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Article: Easy Guide to Build a Tasty Food Delivery Branding

Easy Guide to Build a Tasty Food Delivery Branding

How can we compete in the rising demands of food delivery branding and businesses?
Here, we have written down the easiest guideline for you to follow!
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The rise of food delivery soaring in the middle of this modern era. Several tasty foods are starting to follow the pizza road to dominating the delivery services. It proves that the field is not limited to only fast-food restaurants. You who run some homemade delicacies, cookies, bread, or coffee shops can join along with the opportunity. 

But with the popularity, demand, and rising interest, the chances are that one should know how to do it right so they can survive. It is particularly true when the food market is pretty tight, and the delivery competition is fierce. One way to stand out is branding. Here, you will find some tips and tricks as well as exploring the food delivery branding. 


Joining The Opportunity 

The surging popularity of delivery food starting at the Corona Pandemic. The sense of not going home and looking for non-home-cooked meals makes the industry highly in demand. There is no doubt that some people still love the sense of healthy and home-cooked meals, but the fast and instant delivery makes the whole process loved by busy people. 

It is especially true for busy parents with professional jobs that simply don't have time to cook dinner. The reasons are getting more acceptable as many food delivery products come with great variance and promises, such as healthy cuisine, unique snacks, trending beverages, or overseas delicacies. It makes people prefer the options to try tastier meals. 

Another pinpoint is the efficiency and the convenience level. No one needs to queue at the shop, but prefer waiting at home till the ready to eat meal arrives. These kinds of reasons make food delivery services soaring as a global industry. But is it the right time to join the train, and start your delivery service? Of course, it is. 

Starting food delivery branding may not be easy with a lot of competition. However, some delivery service apps can help your food brand be visible. It also eases your process to join the trope while giving a better opportunity to deliver the food to the buyer's door. It adds more opportunity for restaurants that previously did not have delivery options. 

It also helps cut the cost of hiring employees just to deliver the food. The app proves to help a lot of smaller food brands that are unable to hire drivers by joining the community. With a range of possibilities and opportunities, delivery can be one of the ways to survive. But at the same time, it is also pressing the branding concern as another important matter. 

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Developing Brand Identity 

Before you are going to create branding, it is better to think about developing brand identity. The idea is that you can do branding from logo to package. But before that, you need an identity to brand and create the correct path for your branding. So, how important is identity? For food delivery, your identity will include the company name.

Starting from the name, you will need to as who are you? What is the name of your food product label or company? How can people address you? And what makes your product, food, and delivery service unique? That was the basic identity building that you need to solve beforehand. After that, you can start building a food delivery branding. 

When making the company identity, you will find a lot of information to make. From the name to the food theme, all of them need to be considered as well. To help you create an effective food brand identity, the key is consistency. It helps a lot to make your delivery food branding reliable and recognizable. 

It does not have to be a very fancy name or high-end restaurant. You can develop your characteristics by making a consistent brand identity. One of the ways to do it is by carefully picking the color palette, packaging, and logo. It is pretty easy to say that you need to think more about the delivery market branding. 

Why so? Because when it comes to food delivery, you need a particular branding such as logo, packaging, and color that work with the method. In other words, consider how your identity will suffice the harsh delivery market. You need to think on the move. What kind of packaging do you need? How clear is the logo for the take-out wrapping? 

At some point, you can even implement the consistency of your delivery branding. You can build the brand identity through the same color palette of the menu, packaging, delivery car, business card, the employee uniform. Establishing your brand identity demands you to consider a lot of branding consistency. Thus, you can leave an impression and connect with people.   

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How To Do It

After some behind-the-scenes and pre-branding process, you will need to appeal to your customer by getting into their home. The nature of food delivery itself is pretty simple. You will provide food for people by selling it and send it right into their door. But when it comes to food delivery branding, you can play around with creativity. 

The good news is, food has a natural way to build bonding, community, and connection. From mouth-to-mouth marketing to the real taste test experience, the food industry is pretty easy to follow. However, it can turn into a futile effort if your branding does not hit the right spot. It even has a high possibility of getting forgotten and buried under fierce competition. 

That is the challenge every food delivery company needs to cope with. The edible product such as food and beverage can make an unforgettable experience for the audience. This means it is not only about the visual branding but also the taste and impression. So, how will you do it? To make your food delivery branding work its best, try some of these ideas.   

1. Give Your Contact Information 

As said in the previous points, food can bring people together. With that in mind, consider putting your contact information to make people know your food branding identity. It will be the way to secure and develop a deep connection between you and your client. The idea of giving contact information itself means you give other options for people to make connections. 

When you join some delivery apps, the chances are that people know your brand identity through the app information. They can order food and delivery as easily as using their thumb. But what if they want to buy without the app? This is the opportunity for you to use food delivery branding tactics by adding the contact number in the package. 

This branding also opens a new way for people who are not into the app. Providing the land-line telephone and some official website information will help you leave an impression. At some point, people from far away can find your food delivery identity as well. Once again, trying to connect with people is a great way to make a clear branding in the market. 

But is it always to be contact information? No, the good thing about this service is the vast reach. When you are trying to reach a faraway customer, consider the appearance as your branding. The idea is to keep the same appearance (logo, packaging, or color) so people can connect with your food brand identity. 

Another wonderful reason to put the contact information or your brand identity is to gain an online presence. Many people love to snap and post pictures on Social media. If your packaging has a name in it, people will recognize the brand and decide to do a food delivery service. So, use it as a branding opportunity and make sure you pay a lot of attention to this matter. 

