Create A Small Business’ Logo Design in 5 Minutes

Creating a successful logo design can be challenging, as there are several tricks that you need to understand.  Let’s find out some of the best tips to follow!
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In modern business, a branding identity is an important thing for a business or corporation to have. With branding identity, we are able to build closer relationships with our customers, making it easier for us to build a strong customer base and also a specific target market according to our own line of business.

One of the main elements that can really represent the branding identity of a company is its branding design, especially the logo design. By choosing the colors, appearances, icons, typefaces, and various elements used, we can create a successful branding design.

Small businesses are increasingly appearing everywhere, especially in the last few years, where there has been an increasing number of entrepreneurs who choose to launch their own businesses.

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As a small business, branding design will also greatly affect the success of your business. To be able to compete with a highly competitive market, we must create unique and distinctive branding so that it is easy to recognize.

From the logo and branding designs themselves, customers will also get a certain impression of our business when they see the products or marketing we do. If the packaging design, social media posts, and especially our logo are well designed, then we will look more professional and trustworthy.

Logo design is used as the identity of a small business. With the right design and style, the logo will be able to offer the information your customers need before using your product. The right design also has a higher possibility of enhancing your customer conversion rate to become loyal customers.

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If you are a business owner and want to know how to make a logo for your business even better, then you have come to the right place. The following is a summary of some of the best tips you can do to design a good and effective logo that can represent the identity of your small business.


10 Tips To Create A Successful Logo Design For Small Businesses

  1. Determine Your Own Identity
  2. Choose a Design Style That Appeals to Your Own Audiences
  3. Take an Example from Big Brand's Logo
  4. Avoid Cliche and Boring Designs
  5. Use Symbolism To Tell Story
  6. Pick The Right Typeface for Your Design
  7. Choose The Most Fitting Colors Based on Your Identity
  8. Make Use of The Negative Space
  9. Test Your Logo On Different Media
  10. Ask For Opinions & Finalize
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1. Determine Your Own Identity

The first and most important thing you should do is to determine in advance what kind of identity you want to show to the public, especially your customers. Start with the question, "How do I want my business to appear to the public?" Do you want your business to be seen as an exclusive business, presenting a variety of high-quality, classy products?

Or, on the other hand, do you want your business to appear trendy, hip, and on-trend? In addition to these two identities, there is actually a lot of personality branding that you can choose from.

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Do your research on what you want to promise to the public. By considering your goals, vision, and mission, you will be able to determine the right identity that you can use as the basis of your business.

Usually, there are two types of large identity groups that you can choose from; most businesses are divided into 2, namely those with a neutral and more versatile brand identity, while the other has a more distinctive branding identity, offering a personality that you may only encounter in business. Just that.

As a small business, the type of identity you should choose will probably be largely determined by the type of business and what products or services you offer. Certain lines of business may require a stronger identity, while others may not.

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2. Choose a Design Style That Appeals to Your Own Audiences

Every small business must have its own target market that is different from other businesses. For example, if your small business is engaged in trendy fashion, then your target audience must be young people or middle age people who like unique and stylish clothes.

Or another example, if your small business offers services to clean the house, then usually the target audience you are after is middle-aged people, people with family, and so on.

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The difference in the target audience that each small business has should be one of the factors you consider when determining the branding identity and design style for your small business. Choose an identity and style that appeals to and is attractive to your own target customer or audience.

If you're targeting young people, it's usually better to use a more relaxed, less formal, and "gen-z-only" branding personality. Certainly, if you use branding identity and style like this to target an older target audience, you will find it more difficult to attract them, right?

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3. Take an Example from Big Brand's Logo

The easiest way to create a successful and effective logo for your small business is to look at examples of logos from large businesses. Big brands such as Nike, Adidas, Facebook, Google, Instagram, and various other brands have their own distinctive and unique logos.

Each logo that is used in a business must have its meaning, philosophy, and purpose following the branding of each business. You can look for examples of big businesses that are in line with your business. For example, if your small business is engaged in the culinary field, you can see various logos from big franchises or restaurants.

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Determine what factors make the logo unique. For example, the logo of Mcdonald's. The design is unique because it has a distinctive M monogram and can only be found in that business; besides that, the red and yellow shades are also identical to their business.

These various factors that you have analyzed can be your reference for loading a logo design that is as successful as the logo of a big brand. Take examples from several big brands, not just one. Collect some logos that you think are interesting and that you want to use in your small business too.

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4. Avoid Cliche and Boring Designs

We get it; it is sometimes easier to create a design that is more neutral and "plays it safe" so that the design is not too flashy and may not appeal to certain target customers. But you have to remember, even though your business is still on a small scale, the goal of all businesses is, of course, to be thriving, to be able to expand their business and to have a strong customer base.

And one of the best ways to achieve this is to have a distinctive logo, not a generic logo that is easily forgotten by the viewer. From the various logos you have seen before, you will surely remember the logo even though the design is not from big brands because of its uniqueness.

This is what we want to achieve as a small business. To be able to reach the next stage in business, then you must be able to make your business well known and memorable first. Create a logo that your customers can easily recognize, even without the typeface of your business name.

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5. Use Symbolism To Tell Story

There are two main types of logo design that most of us encounter. One is a type-only logo, and the other is a logo that has a symbol or icon in it.

