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Article: 10 Tips To Create A Good Education Logo Design

10 Tips To Create A Good Education Logo Design

Education is a one-way ticket to a better future!
Here are some notable tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic education logo design!
Created by Tea Tomescu |

The education industry has many areas of expertise. It is not only about schools or institutions; you can also put the same ideas for similar services that come with its learning courses. With modern and technological capability, even the online learning and teaching company or creator can be part of the education industry. It opens up the possibility for visual identities. 

In other words, you can highlight and see that education is not limited to only formal learning or institutions. Local businesses for tutoring agencies, specialized academies, online learning, and small offline study are some of the basic examples. It makes the education logo design have a bigger spectrum of possibilities. 

Created by Gabriel Braz |

Not to mention the academic level, the diverse target learner, the subject specialties, major, private or nation, formal, casual, offline, or online. The possibilities are endless, which also highlights the vast world of education itself. That is why the logo design work comes with certain challenges to pinpoint and face. 

Other than the importance of skills and experience in developing authentic imagery, you, as a designer, need to do more behind the scenes. Proper planning and background learning are crucial aspects in developing or determining the design elements. Thus, the logo can have the best visual identity to fully embrace the education's brand or services.  

Created by Srna Todorovic |


1. Research The Institution Background

With education being a very complex and vast industry, designers need to do proper background studies about the works. It is a vital first step in which every creator will learn more about the institution's details. In this case, the brand or the client may include school, college, university, personal course, training, or specialization classes. 

This is where the school's information and details come as a vital element in logo design planning. Every education will lead the creator to determine the best implementation, imagery, or work for the logo. Take an example of the best imagery for the school. A kindergarten will have a contrasting image from a more formal university. 

In many cases, clients will personally send the details of information through its design brief. You will see what kind of level, accreditation, to professional degree the education has. With its details, the different aspects will appear as part of the design in general. It can even include details on the education standard, ranges, or coverage. 

Created by Kenneth Manuel |

You might find a startup or new private courses for local students. It won't appear the same for a formal school with a bigger audience. At the same time, the education logo design for the high class or higher society might have certain aspects to attract. It can also include the specialization or the study concept itself. 

You might find online education courses such as Duolingo. The company is the prime example of how the logo design can morph with the corporation itself. In this case, some of the vital details for the education visual identity can include the institution's subject, study, professionality, focus, age, principle, details, or the target.   

Created by Staya Production |


2. Create An Important Message

Despite the common evaluation of the education industry, one needs to underline that every school or brand has its unique message. Be aware of the mission and vision, which can be seen from the target customers and the company's services themselves. In an academic industry, you will find that the said message can be pretty unique. 

Take an example of an institution with a focus on coding courses. Origin Code academy makes a very clear implication on its courses and message through its imagery. The design combines the coding tags of < and > to create authentic imagery of graduation hats. It forces a visual signal and truly delivers the meaning.  

Created by Creative Invention |


3. Be Intellectual & Authentic

One of the keys to creating a good emblem or sign is the imagery. As a visual identity, the imagery or the image is the first thing people try to understand. It can create meaning, determine the message, and deliver the idea of the education of the institution itself. That is why the image should always have a connection with the industry. 

In the case of education logo design, you will need images along the intellectual, authentic, and specialized aspects. There are many options in the trays, which can include the very formal and known shields and crests. Many academic institutions, colleges, or formal companies with long and rich histories employ the shield and crest image. 

It includes and is not limited to international universities at the level of Harvard education. The logo design employs a shield and crest with a specific and authentic symbol. It is even used in the fantastical world of Harry Potter through Hogwarts's logo. The design has adopted the idea while also highlighting the unique aspect of its institution. 

Created by Alice |

The uses of the shield and crest itself are not limited to a famous or old education academy. Even the young and modern schools can also adopt the idea. The key is to create and add something authentic to it, such as color, imagery, style, fonts, or others. How about other image options? If you are looking for education design, consider intellectual imagery. 

Everything that is familiarized with the industry is your perfect option. You can use common images such as books, graduation hats, pencils, writing materials, microscopes, or owls. The point is to pick an image that automatically leads the audience to think about education through the imagery. 

You can also incorporate imagery that has a sense of growth, such as trees. The tree also has pretty attractive visual details for education logo design emphasizing natural development and outdoor learning. For some schools with the more down-to-earth approach, combining the image of a tree will aid in delivering the message. 

Specialization is also the key imagery in the education business visual identity. Schools focusing on sports academies will try to brand their emblem or sign through sports mascots. The idea can also develop the sense of aggressive sports branding, which also determines a certain authentic visual. Other specialization images can include art, music, computer, language, or other skill-related imagery.     

Created by Walter Mattos |


4. Create A Memorable Look 

Given the fact that the education industry is always growing and has a very vast scope, the competition on the market is rather harsh. With that in mind, crafting the logo design is not only about being good and appropriate. One of the spices in a successful education identity is to make the logo memorable, unique, and understandable. 

Education logo design can appear a bit strained and limited, especially with very common images. But creating memorable imagery can be done by working with a simple logo with an emphasis on its message and purpose. Notre Dame College can be a famous visual identity that still appears unique and simple. 

Created by slicez GD |

At a glance, the Notre Dame logo has a pretty simple initial design. It is also made with the typical interconnected monogram style. In general, it is not fully visually appealing. But the way the design creates a sense of casual yet professional touch through its coloring and font option makes the ND letter sign known. 

