Create A Fantastic Cafe Logo Design Using A Monospaced Font

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What is a Monospaced Font?

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Why Using Monospaced Font for Cafe Logo Design?

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(it has uniform spacing, good structure, professional looking, technology vibe)


How to Create An Architecture Logo Using A Monospaced Font?

1. Consider A Nice Name And Concept

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(I personally like the word Daily Dose because it indirectly describe what caffein is to coffee drinkers.) 

2. Select A Suitable Monospaced Font

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(Introducing the monospaced font product “Monogram”)



3. Adjust The Character spacing

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4. Choose A Suitable Color

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(For this occassion, I prefer to use monochrome black& white. Because it visualise a strong silhoette for the logo)



5. Experiment With Logotype

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(To make it interesting, you can experiment with the logotype. You can try to distort the shape by using Adobe Illustrator. Click on “Effect” on the top bar, then click “Distort” to go to “Free Distort”. There, you can freely reshape the logo whatever you like.)



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