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Article: 10 Tips To Create A Good Wave Logo Design

10 Tips To Create A Good Wave Logo Design

Nothing is more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline.
Here are some tips you can easily follow to create a wave logo design!
Created by Yoga Perdana |

Your business logo is the identity of your brand. This is usually the first piece of branded material someone encounters. This is the image that comes to their mind when customers hear your company name. Therefore, choosing the right type of logo is an important step when creating or updating your company's brand identity.

However, choosing the perfect logo for your business is not an easy task. With several types of logos available, choosing the one that most effectively represents your brand can be quite a challenge. If you want a logo that symbolizes strength and power, the waves logo can be a good option. Waves are able energy movement. Sometimes this energy can be soothing and calming, but other times it evokes tremendous strength and power.

Created by Yoga Perdana |

So, which one is best suited for your brand? The tips for creating a good waves logo design below will guide you to get the right design for your brand.

However, the ultimate strength of wave design is to make it unforgettable. When your business logo is instantly recognized, you know you have a winner. But you may ask yourself: How can I create an unforgettable design?

In this guide, we'll cover all aspects of creating a good waves design, from understanding the need of your brand identity and getting ideas to choosing the best design that suits your brand, working with a designer, and much more.


10 Tips To Create A Good Waves Logo Design

  1. Find Some Good Logo Ideas
  2. Understand The Business Background
  3. Sketch A Few Types Of Waves
  4. Start From A Basic Line Or Shape
  5. Choose a Design Style That Suits Your Brand.
  6. Choose The Right Type Of Logo.
  7. Choose The Color Representation Wisely
  8. Use A Custom Typeface
  9. Make Sure The Logo Is Adaptable On Various Media
  10. Avoid Some Common Mistakes
Created by Nagual |


1. Find Some Good Logo Ideas

If you confuse about choosing the best design you want, it's a good idea to find ideas and inspiration, but where do you start? You can start by brainstorming ideas. The important rule of brainstorming is to get all ideas out without judgment. Even if it looks bad, take it out.

It's best for you to work with other people at this point. You need to put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and think about how you want them to see your brand. Make a list of words that describe how you want the company to be understood.

Then, write down concepts that can help you convey the visualization you want. Meanwhile, the next step is to create a vision board (also called a mood board or inspiration board). A vision board is a collection of images, like a collage, that helps visually communicate the look and feel you want for your design.

Created by Deividas Bielskis |

Why is it so important? Because you can verbally explain an idea, and each team member will likely have a different picture of what it looks like. When creating a visual board, everyone involved can see how the idea is translated into images. It clarifies visibility, makes collaboration easier, and can help you save time by getting to the right logo faster.

How is a vision board made? In short, you can search the Internet for wave photos, for example, and collect them all in one place. You can also Look at your competitors to get ideas. Collect and analyze the design from various competitors. What patterns, types, typography, images, and color schemes do they use? How can your design logo stand out in your field? You should discuss it with your team to get the answers so that you can create a good wave design.

Created by Logo Branda |


2. Understand The Business Background

A logo design is an important aspect of your branding and visual storytelling. Without one, you are left anonymous for customers to identify with. When choosing waves design, make sure that it represents your overall visual branding and helps in attracting new customers.

However, in creating the design, it should be memorable and make a positive first impression. The only way to achieve these two things is to create a good wave design that is both inspiring and catchy at the same time.

Created by Brazhnikova Ekaterina |


3. Sketch A Few Types Of Waves

Now it's time to create a good waves design; if you don't have a designer, you have three options: You can work with a design agency, design your own logo with a logo maker tool or hire a freelance logo designer. Working with a design agency can be very expensive, so let's focus on the other two options available.

