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Article: 30 Fabulous Hair Product Packaging Design Ideas

30 Fabulous Hair Product Packaging Design Ideas

Want to know how to create the most fabulous hair product packaging design?
Check out these stunning references to take as your golden inspirations!
Created by Eduardo Rodrigues |  -

Considering how beauty products are staples in the vanity table, these kinds of industries always have the potential to develop loyal consumers. In this case, haircare brands have quite a lot of opponents. The competitions are hot, and one way to win it is by playing around with the hair product packaging. But, creating a captivating one is not an easy matter. Here is what you should do beforehand. 


1. Clarifying Your Hair Product 

To avoid disappointment, your hair beauty product should have a clear brand identity. To make it happen, you should start by defining the customer. Is it for girls, boys, tween, women, or men? What kind of hair condition matches the product? How much is the price tag? Jot down everything beforehand. 

After that, you can also define the ideal customer and how to sell the items. Your packaging design will be heavily affected by this particular decision. If you are going to sell online, you will need to change the style and material. More so if you target the high-end boutiques, when packaging and first impression matter a lot. 

As you gain all of the ideas, try to identify your hair product brand. What kind of personality do you want to tell? Underline that your design can portray the customer and the target market. It is also crucial to think about the packaging design element for your packaging ideas. You can start with the name, logo, or color pick. 


2. Looking For Inspiration 

There is a lot of hair product packaging that you can use as inspiration. Following the trend is one way to do it. You can join some of the ideas that help signify your brand identity. For example, you can go with unique custom fonts that help create a bold impression of your branding. Another exciting idea is bold and eye-catching patterns. 

Stipes, typography, or irregular patterns started to gain more attention. It is fun and also easy to recognize. It works the same with an intricate line drawing that tends to attract female audiences. On the contrary, a cool black color packaging design also works like a charm. There are also some other ideas, such as modern minimalist pastels, floral, and also warm tones.


3. Create Your Brand

When creating hair products, you can start with the style. Choosing the manner will help you design other packaging and design elements, such as natural elements, typography, or color. Deciding on a color for your packaging design should consider three aspects, stand out, grab attention, and match your brand personality. 

Your hair and beauty products can look attractive and different if you are smart in choosing the color. But to make it stand out, you also need to play with fonts. Something unique and recognizable will help create a brand identity. It is also noteworthy to include some information in the packaging, such as ingredients or the FDA-compliant labels. 


4. Defining Focal Point And Style 

The main reason for defining focal points is to help customers recognize your product at a glance. One way to do it is by emphasizing the core element in your packaging design. You can start with the logo located in the front and center part. It also helps to show the product's usage, so everyone can get your hair product's message. 

Sometimes, you can also consider the material and printing option. It highly relates to your packaging style and budget. You can think more about this idea by considering the hair product packaging type. At least you will need outer, inner, and product packaging. After that, you can classify and make it more detailed by considering the popular packaging option for every method.


Ideas And Examples

1. Fabrica

Created by Lyon & Lyon |

Created for hair care, the packaging design emphasizes the usage by choosing a soft, warm color palette. What makes this design outstanding is how it explains the hair product's purpose. It is meant to take care of thick and thin hair that is told by thick and thin lines in its packaging. The simple minimalist design also makes the brand easy to look at.


2. Flavia

Created by Mustafa Akülker |

Playing with intricate drawing and minimalist concepts is the idea of this packaging design. The pack has a logo and simplistic typography, which accentuates the feminine product. It also has pastel colors, such as cream, pink, and baby blue. The hair product packaging itself uses a normal pump model, which also comes with extra outer wrapping in the form of a tote bag.


3. Prime

Created by Jessy Designs |

Stay true to the name. Prime Hair has the dark black color as its basic. The design itself is pretty standard and simple, with a simple addition of colored strips. The usage of shiny strips works as the focal point, indicating the usages. To complement the strong and bold color, the hair treatment product does not use any eye-catching details to help emphasize the impression.


4. Orgapure

Created by Hye Seong Kim |

Another hair product that signifies its target audience by the packaging design is Orga Pure. The hair care product shows the organic material ingredients by using pastel green and greenish bottles. The logo labeling logo is pretty simple, with aesthetic drawings and percentages. The 90% mild recipe tag makes the design easy to understand and stimulate.


