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Article: 10 Reasons Why Calligraphy Is A Good Hobby For Artists

10 Reasons Why Calligraphy Is A Good Hobby For Artists

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Taking a look at the rising popularity of calligraphy lately, many people have started to consider making it a hobby. The seemingly simple and inexpensive project takes a lot of people to start learning from the get-go. It includes some artists that try to widen up their expertise toward art form. But, why calligraphy? There are some reasons behind the ideas. 

Many people consider that it is not only about the art of beautiful writing. The touch and constant practice can also turn into something more meaningful. Some reasons also justify how calligraphy is a good hobby for artists. If you are one of the people that are interested in trying art as part of your good hobby development, here are reasons to begin with!

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Reasons Why People Consider Calligraphy As A Good Practices And Hobby 

1. Simple And Has Basic Learning Requirement 

The typical method that you can use to learn and make calligraphy as a hobby is a flexible metal pen, brush, and ink. And it is not a surprise that it turned into one of the most definite reasons why people and artists want to try the hobby. Not only about the tool, but the practice is also pretty basic. It mostly demands handwriting skills. 

As long as you can write, it is possible to learn calligraphy in many ways. Putting it as a good hobby will also help you improve as time goes. One good reason regarding the learning requirement is how to learn it. Most of the time, beginners can learn by themselves through online practice. Many artists share their art and work online. 

If you want a deeper understanding of the hobby, you can also learn from an adult education program. It is also available from art centers, workshops, books, online classes, and many more. The practice and hobby of doing calligraphy have been getting more attention. Thus, you can find many classes or workshops to join. 

Calligraphy is a good hobby for artists and also means that it does not demand too much. Most artists or regular hobbyists will find the practice easy to follow. While it does need determination, making it a pastime will help you cope with complicated processes. Remember that art is never an easy practice but always a rewarding hobby to try. 

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2. It Is A Skill And Everyone Can Learn It

Calligraphy, also considered beautiful writing, tends to intimidate people. The impression of complex handwork, movement, and beauty make people consider that this good hobby needs a certain talent to nail. The assumption is not true. Calligraphy is a hobby and art form that everyone can learn. It is a skill, not a talent. So, you can also try it. 

Regardless of whether you are just a normal curious person, a beginner artist, or a professional that wants to learn new things, try it. Calligraphy should never be designated for a narrow audience. So, you have another reason to learn and make it your good hobby. At some point, you can find that many artists will also post great lengths of styles and calligraphy difficulties. 

It is one of the reasons and proof that the art form comes with vast possibilities. The internet and social media tend to show the best out of the best art out there. But, you can also witness that some artists can also face disappointment. They can fail, or even the professional has to start from the fundamentals. That is why this reason can help you get confidence in making it a hobby.  

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3. Relaxing Pastime 

Some many considerations and reasons are related to mental health concerns. One of them is how calligraphy is a good hobby for artists as a way to relax. Finding a hobby that helps deal with mental issues is not an easy feat. And surprisingly, calligraphy has all of the takes that help overcome some of the mental issues, such as PTSD. 

The use of fancy drawing and writing helps calm down your mind and feel less intimidated or threatened. The sense of a good hobby also appears as calligraphy does not demand expensive tools, practices, or money. You can simply use pen and paper to start the practice and make it a simple relaxing hobby. 

The visual artform means to help express yourself as well as enrich your creative mind. As an artist, keeping your creative juice running is a matter of continuing your career or not. At some point, the relaxing reason goes to the ability to disconnect and shut off your mind. It is one of the terms to explain the habit of phone addicts. 

Calligraphy as a good hobby will distract you from your phone and focus on doing something different. In this case, you can focus on the real world. At the same time, you can relax your eyes, mind, and body from disruptive technology. One thing that is for sure is that calligraphy is a good hobby for artists that helps them face stress or mental problem. 

Many people will say that doing art as your hobby gives you a reason to put away your gadget. The idea of putting yourself away from the phone and doing a good hobby helps you find a new facet of yourself. It mostly happens due to focusing on the artwork you are doing. Thus, it turns into a meditative process for artists or people in general.

You can find the same reason why adult drawing or coloring books take people's attention. The sense of zen and setting yourself from the busy world helps create a new wave of mental mediation. The main reason goes to the fact that it forces you to slow down, take a breath, and focus. It can be a very helpful routine for busy artists or workers. 

But again, it is important to underline that calligraphy is not the cure for depression, mental issues, or problems. It only gives you a reason to get away from the feeling of frustration and overwhelmedness. Thus, doing a simple routine to dip your pen, do the drills, and express your mind can aid you to feel better. 

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4. A Way To Express Yourself

As well as the reason why calligraphy is a good hobby for artists, you can also find it as a way to express yourself. Have you ever seen many artists, hobbyists, or practitioners that make calligraphy in many ways and styles? They can follow the modern design, add their taste, and follow their mood to create amazing writing. 

The point is that calligraphy provides you with a medium to express yourself and your creativity. It appears from the vast possibilities and styles you can learn. You got modern calligraphy as the epitome of youth and fun lettering. It comes with many colors, shapes, designs, and ideas. Such as the faux and highlighter style that use unique style and tools. 

Not only that, you have endless ways to make calligraphy. As a good hobby, you need to consider that it will enrich your creativity and skills. From working with one style to applying colorful crayons or markers, you got endless things to try. It is also possible to use calligraphy and make a beautiful, motivational, or fun message. 

You can find many possibilities and arts from artists or even some unique occupations. Believe it or not, it has been one of the art forms that was practiced from the Roman era. Not only artists, soldiers, billionaires, or even the samurais wrote and practiced the lettering. The words and messages can vary from one to another. It can be romantic, meaningful, to impactful lettering. 

