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Article: Fiverr VS Upwork: Which One Works Best For Freelancers?

Fiverr VS Upwork: Which One Works Best For Freelancers?

Freelance can be very challenging if you don't have a suitable platform to sell.
Let's find out which one is the most suitable for you, Fiver or Upwork!

When talking about freelancers as one of the modern and hip professions, one should not forget the role of freelance marketplaces. Due to the rising interest and demand of the said profession, the industry is not something that you can easily underestimate. It is a versatile occupation that also boosts the growth of a specific marketplace. 

The marketplace that offers online services bridge up workers and employers. Thus, a professional project is ongoing. It is a great opportunity for freelancers to work in a wider scope. It is because popular sites such as Upwork and Fiverr are brimming with jobs. It also helps companies to find the appropriate worker. But then, which of Fiverr or Upwork is the best? 

When talking about the stimulating Fiverr VS Upwork debate, the answers are pretty subjective. How so? Because both freelancers marketplace is two of the biggest dominating players in the present scene. Both have up and down, as well as different offers or values. Whether you are a worker or employer, you will need to read through all of these details. 


The Overview 

If you want to compare the two marketplaces, then it will need a very long explanation. Before you jump to the more detailed information, you can say that both have almost similar builds. Both are high-end and popular platform that allows freelancers to meet with varying possible freelance projects. 

Fiverr was one of the top candidates since it had more than 1.3 million gigs in just 2012. It was two years after its launch in 2010. Fiverr started clearly with its purpose to make freelance marketplaces that house two-sided platforms. It was meant to provide a place where both freelancers and the employer can sell and buy an array of digital services. 

That kind of openness and clear detail made Fiverr grow up to 600% around 2013. It makes the marketplace gain a rank among the 100 most popular websites. So, does it mean that the winner of Fiverr VS Upwork is the Fiverr? Not really. If you have to find the winner or which one is the best, you will need more than just a statistic. 

The Upwork freelance marketplaces is one of the many works made from the famous silicon valley start-up company. It was one of the marketplaces that pinpointed the need for a place that bridges freelancers and employers easily. With the purpose to connect people across the world, the two developers make freelance marketplaces with trust and visibility. 

It was made to break out the bleak situation of freelancers' limited scope. Thus, Upwork was built as a web-based platform with the idea of expanding the freelance world. The good news is, the marketplace hit the jackpot and blew up in popularity around 2015. Upwork now is one of the largest freelance job headquarters with more than 70 working categories and 5,000 skills available. 


The Difference Of Fiverr vs. Upwork 

The two freelance marketplaces have a similar yet different design. Both Fiverr and Upwork were only years apart. It also works under the same goal and premise. It makes the two of them equal in the Fiverr VS Upwork competition at any given time. To shed down the confusion, some of these differences will help you see further. 

1. The Service Fee

Even though most of the marketplace runs for free, most of them also offer a premium to bump up the function or feature. And you got the same with both Fiverr or Upwork. Fiverr did not specify the number of service fees. It only mentions 20% charges on all the freelance projects. Thus, employers need to save money, and freelancers have to accept cuts. 

Fiverr is unique as a marketplace since it charges freelancers by withdrawing the account fund. Since the freelance marketplaces did not put numbers, it is hard to tell who is the cheapest from Fiverr VS Upwork. On the other hand, Upwork has a more specific rate for its charge. It mainly focuses on the duration of the billings. 

Both parties got the benefited from the clear information. The charges are 20% for the initial $500 billed with the client. It also has %% for lifetime billings with the client that starts on $500.01 or goes beyond $10.000. The Upwork regulation indicates that working longer with the client means a higher income. Unfortunately, Upwork also charges around $0.1r per connect (token).  


2. The Process 

The two freelance marketplaces have a very opposite process. Fiverr and Upwork has different system. Thus, you can choose one that fits your preference. Fiverr pays more attention to the freelancers' upbringing. It allows workers to offer their work. So, employers can go around the marketplace to find the desired or interesting freelancers. 

