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Article: Graphic Design Services for Health & Fitness Business

Graphic Design Services for Health & Fitness Business

What graphic design services can you offer for the health & fitness business?
Here, we have shared some information you can take as a great example!
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One of the uses of graphic design is to elevate a business's marketing look. With that in mind, the customer reach for this kind of business is pretty vast. From the cosmetic product, food, store, to fitness business, you can always come up with several graphic design services. So, what can you do with the fitness business? Actually, there are a lot. Read down below to learn multiple things that you can do.


1.Health Club Business

Health clubs come in varying scales. You can name some corporate clubs such as lifetime fitness or LA fitness that has larger studios and the most effective marketing. In this case, your target is not about who your clients are. It doesn't matter whether the health club is big or small; each of them will need your graphic design services at some point.

The most possible services are the graphic design output that includes content creation to marketing. The bigger the fitness business, the busiest their digital activities are. At some point, their needs of contents can happen regularly. That is why this kind of business is one of the potential customers you can list.

But how can you be so sure about this kind of opportunity? If you think thoroughly, most health clubs will have dedicated fitness studios inside them. Your graphic design services will work as much as their fitness studio marketers will. All you need to underline is that a health club is more than just a fitness studio. They got everything that is worth your design.

To make this kind of fitness business work as it best, they need more marketing ideas to show other facilities offered in the club. And guess what? You have the chance to apply your design in each of their marketing strategies, especially the bigger club will have more amenities with monthly sales goals.

To keep the business going strong and healthy, this kind of business needs graphic design to uplift their marketing demand. Most likely, they will require real-time design solutions and on-demand models to keep up with the content demand as well. So, what should you do to grasp the opportunity?

In this case, consider offering a Pro subscription for the corporate fitness business health clubs. The idea is to give affordable monthly services that can go under $1,000 per month. You can make the graphic design work along with each department marketer for collaboration at every designated time. It will help create real-time updates for content and marketing.

As you do this kind of service, make sure you always try to meet the deadline, create content daily, and follow the branding guides. This idea will help you secure the contract for long-term collaboration. It also has prices worthy for both sides, as the fitness business can save as much as $40,000 per year by not hiring one-full time in-house graphic designers.

But what kind of services can you give them? Or what kind of job that they might need you to fulfil? You can create every single marketing design based on what offers and amenities they have. Once again, you can take the chance to collaborate with the marketing department to create content updates and services. Here are some examples for you.


1.1. Advertising Events, Programs, Or Lessons

Fitness businesses need to keep their toes by always offering something new to the people, especially with the growing demand. The market is getting more competitive. Thus you can use this opportunity to create effective, inviting, and more interesting graphic design service marketing.

Starting with the ranges of events that the club has. You can create and advertise summer kids' camps that look appropriate and fun. There are also specific lessons such as basketball, swimming, or tennis programs that are worth promoting. Updates on the memo brads, the fitness and nutrition information, and many more.  

Created by Maria Replyanski |


1.2. Marketing And Promoting Amenities

If you want it, many amenities or facilities are worth promoting. Collaborate with the marketing member to get the appropriate ongoing promotions. You might find that the Fitness business has to offer the newly developed smoothie bar or club café, kid's area, or the new gyms.

At some point, the club might also create its health and beauty products to offer. To introduce it to the customers, they will need your graphic design solution in the form of interesting posters, social media updates, brochures, or pamphlets. How about the new spa services? Whatever it is, you got a lot to work with.  

Created by Owlsome Studio |


1.3. Membership Related Marketing

Other than the amenities and offers, you can also work with the membership or the loyalty programs. Providing this kind of program is one way to gain more income for the fitness business. That is why marketing activities such as a free trial, incentive programs, seasonal discounts, membership pricing, and benefits are some objects you can be creative with.

Created by Inga Szarek |


2.Fitness Studio

After working with a bigger Fitness business such as a health club, you will find that the fitness studio offers fewer possibilities for your graphic designer jobs. But it doesn't mean that you won't find any of it in this kind of business. Believe it or not, at some point, you will find yourself working with a lot of projects from this particular business.

So, who will need your job? Do you have to target the yoga studio, gym, group training, or fitness? Once again, graphic design services for this kind of business are not about "who" but "which" kind of products. Underline that these days people are starting to realize the importance of health and fitness. That is why you can find numerous studios popping out everywhere.

With the tight competition, you will find that every studio will try to win their customers through many media. And their way to create such interesting media is by hiring a graphic designer. At the same time, the membership-based services make the member's acquisition marketing as important as the membership retention marketing.

That is why you still have some work to do with this particular fitness business. However, note that your job desk will depend heavily on the extent of the services and the products. At the same time as that condition, you can also take the opportunity by stating the fact that the marketing budget is rather tight.

Compared to the corporate health club, you can say that this kind of business will be at the lower end. Not so many amenities and products will be offered, especially if you consider the numbers of supplement and maintenance rates. That is why one of the best solutions to create the best out of its marketing needs is by choosing the flat-rate graphic design service.

In this case, you can do that as the way to win the fitness business deal. The idea of flat-rate services is to offer unlimited design requests with revision within limited days. You can state it as a 1-3 business days turnaround for a reachable expense. Maybe around $500 per month is enough to offer content updates regularly without raising the budget.

But doesn't it mean you offer a cheap job? The idea is to offer an affordable service that helps the fitness center survive amidst the raging demands. Getting the cheap yet professional ones will bring a great advantage for them and your business. Their job would not be as demanding as the health club anyways.

So, what kind of services should you offer them? Is there any particular quirk? When it comes to this kind of fitness business, you may work a lot with the marketing department. Creating promotional posters, class and regime descriptions, content updates on social media are some of the fundamental graphic design services.