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5. It Does Not Base On The Artist Gender 

As much as every person in varying degrees and occupations can consider calligraphy as a good hobby for artists, it also does not depend on gender. Whether you are an artist, a student, worker, or simply a housewife, you can try to make it a beneficial hobby. The reason comes from the fact that any kind of art form tends to apply to everyone. 

The practice of this hobby itself is varying and very vast. It is never limited to a certain gender. You can see from the varying artwork on the internet. Calligraphy has varying art styles, details, shapes, and many more. It makes the art acceptable and doable for almost everyone. Yes, you can make such a manly or feminine one. 

All of the artwork is made based on personal preferences and creativity. Thus, it is very common nowadays. Calligraphy is a good hobby for artists since it also opens the same or fair competition in the market. Like many other artists in general, your work does not say you are a man or woman. It is a matter of art, not gender. 

Suppose you don’t believe so, you can look at many references on the internet. Even the flawless, masterwork lettering can be made by man. Penmanship and artist gender do not justify each other. Thus, the reason for gender neutrality from calligraphy can help you start it as a hobby. Again, don’t get intimidated by gender stereotypes. It is an art for everyone to try. 

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6. It Is Not Expensive

As you know that it is for everyone, you can start it as your good hobby. One reason that makes calligraphy the best option for beginners, learners, or artist is the inexpensive trait. Yes, you can buy special pens in stationery stores. Or you can begin the routine and hobby with whatever you have, such as a pen or pencil. 

The basic requirement of this art form is not about fancy equipment. It is an upgraded version of writing, which refers to beautiful lettering. To it is possible to work even with a pencil or pen. As you nail the basics, you can turn into a harder challenge with different artist tools such as a brush or dip pen. It does need some more technical skills, but it is always part of a hobby. 

Surprisingly, calligraphy is a good hobby for artists, not a bluff. If you are trying to learn and take it from the fundamentals, it is better to try with a workshop. It is not expensive, just like the tools. The fees vary, but you can start with typically around 25 USD a day. It is for the practice, workshop, and materials. But, you can also try the membership for more days. 

The rather low price range opens possibilities for artists or students to learn. Most of the time, you can do a good hobby with a nib, ink, a pen, and paper. You can choose those that are inexpensive. If you are on a budget, a straight pen and ink will work like a charm. If you cannot make an effort for a workshop, try to look for online practice, instruction, and printable. 

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7. You Got A Lot Of Things To Explore

One of many reasons why calligraphy lettering does not demand expensive tools comes from its huge range of styles. As an artist, you have to be happy that this particular pastime offers you a lot to explore. Take a look at how many calligraphy styles that you can learn and practice. A good hobby will eventually enrich your artist’s mind and creative river. 

During your work, you can also look for workshops or counseling to learn the perfect lettering style. So, what kind of style do you want to explore? Since calligraphy is a good hobby for artists, take your time to explore it. You are free to focus on one style or expand your knowledge about art with ranges of design. 

The current trend of this art form is the modern style. It offers a wide array of possibilities and models. Starting from the faux, brush, roundabout, highlighter, watercolor, etc. You can also expand your calming hobby with more ideas based on country or capital. How about Islamic calligraphy? You can also learn the western, ancient Indian, or East Asian styles.  

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8. Adds Beauty 

Adding beauty as a reason can cover almost everything. If you are an artist that loves working with a sketchbook, the pretty lettering can add a splash of the unique message in it. Not only that, but you can also use calligraphy in almost everything: bullet journals, wall decals, stickers, or any decorations. The point is that this hobby is not only about beauty but also the message. 

Increasing the aesthetic point in certain items is the reason why you should consider calligraphy as your new sideline. It is quite different from pictures, drawings, or sketches. Since this art contains words and messages, people, in general, can understand the information. So, you don’t need an artist or educated audience to learn about your artwork hobby. 

It is another reason why calligraphy is gaining quite popularity nowadays. It is because of the universal eligible or understandable element for the general audience and elements. You can add affection to it. Add your feelings and express your mood, or make subtle and elegant writing for different occasions. Yes, it is a good versatile hobby with a range of benefits.   

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9. A Practices For Your Portfolio  

As a hobby and artist, you will find yourself brainstorming or doing a lot of work. Just like many arts, your creation is a memorable and valuable portfolio. Have you ever considered that one of the reasons why calligraphy is a good hobby for artists comes from the ability to build up a robust portfolio? Yes, you can use your lettering sketch in your art gallery. 

In this current era, an artist with the versatile ability and want to explore is highly preferred. Why? Because the online demand is varying and universal. As you show your capability in many art forms, people will see you as a versatile artist. It also increases your opportunity to nail job offers in varying roles. So, it is a good hobby to start from now. 

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10. Handy Way To Earn Extra Money 

A pastime can come with a lot of benefits, from mental stability to making money. In the world of art, calligraphy is one of the lettering projects that is highly valued. Most people might consider doing their hobby for the sheer joy of it. But, you can also make it as a money maker, especially if you are an artist that has been learning the hobby and getting better at it. 

How can you make it? As an artist, you can offer some jobs, such as writing calligraphy for many designs. As an example, wedding invitations or custom-designed paper goods. Calligraphy is a good hobby for artists since you can make an extra jiggle from that small project. But, you can also save money as you don’t need a designer or other artist to do it. 

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As an artist, you might think learning lettering art is another burden to take. But if you are passionate about learning more, calligraphy can turn into a rewarding practice. It is also inexpensive. You can learn and explore many styles of possibilities. At some point, it is approachable for women, men, regardless of age or expertise level. It is a perfectly good hobby for everyone.  

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