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Article: Sacred Tips to Create A Geometry Tattoo Design

Sacred Tips to Create A Geometry Tattoo Design

Created by dubuddha |
With a long history, the existence of tattoos is pretty much normalized in society. Even though some countries or traditions still oppose the said body art projects, it still has a long history back to centuries ago. With that consideration, tattoo styles and designs are constantly changing or upgrading.

From style to trending, you can find a lot of modes to play around with. However, one of the styles that are considered timeless is the geometry tattoo. The design is pretty much consisting of shapes, patterns, and unique combinations of models. Thus, creating an immense meaning under the intricate detail and style. 

But creating a geometry tattoo design is not something that you can underestimate. Shapes make up everything, which makes the body art style considered sacred. At some point, this old-century body art is starting to get more popular. That is why more people are intrigued by the symbolic language of shapes and the artistic expression they bring. Exploring the world of geometry tattoos by reading insightful tattoo essay is a captivating and learning journey that helps to delve deeper into this topic. In a contemporary twist to this ancient art form, more and more people are embracing the allure of geometric body art. Thus, enabling artists to create a more unique and modern innovation. Here is some information for you who are interested in trying the body art project.


About The Geometric Tattoo 

Before you get far into the making process, you need to understand the tattoo itself. So what is it? Just as the name says, Geometry shapes will be your primary elements for your body art projects. While geometry is pretty common in math, it also shapes almost everything. From the tangible worlds, models, to pictures, it can be something that has meaning in it. 

Yes, it is some basic shapes such as circles, rectangles, or anything. But when it is combined and created into an art, geometry can turn into such meaningful pieces. Those are what you should know about the said body art, which later transforms into a more meaningful and artistic display. In the case of geometry tattoos, it can encompass form, spaces, and time. 

It is just like the geometry itself. When turning it into a design, you will play around with these structures to make particular feelings. At the end of the day, the tattoo might not even look like geometry. It is especially when the whole motive, pattern, and design have fused with many key elements. This kind of project can give a surprising result. 

To make it simple, you can underline that the main purpose of geometry tattoos is to take the smallest detail to make a bigger picture as a whole. Yes, the design compiles a lot of elements to make certain information. There are several ways to make a tattoo idea that is unique in its ways. 

Created by Emrahozhan |



A little bit of history about the style for you: there is some information that states the fact of how geometry has existed even before humans. The example is the molecules of DNA, rising sun, leaves, and lives or minds. All of them go in the same manner, which is pattern and repetition. 

At the same time, the geometry tattoo design also heavily relies on the existence of mathematics. Geometric shapes were a thing in mathematics, which later applied to many more objects surrounding us. With that in mind, you can underline that the style or design will have no limitation at all. 

Created by Emrahozhan |


Tips On Making A Geometry Tattoo

1. Understand The Key Element 

After knowing the basics, you can continue the step by learning the key elements of the geometry tattoo. As said in the previous part, you can tell that this kind of design consists of several elements. From shapes to dimensions, you can play around with many key elements to make a whole picture. So, what kind of elements? 

You got tons of options that you can use to get creative. You got shapes, form, dimensions, perception, vision, and many more. Even though you got a lot of details, there is one particular point that you need to jot down, the minimal, simple, and repeating design. No matter how many elements you want to take, the idea is that people can identify the tattoo easily. 

As a geometry style, you will play around with geometric shapes or some kinds. Thus, make the shapes a clear component of the whole model itself. In this part, you can use the geometry shapes for whatever you want. You can adapt it as the geometry tattoo design frame, outline, the main image, silhouette, pattern, or anything.

The pinpoint is that it will be a part of a complex series of lines and shapes. And one thing for sure, there are no real rules for tattoos. You got the right to get creative and be yourself. Your design options for the geometry style can start from the basic to the intricate model. If you are trying to make one, here are some common shapes to use. 

