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Article: Is It So Hard To Become A Graphic Designer?

Is It So Hard To Become A Graphic Designer?

If you are looking for a job that looks easy and has lots of income, nope, there is nothing like that. But is it really hard to become a graphic designer?

You are looking for a job that looks fun, easy and gives many incomes. Unfortunately, there is nothing like that. But, one career that is worth looking at is graphic designer. Why so? Surprisingly, many people want to become graphic designers due to the high demand in the current era. 

Considering the great payment and the range of jobs, diving into the career itself is pretty easy. You don't need huge capital. You can start as a freelancer, work by yourself, and offer your job to everyone. So, in other words, becoming a designer is not hard as long as you know the basic knowledge and master some skills. 

It is especially true for a creator that works with graphic projects. Succeeding one might take time, but being one is not a limitation. So, what should you do? If you are considering this career, it is natural to know all of its details. Thus, you can build a proper expectation and become a graphic designer that is dependable and successful. Here is the explanation. 


Is It A Good Career? 

Why do people want to become graphic designers? Is it a good career to work at? One of the considerations that you need to look at is the creative economy and career prowess. In the modern era, creative fields get more exposure. It also makes the career gain quite a lot of good prospects. So, it is not a bad career for you who love freedom. 

One of the determining points, why the career has a lot of potentials, is the rise of visual uses. In today's world and trends, graphics are one of the centers of everything. From entertainment, advertisement, education, to other information, everything relies on image for many purposes. 

It is one of the reasons why to become a graphic designer. Delivering messages in graphic terms is one of the jobs. They have to make a visual that conveys the details, information, and message to the consumer or audience. While there is a huge market for this career and great enthusiasm, it also means superior competition. 

Many new designers find that it is not a hard career to start. However, the competitive market makes it hard to maintain without skills and proficiency. But the good news is that the career field itself is pretty vast. The graphic design world is not limited to one medium. One can focus on creating a brand design or work as a web creator. 

It makes the approximately 3% growth turn into a not-so-hard competition. At the same time, maintaining and sharpening one skill in a particular subject also helps designers to stand out among the crowd. Thus, being a graphic designer can be a great career for those who love to learn in specific aspects. It will make them master the skills and get a pretty good career footprint.  


Is It Hard To Study About It? 

Isn't it hard to do? Try to underline the fact that you need sweat, persistence, and consistency to become anything. It is also for you who want to become a graphic designer. So, if you are already learning and practicing design skills from the start, it will help you cruise the journey. You need to study from scratch to know the basics and eventually start your career. 

Learning the primary skill is not a hard part. In the end, everyone can learn a lot of design knowledge from school or outside the school. It is not that hard, at least for those with the aptitude to learn design, art, and creativity. The aptitude itself is not the key to be a designer. Again, one needs persistence and work hard to succeed in the career. 

The point of design and creativity is that nothing is hard. Being sucked at the beginning is a common occurrence. Persistence helps designers to get through the problem and eventually make one get better. It means the answer is hard to come back. To nail the graphic and creative field, they need to learn, study, know the problem, and keep practicing. 

To help those who want to try a creator career, they need to consider the studying part as level. One needs to acquire step by step. Start from the crap graphic project and make it better over time. Each level will expose you to a new hard challenge and projects. It is also part of the career challenge, which always helps in gaining experience and sharpening skills. 

At the same time, you can get formal or informal education. However, to become a graphic designer does not mean you can go with only self-learning. You need some formal education in the form of books, from other professional designers, and quality courses. It will help you gain more knowledge and clear detail for some hard parts. 

The learning step itself is not that hard. You can learn the theory and design principles from many sources. It is also vital for every graphic designer to learn how to master the software, so keep practicing. Another idea to help you gain experience is joining many design projects. You can follow exhibitions, design contests, or do some projects for your mom. 


Can You Be A Graphic Designer? 

Considering how easy and practical the career is, so can you be a visual designer? It is hard to say whether you can succeed or not since it depends on your effort. But everybody can become a graphic designer. However, to be a skilled one is that easy. You need to get through the hard learning processes and study to be a complete graphic designer. 

In this case, it is better to look at yourself and your expertise in design before jumping to the career flow. Why so? Again, you need to remember that it is one of the pretty competitive career fields. Thus, only being able to do graphic projects and be called a designer is not enough. One needs to be good or better to stand out in the hard and competitive market. 

To help you know whether you are born to be a designer or just know how committed you are, take a look at yourself. Ask yourself whether you got a little bit of talent to be a graphic artist. Do you have some aspects such as creativity, curiosity, urge to create something, and a passion in the career? If you find yourself nodding a lot, then you might fit the career. 

But being suitable for work is not a guarantee that you can succeed in your career. Again, a graphic artist is not that hard to start, but it is way more complicated if you don't have any grounding knowledge and passion. So, it means everyone can be and try the graphic designer career. But if you want to succeed in your career, it will be a different story. 

Underline that everyone needs commitment to success in their career. Starting from the study, practice to projects, designers need to get active to ensure their careers. At least, you can enjoy the long winding journey as a designer if you know you have talent and passion. In many cases, you will not get bored with the hard and tedious line of work.  


What do They do? 

As mentioned in the previous point, you need talent, passion, and commitment to do the work. So, what does the designer do? It is another vital piece of information every person who wants to become a graphic designer needs to learn. They need to study hard and get the process to understand the process of becoming. 

