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Article: 10 Tips to Create a Good Baker Logo Design

10 Tips to Create a Good Baker Logo Design

It’s all about measuring ingredients and temperature.
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic baker logo design!
Created by Gulzar Alshan |

Here, we will share about 10 tips for you to produce a good baker logo design. Because, after all, setting up bakery needs is not easy, and you will need a lot of inspiration, ways, and also contributions so that later you can get the best.

For business purposes, by default, you will need many ways so that the operation can run smoothly. Because after all, on the one hand, you need clear inspiration to get started. One of them is to start a design for all types of logos.

Logos, in most cases, may not be very prioritized. But if you don't think about your logo, it could be the reason your business doesn't grow. So if you are a bakery owner, make sure that there is a clear brand identity.

Created by Cobra Studio |

We're here to help you find your own inspiration for logo design. With a clear logo, your delicacy and craftiness for all business needs can also work. And we'll also include some great examples of lovely and well-designed logos.

The most prominent elements for the needs of your bakery industry will later be adjusted again by sharing the aroma and taste of your products only through visuals. Maybe you are still confused about how, but these are the best ideas to start the business.

If you are a bakery owner, then you need to create your brand identity only through your bakery logo. From the inspiration that is there, it will be the inspiration for you to start the family-owned business and bring a special impression to your customers as well.

Created by Pietra Galvão |

Or if you just want to start this business, then this logo will also give a good impression every time you see it. So, these tips can later be the most effective strategy to build and encourage the growth of your bakery.

Everyone is aware that it is not an easy job to produce a good design. It takes a collection of inspiration and ideas in the brain, and in the end, they are combined. Especially if you design for a specific industry, such as a baker's logo, these are tips that you can also follow:


10 Tips to Create a Good Baker Logo Design:

  1. Research, Research, & Research
  2. Choose A Suitable Logo Style
  3. Use Bakery-Related Graphic Elements
  4. Use A Rustic Color Palette
  5. Choose A Suitable Font
  6. Make Sure It's Easily Recognisable
  7. Make Sure It Creates Positive Impression
  8. Test Logo on Packaging
  9. Test Logo On Different Sizes & Distances
  10. Conducting A Market Test


1. Research, Research, & Research

    Setting up a bakery is not an easy job. From the many other bakery sources, you can follow all of them as inspiration in running the business operation. And those of you who want to start a bakery can follow all these ways.

    Aside from if you want to be more dominant than other bakers, you also need to be able to provide "indirect" threats to them as well. Start by seeing and exploring the idea of ​​the brand, especially for the smell and taste of the logo you created.

    Created by Sebastián Olivos |

    If you want to do bread on your logo, then you need to look for inspiration from other baker brands too. Without actually putting one on your logo, your beloved bakery logo must be integrated as you explore more designs of other brands.

    Most bakery logos, if you notice, have similarities with each other. You don't always realize this, but the wave, the pull of the line, to the shape, including the chef's hat, are the hallmarks of the baker logo in general.

    Considering you're just starting out in this industry, the common elements in most bakery logo ideas can be used as inspiration. Frequently used in baked goods design is the right choice. It shows the audience if you are in the same industry as the others.

    Created by Emir Kudic |


    2. Choose A Suitable Logo Style

      Use the correct style to indicate your baked goods shop. Logo style means everything related to the publication of the logos. Picking such a logo will be a good wordmark for the baker's logo design.

      Some of the styles that can be chosen are Lettermarks, Pictorial Marks, Abstract Marks, Mascot Marks, and Combination Marks, and we will try to explain one by one the logo styles that we mentioned so that you can decide for yourself.

      A lettermark is a logo that only contains the name of your company or bake shop. That is, it's simple, just write your brand name without any other elements. Maybe it's just a game of color as a complement to the design of the entire logo later.

      Created by Stefia Nissi Mulia |

      There are also Pictorial Marks containing the main symbols of your bakeshop. For example, if you use flour, then the pictorial marks in question are flour. As for Abstract Logo Marks, they usually have nothing to do with your bakery logo.

      So Abstract Logo Marks are not suitable for Baker Logo Design because it does not reflect the business. Mascot Logos are business symbols or certain characters. And the last is combination marks, a combination of letter marks and symbols.

