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Article: 30 Coffee Cup Ideas To Brighten Your Day

30 Coffee Cup Ideas To Brighten Your Day

Check this collection of remarkable coffee cup ideas that will help you get inspired to create even more beautiful designs for your cafe business!
Created by Nhu Le |

Currently, the coffee shop business is prospering and thriving. In most countries, more and more young people are starting to build cafe businesses. And they usually use a unique brand concept as one of their marketing strategies. For example, they choose attractive and unique coffee cup ideas to attract customers.

Not only the interior and the furniture, but cafe owners must also pay attention to the design details of other items such as their paper cups. The coffee cup is one of the most frequently used and seen items by customers when they stop by your cafe.


The Importance of Choosing The Right Coffee Cup Design

Before discussing the examples of coffee cup ideas that you can imitate, you must first know the reasons for the importance of choosing a unique and attractive cup design for your cafe business.

These days, people don't come to the cafe just to get coffee. They also come to enjoy the atmosphere and vibes of a coziness. That is the reason why you have to pay full attention to all aspects of your business.

The design of the items and the interior of your coffee shop will greatly determine the brand's atmosphere. But for a more specific discussion, here are some reasons why coffee cup design is so important:


Represent Your Business Identity

All important identities such as your logo and slogan will definitely be printed on your packaging, right? You can also reflect on your business identity through the design of the coffee cup.

For example, if your business is one of the businesses involved in reforestation, you can use recycled paper and prove it to customers. This will make your business' identity stand out better than other competitors' businesses.

This will also make it easier for you to show the personality of your business that customers won't find anywhere else. Coffee cup design can be one of the most accessible platforms to showcase your unique identity to attract more customers.

Through its design, customers can get a glimpse of your business personality and atmosphere. This will help you find the right customers to become your regular customers.

Your business identity is one of the most important things you need to show your customers. Your identity is one of the main things that will differentiate you from your competitors. If you can show and exhibit your business identity well, it is more likely that people will be interested in your product.


One of The Best Marketing Strategies

As mentioned earlier, the paper cup is one of the most frequently seen items for your customers when they are in your shop. Therefore, you must really pay attention to the design so that it is attractive and comfortable to use.

It can also be the best marketing strategy to make your business noticeable more by many people. You can choose a unique and whimsical design that will attract the attention of people.

When you choose a unique and attractive design, people could share it on their social media accounts. Or they might share the coffee (paper cup) with their friends and relatives.

As a result, you will get free advertising from the experience of your customers. Later, more and more people will notice your brand and may be interested in trying. This strategy has proven successful in bringing new customers to the outlet.

Many coffee shop businesses have commonly used this marketing strategy. In fact, several well-known franchises are still using this method as one of their flagship marketing strategies.


Determine Your Customer Experience

When talking about coffee cup design, we are not only talking about the appearance of it. It must also pay attention to the comfort, usability, and functionality aspects.

A good designer will certainly pay attention to all aspects, from comfort to appearances. Even though the design will look good and attractive, it will all be useless if it is not comfortable to use.

If you can consider and observe carefully, you will be able to produce a design that is not only good in terms of appearance but will also make the customer comfortable when using it.

Choose the size and material that is comfortable and safe to use. If you want to reduce the use of plastic, you can consider using thicker or waterproof material. But you still have to make sure that the material you choose is safe to use and fulfills the food-grade standards.

If your customer feels good with your product, then it is very likely that the customer will feel comfortable with your brand and may come as a regular customer.



Something unique and interesting will certainly give a good impression to the people who see it. When you succeed in giving a good impression to people, it will be easier for people to remember your product.

Giving a good impression can be done by creating a unique visual. So when customers see this, they will remember, and it may become one of the most memorable things from your business. Every brand needs something that customers have to remember and identify.


Coffee Cup Ideas

If you are still confused about choosing an attractive cup design, here are some coffee cup ideas that you can make as your inspiration in designing:

1. Velvet

Created by Anton Malishev |

The designer of this brand has successfully captured the uniqueness of two different cities, namely Brussels and Medellin. Anton Malishvew uses a unique style in describing the characteristics of the cities where the coffee shop is located. Anton uses a doodle style that is simple but still attractive in his whole concept.