5. Imune Hair

Created by Raphael Iglesias |

Imune hair design for its packaging indicates its high-end quality. The usage of transparent glass-like material helps create an impression of luxurious products. At the same time, the brand identity also appears from the simple reworked logo. It has two different color tones with a small logo containing plus sign inside a circle, signifying the brand's objective to protect hair.


6. Borvo

Created by Emile Hoppenot |

The Borvo hair product packaging plays with intricate drawing, color, and ranges of packing style. The smart move that makes this brand stand out is how it tells almost everything by packaging design. The packing has certain colors that explain product ranges. The drawings illustrate the ingredient, and it also has routine steps, the active ingredient, and the product category.


7. Blond

Created by YUNGBLD Studio |

Attracting the audience and consumer through quirky quotes makes this packaging design worth looking at. As a haircare extension product, Blond states its target through the color palette. It uses a range of pinks and reds, which help represent bold, confident, and beautiful women. To complement the ideas, it uses standard fonts but boosts the visual with withy quotes and images.


8. Pureskin

Created by Marka Works |

The shooting aesthetic from the Pureskin design comes from the font and color pick. To complement the brand logo, the products use three color categories to explain the significant hair product usage. It uses yellow for honey, blue for the ocean, and pink for spring. Along with its minimalist style, the model looks bright, clean, and also easy to recognize.


9. GoodHair

Created by Meroo Seth |

Goodhair adopted a unique patterning style to form its brand identity. It compiles some unique vector images that explain the brand's goals, such as soothing, fragrance, balance, chemical-free, etc. The product also comes with different packaging design styles to fit the usage. But the overall design runs along with green, white, gold, and black colors.


10. Scalp Dr.+

Created by Md Eddin |

The packaging design by MD Eddin works the best for Scalp Dr. USA. The design is pretty simple with its minimalistic design and lack of drawings. While it has less detail, the packing contains all of the information, emphasizing the focal point and professionalism. It shows the logo, the products, and the function on top of varying packaging types clad in white.


11. Maneifst Dr.

Created by Olya Tretiakova |

Accentuating the beauty of natural hair, the hair product packaging by Olya Tretiakova uses an earthy color palette. It is pretty simple and basic, especially with the lack of drawing or design in it. It uses bold and unique fonts to create a brand identity. But the packaging also comes with a paper bag and a certain bottle design that fits the modern millennial consumer.


12. Vedix

Created by Chahat Gursingh |

Vedix packaging designer develops four major aspects to deliver, modern, ayurvedic or natural, unique, and expertise. And the way the packing appears states all the claims. The labels use ranges of colors to signify different usages. It also has different illustrations to indicate the ingredient. The outer box also uses the same aesthetic and color choices.


13. Crystal

Created by Tessa Kyren |

To emphasize the beauty and the clarity of crystal, the hair product plays around with colors and unique font designs. The design also brandies a specialized luxury haircare brand, which is why it comes with a modern minimalistic design. It uses white, purple, and yellow as the main color palette. The uses of white background also emphasize the logo brand as the focal point.


14. Mayu

Created by Studio Newwork |

Designed under the ideas of an organic hair care label from Japan, Mayu uses pastel color as its brand's individuality. The color also explains the real meaning of Mayu as a Cocoon. The natural color palette also has a modern, delicate packaging design, which reflects the fine quality product. The font and logo are also specially made, which helps build its character.


15. Prodiva

Created by Dmitriy Dordyuk |

Playing with patterns doesn't always come with intricate design. In this case, the Prodiva hair product packaging looks simple but also easy to recognize. The designer includes some wavy bright colored patterns to center the audience's focus in its function. The back color is white and simple, which makes the packing easy to recognize and easy to look at.


16. 5,5 pH

Created by Evgeniya Abramova |

A packaging that tells you everything. The idea of adding illustrated instructions makes the 5.5 Ph hair treatment packing appear unique. It uses simple illustrations and transparent bottles, which help buyers to read and understand the message. There is no color in the hair product packaging design to avoid distraction.


17. High Purity

Created by Александра Морозова |

The identical color for the product packing and the label help buyers understands the significant usage. It doesn't have too much detail, but the design mainly focuses on delivering the message and functions. You can tell by how the packaging design uses color category, simple fonts, and medium brand logo sizes for its label.


18. Heromosa

Created by Zakaria Taleb Hacine |

Heromosa packing detail and design are the epitome of luxuries. It uses a combination of the green-colored bottle with golden color for its logo and fonts. The overall look itself is pretty low in illustration or details, but it already gathers the audiences' interest by giving a high-end hair product look.