      Created by democràcia estudi |


      3. Use Bakery-Related Graphic Elements

        Having inspiration in a logo allows you to focus on running your business right away. For a professional or a beginner baker, it can be distinguished by the way they create a logo. Believe it or not, go for your branding in your logo.

        Suppose you want to ensure your branding into your logo while following logo design elements. This will make your logo stand out from the competition when it is not exactly like other competitors who use the basic baker logo design element.

        Created by Rene Camargo |

        So this is also our main point when we say that a professional and beginner brand can be distinguished only by the way they design and promote the logo. The most common is to use bread as the main element.

        Bread indeed is the most representative of a bakery, but it's too basic, and everyone is tired of it. Customers must also think that there is nothing special about using bread in the logo, so you have to look for other ideas.

        Our tip is that you can use the ingredients or the recipe for making the bread to be a logo element. The most common are flour, egg, oven, bread silhouette, wheat, chef's hat, baking spoon, and many more. And it's more outstanding!

        Created by Gabriela Hernandez |


        4. Use A Rustic Color Palette

          In all aspects of design, what cannot be forgotten is the game of color. Don't just try basic colors, but the baker must have good taste too. And it may be a means for your bakery to be considered to have good taste.

          The choice of colors in the bakery logo will also represent what works will be produced by the baker. Through the design, the color game will mean that people are interested in seeing what you actually have to offer there.

          Created by Mucca Design |

          But again, this color must also be adjusted to your logo and identity. For example, if you offer bakery products, then the most suitable color is brown. But if you carry a fun theme, a bright blue color can be your mainstay.

          On the other hand, the impression of a luxury baker can be obtained by using classic colors such as black or white. The combination of gold and white has always been a mainstay of modern bakeries today and is very often used.

          A very underrated color to apply to a bakery logo, in our opinion, is orange. However, the color is very bright and suitable for the identity of the bakery. So those of you who want to change the logo design may be able to consider the color.

          Created by Coolab Creative Studio |


          5. Choose A Suitable Font

            Again, we always say if you want to create a design for a bakery, someone has to represent that in the logo as we mentioned earlier that in the logo design, you must use a distinctive color, the same as fonts.

            The font or typography will determine what kind of bakery you are running. The use of a fun font with wide spacing will be a correlation if you are both a bake shop and a cafe, especially a black logo.

            Created by City Davies |

            The identity of the baker logo design can appear anywhere without you looking for detailed information about it. On the other hand, if you use the Leelawadee font, it really reflects the typical East Asian style with a traditional style.

            Fonts and typography should be your important elements if you focus on European baked goods. The fonts that we recommend for European bakeries are Monotype Corsiva, Lucida Fax, and Marlett perfectly matches the European feel and style.

            Indeed, the use of fonts later will not be bad if you choose the wrong one. But again, it's a great way to start building the first impression of your business. Plus, it can be your plus point in sales.

            Created by Vinay Gowtham M |


            6. Make Sure It's Easily Recognisable

              Still related to the points we mentioned above, if you need to find a design that is really similar to other bakeries. Sometimes the logo doesn't need to be showy, but you should use something that represents your bakery as a whole.

              Symbolizing the specialty of your product is baked goods, so from just the logo, you should be able to describe something like that. Socializing food with a logo is not easy, but the logo must be able to represent the eye-catching creation right there.

              Created by Kelly Loh |

              The bakery logo should be immediately recognized as a sign. Even if you want to use the Monogram Logo Design type, which contains only a set of letters, it must still represent a bakery, for example, replacing letters with bread.

              The most common is the letter O is replaced with a broken egg, the letter D with a picture of flour, M with white bread, or A with the arrangement n bread. This is the most integrated way to build your bakery logo idea with various options.

              Graphic Designers also, of course, already understand your logo design. It might prefer creating designs with a baker logo without changing the overall branding. You don't need to spend countless days introducing your brand as a bakery.

              Created by Invade Design |


              7. Make Sure It Creates Positive Impression

                As we mentioned in the last paragraph above, use the logo as your way of building the first impression of the bakery. Even though it can be a baking term related to this industry, people should give a positive impression.

                That is, from the logo alone, do not use elements that are careless or do not represent a baked goods shop at all. The world's leading bakeries will struggle at first, but building a good impression is the key to their success.