2. Morning Kick

Created by Sameer Sisodiya |

Following the brand identity of the cafe business, designer Sameer Sodiya has succeeded in reflecting the exclusive and luxurious impression in Morning Kick packagings.

The color and chosen material give an elegant impression so that it gives its own characteristics to this coffee shop business.


3. Bird Coffee

Created by Nhu Le |

This idea might be suitable to be implemented for a cafe concept with a natural and back-to-nature theme. In accordance with the theme, this cup is specially designed to reflect natural elements such as birds and natural colors on the surface.


4. Heyday

Created by Katie Lukes |

When you see this cup design for the first time, you must be greeted with an impression of joy and freshness that is displayed through the design. The use of bright colors such as yellow and green combined has resulted in a unique perspective.


5. Brwaz Coffee

Created by Guilherme Visotto |

If you want it to have a luxurious and elegant concept, maybe you can take inspiration from this design idea. The Brwaz version has been designed in such a way as to give the impression of being luxurious when people see it.


6. Socle Coffee

Created by Dmitry Neal |

This coffee shop has a very unique concept. Combining traditional American style with 80s style is a unique concept that can be an attraction in itself. Fortunately, the designers managed to showcase this potential and uniqueness for the whole branding.

Not only in the coffee cup design, but the elements have also been successfully reflected in the menu, packaging, and business logo.


7. Drum Coffee Bar

Created by Al.Walid Khalid |

The next coffee cup ideas use a simplistic concept combined with monochrome colors. In accordance with the name and target market in the form of drummers and artists, the visual has unique elements and symbols that represent the drum and coffee wave.

Even though the design is very simple, it has successfully become the main attraction of this coffee cup design.


8. Brew

Created by Studio hervik |

Studio Hervik successfully creates a packaging concept with a joyful personality. This coffee cup design is dominated by brand name typography written in a unique font and placement to produce a stunning design.


9. Sierra

Created by Sergio Cárdenas |

Checkered patterns are the most noticeable things about this one design. Even though it looks simple, this coffee cup design gives a friendly and pleasing impression. This can be caused by choosing the color orange as the base color of the design.


10. Drip for Drip

Created by Aurélien Jeanney |

Each cup is decorated in a cute pattern and design that makes you think twice when you want to throw it away. The visual is filled with animal icons that have been painted in a cute art style.

The packaging is designed with striking colors to attract people's attention. Even though the design is busy, designers still pay attention to balance and white space so that the whole visual doesn't look overcrowded.


11. OW Coffee

Created by Liu Xiaonan |

Elegant and luxurious are words that immediately come to mind when you see these coffee cup ideas. Even though it only uses black for the whole concept, the combination of matte and glossy textures on the surface of the glass creates a unique and luxurious look.


12. Queen Cafe

Created by Rehan Ali |

As the name implies, the queen icon is the main icon that represents this coffee shop business. The smiling queen logo is printed on various merchandise, including on the surface of the packaging. This smiling logo gives the customer a warm and friendly impression.


13. The Source

Created by David Silva |

Contemporary and modern design themes are being used by many coffee shops. However, through its branding, The Source managed to choose a look that would make its business stand out from its competitors. The style and vibes of the concept they choose give customers a comfortable feeling.


14. Tolima

Created by Azteca Design |

The combination of traditional elements packed with modern designs is one of the main attractions of this coffee shop. Tolima coffee uses traditional Columbian colors and elements as the main elements in its brand design.


15. Leaf Coffee

Created by Tugg Studio |

If you hear the word tropical, what you will immediately imagine is cheerful colors like yellow, red, pink, or aqua. This brand adopts a tropical style with a different touch. They choose colors and elements that are elegant in their designs. The use of blue, red, and white is the main attraction in the visual.


