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Article: 30 Best Vintage Poster Design You Should Check

30 Best Vintage Poster Design You Should Check

Discover the secrets of vintage poster design with our essential guide. These amazing inspiration will help you to create a visually captivating poster!

Created by ai.vintage.cinema  |


Vintage poster design has been making a resounding comeback in recent years, capturing the imagination of artists, businesses, and casual admirers alike. From the rich, saturated colors to the nostalgic charm of decades past, vintage poster design has a unique appeal that never goes out of style. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your living space or searching for the perfect branding element for your business, vintage posters offer a versatile, eye-catching solution. In this article, we're about to take you on a journey through some of the best vintage poster design ideas to check out, offering inspiration that transcends time periods and artistic boundaries.

Why are vintage poster designs so captivating? Often, it's the bold typography, the intriguing layouts, or even the throwback to simpler times that catches our eye. But it's not just about aesthetics; it's also about the emotions and memories these designs can evoke. Our curated list will introduce you to designs that pull from various eras and styles—think Art Deco, Retro Futurism, Mid-century Modern, and more. So, sit back and get ready to dive into the visually arresting world of vintage poster design. Your next project or decorating endeavor could very well start here!


Vintage Poster Design Ideas

1. Budapestposter

Created by budapestposter  |


2. Almacenes JORBA

Created by ephemera_museum  |


3. Theatre De La Potiniere

Created by filmplakaten.com1  |


4. England vs China

Created by the_sporting_press  |


5. Auto Garage

Created by Émile Beaussier  |


6. Simplon Orient Express

Created by  |


7. Malam Jumat

Created by omarannas  |


8. La Habana

Created by el_marques_illustration  |


9. The Alphabet Murders

Created by porterbookshopsheffield  |  instagram


10. Redoctoberhistory

Created by redoctoberhistory  |


11. Michelin_collector_1900

Created by michelin_collector_1900  |


12. Scarborough

Created by scarboroughmuseums  |


13. Motosacoche

Created by Edouard Elzingre  |



Created by ephemera_museum  |


15. Rudge-Whitworth

Created by cyclosophes  |


16. Duomatic

Created by Bill Wirtz  |


17. Kuppenheimer

Created by the.debonairs  |



Created by ephemera_museum  |


19. Sparbanken

Created by history  |


20. Rimini

Created by illustra_epoque  |


21. New Year Eve Party

Created by sweetgeorgevintage  |


22. Olympia

Created by swiss.posters.galerie.1.2.3  |


23. Fievre D’Or

Created by Émile Beaussier  |


24. Canadian Pacific

Created by James Crockart  |


25. Bal Ju Papier

Created by Émile Beaussier  |


26. Happy Hour Berlin

Created by tullyryanstudio  |


27. Werther

Created by posterconnection  |


28. Snoopy and the Red Baron

Created by snoopy.yossie  |


29. Marco

Created by Leon Dupin  |


30. My Best Friend Is A Shark

Created by ai.vintage.cinema  |


Tips to Create a Good Vintage Poster Design

Creating an outstanding vintage poster design isn't just about slapping on some retro fonts and calling it a day. It involves a delicate balance of various design elements, each contributing to that sought-after vintage aesthetic. Whether you're a seasoned graphic designer or someone trying their hand at design for the first time, achieving the perfect vintage vibe can be both fun and challenging. In this section, we'll delve into five essential tips to guide you in crafting a vintage poster design that not only looks authentic but also resonates with your target audience.

Color Palette

The first thing that usually strikes you in any design is the color. For a vintage poster design, think muted tones, earthy colors, or even monochrome schemes. Research the time period you're trying to emulate and look at the color trends of that era. The right color palette can transport your audience back in time, providing an instant vintage feel.


One of the defining characteristics of vintage design is its typography. Fonts like Futura, Helvetica, and Baskerville have stood the test of time and can be perfect for lending that vintage touch. Don’t shy away from mixing and matching fonts, but remember, the key is to be cohesive, not chaotic.

Texture and Details

Nothing says vintage like the texture of a weathered paper or the cracks in a faded photograph. Adding such details can make your poster appear as though it’s been around for decades. Use subtle grain textures or edge distressing to achieve this look, but don't go overboard; subtlety is key here.


The images you select are crucial in setting the tone for your vintage poster design. Vintage photographs, illustrations, and icons can bring your poster to life. Pay attention to the style of the artwork—whether it’s Art Nouveau, Mid-century Modern, or Pop Art—to ensure it aligns with the era you're channeling.

Layout and Composition

Vintage designs often rely on strong, symmetrical layouts. Use grid systems or golden ratio principles to help you lay out elements on your poster. Remember, white space is your friend; don't clutter the design with too many elements.

