Types of Logo Designs & How to Use Each One of Them

Logo design is one of the most important and primary elements of a business.Let’s find out about these 7 types of logos and how to use them properly!
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Look around you at your shoes, bags, books, watches, blankets, clothes, or anything that has a logo on it. That little picture has become a part of our lives; they are everywhere. Some are in the form of pictures, text, or a combination of both. Why does each brand have a different logo?

A logo is an essential component of a company's identity. To avoid consumer confusion, one company's logo must be distinct from those of other companies. Moreover, every company has the right to use the logo as they wish, considering there are several types of logos that can be used. But what are they?

Each logo has a different feel, and it reflects well on every brand you see. The purpose of the logo is to be unique and different from the others. If you want to create a successful logo, be sure to take the right steps. You can start by considering the following seven types of logos:


1. Emblem Logo Designs

You may often encounter this logo symbol, which consists of a font that is inside a certain icon. This logo is quite common, so it is used by several companies, schools, government agencies, and organizations. You can see some examples of famous logos that use emblems. Let's see the symbols of Harley-Davidson and Starbucks.

You can see your favorite logo: a mermaid and some of the letters that make up the word "Starbucks." Some people may think that this logo is quite complicated, with a design that other parties will not easily imitate.

However, you must remember that a logo needs to be as attractive and concise as possible. The simpler the logo, the better the elegant impression. Stick to having a simple and clear logo. It will enhance the professionalism of your logo as a perfect business representation.

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2. Combination Mark Logo Designs

The next type is a combination mark, which is a favorite logo for several big businesses. This logo consists of a sign that has a picture with letters that form words; it can also have a mascot or an abstract sign inside.

The image produced from this logo looks striking, with several letters combined with the image and then stacked together. You can see examples right away: Doritos and Burger King, which must be common in your memory. There is also a Lacoste with a masculine alligator on it.

The name of a company is represented by certain images that can describe the business well. This logo helps the public recognize your business based on an image. Consumers may immediately remember your business when they see an image that is almost similar to your logo combination.

The combination of symbol and text creates a unique image all at once, making this logo even more likable. Some companies may dare to use a logo in the form of an image only, but that applies to large businesses. However, beginners can also use it.

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How to Use an Emblem or Combination Mark Logo

So, when should I use one of the two logos above? You may be confused when choosing to use a logo with a combination or emblem. Try to consider the following:

An emblem is a traditional logo used by several agencies, including schools, private businesses, and the food or beverage industry.

However, use an emblem that is flexible and not rigid so that it will print easily on all marketing materials you use; ID cards, banners, flyers, social media, websites, and even notebooks.

A combination mark is a preferred choice by some businesses because it is considered unique. Some big companies also like combination logotypes to make something different. However, the first step is to assess the company's needs and goals before making a decision.

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3. Mascot Logo Designs

A logo that can speak is a preferred choice for the public. Some companies use a mascot as a logo that speaks well of their brand; some even consider it a unique spokesperson character.

A mascot logo is a business representation that has a pictorial character, which can be a cartoon or a certain character that can represent your business well.

Take a look at some of the examples that have worked and are even well ingrained in the public's mind. Mr. Peanut and Colonel KFC are two of them.

The mascot is the perfect logo and is great for capturing the attention of families, especially children. If kids can remember your logo well, that's a great thing.

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4. Abstract Logo Designs

An abstract logo mark is a type of pictorial logo. As the name suggests, "abstract" means having a less clear design and not representing your business. Just think of the Adidas logo: an abstract, stripy flower. This logo is successful enough to blend to form a beautiful image.

You may see some examples of abstract logos that are unique because they are made with designs that are not easily recognized. If you want to symbolically convey a company's purpose or identity, you can choose an abstract logo.

The combination of colors and shapes can be used to create an emotional connection with your brand. Look at Adidas and Nike; you will know the meaning of both if you know how the history of the logo was made. But if you like lettered things, forget about this type of logo.

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5. Pictorial Logo Designs

A pictorial mark or logo symbol is a graphic-based icon. A logo is an image that appears in the form of a particular image or icon to represent a company.

There are many examples, starting from the Twitter logo, which is represented by a bird; Apple, which is represented by an apple; the WWF, which is represented by a panda; and many more.

Each of these companies has a logo that is symbolic and attractive, making it easy to recognize. You may be thinking, "Can a new company use this logo?"

It is undeniable that being recognized solely through a logo necessitates considerable effort. Some of the companies we mentioned above have grown big and become well-known. This type of logo might be quite difficult for a new company.

You can still use this logo as long as it is capable of strong brand recognition. So, you should start considering the best images you want to use.

Remember, don't use images that have been used by other companies. Ask yourself or invite some important people in your business to discuss the main goals of the company, as well as what impression you want to show when creating a logo. That way, you can find a suitable image.

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How to Use Symbols, Logos, and Pictures

Pictorial marks can be tricky. This mark is quite effective for large, established companies, but it wasn't always like that. You can use a brandmark to represent a company name that is too long or convey an idea by growing emotions as you wish.

Marks that have images with abstract concepts can be used for global trade if the business name doesn't translate well.

On the other hand, a pictorial mark is not the right idea if you want to change your business in the future. Let's say you're running a burger business, and then you create a burger sign as a logo.

But what about some changes that may happen in the future? For example, you want to expand your business into burgers, pizza, and even sandwiches. The logo may seem inappropriate for some of your products unless you only want to sell burgers.