16. Joes Coffee

Created by Ali Abozamel |

The combination of emerald green with brown and rose gold colors reflects the classic vintage theme that this coffee shop carries. These colors are plastered all over the shop surface. Consistency in the choices of color in the furniture makes this coffee shop look more attractive and beautiful.


17. Fika

Created by Astro Wong |

A big smile is clearly displayed on the surface of the cup. This is one of the most exciting concepts that able to show positivity and happiness. Creative logos and good color choices make a comfortable feel emanate from the design.


18. Unalime

Created by Septyan Pratama |

Inspired by the Buddhist element, this design succeeds in bringing peace and a calm feeling to the people who use it. In accordance with the philosophy that the coffee shop wants to elevate, the use of lotus flowers combined with the coffee-making process creates a unique logo appearance.


19. Hachi

Created by Guilherme Visotto |

Inspired by the name of a dog that is famous in Japan, this brand uses the name Hachi and the dog logo as their brand identity. The use of the dog logo and the choice of green and orange colors make the appearance cheerful and friendly.


20. Santa Rosa

Created by Yago barbosa |

Currently, there are a lot of coffee shops that use green and brown as the base colors for their brand. However, this brand managed to choose a different shade for their base color. And it succeeded in making their brand stand out.


21. Expressionism

Created by Anastasia T. |

This brand shows the funky visual through the selection of an unusual brand color. They choose bright and clashing colors as their main characteristics. Even though the colors chosen vary, this brand can still look cool and stylish.


22. La Molienda

Created by We Are Yellow |

The simplistic and monochrome design is one of the most minimalist coffee cup ideas to inspire your day. The use of interesting icons is enough to enliven the surface of the coffee cup to make it look attractive.


23. Inatteso Cafe

Created by Crown Creative |

Another one of the great coffee cup ideas is suitable for those of you who like a simple design but are still pleasant to look at. The color scheme that is chosen gives inviting vibes that can attract customers. This type of style design has been on the rise in recent years.


24. Fragments

Created by Olena Fedorova |

These coffee cup ideas might be suitable for those of you who like to apply monochrome style and color to your designs. The surface of the coffee cup doesn't use many elements, but the logo from the brand is enough to be an attractive element to decorate the surface of the cup.


25. Herschel's Coffee Co.

Created by Mustafa Akülker |

Simple, fresh, and attractive are the three words that describe this one design. This design uses vintage yet simple concepts as its main style. Classic and retro elements such as the stripes pattern and vintage fonts can be found on the surface of the packaging.


26. Biblioteka Kofe

Created by Ruport Agency |

The next is one of the best coffee cup ideas using a monochrome style. A monochrome concept is indeed on the rise and is favored by many people. It looks clean and luxurious. Even though there are not many elements in the design, this one still looks attractive.


27. BLOOM Coffee Roasters

Created by Quentin Ames |

The use of vintage and funky elements looks very attractive when implemented in this visual concept. It is one of the most excellent coffee cup ideas that shows us that funky design doesn't have to go with bright neon colors but also can be achieved by using muted colors.


28. The Supreme Roastering Co.

Created by Mustafa Akülker |

The selection of a very attractive color makes this brand stand out from most other brands. Again, the use of a checkered pattern is successful in making a brand's appearance more attractive.


29. PACO

Created by Boutique Studio | PurpleDash Branding

The vintage style makes this one look classier. Even though it carries a vintage style as the main concept, this brand still packs a design in a simple style so that the whole visual still looks modern.


30. Little Talk & The Strange Little Nonsense

Created by Sciencewerk |

Some hand-drawn elements complement the simple design, and dark colors make the whole visual look stunning. It is also decorated with writing that is elegant and attractive to younger people.



Coffee cup design is one of the essential things that business owners must pay attention to. As we mentioned above, it may bring so many benefits for your business brand and marketing. If you short of ideas, feel free to re-scroll the above coffee cup ideas and examples to reference from. So what do you think of these examples? We hope they could inspire you to design even better outcomes. Feel free to drop comments in this section below. Have a great day & cheers!

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