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Article: 25 Types of Emotional Appeal Advertising Most Brands Used

25 Types of Emotional Appeal Advertising Most Brands Used

Emotional appeal advertising is one of the most popular methods brands use to get buyer attention.
Let's learn more about its various types and strategies!
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Advertising potential and creativity are over the roof. There are tons of fascinating types and designs that you can add to almost every advertisement. But have you ever felt emotional after watching an advertisement? If so, the company may use a method called emotional appeal advertising. What is it? 

The main takeaway is that the commercial used emotional appeal content that encourages viewers to buy their product. While it does sound very easy to make a sad or fun commercial, accentuating the real emotions is not easy. How you induce and appeal to the feeling will be one of the ways to boost the revenue. So, what kind of appeal can you use? Here are the details. 


What Is It About? 

Before talking further about the advertising strategy, you have to learn the method. So, emotional appeal is an advertising tactic that focuses on stimulating consumers' emotions. The main focus is to assess what appeals, motivates, and concerns the consumer. So, the commercial content can hit the right sentimental point. 

At some point, the commercial uses a story that resonates and feels real for the audience. So, the advertising tactic can pique the viewer's emotional point of view. So, the main idea of the method is fashion to inspire the audience to take action based on their emotional values. However, creating the impactful one need more than just a touching design.  

So, the emotional appeal commercial can be very beneficial for both parties. The company can boost the revenue, and the viewer gets some interesting commercials that relate to their emotional states. That is why some commercials take the chance of the emotional appeal to evoke some actions. 

The actions can relate and range from one to others. You can see the emotional appeal of advertising appear as a way to boost the audience to donate to a fundraiser. Some commercials encourage buying services or products, signing petitions, or also standing against some issues. The implementations range and can be altered for diverse goals.  

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The Benefit Of Using Emotional Appeal 

So, why do you need to use emotional appeal for your commercial? The answer might come from the range of benefits. The technique is pretty much one of the best advertising tactics that can boost revenue. The idea also creates a more memorable commercial, which can boost the brand identity and position in the marketplace. Here are some reasons to use it. 

1. Give a Positive effect 

The positive effect of emotional appeal commercials goes strict to the purchase journey. The idea is that your advertising poses as a moving element that affects the audience. In this case, the appeal might likely boost the purchase chance. The result is increased sales and revenue. But, other than better sales, it also leaves a great impression on the audience. 

The emotional key helps illustrate the sense of the importance of your advertising message. If you want people to join the movement, an emotional appeal will be the key to making people move. The illustration and the resonate action will significantly increase the persuasion to take action upon your commercial purpose. 

2. Increase Engagement 

Another benefit of emotional appeal advertising is the ability to build up engagement. In online media, an impactful advertisement helps increase your company standing. Viewers might follow your social media, join the community, or take action. The chance to widen your brand recognition is also better since people can share your message across platforms. 

3. Building Up Positive Brand Loyalty  

Just like the previous point, emotional marketing can boost engagement. It is also a great booster for brand loyalty. Your way of appealing to the audience through touching commercials can emphasize that you care about the viewer's feelings. The loyal viewer might turn into a positive reinforcement that supports your company and takes action for it.  

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The Advertising Types

There are a lot of emotions that you can add to your advertising media. The appeal and how you display the emotional factor depend on your goal or design. But, finding the idea behind each of the types can guide you through the creation process. Here are some of the emotional appeal commercial types that are commonly used in diverse media.

1. Humor 

The first appeal is humor, which is pretty easy to find in public. The main indicator of this type is the ability to make viewers laugh. In this case, you have a lot of ways to add humorous advertising. You can put on skits, tell jokes, or make viewers learn about the product and relate it with some humor material. It is one way to make a memorable commercial. 

2. Happiness 

If you can make the viewer experience the sense of happiness from your advertisement, that means you nail this emotional point. The appeal can be very simple, from featuring actors that are smiling, showing a particular action that inspires happiness, etc. The idea is to associate the content with the company advertising that can bring happiness to the target market.  

