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Article: 30 Best Gifts You Can Buy for Creative People

30 Best Gifts You Can Buy for Creative People

Choosing presents for creative people might be a daunting task to some.
However, we have made this fantastic list of gifts, so you know what you should buy!

Choosing presents for creative people might be a daunting task to some. These people seem to have unique mindsets that others cannot fathom. It does not mean that finding them the right gifts is totally impossible, though. There are some suggestions on what would be the best gifts.

Picking the best gifts is stressful. Someone who is considered creative is likely to be harder to please as these people have an idea about what would be a perfect gift. The following gift options might be able to help you choose the perfect one:


1. Adhesive Chalk Wall

The first best idea for people with a creative mindset is an adhesive chalkboard. On the board, the person will be able to write or draw anything that they want when a creative idea arises.

A board like this is one of the best gifts because it can be used repeatedly. People can write on them then erase them later if necessary. Additionally, this gift can also improve the room aesthetics of creative people.

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2. Boogie Board

The Boogie board was quite a popular toy gift. People can write on the board due to the magnetic force on the tip of its pen. The best thing is, drawings and writings can be erased by a single swipe. It is one of the best gifts.

Giving the Boogie board to a person with a creative mind as a gift is great. This gift allows them to jot down new ideas as soon as they come up. There are many interesting designs available too so you can choose from the best ones.

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3. Colorful Sticker Packs

Creative people love to be able to make things look more appealing. A sticker pack might be the best present for these people. They can stick the sticker on their possessions, such as water bottles or even notebooks.

The stickers will turn a mundane item into something more appealing and creative looking. It is necessary to find colorful sticker pack gifts. They might display certain characters that the people. It would be better if the stickers are long-lasting too.

Source: Emrich Office |


4. Printed Zip Pouch

A creative person is likely to carry around an assortment of items wherever they go. These items are the best tools to channel their ideas. Thus, giving creative people a pouch is very sensible. The gift can help these people declutter their items.

Printed pouches with bright colors are the best option because they can easily be seen. A zip opening is the best feature since it makes the pouch more accessible. No wonder that it is recommended in the list of best gifts.

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5. Massaging Foot Rest

Among the many best gifts that a creator can receive, a footrest might be the perfect one. A creative person will spend time working to make their best ideas come to life. People who work on the desk might feel fatigued from sitting down the entire day.

This footrest is a great gift because it does not only provide support to the feet. The footrest has the best massaging feature that can improve blood circulation for creative people.

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6. Sharpie Collection

A sharpie collection is considered a valuable gift by creative people. Even if people these days love using digital technology, writing or drawing with conventional methods is still done often.

Even if the person’s creative idea is not related to something graphic, sharpies are still useful. It is one of the best tools for creating a mind map. The different colors will help with the categorization of ideas; therefore, it is a great present.

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7. Austin Kleon’s “Steal Like an Artist” 

Inspirational books to creative people are not enough. The book should encourage them to be more creative and productive. This is one of the best gifts as it is very much a creative workbook rather than a tip book.  

People who read it are encouraged to act on their creativity. Their creative ideas are not fruitful if they are not acted upon. Thus, it is really the best suggestion for the gift.

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8. Pantone Color Bridge Book

Pantone books are popular among artists and people of similar professions. Basically, this is the best compilation of various color shades. Due to the gift complete inventory, people can have the best understanding of color mixing.

This gift will help creative people, particularly those who work in design industries, to perform best at work. These people might be more inspired to create more designs because it stimulates them to do so. You should jot it as an inspiration for the best gifts.

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9. The Best and Complex Gradient Puzzle

A puzzle is another example of the best gifts. These days, you can find puzzles for gifts that are very complex and not designed for children. They have detailed creative patterns and many pieces. Thus, it takes time for people to assemble them.

Creative people tend to seek new intellectual challenges. Giving them a complex puzzle set is your best bet. There is a gradient puzzle that people should check out because not only is the gift difficult, the best set also looks pleasing.

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10. The Best Bobblehead Figurine: Bob Ross

Bobblehead figurines are fun gifts. Creative people would like to place it on top of their work desk. Whenever they are stuck with their creative ideas, they can play with this gift. It is the best and simplest way to release stress.

