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Article: Create Graphic Design Patterns That Sells

Create Graphic Design Patterns That Sells

Create graphic design patterns is very easy, but how can you create a pattern that sells?
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Created by TRÜF |
Illustrators and designers are often passionate about designing graphic design patterns. These graphic design patterns are often called surface patterns, and sometimes they are thought to be least related to graphic design. However, they are considered the same under graphic design industry. If you want to know more about creating a stylish pattern design that sells, let's start looking from the basics and learn from its senses.


What Is Graphic Design Pattern?

A graphic design pattern is 2-dimensional objects, shapes, or graphics that are beautifully crafted in a continuous manner and applied on a particular surface. It involves several types of graphic elements, such as graphical shapes, typography, illustration, painting, drawing, and any types of 2-dimensional objects you can apply on a surface.

Created by Kinda Ghannoum |


Tips To Create Stylish Graphic Design Patterns

In the upcoming lines, we will talk more about some tips and practices to create a stylish pattern design that is up to this current standard.

Created by Morgan Hancook |


1. Be a Keen Observer

Nowadays, almost every industry is making use of beautiful color combinations to stand out from its competitor. If you keenly observe the natural and artificial objects around you, you will gather plenty of ideas in no time. Always keep an eye on everything that interests your eye, such as the advertisement around you, billboards, hand-lettering works, fashion magazines, online book covers, and all the creative pieces you see every day. Once you keep feeding your eye with the good materials, the real inspiration will come easily every time you need it. Consider filtering your ideas; some might work, some might not. The best design idea usually appears in 1 out of 10 random ideas you could think of. Having your own collection of brainstorm ideas will always give you confidence and back-up plans. If one doesn't work, there will always another. When you are used to this practice, you will see much improvement in your designing skills and creativity. This will also discipline your left-brain and upgrade your speed in capture new ideas in just any moment.

Created by Gabriel M. Ramos |


2. Experiment with Repetition

For centuries, designers have been using repetition techniques to create the best possible beautiful patterns. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can easily use this pattern design technique. When you often experiment by adding a continuous element into your pattern design, you will better understand how to adjust the repetitive volume of graphic design patterns and choose the most workable option.

Repetition is one of several essential elements of pattern design. This way, you learn to start from a simple idea and then learn to continue it throughout a surface. The final result usually looks more sophisticated, but people do not realize how simple it is to create a single pattern. So when making repetitive a pattern design, you do not need to be over-complicated when you can start with a simple idea. However, it is more difficult to retain the element of neatness, volume, and clarity in your artwork.

Created by Sewer City |


3. Set Your Own Styles

Setting your own styles is something that can set you apart from other people in the industry. This also will help you attain the level of excellence in a shorter time. Understanding the latest design trends helps mature the creative minds that will help keep yourself up to the current standards. It is often an enjoyable practice to stay in touch with the latest trends and adjust them to your own unique pattern design style.

Created by Ben Ali Souheil |
Always keep in mind when you're observing a trend or style, you should not similarly copy from the source. You should keep yourself away as far as possible from getting into plagiarism issues.

If you don't know how to look at a trend, you can always check Behance or Pinterest. Look at the similar practices that people always do. Or check several artists whose artworks you really favor. Having a little or no knowledge about trends could be problematic, especially if you're interested in the industry of graphic design patterns. You have to catch up to the market and understand what your competitors have been doing. That way, you easily beat the market and create a pattern design that sells well.
Created by David Palma |


4. Remain Open-Minded

If your pattern design is confined only to one kind of media, you are clearly missing a lot of things. Knowing that you should create your own style, however, graphic design patterns don't always mean keeping yourself stuck to only the same set of mediums, ideas, and techniques.

It would be best to always evolve, adopt some new changes, and progress by upgrading your pattern design styles. However, if you are just a beginner, I suggest you stick to the same medium or style for some time before making some modifications along the way. Meanwhile, keep on noticing what kind of directions can suit you the most. With time, you will know more about experimentation and how it can implement into your pattern design style. If you have a strong basis of your creative style, and you know how to upgrade and improve it, the sky's the limit.

Created by Il Ho Jung |


5. Focus on Basic Practices

We have talked a lot about maintaining uniqueness, but it is also important to mention that the basic practices of creativity should also be applied to all designers. No matter how creative and versatile a designer you are, basic practices will get you much further in your journey.

For example, the practice of collecting different samples and creating a personal library is something that every designer should get used to.
Most designer experts always recommend using the power of personal references while working on unique personal projects. That way, it could bring the best side of your personal style because no artist can excel in the same style when they do not have the same references as what you use as the source of inspiration to generate particular ideas. This is one of the important basics, and there are plenty more essential practices you should know.

Created by Nina Geyre |


6. Follow Influential Designers

In this rapidly-changing world, trends come and go very quickly. If you'd like to keep up with modern pattern design trends, you should consider following influential pattern designers on social media platforms, such as Behance, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Out of all the social media channels, Behance, Pinterest, and Instagram are the most updated online platform where you can find plenty of quality designing work. However, if you're looking for a more informative type of reference, you might want to consider searching on Pinterest. You can find many types of information that will help you inspired and learn along the way.

Created by Ricardo Viadicendo |
However, if you are technique or portfolio-oriented and are particularly more interested in visual references, you might want to consider Behance as your go-to. There you can find any designers with any niche around the world.

To make a long story short, all of these platforms have the enormous ability to help you move forward in this industry. With these powerful visual platforms, you can understand better and keep up with the fast pace of moving trends.
Created by Aga Kobylinska |


7.Keep Design Simple

If you start your design from complexity, you are most likely to end up with visual confusion. So the best way and the most adaptable approach is to begin from the simplicity and then slowly move towards more complex but well-connected ideas. Repeats are often tricky, but they basically always start from simple and comprehensive pattern design techniques.

Created by TRÜF |
Being simple is not that simple. Simple could easily go boring. But how can we keep it simple without getting boring. Simple can be interesting if you have an idea with powerful context, for example, a Peace symbol. It's a simple-looking symbol with a powerful context. Even though it is made simple, it's still full of context. Remember the quote "a picture with thousand words"? That you should be made out within simplicity.

Always keep practicing and playing with a simple but unique idea. Start the practice by doing lots of sketches and brainstorming, and only pick one out of ten of your most favorite designs. Repeat the practice, and soon enough, you will understand which idea will work the best. The stronger ore more complex the idea, the best it could be served in simplicity manner. The more simple and strong your idea of graphic design pattern, the more it will stand out and be memorable.
Created by TRÜF |



Patterns design is an engaging creative activity that can turn out to be a joyful hobby or part-time small business for anyone passionate about designing and printing. And from a small business, it could turn out to be a huge business that makes lots of profit. But to craft graphic design patterns that sell the most, you have to follow certain practices we have mention above. Those are basic and easy practices that everyone can easily follow. Simple steps that eventually could make a huge difference.

Created by Nina Geyre |
Always keep follows these creative practices and always experiment on your own. There no one answer to know which design will sell the most, but you can always test your market and study which design works the most for you. I hope you enjoy reading this article. Don't forget to leave comments or questions in the section below. Cheers!
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