullet Point 

A good way to enhance focus in your design is by using bullet points. As said that you need to do effective marketing using a balance of text and graphics; the bullets will serve you the best. The idea of this brochure trick comes from the nature of business and consumers that tend to skim through copy. 

That kind of consideration will eventually build your design plan to focus on the selling rather than telling. It also helps to point out the key highlights of your marketing sales brochure. Thus, it can give an effective marketing force. You can pinpoint the sales offer and also lead the buyer to take action upon your brochure. 

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7. Win Your Audience With Benefit-Oriented Headline 

As said in the selling not telling point, you need to entice your audience's interest with selling the benefit. At this point, the main highlight goes with creating an effective headline. The benefit-oriented marketing headline for your brochure will be the attention grabber. Audiences that read and skim through the design will find the primary point in your headline. 

Together with the bullet point and the headline, you can create an effective sales brochure. The marketing design is pretty much common in every media, including sales flyers, marketing brochures, billboards, or even online ads. Using a benefit-oriented headline goes with any kind of design, especially if you want to boost up sales. 


8. Know Your Audience 

If you got all of the ideas under your palm, you could continue the planning by learning about the customer. Most of the time, creators do thorough research about the audience way before planning, writing, and drawing the brochures. It is because you cannot make sales and make effective marketing tools if you miss the target. 

But if you are already here, that means you know all of the required marketing planning. In this stage, you better consider some of the buyer's points of view. You need to learn why, what, how, and who will buy your service or product. After you know the answer, you can continue creating the sales flyer design based on the information. 

In many cases, customer research takes quite a lot of time. Creators will take a step beyond just figuring out the best marketing idea that fits with the target. At some point, creators also plan the design with the target biography and market risk in mind. One thing for sure, it is best that you create an effective brochure according to the buyer. 

But how if you don't know a clear answer about your audience? To create an effective sales brochure design, many creators ask or do surveys. You can ask your sales division to find out the target market. It also helps if you can make an open talk with the customer. Their answer will help you design an effective marketing brochure. 

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9. Add Graphics And Headline That Your Buyer Love 

Moving on to plan the sales flyer graphic. To design an effective marketing sales brochure, you need to ensure every element can hit the right target. It includes the headline and the graphic. The idea is that you need to find and design the sales tool that entices the audience's interest at a glance. The best marketing highlight will make readers pay attention in only five seconds. 

The best way to highlight the point of your flyer is the headline and the graphic on the cover. Your brochure might come with different pages, and having an enticing cover will increase the chance your audience will open it. The brochure headline and graphic will only be the face of your overall sales marketing flyer design. 

But again, an interesting headline and graphic still need to represent the audience. In other words, it should resonate with the audience. The best and effective design on a sales flip chart needs to make a great highlight. So, will you use a company picture or a picture of an employee that shows a thumb up? Most likely, the second marketing option will gain more attention. 


10. Pick Images That Resonate Your Customer 

It is easy to get lost with design, especially for graphic elements. While it is vital to gain buyer attention, it is best to make an effective graphic that resonates with your customer. In other words, you need a marketing brochure with images that are important to your audience. Do you think a picture of a smiling sun is vital for your adult audience? No, it is not. 

Again, an effective sales brochure should represent the customer's mind and point of view. So, the effective marketing design strategy for your brochure is graphic that fits with their emotions. How do you know the best graphic to use? The answer goes back to the point where you have to learn about the marketing audience. 

Knowing your audience will help you discover their preferences. At some point, it also helps to find out what they expect in the market. Thus, the marketing sales brochure design needs to encompass the customer's vision and emotion. It is something that is worth further research. You have to ensure the design has an effective image, is clear, and also looks professional.  

Created by Lyaman Karimli |


11. You Don't Need Company Building Picture

It is a big surprise that there are still many creators who keep adding building pictures in the sales brochure design. It helps the audience see your credibility, and you can boast about your business. But it is not an effective marketing move. Many people do not want to see your building if they don't feel like doing something with your service sales. 

So, the point of creating an effective sales brochure is not to add company-building pictures to your cover. If you need to do so, add it at the end of the flyer. You can add it to the contact information along with the other details about your company. It will help increase the marketing sales and also credibility. 

If you add it to the cover, you will only make people uninterested. So, to ensure the marketing design gives an effective impact, put something that entices the audience's interest as your cover. It also helps a lot if you can put graphics or headlines that resonate with the audience's desire. Remember that your sales flyer's cover is the face and the first thing people see. 


12. Lead Them To Act 

At the end of the marketing design, you need to ensure you can lead the audience to act and make sales. It is where you need to add CTA or call to action in the effective sale brochure. After giving some interesting information about the service or product, you have to tell them how to act and acquire them. The idea is to tell the audience how to contact you. 

The primary takeaway is stating your marketing company information. Show them your phone number, website, or how to get the service. An effective brochure also gives a good direction and detail about the transaction. Don't assume that your customer will find your company information. Or else, they will take the wrong way and make your brochure mean nothing. 

Created by Stephane Pianacci |


13. Ensure Everything Is Easy To Respond

If you want your audience, make the sales, and increase your marketing rate, ensure that every direction is easy to respond to. The idea of responding focuses on easy-to-find and communication. At this point, the best and effective sales brochure marketing information or contact you can use is social media. You can add your Twitter, Facebook, website, or Linked-in account. 

For a more modern sales brochure, you can add unique contact information such as a QR code. You can make or design a QR code to direct the buyer into a quick transaction. It is also used to direct them to your page, signup, and get the company newsletter. If you can use effective information, the marketing and sales rate will increase dramatically.  


14. Make Reasons For Them To Act 

You cannot expect your audience will make a move if you cannot convince them to do so. That is why you need an effective reason that leads your audience to act immediately. It is the best sales brochure trick that everyone can pull off. The idea of urgency marketing, limited item, reward, or anything that makes reasons will help elevate customers' actions. 

An effective sales brochure needs to make the customer act immediately so all of the efforts in the design will not be wasted. Remember that the market will not stay still. If you cannot urge them to buy, they might never do it. You can try some marketing ideas, such as buying on a specific date, gift, low sales value, because of rising prices, and many more. 


15. Shed Away The Risk 

The last thing that you need to consider is erasing all of the risk and doubt. The point is that the end line of the marketing is your customer's decision to make a move. Even though you got everything right, a slight inconsistent or risk indicator to buy will plummet the sales. The best solution for your effective sales brochure is to include insurance or a money-back guarantee. 

Created by Khudayar Aghayarov |


Final Words

A sales brochure will mean nothing if it loses the marketing goal. So, try to emphasize the design and your selling point. Every effective element needs to complement the whole product and increase the value. Thus, people will find it attractive and engaging.

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