As the name implies, a type-only logo is a type of logo design that only uses text as the main element. So the design does not include symbols, icons, or other elements as its logo. The most famous examples of type-only logos are those of Facebook.

On the other hand, we also often find logo icons, where the logo not only writes the name of the business as an element in the design but also includes icons and symbols that are typical of the business.

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Now, you just have to decide which type you want to use for your small business. Do you want to use a logo with only the typeface of the business name, or do you want to also add an icon to the concept? Both types of display are the same, but for small businesses, it is highly recommended for you to use a logo design that has an icon or symbol in it.

This icon or symbol will make it easier for you to stand out and also have a uniqueness that is not found in other businesses, creating unique branding. But of course, this can also be adjusted again with the style and branding identity that you have chosen before.

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6. Pick The Right Typeface for Your Design

In a branding design, the typeface is one of the main things that will determine the tone of the design itself. Even if you use the same color, icon, or symbol, if you change the typeface, the overall feel of a design will be very different after that. This is why the typeface you use in your logo design you should pay close attention to.

Usually, it is easier to use a typeface that is versatile in style, even though it has a certain tone and feel, but many types of typefaces can be combined with various styles.

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For instance, a typeface made with sharp or spiked edges may give a stronger and piercing impression, while a typeface with a bubbly design and rounded edges will make your design softer and welcoming. These basics can be the main consideration when you choose the typeface that you will use.

And this impression typeface has been proven by itself through scientific research. So, it is best to weigh which style, in your opinion, best represents your small business well. If you can't find a suitable typeface, you can always create your own typeface style. This alternative is often chosen by big brands to create their own distinctive look that is difficult for other brands to imitate.

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7. Choose The Most Fitting Colors Based on Your Identity

Not only typeface but colors will also be very influential with the impression you present. Using dark colors will usually give a more classic impression and is also suitable for presenting an elegant impression, especially when combined with gold or metallic colors.

You have to think carefully about the color scheme that you use because this color is usually not only used as a color for your logo design but also for your various other branding products. For example, packaging, social media posts, and various other branding products. Choose a color that represents identity well. As people say, each color has its personality.

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If you feel confused about being able to present the most suitable color palette, then you can use various inspirations from color palette generators, symbols, or the products or services that your business offers.

If your small business is related to nature, you can use colors such as green, brown, or other natural colors. Presenting colors that are unique to your line of business will make your logo represent the identity of your business more effectively.

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8. Make Use of The Negative Space

One of the mistakes beginners make when creating a design logo is not paying attention to the whitespace in the design. Just like objects and elements in a design, whitespace is just as important in forming a good design. Whitespace, as the name implies, are empty columns that can be the distance between elements or shapes in objects in your design.

Taking into account whitespace will make the logo you produce appear more professional. Not only as a reference for the distance between elements, but you can also use this whitespace to create a unique logo design. There are so many symbols that use a combination of variations between objects and whitespace that make their appearance unique. Usually, this whitespace is used as additional detail to depict some "hidden" objects or elements.

Using a good mix of objects and whitespace is one of the key designs that makes the work of an accomplished designer look professional. This factor can greatly affect the appearance of your design, so pay close attention to the whitespace in your design.

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9. Test Your Logo On Different Media

The flat and static logo has now been abandoned. In this modern business era, we can use the help of technology to make our business branding even better. One way that you can use to make your logo design even more striking is to bring animation into your design.

The animation doesn't need to be complicated and complex; with just a few motions and animation variations, a logo that was just silent can become an extraordinary logo. To create a logo with motion, you also don't need complicated tools, and you can make it as a small business owner. One of the best platforms for creating this moving logo is to use Procreate. In addition, to Procreate, several design platforms such as Adobe Illustration can also help you.

You can use this logo in your digital marketing branding. One of the media is social media marketing. You can use this moving logo as a symbol of your character in every social media post you upload.

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10. Ask For Opinions & Finalize

The last tip you should do to make your logo design successful and effective is to ask other people's opinions about the design you have produced. You, as a business owner who designed your logo, may have a biased view of the design you have created, so you may not see some small details that might be improved.

One of the main keys is to ask the opinion of the people around you. It can be your friends, family, or staff; make sure these people know the goals and branding identity you have chosen so that they can also provide comprehensive input.

By asking other people for their opinion first, you can get a glimpse of how the public will respond and their opinion on the logo design you choose for your small business. Not only that, but by consulting other people first, you may be able to see things that you didn't notice before. For instance, some elements that are mistakenly put, typos on the design, colors that do not match each other, or various other detailed things that can make your logo less good.

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Final Words

The ten tips above are special tips that we have curated so that you can find out how to create a creative logo design that is still effective and successful in representing your small business well. Remember that branding identity is a very important thing for a business, especially a small business, which can be one of the factors driving the success of your business.

The right branding identity will make your business look more attractive and noticeable to your target customers. If previously people did not take a double glance at your small business, with a unique branding identity and a logo that stands out, at least there is a higher possibility for people to want to find out about your business.

Choose or create a logo design with careful plans and calculations so that you can use the results for your business for years to come. Creating a logo that can withstand time can make your business image consistent and stay in the hearts of your customers.

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