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6. Wordmarks Logo Designs / Logotypes

A wordmark, also known as a logotype, is a logo whose base is the font of a business name. We will mention one of the well-known brands that use this type of logo; you must know it. Well, it's Coca-Cola.

Want another example? How about Google? Both can represent the company well and perfectly, are easy to remember, and are attractive because they are combined through strong typography. The logo will also create proper recognition and branding.

Typography is an important decision. As a business owner, you must choose a font that can represent your business well. You can see several logotypes representing government or legal agencies, mostly using a traditional and common text.

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7. Monograms Logo Designs Letter Marks

A logo in the form of a monogram, also known as a letter mark, comes in several letters, which could be the initials of a brand. You can look at some examples, such as CNN, BBC, NASA, HBO, or HP.

They are the initials of famous businesses that would otherwise take up space if the names were too long. However, the purpose or identity of the brand can be effectively communicated in two or three words. But with two or three words, the purpose or identity of the brand will be well conveyed. It makes sense to use this logo as a representation of their organization.

A letter mark is a logo consisting of some letters with a fairly simple sign. This logo has the effective function of shortening long logo names, so they are easier to remember.

They couldn't have written "National Aeronautics and Space Administration" on the logo because it's impossible to fit all the letters in. Only with the word "NASA" can the logo be achieved and well remembered.

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How To Use Wordmark & Lettermark Logo Designs

You might be unsure whether to use a letter mark or a word mark. However, consider both of them well first; don't choose the wrong one. There are several considerations you can think about:

If your business has a long name, you can use a letter mark logo because you can condense the long name into initials consisting of only a few letters. That way, customers can remember your business more easily.

Then, a wordmark is an alternative logo if you want to introduce a new business with a short name. With a wordmark, your business name can stick well in the minds of customers. However, you should still involve a professional logo designer to get the perfect results.

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How Do I Choose The Best Logo Type?

The several types of logos above are enough to give you a fairly general idea. Now is the time to decide which logo is most appropriate for your business. Then, what type of message or purpose do you want to convey to the public? You have to know before deciding on a logo.

Whatever type of logo you want to use, the key is to stay loyal and committed to maintaining your company's personality. Don't choose a logotype that contradicts the message of your brand. Each logo has strengths and weaknesses, so you have to look for it according to your needs.

An example is a pictorial type, which has fun, original, symbolic, and imaginative visual effects and is suitable for global companies.

On the other hand, this logo becomes more difficult to recognize for new companies, so it requires professional marketing to introduce it to the public. In some cases, logos of this type also look more abstract and ambiguous.

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Meanwhile, logos with mascots such as KFC or Quaker also have their advantages and disadvantages. The mascot will be suitable for children or family customers; the design seems friendly and warm because it gives a smile; it even seems easy to approach and is liked by many customers.

The downside is that it is quite difficult to be included in exclusive products or services. You know that exclusive products are more difficult to approach. Besides, you will also need a conscientious logo designer to create a proper illustration.

You may have to adjust by changing the design in the future to suit the circumstances or whatever is trending. Mascots may be flexible, but some polish is still needed over time.

Smart and creative design will elevate your brand well; even customers will remember your logo for a long time. The longer the age of your business, the more the logo you display will become a positive icon that is seen as a professional business. This is great because it can increase the value of customer trust.

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Why Must A Logo Design Be Consistent?

Have you decided which logo the best choice is? Not only about how to choose a logo but also how to maintain it. Creating a logo isn't easy, but keeping it consistent isn't easy either.

Think carefully; there are many things that you think about when starting a business, from product names to logos. One thing you must know for sure is that a brand and a business need consistency. You must be able to focus on consistency from the beginning of your business's development.

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One way to stay consistent is to decide what type of logo you want to use, including colors, fonts, and all other aspects. Then, what are the reasons for a logo to remain consistent?

1. Consumers Are Aware of Your Company

A logo will become an essential component of the company's identity. The reason you build a brand is to be recognized by consumers. You want consumers to be able to recognize your company and products just by looking at the ads that pass by.

Brands that consistently maintain good marketing, including introducing the logo and using it for a long time. The more often you display your logo, the more the public will recognize it. They may start to think about your product and then plan a purchase.

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2. Your Brand will be Trusted.

Some consumers want to stick with a brand because they already know it. A logo is a creative way to introduce yourself. With consistency, consumers can trust your brand. They believe in your brand, including how good the quality is.

It's different if you keep changing the logo; it shows carelessness. You may lose customers because they no longer trust your business. Thus, consistency is the key to a successful business.

3. Make A Connection with Your Customers.

When consumers start to recognize your brand, they also start to connect with it. It's similar to a personal relationship in which customers know your company.

A business must be able to trigger certain feelings or emotions in its target audience. Those emotions will be felt by consumers when they see your logo or hear your brand mentioned. There are many examples of how consumers who are already compatible with a business tend to become loyal customers.

The relationship between businesses and customers is more important than anything else. Customers will buy your product and even recommend it to others if they feel connected to it. This is a form of real customer trust.

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Final Words

There are several types of logos that you can use for your business. Starting from emblems, combination marks, mascots, abstract logo marks, pictorial marks, word marks, and letter marks. 

That's why you have to adapt it to your business needs. Look at some examples of famous logos, such as Starbucks, Nike, Burger King, and others logos. Do you want to have a logo like theirs?

However, choosing a logo is not easy. As a businessman, you must consider everything carefully from the beginning. Apart from determining which logo is the best, you also have to use it consistently. Consistency forms good relationships with customers, so they will feel more connected to your business.


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