In this case, the first thing that every designer needs to do is to learn the basics. Learning will be one of the hard processes one needs to do. At the same time, it also helps determine whether you can or fit with the hard graphic fieldwork. It is something you cannot underestimate, considering the career also concerns a more practical aspect in it. 

To work as a creator and follow along the career journey, one needs to learn and master the sense of strategic communication. So, this career is not only staying in front of the computer doodling with graphic elements. Designers also need to create a graphic element that can convey the idea, concept, and emotion. 

These kinds of skills and responsibilities are also called visual communicators. People who want to become graphic designers need to learn how to find solutions to communicate with the audience through graphics. It is hard to continue without experience and long practice. Many people want to try a career since it sounds cool. 

It does sound cool and amazing as a career. However, again the task and job for graphic designers are not merely creating products on a computer. It is not as simple as that. At some point, the task will be as hard as creating new solutions that demand research, brainstorming, and learning. In other words, the job or responsibility is beyond the drawing. 

Another little bit of a job that designers need to learn is communication skills. At some point (mostly for freelancers), they need to learn how to connect with people. Talking with clients and securing a deal is also another part of the career. Designers also need to discuss and converse with clients or customers to get a related graphic project. 


Degree Or No-Degree

If you still want to become a graphic designer, then you might wonder about the degree. The good news is that everyone can become one even without a degree. You don't need to go to a specific school or university to eventually call yourself a designer. One thing is for sure; formal education can help the future artiste to learn every knowledge. 

But does not justify that every creator needs to learn from formal education. Many graphic design graduates have worse or no better work than does who does not get formal education. So, a self-made designer with no degree is not a bad thing as long as you can work hard to learn, practice, and has a proper portfolio. 

Another point why people consider not taking a formal degree for a career is due to the expensive tuition. It is also understandable that the high demand makes it pretty hard to get enrolled in a specific design or art department. It also takes time, and you will find that the school did not give a hard guarantee for the result.  

There is also another way to get enough education regarding design and all the jazz. The best example for those who want to learn hard without or cannot go to school is the online platform. Extensive ranges of design courses are available for a more affordable price. So, everyone can get enough grounding before starting the graphic designer career. 

But again, there are also some advantages to going to formal education. It is an investment of money and time, which can provide expert guidance and assistance. At the same time, the soon-to-be designer will gain more experience from learning practical and theoretical information. Some of them are also far from the sense of a hard-to-get job. 

Many clients or customers still consider a degree as one of the professional determiners. Suppose one has economic resources and needs external motivation or pressure to become a graphic designer. A school and degree will be a great booster. It also allows them to compile many graphic projects and build up an early portfolio. 

But when talking about the portfolio, the career is pretty vast and unlimited. Self-made or degree workers both need a stellar portfolio to help them land a job. In sum, it is not a hard career for everyone. You also don't need to worry about the degree. As long as you are determined, eager, hard worker, and passionate, the career is always open. 



Since it you don't need to go to formal graphic design or art regular school, it does not mean designers do not need any skill. Both self-made graphic designers or one with a particular degree, you need skills as a professional visual communicator. It is also worth underlining that the hard part of the career is the job that is merely doodling.  

1. Theory 

So, the first thing that every graphic designer needs to learn is the theory. The theory will be the fundamental and the grounding for every term or idea in the graphic world. In this case, one needs to learn the principle of creating a graphic that conveys communication, a good design, and how to make it. Thus, they can tackle every hard path along their career journey. 

2. Visual Element 

Another thing that is hard vital for the career skill is the visual element. It refers to the ability to understand what visually works or not. Graphic projects work heavily around the sense of beauty. Designers should learn hard about color, layout, proportion, type, composition, design elements, and their principles.  

So, it is not hard to become a graphic designer. But it does need some fundamental and long study to learn every little detail. It is especially true for the visual elements, which need another sense of skills such as observation and experience. By mastering the hard terms and macro-skills, designers get the chance to advance their career progress. 

3. Research

Another skill that is pretty hard to understand being part of the career is research. Surprisingly enough, the grounding of outstanding graphic artwork is from thorough research. Designers need to master the hard skills of investigating and evaluating many entities, ideas, and strategies. 

Why? The reason goes to the creator's responsibility to create a graphic product that is unique, appropriate, yet effective in communicating the message. It is a grounding skill and knowledge that every future designer need to learn. In any case, the hard to get skills are integral to securing a graphic job deal. 

4. Communication

With the help of research and fundamental principles, designers should be able to make proper graphic communication. In this case, the worker has to master the sense of visual language. It is hard to learn without a decent education. The best example is the psychology of shapes, color, typeface, position, alignment, and many more.  


A Long Journey 

One thing that everyone needs to pay attention to is the journey. The career is not a quick journey. At best, creators need to understand that it is not a hard career but a career that takes time. If you want a quick return and success, a graphic designer is not the one you need. Everything needs a process, and it may take years to gain grand success. 


Final Words

To conclude, everyone can say that becoming a graphic designer is not particularly hard to do. However, one needs vast skills, learning, passion, and commitment to work around the career journey. Practically, the work is not only about graphics but also communication. To succeed in the career, every creator needs to follow a hard and long journey in the creative market.  

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