3. Compassion 

Another good tactic that evokes emotional appeal in advertising is compassion. This type of commercial mostly works with content that arouses empathy and encourages viewers to take action. The idea to work with the advertising media can vary and change based on your need. It also has a wide range of possibilities, including for-profit or non-profit organizations. 

So, how does it work? One of the easiest examples is the non-profit organization that wants to advertise a donation. It meant to collect donations for worthy or good causes, such as school renovation or medical help. The commercial can explain the situation and the desired actions. With a proper stimulus, consumers can empathize and join the actions.  

4. Anger

The idea of anger emotion appeal is hand in hand with compassion. The implementations are not too far different since it indirectly uses empathy to evoke the viewer's action. However, the main application might have a great range of differences. The anger advertising appeals to people to feel angry for a particular situation, which then leads to the desired action. 

The best instance is the bullying problem. Anti-bullying advertising can induce emotional anger through the contents. It can show the harmful effect, the hidden bully, and many points. With a proper appeal, viewers can feel emotional and get angry for the ill-fated people's experiences. So, it successfully drives people to sign petitions or take action from them.  

5. Sadness 

As the opposite of happiness, the point of the sad emotional appeal advertising is to raise the viewer's empathy and compassion. When done correctly, the emotional commercial can stir the viewer's feelings and make the desired deed. It has varying implementation and content possibilities since you need to evoke a feeling of sadness from the believable information. 

In this case, you can use the devastating tornado effects in the Midwestern town donation advertising as an example. The local non-profit organization makes an impactful emotional value through the heartbreaking situation. Viewers that feel sad about the devastation might do some actions such as raising money for a relief program. 

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6. Popularity 

Sometimes, the advertising does not hit the feel. But rather, it hit the sense of appeal inside the social community. Popularity advertising is one example of how emotional feelings can appear with the sense of brand popularity. People that find the need of its emotion will seek information and buy the brand. 

How does it work? The unique thing about this advertising style is how companies evoke a taste of emotion through a popularity point of view. Showing the audience how popular and good it is will help to pique their curiosity. From that curiosity, people will take action to either looking for the product or buy it.  

7. Inclusion 

Inclusivity advertising shows how audiences belong to a group. It is an impactful appeal that can be a great emotional value for the commercial. The best implementation is using a well-known individual to address the fans in the marketing. Viewers can feel involved. And people will take action, such as buying the artist's album or concert tickets.  

8. Romance

One of the most popular emotional appeal advertising is romance. The display for the emotional moment is the key of the commercial. You can use a scene of a couple holding hands or a romantic honeymoon location. The appeal is very popular for dating apps or wedding venues. The idea is to show people in love and attract people from that emotional shot. 

9. Music

Using music as part of the advertisement element is one of the most effective ways to evoke emotional touch. The purpose itself can include generating sentiments and implying tone on the advertising. Thus, the advertising content can accentuate the emotion better. As an example, a violin instrumental is the basis of sentimental and sad music to play.  

10. Adventure

Fun activities, challenging events, or stimulating shots are the ways to accentuate the adventurous feeling. The purpose of the advertising is to inform viewers that they can have fun and adventurous experiences with the products. Most of the time, it is used for companies that sell camping or outdoor activities equipment. But it also works for travel agencies. 

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11. Fear

The sense of emotional fear is meant to tell the viewer to make moves based on the situation. It tells the urgency of the situation and makes people take immediate action. The point of the fear appeal comes from the consequence. It indicates that the viewer needs to do the desired action or have to face the costs, such as wearing a helmet to prevent the worst accident.  

12. Trust 

If you want to make an emotional appeal advertising work, then you need to use authentic voices and evidence. In this case, most commercials work with experts to feature the scientific or trusted opinion. The advertising idea helps boost a sense of reliable source. So, viewers can trust and buy the product. 