                Created by Matías Vásquez |

                If you can, from within the baker logo design, you can represent cookies, cakes, pies, and others you can create. It is a modern and strategic style as ideas on the list of logos. Make sure you build that impression for sales results.

                Strengthening your brand image and identity is not a job that you can do overnight. But it must show your courage in seeking the best idea to start it, especially symbolizing your specialty baked goods there.

                If you want to be known as a that has a retro style, then the logo alone must build the impression of potential customers that you are a retro bakery. From the logo, you can also form a traditional impression for those who like traditional bread.

                Created by Garmata Agency |


                8. Test Logo on Packaging

                  Because later the logo will become the main element of your business, so make sure that it can suit anywhere. And a bakeshop owner considers that the logo must be able to be used for the bakery's packaging with related designs and objects.

                  That is, use the design to be a sign that the product belongs to you by making it a sticker or something. So, don't use colors and shapes that are careless because they can damage your bread packaging later.

                  Created by Lung-Hao Chiang |

                  Use colors and other combinations that are suitable for your bakery's packaging. This is very important because it becomes your brand voice and is seen as a little promotion for customers who buy baking products from the start.

                  You can also use the graphic as a sign that your baker logo design will match the particular product. Don't use fine print or small graphics either because it will damage your logo design, as well as your product's packaging.

                  Also, don't use too many elements in different applications if you don't want to get bad comments. Just focus on small details and picture your logo in different applications. And it is the main means for people to remember your brand.

                  Created by Nagy Bahaa |


                  9. Test Logo On Different Sizes & Distances

                    Basically, the logo in the bakery shop has to do with pixel dimensions. This means you have to come across dimensions that are essential to scale, edit, and then publish. In this way, logos can be converted to a lot of formats in there.

                    Choosing the right size is also essential for later converting to formats such as JPG and PNG. Logo sizes come in horizontal, square, and also vertical. And the sizing of each of these formats can be placed in various products as desired.

                    Created by Ozan Karakoc |

                    Logo size will also make you a convenient place on different product packaging without losing its quality. The ideal size for your logo is a dimension of 250 px for width, while the height is around 100 or 120 px.

                    But if you want the format for packaging, some sizes for your baker logo design are 250 px x 150 px, 400 px x 100 px, 160 px x 160 px. And in this way, you will reach a wider audience without having to disturb the spacing.

                    Created by mmpx studio |


                    10. Conducting A Market Test

                      Comments from potential buyers or people who have bought your baked goods should also not be underestimated. They will help a lot to make your product reach a wider market and continue to grow. So they should you satisfied.

                      Get into detail about what your customer wants, and with comments from them, all this will be very helpful. You can easily change what, according to their comments, is better for your brand without having to design too complicated.

                      Created by Asrar Mousli |

                      Just try asking your social media followers, or it could be customers who come directly to the store about which logo is the most suitable for your baker logo design. You need to make the final change soon to become a new identity.

                      Getting feedback doesn't mean your logo designer's work isn't right. But you only do a few surveys to be considered and pay attention to what customers really want. They will also find out in what aspects the logo design is lacking.

                      It's also a good idea to join one of the design forums and communicate strategically with the experts. Ask them what needs to be improved. Without feedback, your design will not be the nostalgic type of design.

                      Created by Preethika Asokan |


                      Final Words

                      Always remember that what makes your brand stand out is you. It's about how you determine the graphics there, and must be able to corporate with each other to get a special impression? So make sure the graphics and other uses can be a logo and branding.

                      The baking business is also related to logo application with various programs. Also related to how the handy when you need it with various sales cards. All of them will include a small logo by the bakeshop, and that's also what we call the baker logo design.

                      The color palette will make the marketing run smoothly. The use of appropriate colors will determine the branding idea, and the additional icons there will be very helpful. You can even determine for yourself from the start what is unique.

                      Created by Maniac Studio |

                      According to a survey of professional bakers and information from various designer forums, things are quite complex in terms of setting apart the branding design. Making it memorable to your customers is the most effective and popular strategy for the baking business.

                      Because your specialty is in the business, understand the tips for making it too. Designers must also understand what elements are central to bakeshop owners. And that will also determine how good your baker logo design is for the customers.

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