Geometric Shapes 
Every shape will be the best option for your geometry tattoo. You have endless possibilities when it comes to geometric shapes. You can combine and play around with the design without thinking about the symbolism. Some of the shapes are circles, squares, triangles, lines, overlapping shapes, or others.  

Created by spiral_spirit_tattoo |


You can also use very common shapes such as diamonds. The style with a diamond shape can symbolize purity, endurance, and strength. It is pretty much one of the most common shapes to use both for geometry tattoos or any other style and genre. It is also versatile, which come with ranges of drawing design and color. 

Created by koyprdatattoo |


Once again, animal graphics are also great candidates for geometry tattoo design. In this case, you can either blend out the graphic with other shapes or construct the whole picture with geometric forms. What makes it pretty interesting as geometry style is how it works even as a partial or whole picture. It also works as realistic or depicts them in other forms. 

Of course, the plan will go back to the artist or client's taste. But you can also play around with the graphic based on the symbolism. As an example, the picture of a lion or bear symbolizes honor, courage, strength, and strong will. You can also choose a butterfly or rabbit for a more feminine geometry design. You can even use portraits to stylize your project.  

Created by patricetattoo |


How about adding flowers to your geometry tattoo design? There are many models that you can play around with, especially with the straight line and geometric shapes of flowers. You can envision geometry design from the triangles shapes of lotus flowers. You can even create a flower in mandala form. All of it represents different meanings and symbolism.  

Created by inkbykg |


The sense of geometry is also applied to nature. You can see the basic triangle shape for mountains or trees. There are also sun or waves. Geometric tattoos welcome any kind of nature representation. Either in color or monochrome, the natural shapes can help adhere to more visual value and meaning. It even works with more complex, realistic designs. 

Created by _captain_ink |


Just like any other style, hearts graphic is pretty much the common design you can opt for. The simple and classic heart shapes are a nice touch for your geometry tattoo. The shapes can add flowy and curved visuals in the form. As a whole picture, the heart illustration can add a splash of color and give a pinch of soft or lovely touch to the body art. 

Created by |


Arrows are also one of the most common graphics used in many designs. From the classic Americana, realistic, to geometry tattoo design, arrows bring particular meaning. It is a symbol of finding your way even during hard times. It can be a common shape that consists of a simple form, such as a compass, two crossed arrows, or just a single arrow design.  

Created by noamyona_ |


2. Don't Overthink 

Till this point, the chances are that you already have the basic idea of the geometry style. The tattoo design mostly works with shapes and simple models. Probably you will feel burdened with the styling, alignment, color, symbolism, and many more. While it can consist of ranges of shapes and graphics, the point is to communicate the meaning of your body art project.

So, take it easy and don't overthink. The simplicity behind the tattoo is what makes it more appealing and unique. That is why you need to underline the idea of minimalistic and simplicity. You will not be creating something chaotic such as trash polka with a lot of elements overlapping each other with or without meaning. 

All you need to focus on is to create a simpler and clearer way to express yourself through the design. In this case, with the help of some shapes. Simply put, you don't even need to make a crazy detailed or intricate drawing. Simple geometric shapes that form roses, dreamcatchers, animals, nature, or fuse the realistic portrayal with some quirky outlines might be a good idea.   

Created by jassialexandra |


3. Get Inspirations

As a newcomer in the tattoo realm, inspiration and ideas are what you need. It is especially vital if you are just starting to learn the tattoo design or style. Be grateful that the geometry tattoo design is getting more attention since 2012. So, you got a lot of inspiration for your tattoo projects. At the same time, style inspiration can come from anywhere or everything.  

Another note that you might want to consider is how deep the significance is. Some models might captivate you and make you want to make the same idea. However, the tattoo can mean something deeper than it is supposed to. That is why you should know how to remark it since there is no rule in creating a perfect geometry tattoo. 

It is also a good idea to get yourself used to the method or other styles. It might help you get more inspiration and also knowledge about symbolism. Eventually, you can underline that the geometry style itself also comprises more than one element. In other words, a splash of other tattoo designs will help you enrich your body art project. 

