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Article: 20 Reasons Why You Should Have A Simple Website Design

20 Reasons Why You Should Have A Simple Website Design

In this reading, we are explaining 20 reasons why simple website design is the best solution when designing for your businesses. Check this out!

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In this digital era, people are more preferred to shop on online platforms. Most people prefer shopping online because it is more practical. For this reason, website design should be the most important thing that business owner should think about. As a business owner, creating a business website and choosing a simple website design have become things that must be done in order to compete in this digital era. In this discussion, there will be a lot of information that can help you to find out why proper website design is very important.


Website for Businesses

In this modern era, if you as a business owner don't consider creating your own online platform, you will miss the opportunity to get more product orders. It can be used to help you with your various marketing and business coordination needs. This is why many business owners create at least one specifically for their business.

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Even though doing a business requires a lot of planning and a lot of money, it will all be worth the benefits it provides. If you are still unsure about creating a website specifically for your business, here are some of the advantages you should consider:

1.Introducing your product and company to the public

Most sales made by modern businesses start with the number of people finding the product they are selling on search engines. People use search engines to solve the problems they face. If you can market your product to be a solution to these problems, then you can make an easy profit.

This proves that a website can make people aware of the presence of your company and products. In addition, it can also show the personality and character of a company or business.

Usually, most brands will definitely choose a style that reflects the character of their business. This is what makes website design very important and needs attention.

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2.Shows Our Professionalism

Having an online platform will give added value to the credibility of your company or business. This will make more people dare to buy your product because there is a lot of information that you include on your business site.

In addition, you still have to choose a good website design to show how professional your business is. A simple and formal look will usually give more trust to customers.

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3.The Best Investment For Your Business

As a company owner, you will certainly do a lot of marketing strategies to attract more customers. Usually, you will probably print flyers, put up lots of promotional posters, and many others.

The marketing strategies that have been mentioned earlier will probably have a pretty good impact on your establishment. But usually, these strategies only last a short time. This makes the investment of money and time that you spend on your business become less effective.

Let's compare it with a business website. You will probably spend quite a lot of money when you first create one for your company. But the money you spend is only done once and can last for years.

In addition, if all costs spent on marketing were totaled, marketing through the online platform would certainly be much cheaper.

Marketing in the usual way, such as creating and distributing posters, will definitely require more money in the manufacturing process compared to placing online advertisements on search platforms.

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4.Can Be Reached by More People

At some point, you will definitely want your brand to be accessible and known to more people. Through a business site, people from all over the world can access your products by ordering online.

Compared with the old way, namely by building a store or retail. The people who can buy your product are only the people around you.

5.Save More Time and Energy

When you build a website for your brand, it will be used as a platform for customers to order products from you. This will save you time and effort in serving customers. On your site, there should be a system that automatically records every incoming order.

With this system, you will be greatly helped because you no longer need to record orders manually like the old way. In addition, you no longer need to go back and forth to warehouses and stores to serve orders. Everything can be done practically in one place.

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The Importance of Website Design

With all the points above, you should already understand why you should own a business website. Therefore, you also have to know that brand image and appearance are also both important that you should pay attention to after you create one for your business.

When a prospective buyer finds and visits your site, the first thing that will greet them is the landing page that you have.

The landing page that you have will determine the impression people have of your business. If the visual has a professional and convincing appearance, visitors will certainly be more interested in finding out more about your brand.

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On the other hand, if your online platform has a tacky design, is not thought out carefully, or is not even prepared well, your company will lose its credibility in the eyes of these prospective buyers.

In addition, a website design can show and reflect the information and character of your business. Every business or company certainly has its own character that they want to show their customers.

Most of these companies make their business character one of the things that are expected to differentiate them from their competitors. For that, a proper-looking visual is preferred to reflect a good business character.

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Why You Need To Use Simple Website Design

After knowing various information about why website design is very important for your business, you should have more understanding of why it is worth investing in for your own business. For that, we recommend that you should create a simple website design.

A simple website design has many advantages that you may not get if you choose another type of style. The following is a summary of information about the advantages of a simple website design that you can consider when creating one:


When you have spent a lot of money and time creating and designing a website for your business, you certainly want it to be last for a long time, so you don't have to spend any more money on certain design changes.

A simple website design can be the answer to this problem. We know that a simple design will usually suit all eras. A simple design will still make it look attractive even though it has been established for a long time.

Choose a style that is clean, fresh, and simple. Design with this style will certainly be able to survive even though the design trends always change every year.

Choosing a durable concept will certainly save you the energy and money that you spend to keep your website attractive.

Simple website design applications can be demonstrated by choosing a color palette, type of writing, and the style of the elements used. Choose a color or type of writing that is "safe" and simple so that it is not easily outdated.

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2.Easier To Scan

All the information that you display on your business site is surely important information that you want to show your customers. However, if your visual elements are too crowded and cluttered, customers will be distracted from the information you provide.

Make sure to only use elements or embellishments that are important on your page. This will minimize the possibility of your customers getting distracted and leaving before they read all the information you provide.