19. MOOI

Created by Leroy Vincent Kleppe |

To attract the new generation, the trend of simple packaging design and soft color tones bring out MOOI hair design products. The brand also uses a signature logo with simple lines and shapes, which stay true to the minimalist design. It also appears on the bottle packaging, which has two-color contrasts, white-blue or white cream.


20. The Bowery

Created by Curious Design |

With a tag of men's gentrification, the appearance is simple but exudes premium quality. The bowery itself focuses on as a grooming product for men. Thus, it uses edgy manly colors such as dark brown, black, dark green, and leather visual. Along with its signature rounded logo, the packaging design brings out a vintage appeal for men's hair products.


21. Breezy

Created by Arena13 Studio |

Breezy brings out the brand identity through its bold and unique sense of font. The logo has an interesting design which also appears as the largest focal point in the hair product packaging. It uses two color tones, white and blue. A very simple design that has a minimalist touch and accentuates fresh air.


22. Seastrands

Created by Saskia Wilson |

A very straightforward design that also illustrates the real message of the brand. The Seastrand bottle has a wavy line logo on the top. At the bottom, the packaging design put a simple illustration of seaweed. It has a different color category that also explains various procedures and ingredients.


23. Maximize Your Hair Growth

Created by Fredrick Balois |

The maximize your hair growth packaging project development explains a lot of ideas. The uses of symmetrical diamond shapes unified the ranges of hair products under the same brand. It brings out a professional and high-quality product impression by using a black and gold color palette. It also comes in a different packing model to support the application.


24. Borabella

Created by Eduardo Rodrigues |

The Borabella Gloss packaging design is very feminine with its color pick. It uses pinkish pastel tones that look luxurious on top of glossy material. It stays loyal to the brand name. The uses of a soft natural color palette and white bottle also accentuate the label designs, which explains all the information in an easy-to-read manner.


25. Haret

Created by Radmir Volk |

Haret emphasizes a medical-like product impression that needs a clean appearance. In this case, the product does not include any unique characteristic except the blue logo and white color. The small packaging bottle was meant to be sold as a hair treatment oil pack. That is why Haret has instruction paper and a box containing eight small bottles.


26. Gyre

Created by Meredith Christensen-Jennings |

Gyre Meredith's hair product packaging plays with color and unique patterns as well. At first glance, it looks overwhelming. But it serves the real purpose of the brand. The hair treatment products are meant for curly, wavy, and coiled hair types. It uses different curl patterns, numbers, and colors to signify the specific uses.


27. Noir

Created by Marka Works |

To explicitly tell the expensive ingredient of argan oil, the Noir brand uses a black and white color palette. The packaging design also uses a distinctive subtle pattern in the black background, which explains the natural states of the argan oil. The design also includes the logo, the brand name, and the argan oil ingredient, which complement the minimalist modern appearance.


28. Ofrose

Created by Büşra KARABIYIK |

The black and earthy brown palette works the best in the Ofrose vintage-styled packing. The uses of vintage logos and drawing complement the non-square label for the hair product. Meanwhile, the brand also has conditioner products in different packing. Both have the same color scheme and aesthetic, which accentuate specialized quality.


29. Ecocraft

Created by Aleftina Kotikova |

To bring out the premium and natural aesthetic, the Ecocraft packaging design consists of a simple logo and soft pastel blue color. The color palette only consists of black, white, and light sky blue. The entire visual represents minimalism and nature. The uses of soft geometry also help create an impression of elegance, modern, and sophisticated merchandise.


30. Mane

Created by Natalia Triantafyli |

When talking about easy to recognize, the mane hair product packaging comes out as a winner. The distinctive hand-drawn pattern makes the normal bottle and design look different. The uses of white, black, and burgundy red also bring a sophisticated appearance. With a little text, at least the unique design makes the brand identifiable.



With tons of packaging design examples and ideas on the internet, you can figure out the current trend. Most of the time, hair and beauty products use earthy or natural color tones to signify the essential ingredient. Some of them are also bold enough to use some text and unique fonts, so the brand is easy to recognize. 

You can do the same with your hair product wrapping design. Indicating the purpose, the ingredient, the usage, and the benefits will help deliver the message. Using some unique colors, patterns, fonts, and other packaging design elements also make the brand stand out among competitors.

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