Created by theartoftattooingofficial |


4. Look For Trending Or Popular ideas

As said in the previous point, inspiration is one of the essential seasonings in tattoo projects. Thus, it is quite common to adopt the popular geometry tattoo design or the current trending model. It is one of the benefits of a geometry model, which is very versatile and timeless. You can use the old or new modern style for your ideas. 

If you take note of the ranges of options and design out there, you can tell that some of the geometry styles crop up more than others. However, it does not mean you cannot play around with the whole project. You can make a unique geometry design that is not only aesthetically pleasing. But it also tells your personality and sense of art. 

It is also important to underline that there are many possibilities that you can make out of geometric shapes. Take a look at mandalas that highly relate to circle shapes. While it uses very simple and popular ideas, it can tell a different story with altered designs. It is especially true when you consider the mandala's tattoo design that means infinity. 

The mandalas are also a good example of popular shapes and geometry models that have high versatility. It consists of many geometry shapes, patterns, and styling. There are also some other shapes, as explained in the first tip, such as circles, diamonds, framing, and many more. You can combine illustration with geometry and make a blend of modern plus traditional tattoo. 

As a beginner or someone that is learning geometry tattoo, going for the popular design is not a taboo. It can help you understand the market and the current trends. At the same time, some tattoo artists also take this chance to learn more about the model. It will eventually lead you to understand all about the model, signature, and future possibilities. 

Created by theartoftattooingofficial |


5. Use It To Complete Or Connect Design

Until this point, you might already have found a lot of information regarding the said tattoo design. Some might come with the same simple geometric shapes and styles. And you might also find some other examples that blend two different styles to make a unique idea. In this case, you can pull a red string that geometry can be used to make up an entire design. 

Underline that there are a lot of tattoo styles in the world. The sense of minimalistic and freedom from the geometry tattoo design make it possible to connect or finish other styles. You can take an example of a very detailed portrayal. To complete the picture, adding small geometry shapes such as diamonds can enhance the visual and get rid of the clear outline. 

You can also make sense of infinity by adding mandalas or circle shapes. The tattoo is not something that restricts one to a particular meaning. The addition of shapes can make or add different gist. You can also use the style to make repetition. It works with many shapes as long as it resonates with your spiritual level and ideas. 

There is also a good reminder that geometry tattoo goes well everywhere and in every shape. It also works as a combined illustration or as a standalone design. All in all, it has no limitations. You can find that there are endless possibilities with this particular model. It is possible to imply a literal meaning, figurative, implicit, explicit, or anything. That is why geometry design is a good practice option. 

Created by theartoftattooingofficial |


6. Considering The Color 

So, a lot of information is always about the designs, shapes, and meaning. But, how about the color? What kind of color goes well with the geometry tattoo? In this case, the best and probably the most common option is the black outlines. It resembles simplistic, minimalistic, and freedom. 

However, this style and design also look good with colorful backgrounds. You can find a lot of inspiring body art designs that play around with color to make an impressive meaning. You can also enhance the meaning and impressions with colorful personalities, such as red for courage, gold for noble, purples or blues for eerie, and many more. 

In many cases, playing around with color will help the project look even more complete. Once again, you need to highlight that the geometry tattoo design does not have any restrictions. Mixing the geometry shapes with half color can help blend the two different ideas. Choose whatever color makes your tattoo design work together. 

You can even make a negative tattoo to bring out a real description. This kind of design forces the artist to play around with black ink and color alignment. Blacking out the background or the whole sleeve while leaving the geometry shapes blank will create a statement. You are free to get creative to complete your geometry tattoo project. 

Created by deadsyke |


Final Words

When it comes to the creative industry, one should underline that it does not have any limitations. It includes vast and varying drawings or ideas. You got a lot of design to play around with, especially for the geometry tattoo design. This style comes in varying possibilities that allow professional or amateur artists to be creative with the body art projects.  

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