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Article: 8 Ways to Collect Payment as a Logo Designer

8 Ways to Collect Payment as a Logo Designer

Working as a logo designer can be a great challenge when it comes to dealing with clients.
Let's find out some easier ways to collect payments from your clients!

As a logo designer, there are many ways to collect payment. Designers usually work in a particular field also to expand their portfolio. But with their extraordinary work, they should get paid if someone seriously wants to use their services.

A good designer is not only measured by their ability to make designs. It's also not about how creative they are in creating the logo. But this has more to do with how they present something creative in a more professional way.

A professional way, as often mentioned by service users. Without a professional impression, all the services used will also be meaningless. That degrades the designer's image, but they must receive logo designer payment.

One of the professional ways that logo designers must understand is when they receive the transaction. Their services are already costly, so the fees must also be appropriate. But do you know how to receive the earning method?

All of these deals will be selected by the client and tailored to what makes them feel efficient. And this is the main point when clients feel something is bothering them. It will make them lose their professionalism when receiving.

This is also related to people who have just opened a design firm, where there is no particular platform that makes them an umbrella, so they have to think of their way. And with so many platforms now, the transaction medium also seems much easier.

Automated transactions are always related to the platform used by freelancers, small businesses, logo designers, and consultants. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing complex earning methods. Therefore, these are the methods you can choose:


1. Online Payment

One of the most popular transaction media because it is known for a system that is more secure and full of convenience, namely online earnings. As logo designers, ways to collect money should be made with the most simplified system for their clients.

Online earning is the result of technological developments supporting all transaction activities. Online earning is related to all things that rely more on technology. The idea is to make ways to collect a payment, and you need to look into it.

2. Credit Card Payment

Credit card transaction is one of the traditional ways, but it is still considered the easiest to insist on paying. Credit cards are also directly handled by the bank, so it is considered that the protection provided is much more extra to the clients.

This way of ways to transactions physically makes earnings not immediately expensive. They offer more protection and transaction methods. Direct debit is the most convenient way to collect regular earnings, and being composed comes from the account.

Direct debit has been around for a long time, as it relates to the payment of bills, and is the preferred method for large companies. The direct debit system will provide prior notice of the amount, so the building society will need guarantees for a long time.


3. Direct Bank Transfer

Depending on the fees received, direct bank transfers may go up and down when designing the logo. In addition, a direct bank transfer is one of the best ways. Whether for graphic designers, logo designers, or others, it's the most effective.

You need to worry about the condition of foreign currency and exchange rates. You and your client's banks are using this, which can also be a solution for international transfers. Logo designer transactions and access to the money are pretty easy and accounted for.

4. Cash / Check

The easiest transfer method for logo designers is cash. This is the most common method until now, although it is a traditional method. This cash or checks are well-versed in counterfeit notes and bounce notes on ways to collect payment.

It opens up the possibility of being paid via cash or check to make the amount of money you have received from the client easier to accept. There is no need for a deposit, and the earnings are complete immediately.

Cash or Check means directly handing over physical money from the client to the logo designer. Options like this become well-versed because the numbers are very clear. The cash left from the client's wallet for the logo designer then makes no one decline.


5. Provide Invoices

Designing logo prices are varied and can go up and down, so designers need to be valuable. Not only does it reaffirm the work, but you need to figure out some details for the earnings. But it is not as easy as it sounds with all those ways to collect payment.

Providing invoices can make the client know what they need to pay. When hiring a logo designer, the client would love to receive payment as a logo designer and the invoice from time to time. They took a quick moment to ensure the amount the client needed to pay.

Providing invoices will make the transaction process more accessible. Work companies with invoices sometimes fall to the bottom of their priority list of invoices.

Earnings with an explanation on the invoice naturally encourage you to pay for all the details, and it might require an upfront transaction before work on the project starts. This is particularly the terms of the invoice and getting paid and successful being a logo designer.


6. Using Contracts

Contracts with your clients then relate to everything that is the hassle of printing, signing, and scanning physical copies. We also advise you to use contracts because it is very easy to produce and sign contracts without difficulties in collecting payment.

Using contracts are written on paper and become documents for earnings. Here, transaction deadlines, contact details, and guarantees for everything practical and technical will be listed. But, it might need a deposit on the cost to the agreed price.

Using these contracts usually requires the client to pay 50% in advance, and the remaining 50% is paid after they are satisfied with the project produced by the logo designer. This method is fair and agrees to a price and earning system according to terms and conditions.

The contract will state when the design must be completed, and then again, the revised plan must be submitted. Logo projects are related to sample terms and conditions. An outline of all clients will receive, but it will determine how long it will take there.

Using contracts means that before handling the document, all the subjects involved must sign and complete the transaction according to the agreement. And there must be a suitable person in accounting to ensure positive ways to collect transactions.


7. Standing Order

Standing order is another excellent way to collect earnings automatically. From a standing order, then, it became one of the traditional methods for paying suppliers. The account holder then instructs the bank to pay a regular and fixed amount of money.

This standing order is not like direct debit, the amounts cannot vary, and you cannot initiate transactions. Everything is fully controlled by the client, not the logo designer. In addition, the design client has the authority to cancel the want.

There isn't any charge on your end for collecting earnings through a standing order. Ways to collect payments as a logo designer with a standing fee, then it must be regular. This is also for a particular organization or person to initiate transactions in a certain amount.


8. Extra Tools

From the seven tools we described above, have you found a more suitable method for what you want? When it comes to accepting payments or processing fees, these can range from many other tools for earning.