In Upwork, users will use the term of Bid. It is the perfect contrast to Fiverr since Upwork highlights the sense of competition among freelancers. So, workers will have to make a bid using a connect token. The process will force freelancers to make freelance project proposals, set the price, and then submit them to the company. 

Since it uses bid and connects (token), the process is limited and not 100% free. With the bid, Upwork demands freelancers to be more active. It is the main difference between Fiverr VS Upwork. Once the proposal is chosen by the client, you will get an offer letter. You can accept it to form a contract through Upwork. 


3. The Payment 

Due to the different freelance project processes, you can say that both freelance marketplaces offer different payment models. Fiverr's payment will be credited to the account, which is withdrawable after 14 days. There are varying freelance projects, including long-term work with at least a 100-dollar payment. 

The good thing is that the freelance project is considered done when the employee approves the freelancer's work and releases the payment. On the contrary, Upwork payment will be based on the freelance project. The freelance marketplaces will put the billing on the app. But it is mostly available for hourly contracts. That makes a clear Fiverr and Upwork dissimilarity.

If freelancers work for a project-based contract, the payment structure will be discussed. It takes milestones and client consideration to build the billing cycle. In this case, freelancers will get their payment on every milestone. It also takes around five days to withdraw the payment. The payment made by Fiverr VS Upwork has a very clear difference. 


Which one is the best? 

With all of the differences between both freelance marketplaces, it is safe to say that the decision will go back to the budget and customer preferences. To decide between the Fiverr VS Upwork dilemma, you should take time and explore both of the options. To help you get more information about the marketplaces, read further for the Fiverr and Upwork thorough facts. 


All You Need To Know About Fiverr 

1. The System

Fiverr uses a system that works around freelance marketplaces Gig. It refers to the platform service that highlights the freelancers' offers. Freelancers in the marketplace are also called sellers. They have that name since they will offer works in the form of Gigs. The Gigs mostly use an exciting headline such as I would like to create graphic design professionally for $5.  

After that, the buyer or the employer will choose a gig on the platform. The process itself will go through an order. It refers to when the buyer buys the gig, and the seller starts to work with the freelance project. The freelance marketplaces tell how to share, sell, order, and get the payment as said in the Fiverr VS Upwork differences.  

2. Looking For Job  

If you are looking for a freelance job, that means you are a seller or freelancer. As said in the previous details, you need to make a freelancers' profile. After that, you will make a Gig that specifies your freelance work on the platform. The gig is where you showcase your work, talent and hook buyers to do freelance work with you. 

The good thing is, freelancers can be as creative as possible with their gig. Adding video, personal touch, and details will help you attract more freelance buyers. When compared with Fiverr VS Upwork, the gig is not single-use. It can be used for a long time, just like how you offer a product to sell in a marketplace. 

To gain more freelance opportunities, the gig comes with three different packages options. You can use it to offer more options for your buyers. Sometimes, freelancers also use Fiverr before, whilst, and after the extra order service. In other words, the Fiverr marketplace offers a customization freelance offer to attract potential buyers. 

3. Hiring In Fiverr

Hiring in Fiverr means you are a buyer or freelance employer. In this case, you can simply create an account. After that, find freelancers' gigs that fit your preferences. The freelance marketplaces provide browsing options on their catalogs with varying categories. After you find the potential one, you can click on more information to find further detail. 

The detail will cover the freelancers' identity, the price, the service, and some of the work samples that tell the quality. It is also very easy to buy a gig since you only need to choose and place the order. Put some details about the work order and see the options before you submit it. The marketplace will help you contact the freelancers and proceed with it. 

4. Charges

The signup and use are free. But as explained in the Fiverr VS Upwork differences, it also charges you some money. It happens once you make a freelance gig sell or buy. The freelancers will get a 20% deduction fee from every job. Meanwhile, the buyer will have to pay a $1 - $5 amount of processing fee for every freelance gig. 

Apart from that, freelancers will also have to face some other funds from your account. The freelance marketplaces specify that the other charge goes to the payment transfer. It includes a 2% withdrawal of up to $1 in PayPal. It also has freelancers' payment charges from LBT (local Bank transfer), Fiverr revenue card, and direct Deposit.   