Created by Yoga Perdana |


4. Start From A Basic Line Or Shape

When designing your emblem, it is important to consider its shape. Here's a closer look at the different types of logo shapes and their meanings:

  • Organic logo shape: It conveys a warm and welcoming feel, which is ideal for businesses usually associated with nature.
  • Circular logo shape: It contains a circle, ellipse, and oval shape. It universally represents the ideas of eternity, infinity, periodic motion, eternity, and wholeness. They have a softer feel that can help brands communicate the holistic approach.
  • Triangle and square shape: It has sharp edges that can enhance the impression that they are strong, stable, strong, and smart. It symbolizes accuracy in business. This may work well for companies that want to demonstrate attributes, such as logistics companies or lawyers.
  • Vertical line: Logos with vertical stripes are more impressive. It mimics strength, height, and majesty, making your images look more powerful.
Created by Pedro Julien |


5. Choose a Design Style That Suits Your Brand

An important aspect to consider when creating wave design is the visual aesthetic. Your brand and emblem are one entity and should be in a visual unit. The visual perception of your logo design should match your business and brand. Find inspiration in a style that most closely resembles the feel of your brand.

The minimalist emblem design is all about "less is more." Use simple fonts, icons, and a few colors of your wave design. In addition, you can try classic logo designs. They are timeless and often have a distinct staying power with trendy logos that can become old-fashioned within a few years. A classic logo can be a perfect fit for a brand that wants to appear simple, trustworthy, and stable.

Created by Dimitrije Mikovic |


6. Choose The Right Type Of Logo

Emblems come in different styles. From just a word to a symbol or a picture with a word to a complete symbol. Choosing the type of logo to use depends on where you want to use your logo and its capacity. A well-designed logo strategy involves two or three copies to be used in different ways.

Most designers will start with a compound tag that can be separated into word tags and abstract tags or letter tags and picture tags. Let's see the following types of logos.

  • Lettermark: A letter mark, also called a monogram logo, is one made up of shortened letters of a longer name. For example, NASA and IBM.
  • Wordmark: The wordmark consists of the actual business name. The word is a logo, and there is no accompanying image.
  • Combine mark emblem: It is a two-part logo with a word and a visual. The image can be a pictorial sign, an abstract sign, an icon, or a talisman. It is suitable for creating¬†a good waves design
  • Abstract mark emblem: An abstract sign is an image that is not immediately recognizable as a specific thing. These are usually custom geometric shapes created for logos.
  • Picture: A picture tag is an instantly recognizable shape or symbol, such as an apple image for the Apple brand.
Created by Kathryn Sutton |


7. Choose The Color Representation Wisely

The colors chosen in your wave design are very important. Color evokes feelings and perceptions, both personal and cultural. The colors you use in your design should match your brand identity s. Yellow, for example, is bright and inspiring if it's a bright yellow, but it can be annoying if it leans toward ocher or mysterious yellow.

Color combinations also carry a lot of weight. Notice how you use two or three colors together. Many color combinations bring up perceptions that are difficult to shake off. For example, green and red are the colors of Christmas, and orange and black are for Halloween.

Orange color is generally vibrant and cheerful. The orange used is very important because there is a short range of shades of orange that evoke positive emotions. If using oranges, keep them active and happy.

Created by Roma Korolev |

The red color is very visible and impressive. It makes an impression. Red evokes feelings of passion, joy, and strength, but it also evokes danger and caution.

Blue, bright and dark colors are classic colors for company logos, while neutral blue is popular in the healthcare sector. Blue is a reliable color that feels good all around. It can be a suitable choice for wave design.

Yellow logos are not very common, so you will immediately draw attention to your logo. However, yellow is not suitable for all types of business. It is usually a lighter, happy color.

Green is used in most organic or eco-friendly brands. This is so common that consumers expect it if you have the environmental side of your business. If your business is in this niche, you'd be better off using green in your logo so that consumers will relate to it instantly.

Created by Gennady Savinov |


8. Use A Custom Typeface

Similar to color psychology, logo fonts also carry emotion and perception. The fonts in your business logo should carry your brand identity, like color and visuals. Choosing the right logo font is similar to how you choose a logo style. Different types of fonts have their own visual style.

Created by Vlad Smolkin |


9. Make Sure The Logo Is Adaptable On Various Media

Logo maker is the cheapest solution you can choose; the only limitation is that everything is 100% software based. There isn't any human interaction behind it, so aside from being able to set some basic design preferences, you don't have a lot of customization options available.