In summary, a stellar vintage poster design incorporates the right color scheme, typography that echoes an era, textural details for authenticity, relevant imagery, and a layout that ties it all together. Keep these tips in mind as you embark on your vintage design journey, and you're sure to create something both visually stunning and emotionally evocative.


Elements to Create a Good Vintage Poster Design

The allure of vintage poster design—it's timeless, nostalgic, and oozes a certain charisma that modern designs sometimes lack. But what exactly goes into making a vintage poster that captures attention and holds it? You'll be pleased to know that while the design style is retrospective, the principles to create it are very much rooted in the present. Whether you're a newbie getting your feet wet or a seasoned designer looking to brush up on the basics, here are five essential elements you should consider to craft a compelling vintage poster design.

Graphics and Icons

The graphical elements you choose play a pivotal role in setting the stage for a vintage aesthetic. Consider using elements like old-school badges, crests, or retro shapes that harken back to the era you're focusing on. Icons from the period, be it a vintage car or an old-fashioned telephone, can also help to anchor your design in a particular time frame.


Layering is a technique that can give your vintage poster design a rich, complex look. Think of how an old photograph might have various elements overlaid, like text or additional images. Use layers to incorporate multiple textures, shadows, and elements in your design, but ensure that each layer serves a purpose and contributes to the overall visual cohesion.

Pattern and Background

The backdrop against which your other elements sit can make or break the vintage feel. Whether it's a simple muted color, a faded photograph, or a more complex pattern like paisley or polka dots, the background sets the tone. Just be sure it doesn't distract from the main content.

Scale and Proportion

Vintage designs often make use of exaggerated scales and proportions to emphasize certain elements over others. Whether it's a massive headline text or an oversized image, playing with scale can draw attention where you want it. However, balance is key; you don’t want to overwhelm your audience.

Borders and Frames

Last but not least, borders and frames can serve as the finishing touch to your vintage poster design. A simple rounded frame or an intricate Art Deco-inspired border can encapsulate your design, providing a visual boundary that helps tie all the elements together.

In a nutshell, mastering the art of vintage poster design comes down to understanding and adeptly using these five elements: graphics and icons, layering, pattern and background, scale and proportion, and borders and frames. Incorporate these into your next design project, and you're well on your way to creating a vintage masterpiece that resonates both visually and emotionally.


Common Mistakes When Creating Vintage Poster Designs

Navigating the nuanced world of vintage poster design is a journey filled with exciting possibilities, but it's also riddled with pitfalls that can trip you up if you're not careful. While achieving that perfect retro vibe can be incredibly rewarding, a few missteps can quickly turn your nostalgic masterpiece into a dated mess. Don't fret though; we've got your back! In this section, we’ll highlight some common mistakes to avoid when diving into your next vintage poster design project. Being aware of these pitfalls will help you create designs that are authentically vintage, not just dated or kitschy.

Overloading on Fonts

It might be tempting to use a myriad of retro fonts to drive home that vintage feel. However, using too many differing typefaces can make your poster look cluttered and incoherent. Stick to two or three complementary fonts to maintain visual harmony.

Ignoring Era Specifics

Not all vintage is created equal. The roaring '20s had a very different aesthetic compared to the groovy '60s. Mixing elements from different eras can result in a confusing and anachronistic design. Make sure to research and stick to a specific period for a more authentic vintage poster design.

Overdoing Textures and Effects

While textures and effects like grain, shadow, and aging can add a touch of authenticity, going overboard can distract from the main message and make your design look overworked. Less is often more; use these effects judiciously to enhance, not overpower, your design elements.

Lack of Focal Point

Vintage poster designs often succeed because of a well-defined focal point, whether it's a catchy headline, a striking image, or an iconic logo. A common mistake is to crowd the design with multiple elements that compete for attention, making it hard for the viewer to know where to look first.

Ignoring Modern Design Principles

Just because you're going for a vintage look doesn't mean you should ignore modern design principles. Good design is timeless. Considerations like balance, contrast, and visual hierarchy are as essential in a vintage poster design as they are in any modern layout. Neglecting these fundamentals can result in a design that feels not only outdated but also amateurish.

In summary, creating a compelling vintage poster design is a balancing act. You'll need to be mindful of font selection, era-specific elements, texture usage, focal points, and adherence to tried-and-true design principles. By avoiding these common mistakes, you're much more likely to create a vintage poster that not only looks the part but also communicates your message effectively and elegantly.



And there you have it—the essential guide to mastering the art of vintage poster design! From the importance of choosing the right color palette and typography to understanding common pitfalls, we've covered all the bases to help you create an authentic and visually striking design. Remember, the devil is in the details, and a thoughtful approach will set your work apart. Whether you're a design novice or a seasoned pro, we hope these insights inspire you to explore the captivating world of vintage poster design further. Happy designing!


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