13. Guilt 

A guilty feeling makes people take action to make amends for themselves. The advertising point describes the negative effects of certain actions, such as bad daily habits. When people can relate to the information, they might feel emotional and guilty about it. Thus, take action to absolve themselves.  

14. Potential 

Encouraging viewers to work for their dream is the potential emotional appeal of advertising's purpose. The idea is that the appeal helps create a sense of potential upon doing the commercial message. As an example, sport utility commercials show how people can reach better achievement upon using the product. 

15. Scarcity 

The scarcity appeal tends to use some magical words in their advertising details. The words are rare, limited edition, etc. The idea is to make the viewer perceive the urgency to take the step. It can either buy or get the items from the advertisement. Again, the point is to emphasize the scarce situation. 

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16. Status 

Status emotional appeal is the advertising that shows the brand's position. A higher status helps to add a higher chance of sales. It is likely one of the reasons why high-end products constantly advertise their items with expensive impressions. It is to show off the product and eventually impress the viewer to buy it. 

17. Pain Solution 

In the health industry, the idea of pain solution advertising is very common. The main takeaway is to present the solution of using the product or services. The emotional appeal comes from the sense of wanting to feel better or looking for a solution. That is why people in the hospital or drug stores use the pain solution commercials. 

18. Youth 

An exercise routine commercial that shows the emotional standpoint of people who are healthy despite being elderly is an example of youth. The main point of this emotional appeal advertising is to show that viewers can do their daily practice even when they are getting old. It led people to see the appeal of being a youth once again. 

19. Celebrity Endorsement 

Celebrity endorsement is a great advertising tactic that helps appeal to people with public figures. In this case, a public figure will be a person that adds influence through their emotion. People that admire the celebrity might trust their endorsement. That is why companies need to accentuate the trust and emotional appeal in this advertisement.  

20. Testimonial 

Gaining trust and emotional force is not only available from public figures. You can also get the same effect by inducing testimonials from satisfied customers. Again, the focus is to influence people to do your desired actions. The satisfied and happy testimonial might help create an emotional influence that persuades the audience to take action. 

One of the best examples is doctor testimonials. The clients that are satisfied with the service can help evoke the same emotional value for the audience. The appeal is not only to stop people from feeling curious but also to evoke their desire to make an appointment with the same doctor. That is why testimonials are one of the vital points in marketing. 

Created by Dario Citriniti |


21. Comparison 

Testimonial advertising and comparison can go hand in hand. The idea is that the client can make a testimonial that shows the comparison between two different products. Using this emotional appeal advertising will help illustrate the brand positioning in the marketplace and competition, whether it is better or worthy enough to buy. 

22. Values 

The values' emotional appeal try to include the principles that resonate with the audiences' interest. The advertising ideas can range and different based on the brand—for example, the sense of family bond and money. One example is a commercial that shows a chronic disease withheld family happiness, which later can be solved with proper medication.  

23. Pride

In this kind of advertising, the point is to elicit pride among the audience. How does it work? So, the emotional appeal comes from how the commercial embodies a sense of pride in a particular group culture. It can also appear in the form of pride upon magnificent nature, which later shows the importance of taking care of surrounding environment advertising.

24. Leadership

The leadership appeals to audiences that want to set standards. Due to the more established emotional values, companies tend to feature motivational speech. The advertising itself means to inspire others and accentuate the importance of being a leader. It also works to conjure the audience to be the first person to take action by seeking more information about the product. 

25. Gratification

The last emotional appeal of advertising that is also very common is gratification. The main objective is to accentuate the promise of immediate results from doing a particular action, such as instant improvement or the beauty outcome after using certain cosmetic products.

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Adding a pinch of emotion to your advertising media might be one of the appeals for your business. Before you get the emotional appeal, there is a need for objective advertising. It is also vital to use a visual which helps accentuate the emotional taste in it. Don't forget to observe the competition and track every consumer behavior changes to see your commercial progress.  

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