Working with freelance designers can be daunting because all the difficulty lies in the fact that you have to trust them with your brand. This is why before you consider hiring a logo designer, you should first lay the groundwork by creating a logo design brief that generally answers questions about your brand message, target audience, company, tone, and image you want to convey.

Created by PrstiPerje |


10. Avoid Some Common Mistakes

There are a number of common mistakes that turn your design into a failure, and it's important to remember them early, so you don't have to redo your work later. Here is a list of mistakes that you should avoid.

10.1. Copy another business emblem design.

Never copy designs from other companies. Inspired by others' designs, it's okay but doesn't copy them. Suppose customers see your design and immediately think that your design looks like another design. You will get a problem. Another angle about copying other logos is using AI-generated logos or using a logo maker. Placing a random icon with a piece of text will make your logo look like other logos. When you communicate with your designer, make sure it is clear what type of code he will be using. Is it a visual resource, or will they specifically design it? Your design is the most visible part of your business; make it as unique as possible.

Created by Eric Lee |

10.2. Not paying attention to cultural and social differences.

Another common mistake that can lead to logo failure is not taking into account cultural and social nuances. For example, the location where you do business, whether it is local or international, is an important aspect to consider when creating your design. Don't use an icon you like without knowing what it means. It may be an image that is religious or has a cultural connotation that can cause confusion, a negative impression, or even be offensive in some places.

A common mistake involving social overtones has to do with the placement of elements in designing an emblem. What may seem to you as an adult protectively carrying a child can be mistaken for something else. This is an innocent technical glitch, but it can give you a headache later on. To avoid this error, just be aware, and check all visuals with people of different backgrounds.

Created by PrstiPerje |

10.3. Forget looking at consumers.

It is common for business owners that they forget the importance of how consumers perceive the emblem. Remember that the logo or emblem is for your customers, not you. This mistake is most common among amateur designers who care more about the final beauty than the message it conveys.

10.4. Incorporate your logo design into your branding materials

Once your design is complete, it's time to incorporate it into your branding materials. Your design should be added to every visible aspect of your brand, from email headers to printed flyers and posters. The flexibility of your design depends on the number of its versions. If your design contains text tags, compound tags, and image tags, they can be used interchangeably across different assets.

Created by Vadim Carazan |


Final Words

Your business card should carry your logo, not just your name and contact details. Business cards are easily the first brand asset when it comes to meeting people in person. Everyone in your company should have their own card with their logo on it. Your logo should be on top of your letterhead so that every letter you send is recognized as yours. Newsletters also have a header; they are simply called newsletter headers.

Your employees may wear a uniform with embroidered logos on collars or hats. This way, they are recognized in your place as well as when they are out of the world. Make it a rule that they should not engage in ugly behavior while in uniform.

When you have a logo design that makes a positive first impression about your business, it will have a lasting impact. Use emotional branding to help increase the impact of your design and brand assets. Take your time finding the right stylist for the job. You have to make sure that they understand the value of your brand and what is important to you in terms of your business emblem.

Created by Yoga Perdana |

In this guide, we look at the important aspects of designing the logo. Design options to create a logo. Even if you haven't created your own design, knowing these things can greatly improve your communication with the designer. When you understand the term, you are more likely to stay true to your values ‚Äč‚Äčthroughout the design process.

How important your brand identity is to your emotional branding strategy and how your design plays an important role in all of your visual brand assets. This is another reason why it's important to have a good relationship with a designer, so they can tap into the deeper parts of your brand.

Created by semangat_design |

We recommend choosing a designer who provides at least two or three reviews. This way, it is easier to come up with the best option for your brand. Your design is just as important as your brand message, and they should go hand in hand. There are many designers who can design the perfect business emblem for your brand. Remember to always ask the stylist questions to establish a connection early on.

We hope these tips for creating a good waves design can help you feel more confident about going ahead and creating a good design for your business.

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