These transaction processors aren't always what you want. So there must be extra tools to collect earnings or for businesses to grow. Therefore, extra tools that can be used to increase ways to collect money from the client are:

i. Due

Due offers a low flat-rate transaction fee, which totals only about 2.8 percent, especially for credit card processing purposes. It can also process domestic and international credit card processing, which is related to integrating ways to collect payment.

DUE is also an end-to-end earning solution, which means it comes with time tracking, online estimates, and invoicing tools. Database management capabilities in the Due platform are one way to support other card processing.

ii. Authorize.Net

Authorize.Net is another popular transaction gateway service provider. It works with your existing merchant account, and this earning platform accepts credit cards, electronic checks, and digital transactions, such as Apple Pay, PayPal, or other platforms.

Since your client doesn't have to exit to a third-party site, this remains credible. Additional features are also included due to recurring billing. Sync from this platform then includes fees set from the start and the ways to collect payment.


iii. Square

In the world of earnings, one of the most versatile and suitable for designing logo prices, including for freelance designers. Square is an application that provides access to innovative mobile card readers and covers your devices.

Square also provides fraud protection, demand deposits, and larger businesses' special services. The square app creates issues receipts and invoices, helps track inventory, views sales reports, and supports managing timesheets.

iv. 2Checkout

Designed for global transaction acceptance, this designer ways to collect payment platform provides you with a secure and compliant gateway in 87 currencies and 15 languages. 2Checkout also offers both online and mobile earning platforms there.

2Checkout provides recurring billing, hosted checkout, fraud protection, and integration. Still, it has always been one of the most popular options for online shopping carts in major credit cards and bank or wire transfers with no setup.

v. Amazon Payments

You can also use Amazon transactions to collect payments as a logo designer. Amazon transactions also accept existing websites and pay for the service instantly. In services and goods integrates into your existing website.

Amazon Payments is a streamlined and secure solution since they can pay you simply by using the earning information. With sored in their Amazon accounts, the domestic processing fees are 2.9 percent, which is very reasonable.


vi. Shopify

Shopify allows you to accept online and in-store transactions, and Shopify will always be the answer for earning purposes. The sales you sync then support inventory and analyze sales data by designing logo prices.

Shopify also lets you build a customizable online store so that you can accept orders and payments. It also integrates the shipping carrier and online transactions. To accept in-person payment, you can use Shopify, but it's still similar to other apps.

vii. WePay

WePay is a transaction processor that integrates into the look and feel of your logo business website. That doesn't sound like a big deal in every earning activity, but this will be a tool to extend your brand in the system of ways to collect payment.

WePay provides on-the-go transaction capability with a mobile chip card reader, mobile SDK, and fulfillment service so that you can embed earnings into a single mobile app. The more complete and seamless user experience of your logo designer.

viii. Clover

If you need a POS system, the n look no further than Clover. This app is available on various App Markets. In addition, there are hundreds of applications that you can download because of the point-of-sale system that this application provides.

In the interest of specific events occurring in your logo design, there are particular events in the business that can operate. You can accept multiple forms of transaction. First, data and all other earning processes will be provided here.


ix. Wave

To design logo prices, you can customize everything on the Wave website. This is suitable for small business needs, including designers; Wave will provide professional-looking income and expenses.

Wave accepts credit card transactions with an additional fee of 2.9 percent plus 30 cents. You can use the Wave application to find a local accountant. In addition, to obtain funding and track income and expenses for your small logo designer.

x. Flint

Accepting earnings on your phone and still having problems? From the condition of the customer's credit card number, it securely scans every attachment or dongle. Flint also allows business owners to accept cash, checks, and invoices and issue coupons.

Flint is a solution for transaction purposes, so compared to other ways to collect payments, Flint will charge a flat logo designer rate of 2.9 percent plus scan or key entry online sales. But there are already invoice details.

xi. Braintree

Braintree is a part of PayPal. This company has bolstered the company's transactions expertise, provided more options, and passed on to your customers. And most importantly, there are no extra fees for customers for ways to collect payment.

Braintree, including no fees for refunds, inactivity, or failed transactions. You can only pay for those earnings that you have carried out. Braintreeput is 2.9 percent, and all of Braintree's additional methods and features are ideally suited to your needs.


xii. Paypal

To date, PayPal has become the most trusted online earning platform. It was one of the first to provide freelancers with a way to accept more methods. Having to partner with a credit card processing company offering more accounts.

Paypal is now accepting Bitcoin so customers can be more comfortable with other modern transactions. It allows you to accept payments in foreign currencies. So, for those who want to use someone else's designer service, PayPal can be a solution.

xiii. Cybersource

Cybersource is an online earning processing company. It offers a wide array of services, including gateway and processing connections. Digital wallets and payments, plus debit and bank transfers, are the hallmarks of Cybersource then ways to collect payment.

Cybersource allows you to take and make transactions in 190 countries and 40 currencies. Across all major and local earning cards, Alipay, PayPal, and Android Pay. But Cybersource does not list pricing but instead offers a custom program.

xiv. Digital River

Digital River is a global payment processing company that works in many countries worldwide. It offers local and global card processing. This will be a customized program for your business for transactions with retail and internet banks on ways to collect money from the client.

There are many ways to access earnings regarding accepting and processing transactions. These are also essentials for small business development. These can range on whether a business is engaged in a professional field or is still considered traditional.



The services offered by designers are expensive and very neutral. In conditions like this, it is also a demand to present professional work. This kind of business is not just about being easy or something affordable.

Thus, billing your customer is vital and critical, and you, who are now working as a designer, also want to get paid. Thanks to the ongoing evolution of making this something easy, transaction companies are the main earning method at this time.

Over more than ten years, this method has also changed greatly, and there are no more complaints about the transaction system and facility because this is in a secure environment. But, ways to collect payments as a logo designer can also use other traditional methods.

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