The Advantages 

1. Easy To Use

If you decide Fiverr VS Upwork from the usage point of view, both are equally easy. It comes in a mobile app. So you can check your account easily. The use of freelance gigs also makes the freelance marketplaces easier to work around. Sellers can showcase their work, and buyers can find a lot of offers. 

2. Income And Tips 

The seller or freelancers get help to gain more through the Fiverr way to encourage giving tips. The freelance marketplaces encourage the client to leave some feedback and tips for every gig. It makes Fiverr one of the good and motivating freelance marketplaces. It also has a fixed-price model, so it offers clear details and a great source of income when comparing Fiverr vs. Upwork. 

3. Secure Payment

All Fiverr users are under the platform monitor. Both freelancers and the freelance employer will be gone through a checklist by the marketplace. It helps ensure that every client that places the freelance request is trusted. At the same time, the security measures will ensure that freelancers or sellers will get paid correctly. 


Who Need Fiverr 

Fiverr VS Upwork freelance marketplaces have equal competition. It means that both platforms are meant for many freelancers. It can include those who are working in creative industries, such as designers, illustrators, voice actors, or writers. The marketplace offers a lot of customized gig options to fit every detail and work information. 


All You Need To Know About Upwork 

1. Looking For Job  

If freelancers are looking for a job, Upwork offers a different system than Fiverr. In this case, you have to make an account and add all details. The freelance marketplaces platform will show you the best job, or you can search for it. If you find one, you need to make a proposal and bid for the job. It is the main dissimilar inside Fiverr and Upwork. 

It is vital to include some of the freelancers' achievements in the project details and freelance proposal. Don't forget to put down the price range. The bidding system is very similar to the IRL situation, in which you should appeal to the client. After that, you can wait for the good news, get the offer mail, and work with top clients. 

2. Hiring In Upwork

A freelance employer will need to post their project details in the Upwork. It includes requirements. The marketplace will evaluate the client project and offer a lot of potential agencies or freelancers. After that, the hiring process goes on. It includes choosing the candidate, evaluating the bid, proposal, and the freelancers' work details. 

3. Charges 

In the Fiverr VS Upwork differences, you can see that both freelance marketplaces have their fee. In Upwork, the basic account is free. The plus one is around $50/month, and the business is around $500/month. The differences are on the added perks on the marketplace features. But there are also another 3% and 10% extra fees to consider on each project.


The Advantages 

1. Great User Protection 

Upwork freelance marketing bumps up your work protection. In this case, the platform has a bill time system that provides hourly payment safety. It goes with the Upwork platform to gather freelancers' work on every project. It helps by taking notes for every hourly work payment. With the help of fixed-price, the client also gets some ability to check the job before paying.  

2. Easy To Use And Communication 

When talking about the usage, it is safe to say that Fiverr VS Upwork has the same position. The marketplace highlights its communication feature using the client-freelancers chat, text, or video communication. The freelance marketplaces platform also keeps records for all invoices and transactions. It also comes with a mobile app, which helps to monitor the project's progress. 

3. Long-Term Relationship

One thing that is quite different between Fiverr and Upwork is the contract relationship. With the marketplace system nature, both parties can build a long-term relationship. Clients can work with the same freelancers. At the same time, Upwork also has some payment benefits through a long-term contract. 


Who Need Upwork

If Fiverr has more potential and popularity among creative businesses, Upwork is the best place for more legit works. But again, the freelance marketplaces have ranges of individuals and projects categories. However, people that are working around a more complicated and professional freelancers' contract settle here. 

It helps answer some of the Fiverr VS Upwork questions regarding the work offers. Upwork is a freelance platform that houses some professional freelancers under the categories of mobile and web app developers. You can also find some freelance writing or cryptocurrency experts hired on this particular website.  



The online world is filled with freelance marketplaces that bridge employers and freelancers together. While there are tons of them out there, Fiverr and Upwork are in the top position. Both have different perks that help it shape the identity and target market. That is why you can find a range of occupations, professionals, and jobs, which differ from each marketplace.  


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