There is also a unique way to communicate with your customer and get effective food delivery branding. You can do it by creating fun and creative packaging. Some distinctive features such as unique shapes, pictures, or quotes can help you develop a brand identity. There are many restaurants or food businesses that explore this idea for kids' meals. 

However, you can do the same for adult food products. Delivery packaging with some astounding graphics and playful shapes can make such an impression. You can play around with the box pictures, the unique unboxing experience, or some extra quotes to make people's day better. Small stickers as a bonus also work well for branding.   

Created by Moe Selwaye |


2. Be Innovative With The Product Needs 

Does your product require chopsticks, or need a big open packaging to open it? There are many ways to cope with food needs, including playing around with the packaging design. You can tell that package branding can leave a first impression. Do the same to captivate the customer as well as tell who you are. 

If you can use an innovative design that fits with the product needs, you can tackle two problems with one stone. So, it will help you make good packaging and branding but also help create efficient packaging for the equipment. For example, a small belt in the packaging to store utensils such as chopsticks, spork, or straw. 

It is a pretty smart way to tell people how to enjoy your product as well as saving some branding identity for your brand. This kind of food delivery package is also highly appreciated by drivers. It can help save some space and also make a more efficient way to carry the orders. Consider how much easier the driver is if you can make a space-saving model. 

At the same time, it is also a great way to make the packaging process easier for the employee. Even more, it takes less space in the customer table and the driver's truck. Thus, allowing you to send more, then save some money for the packaging. This food delivery branding needs a lot of research, so you get the best out of it. 

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3. Make It Waste Less Packaging  

Another good point in creating cool branding is by using waste-less packaging. There are so many food businesses and restaurants that take part in the delivery service. One of the biggest problems, in this case, is sustainability and packaging waste. If you want to create more impactful branding, try something different and courteous.

In this case, the branding idea of reducing waste and unnecessary items can appeal to environmentally conscious people. At the same time, it makes a humbler impression. So, how to tackle the idea? If you can, try to opt out of the additional bag for your already contained product. You can use a built-in handle container that makes the cleanup process less wasteful. 

You can do the same with the utensil. Oftentimes, the food carryout packaging comes with a complete utensil of fork, spoon, or chopstick. Some even pack a napkin as part of their delivery packaging. It is not a good way to approach the waste-less branding method, especially if you consider that not all people need the three utensils.

Instead of giving them three, you can ask them what kind of utensil they need before the delivery. It is also easier to give the most used utensil based on the order. If your client orders a soup, why don't you opt-out of the chopstick and fork? Just give them a spoon, and that sure enough. It also makes your branding leave more of an impression.  

The good thing about this idea is not only creating a clear and purposeful food delivery branding but also helping you cut off some budget. There is no need for a big heavy bag for every delivery. You can use creative packaging to make it simple. You also don't need to give more utensils. It surely helps people know how to enjoy the meal.   

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4. Get More Creative With Customization 

One creative branding method for your food delivery business is to make something unique. You can start by the name, the logo, packaging color of the model itself. Doing customization for your delivery can make a distinctive brand identity. You can do it for the packaging, the menu, special bundle, or meals. Make it personalized so people can remember the branding. 

When people order the meal, the chances are that they already know or are trying your product. If you want to offer something special, then try to offer a unique bundle. This kind of bundle allows the customer to make their customized order. Maybe some extra strawberry for the cake or less spicy sauce for the Asian cuisine can help enhance the branding scheme. 

This kind of branding method helps to present and picturing the experience of direct transactions. It is an effective way to appeal to your delivery buyers to enjoy their favorite even from a far distance. To perfectly nail this idea, you will need some experiments and put yourself in the customer's point of view. Consider what kind of need that they want for the market. 

Not only for the menu, but you can also do the same branding with the packaging. Try to make people consider your delivery service with your creativity. You can offer customization packaging (not a whole customizable) option. For example, proffer them some unique packaging for their beloved sons or use a hard container that fits for traveling. 

This kind of packaging and menu customization was not an easy food delivery branding option. There is a lot of market research and customer understanding to know the exact needs; if you make a hasty decision in the branding, the chance that the customization will end up jumble up the whole serving and delivery process.

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5. Elevate The Experience 

In the last branding tips, you might have to consider a lot of possibilities. The idea of elevating experience comes with adding a particular menu or product along with the order. Why so? This is a good and effective way to introduce some of the product, elevate the delivery experience, and boost your culinary business branding. 

It works like a bundle. However, buyers cannot choose or get limited options to opt out of the product, for example, by adding homemade pomegranate juice to the morning salad menu. It is part of the bundle, and people only have the chance to accept or decline the offer. It sounds like you are forcing people to drink it, but the branding helps the company to introduce the drink. 

In other words, people can get the opportunity to drink it alongside the main menu. Surprisingly, tons of restaurants do the same method for their food delivery service. The good thing is that you don't have to offer them the complete package. Consider the bonus as a taste test product with a small quantity.

Put them in an appropriate packaging, such as a pouch or fun small bottle. This thoughtful idea not only works as a branding method but also as a smart marketing trick. By giving a small sample, the buyer is bound to have enough or looking for more. If they do like the unique experience, chances are they will rebuy or get the full version of the sample. It is a win-win situation.   

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Food delivery branding plays a big role in developing your company's presence. It pretty much helps you stand out and make a distinctive characteristic among the fierce market. At some point, it is worth underlining that you can create a brand identity in many ways. It includes branding the packaging, information, innovation, experience, needs, and ideas. Most important of all, enjoy the process!

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