Bob Ross might be one of the best gifts in the form of bobblehead figurines. People love figurines like those because they are very comedic.

Source: |


11. Bright Laptop Decal

To those who are working in modern creative industries, laptops contain their important ideas. It is a precious item. One of the best gifts to honor this is a laptop decal.

Giving people laptop decals as gifts is the best because these decals do not only improve the laptop’s look. It is also the best chance for the laptop owner to be as creative as they could be when arranging the decorum.

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12. Sarah U. Green’s “You Are an Artist”

This book title is recommended by people who are on a journey to realize their creative minds. The gift book contains challenges for the readers so they could actualize their creative ideas. Everyone thinks that it is the best book because it is very motivating.

One issue that many creative people tend to encounter is the desire to procrastinate. When a creative idea comes up, they tend to postpone it. This can really cause people trouble in the future as their outputs are reduced significantly.

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13. Unique Cube Alarm Clock 

Waking up early is a challenge for people of all ages. Because of that, gifts like an alarm clock are always practical. However, when the person you are gifting has a creative mindset, a regular alarm clock might not be sufficient.

The alarm clock should have a creative form that one rarely sees. This gift example consists of four separate cubes. Each cube displays a number and is placed side by side.

Source: |


14. Retro Pins + The Art Board

It is a gift that a person with high creativity will love to bits. This pin and board set enables people to create the best patterns to their desire. Whenever an idea strikes them, they can arrange the pins on the board.

The pin and board set is not only for leisure to creative people. They are versatile and practical enough so that creative people can brainstorm ideas for their projects. There are also varieties of best designs in the market to choose from for gifts.

Source: |


15. Dotted Notebook

Notebook is another perfect example of gifts. People love to use a notebook because it is easy to carry around. Thus, if they have a creative idea, it can be written down immediately whenever and wherever. Creative people will flourish even more.

These days, people can find the best dotted notebooks that can be used continuously. It is one of the best choices since it is eco-friendly. This gift enables writings to be converted into digital files.

Source: |


16. Digital Stylus

The best present suggestion for digital creators would be a stylus. A stylus is a digital pen that makes digital writing or drawing and is often listed as one of the best gifts. It is a companion to tablets or other devices with touch screens. Creative people working in the digital industry use it often.

It is an example of gifts which is on the pricier side. However, your creative friend and family member who receives it will definitely appreciate the stylus. It is best to look for the type of device that the people use so that it will be compatible.

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17. Lego Block

Another gift option for your friend is a lego block. In the market, it is easy to find lego sets for gifts that are specifically designed for older people. These best gifts are quite difficult to assemble because there are many parts and those parts are relatively small.

Nonetheless, a creative person would love a challenge like this. There are also lego blocks that are versatile and can be shaped into various forms. They are considered the best gifts. These gift sets may come in cute suitcases. They are the best for your beloved creative people.

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18. Porcelain Printed Coffee Cup

A cup of hot beverage is comforting for a creative person at work. Thus, one of the best gifts you can present to them is a coffee cup. People can brew their tea, coffee, or other beverages they like there. It is a practical gift that will not go to waste.

Porcelain cups are recommended as gifts since they are more durable and look fancier. It is also recommended to give your creative friend printed coffee cups. These best gifts will make their work desk look more pleasing.

Source: |


19. Unique Printed T-Shirt

Your creative friend might have a fashion sense that you cannot understand. If they are into unique patterns, then you should consider a printed T-Shirt as a gift. You can find T-shirts as best gifts that have unique quotes or caricatures.

It is the best present for a person with a quirky personality because they would be comfortable and even grow more confident wearing these T-Shirts. These gifts really suit vibrant people.

Source: ScatterbrainTees |


20. Painting Apron

Creative people are not averse to the word “dirty”. These people think that it is a means to their creative outcomes. A painting apron is definitely the best idea for a gift to them.

People are suggested to purchase an apron with the best durable material and pockets as a gift. This type of apron is useful for creative people when they are working on creative ideas and need to focus.