2.1. Flyer, Announcement, And Updates

You got a lot of media to work with. When the budget offer is limited, then you can choose affordable nonconventional ways. Flyers, brochures, pamphlets, and printed posters filled with information about special announcements are probably the most efficient ways to reach people. You can say that nonconventional people will love these ideas.

So, what to tell? There is a lot of information that you can convey using some interesting design in it, such as the updates regarding a new Covid 19 prevention regulation. Make it stands out using some intimidating signs and warnings, so people notice it and follow the rules. How about temporary closing announcements or opening updates? You can do it as well.

Created by Parvez Designs |


2.2. Newsletter, Magazines, And Newspaper

To keep the membership up to date with the current fitness business situation, you can tell that they mostly use newsletters, magazines, or newspapers. One thing for sure, they can create ones by themselves to add premium-looking services. But to make one that is appealing and effective, they will need your graphic design service.

This is when your services will help a lot. Creating a monthly member newsletter, print ads for local magazines, or newspapers, even on Facebook and Google will need your expertise. One should understand that the extent of services offered in the fitness center is the main subject of your services.

Created by Derek Heisler |


2.3. Promotions And Events

Just like the health club and other fitness businesses, they will constantly use promotions and events to invite people. This kind of information will get better with some professional graphic designer touch in its marketing process. You can create social media updates to introduce promotion, making videos for events, or some unique design for their ads. 

Created by Omar Design |


2.4. Schedules And Class Updates

Most likely, fitness centers with limited budgets will rely on unconventional ways to update their information. But the chance that they also work with the social media to say the same. With the range of media to play with, you got the chance to prove your creativity through your graphic design services.

You can create fun and entertaining digital posters to update the class regime. Or you can print it out to make some flyers and help people come to the right classes. You have a lot to do, as long you do it alongside the information given by the clients. At some point, it is best to collaborate with the marketing teams and management crew.

Created by Roman Tabachi |


3.Online Coach Services

If you think those two fitness businesses are the most prominent opportunity, then check out the online coaching trends. This kind of business is raging in the middle of the corona pandemic since all of the coaching activities are done through online meetings. So, how does this kind of business help you a lot? Take a look at how it operates!

Online health coaches use social media and online facilities to do all the jobs. Those fitness professionals that work together will need the internet for all the activities, including the coaching and the marketing. Because the Internet is a very visual place, graphic designers will have so much opportunity to provide a great benefit for these people.

In order to gain a bigger audience, the fitness business needs to use marketing media such as graphic design, videos, posters, online updates, to social media ads. Some unique typography and pictures of the fit coaches will eventually gather interest. At some point, you can also join the success by providing the best graphic design service.

Created by Afrânio Alves |

However, there are some points that you should understand about this fitness business. Most of the time, the typical marketing budget for the online coach will be significantly lower than the health club or the fitness center. Most likely, the reasons come from the more convenient way of its operation. There is no need to rent places or studios to run the business.

Even though the budget is pretty limited, it doesn't mean your services aren't needed. The chance that solopreneurs and freelancers will have a better opportunity to secure the deal. Mostly due to the lower budget or, the lesser rates that the online coaches can get. That is why working with this kind of fitness business will need a lot of price adjustment.

At the same time, the non-related to corporation workers, freelancers, or part-timers tend to have better time allotment. With easy to adjust time and budget, online coaches can get advantages from professional online advertisement. The Fitness business can also opt for free online graphic design tools to eventually come up with its marketing product.

If you consider all of the information, you can say that the online coach's business is kind of hit or miss. No matter the subject area (sport or fitness, life coaching, or personal training), they will eventually need graphic design service, but on the lower budget sides. However, the possibilities of media and the subject itself will be larger than others because it is mostly digital.

Created by Andrew Aden |


3.1. Advertising Services

Take the online advertising services as the most profitable project to do. Since the fitness business mostly works with online media, then all of the advertising will have the same route. Online advertising will be your motherlode since you got a lot of things to do. From social media ads, email graphic promotional, and creating online presences. 

Created by Edgar Kirakosyan |


3.2. Social Media Updates

By doing everything online, chances that online coaches will need to keep up with their audience through social media. In this case, you got a lot of options to make them loyal. To gain back their attention, try to create engaging and updated social media content. Figuring the best way to make the audience stay on the platform and entertained will be your job.

When it comes to social media, your options are endless. Starting from the motivational Instagram post, swipe up link images for Instagram, assessment and intake questionnaires, educational infographics, to others information about health, body, and wellness as your graphic design service.  

Created by Kuzmi_Na100_$ |


3.3. Digital Guides And Instruction

At some point, the well-established online fitness business will eventually create their online goods in different types of forms. They might have health supplement products that need your expertise in product packaging designs. Or maybe they will make an ebook or Pdf filled with a compilation of wellness guides and instructions. It is your opportunity to show your creativity. 

Created by Marta Surowiec |


3.4. Website Development

This kind of fitness business will eventually need a website or online presence. They can use social media or establish an official website as their professional identities. When it comes to developing websites or social media, you can help in crafting banners, images, graphics, or icons. Use the already built branding material to make the website represent the business.  

Created by UI8 Design |


3.5. Exercise Log

The last thing that you can help with is the exercise log. Your graphic design service will come in the form of developing some familiar detail and branding material for the exercise log. Some information such as daily food intakes, logs, regimes, or activities under the same templates will help the audience to remember the business than just a mere paper and tables.

Created by nna Zaiats |



Graphic design offers varying services that are appropriate for marketing purposes. It can fit any field and business, including the wellness, health, and fitness business. In this case, what you should consider is not about "Who" but which service are you going to provide for them?

So which graphic design services you think are more effective in making money for designers? Let us know what you think by writing it down in the comment section below! have a good day, and cheers!

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