Simple website design will also highlight the information you provide so that when visitors first enter your site, the first thing that catches their attention is the information offered.

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3.More Accessible

Nowadays, the internet has become more friendly to people with disabilities. There have been many technologies created to help them to access and use the internet properly.

This means that you also have to create a website that is easily accessible to them. A minimalist look will make it easier for them to read and understand the information included on your page.

You can use a color-blind-friendly design. For example, you can make the text color and background color contrast so that it is easier for them to read the available information. Or you can also create a special mode or section for them.

On top of all that, choose a simple design to make it easier for them to access the information that you provide.

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4.Less Aggressive

Surely you have seen a website that seems too aggressive to make their sales. Some brands might need to be aggressive in a way for their sales. However, for a more professional-looking brand, a calm and friendly impression attracts more customers.

Minimalist design will actually invite more investors to be interested and find out more. A simple website design will convey a more professional impression.

5.Loads Faster

As an internet user, you certainly know how annoying it is if the website we want to open takes a long time to load. This is also something you should pay attention to when you create one.

If it has too many elements in it will certainly make it more difficult and take a longer time to load. If so, there's a high chance prospective buyers would leave the site because they might be too long to wait for the loading process.

That way, it is important for you to choose a simple style because it is easier and faster to load. If you create a concept that is too crowded and cluttered, then it means that you will lose the opportunity to make a sale.

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6.Easier To Use

Even though your website has an attractive design, it will be useless if the usability is low. When creating a business website, it is important for you to make it as easy as possible to be used by all kinds of people.

Starting from adolescents, adults, to the elderly, they have different capabilities in using the internet. For that, in order to cover all people's abilities in using the internet, you must use the simplest design.

7.Increase Conversion Rates

A simple option will certainly be more attractive and comfortable to look at for a longer time as it gives room for eyes to read. The longer someone spends time on your site and reads all the promos and offers you offer, the more likely that person is to buy your product.

8.Easier To Maintain

A website will certainly require a lot of attention and maintenance in its usage. This, of course, will take a little of your time. However, if you choose a more minimalist option, the maintenance and time that you spend to maintain will certainly be less compared to complex ones.

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9.Gives More Trustworthy Impressions

As previously mentioned above, the one that has a simple design will certainly look more professional and serious in running its company.

In addition, it will also make a comfortable and attractive impression on visitors so that visitors are more interested and trusting in your brand or company.

10.Cheaper Expense

When you create a site, you may use the services of a hosting company. A website design that is too busy will take up a lot of space on the server. This usually causes many hosting companies to cost more money for more storage on the server.

Of course, you don't want to spend unnecessary money, right? Therefore, most brands use a simple website design for their online page.

11.Looks More Professional

In fact, most people will be more attracted to a company that looks professional and makes a good impression. Professional does not mean a business has to be rigid and formal, but professional here means giving the impression that it is appropriate as a company.

You can give this professional impression to your customers through your company identity, one of which is through your online business site. A minimalist website can give a good and professional impression to customers.

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12.Gives Good Impression

One of the most important things you should pay attention to in creating a business is making a good image and impressions. A simple website can help you to achieve this.

13.Easier To Build

For those of you small business entrepreneurs who want to create an online platform for your business, a simple website can be the best choice. This kind of design style is not difficult to create.

14.More Appealing

It has become common knowledge that minimalist concepts are more attractive and more comfortable to look at. For a website design, a simple visual will make your website visitors more comfortable to linger on your website because the simple design is attractive and comfortable.

Created by Daniel Tan |


15. Easier for Google To Understand

One of the most important things you should pay attention to in creating a business website is whether it will appear if people search on search engines. A simple website will make it easier for Google to identify so that the chances of your page appearing on search engines are bigger.

16.Give More Highlight To Your Content

By choosing a simple website design, the focus point will be directly on the information or content that you provide. If you use a visual concept that is too complex, the visitor's attention will be distracted.

17. Effective Information Delivery

Humans can only remember certain pieces of information in a short time. With a simple visual, there won't be a lot of unnecessary information available so that the delivery of messages will be more effective and memorable for readers.

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18.Gives Better Experience

Sometimes too much information will make visitors dizzy and confused. With a simple visual, it will be easier to understand and comfortable to use.

19.Suit Most Users' Expectations

Every website has a type of layout that is already engraved in the minds and users' expectations. If it uses a layout and design that is too complicated and beyond what's users have been familiar with, it will confuse users. Some complicated designs have terrible wayfinding. And if it does, people will be most likely to leave your site.

20.Prevent The Chances of Error

One of the common problems is an error or bug problem. However, this can be minimized by choosing a minimalist style option. Website designs that are too complex will be more error-prone.

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A business website is one of the most important things a business must-have today. Your website design is also the most important thing to improve your service to consumers. Choosing a simple website design for your business website will give you a lot of benefits.

So what do you think about this article? Do you agree that simple is the most practical? Let us know your comments in the section below! Cheers!

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