Source: SoulmateArts |


21. Lorna Scobie’s “365 Days of Creativity”

An example of the best gifts is this book. People love it because they believe it enhances their creative outputs. This gift idea contains challenges that people need to follow in creative ways.

With this gift, it is possible to keep track of everyone's work. People would recognize their best ways to work on their creative ideas better. No wonder this book is listed among the best gifts.

Source: Lona Scobie |


22. Simple Desktop Speaker Set 

To get that creative juice, sometimes the person needs the best stimulation. Music is often considered to be the best inspiration. Thus, giving a speaker set to a creator as a gift is, in fact, very thoughtful. There are varied creative speaker designs.

Some people might want to present a speaker set with a less loud creative design. It is alright as long as the speaker has compatibility with other devices. Another best gifts suggestion is a speaker set that has its own box for easy mobility.

Source: |


23. Watercolor Pen Pack

Among various best gifts to encourage creativity, this pen pack takes the cake. Creative people who love to use drawing as an outlet for creative ideas will appreciate it. It is one of the best painting tools out there. This gift is practical, and the yield is beautiful.

People can find many options in the market. The best pack will contain various colors. They are also easier to use and fun to navigate by these creative minds.

Source: |


24. Noise-Cancelling Headset

When working on creative insights, creative people should not be disturbed. Even a slight noise can deter these people from working. A gift idea for them is a noise-canceling headset. This headset is the best tool to block noises.

After putting it on, people cannot hear any sound. To some, it is the best working condition imaginable.

Source: |


25. Tom Kelley & David Kelley’s “Creative Confidence”

Creative people need a nudge to best realize their unique ideas. They tend to be worried that other people will not receive their creative ideas warmly. This can cause their creative mind to get stuck and unable to flourish.

It is a perfect gift for those with confidence issues as it tells them not to be afraid of outside noises. People should learn to channel their creative ideas without any fear.

Source: Tom Kelley |


26. Digital Notebook (Wacom)

Another pricey but example of best gifts is a digital notebook by Wacom. Creative people love to use it for creating new designs. Their creative minds flourish when using this tool. It is a gift to consider for a special person in your life.

It is the best present for people who are using the notebook on a day-to-day basis. Those who only draw once in a while might not find this gift as useful.

Source: |


27. Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art

Art is a source of struggle for creative people. These people might have novel and creative insights but are unable to translate them into art. Thus, it is highly suggested among the many best gifts available out there.

Reading this book allows people to understand the struggle of producing art. Creative products come from hard work. Only the best artists who work hard will gain great results.

Source: |


28. Conventional Sketchbook 

Although everything seems to be going digital these days, certain people would still enjoy conventional sketchbooks. It is a perfect gift since it enables people to write anywhere conveniently. Creative people use it as an outlet for their ideas.

The best version of the sketchbook might be the blank one. It especially helps people who love drawing as there are parameters to abide by. With this best tool, everyone can be creative anywhere.

Source: ScoutHillCo |


29. Time Tracker

Creative ideas do not recognize time boundaries. However, since creative people live in a society, it is difficult not to abide by time constraints. One of the best gifts recommended for creators is a time tracker. These days, people produce digital timers that can be synchronized with other devices.

This timer can notify the person about the time spent on a creative project. If it has been too long, people can start devising the best plan to make the process more streamlined.

Source: |


30. Waterproof Notebook

Creative people should expect to be struck with new ideas anytime. People might get those creative ideas while in unexpected wet places, like their bathroom. One of the best gifts is a waterproof notebook. This gift can be attached to the shower wall.

The next time these people have creative insights in the shower, they would not need to wait. It is best to pair this gift with a waterproof pen. They would be the best gifts together.

Source: WaxedJournals |


Final Words

What is the most important thing about presenting gifts to your creator friends? It is necessary to acknowledge that you cannot treat all people similarly. A creative person will have a different niche from the others. Therefore, observing them or even asking their wishes might be the best way!

If you have any other options that might be a great idea, write down those in the comment section below! We hope this article would be helpful to you and hopefully, you can find what is suitable for your pal!

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