It is simple, but the way the school represents its quality and consistency of the branding make it easier to adopt and memorable. People can recognize the logo through the gold and blue color. The simple appearance is also memorable. The versatility also makes it usable in varying media without the need for alteration, creating the best consistency for better memorability.  

Created by Azat Altynbekov |


5. Simple and Minimalistic

Given how vast the education world can be, staying simple gives a chance for the logo design to be memorable. The simple appearance itself is a very common trick and tip in many other industrial or business logos, which makes the visual identity less complicated for both parties. The party said it is the brand (clients) and the creators. 

To support the idea of creating a simpler visual identity, one can work around minimalistic design principles. The primary key to the minimalistic image is using the simplest form of graphic design. You might have to rethink and fully embrace the brand's detail to fully create clear imagery with a minimalistic appearance. 

In this tip, the implementation can include straightforward shapes, simple fonts, and less complicated elements. Limiting the final work with few colors is also part of the concept. The idea is simply to send the message and create a memorable impact on the audience after viewing the logo at a glance.  

To make the simple and minimalistic education logo design, you will need to opt for small details and beautification. Remove additional elements and make it as modest as possible. You can check Texas university with its bull's head, and arched bold all caps Texas name. It captures the location's iconic mascot, stays simple, and has an attractive color.  

Created by Paul Kelly |


6. Be Aware On Trends 

Being aware of trends gives designers the chance to upgrade their works better. In the creative industry, trends can mean good and bad. Depending on how the creator thinks about the trend, a logo design can appear in place or appear out of place. In other words, learn about the trend and see if you can adopt it in education or not. 

Not every trend or famous idea in the logo will fit with the education visual. Creators also need to think further about the longevity of the visual design in the emblem. Blindly adding the trend might end up with an immediate rebranding, which is bad for consistency. Consider further the imagery and the meaning of the style itself.

An art nouveau style can add authentic visuals to the emblem. It will be the best or appropriate trend for academia focusing on art. The education logo design can deliver the beauty of old-time art, which is also the message of the company. But it won't work for a formal academy or school since the imagery won't fit with its services. 

Created by Zau Lagang |


7. Choose A Suitable Color Identity

Colors can create meaning, impression, trend, and also brand impression of the logo itself. At one point, the colors evoke feelings and emotions. It makes color one of the design elements that have a very strict use in logos. For education branding, your choice of color can capture a certain demographic and explains the message and the service's impression. 

Most of the time, education or academic logo design appears more muted or monotone. It emphasizes balance, versatility, and universality. But you can use color in educational visuals to emphasize the target audience. A bright yellow is a common option for young audiences, making it the best color for young learners in education school. 

Red and blue are also common and universal colors for education. It fills the design with the essence of energy, passion, and aggression, a great hue to indicate the burning mission or vision of the school. Meanwhile, blue is the best natural hue that can appeal to both women and men. Sometimes, there is also a color associated with the subject, religion, and education specialization. 

The idea is to pick the best representative color for the education logo design. It can be developed by following the brand identity or considering many behind the scene appeals. One thing is for sure; creators need to limit the use of color, particularly for academic visuals. It is best to limit two or use only one color to make the design more versatile. 

Created by AD Designs |


8. Pick A Suitable Font

If color can evoke impression and meaning, typography and font is the element that shapes the brand's personality. It is one of the crucial points where the creation needs to think further about how the fonts will develop meaning in the education logo design. Think about why many designs visually use the more formal fonts on the logo. 

Most of the answers will go back to the emphasis on creating a professional personality and services. Academy and education are serious matters, which is why formal fonts such as Serif typefaces are commonly used in logos. It is especially through university and college level education. 

But the change can differ depending on the audience and the subjects' matters. For a young learner's education, many try to depict and deliver the message to children with less formal fonts. Thus, the use of sans serif fonts is loved. It also will change if the logo design is made for less formal education such as personal courses or art classes; it will follow the academic's mission. 

Created by Nowshinz Shoma |


9. Make Sure The Logo Is Easily Adaptable

After working with the elements, the key to making a successful logo is developing one with great scalability and versatility. The idea of versatility can include using it in varying sizes, media, versions, appeal, or anything. With the function of creating a more versatile image, creators also need to pay attention to the scale. 

The key is to ensure the logo design will look good, both in a big or smaller size. It can be done by using a Vector image or working with a simple image. At the same time, many other crucial tips will include working with colorless versions or other alterations. It can be a version with no text, colorless, or simple details. Thus, the client can use it easily. 

Created by Ishak Oukaci |


10. Listen To Necessary Feedback  

Since the education industry can appear very complex and vast, try to get feedback from the client or design team. The idea is to ensure the work or the education logo design captures the essence of the academic. Sometimes, the feedback can also include doing surveys of the targeted demographic. Getting feedback aids the creator in upgrading and improving the final work. 

Created by Thayran Melo |


Final Words

The best pinpoint in crafting a good education visual identity is when the creator can capture or understand the industry itself. In this case, education is not a simple matter or business to capture. There are many pieces to fit the puzzles, which makes the logo design creation appear more complex. But the main tips on creating logos are similar to others. 

You will need to learn about the brand itself, including the target details, the message, specialties, or anything related to the educational institution. The idea is to not miss the purpose, show the real identity, and create a memorable or authentic visual identity. That is why detailed information about the brands will help determine many other aspects. 

Created by Marko Ivanovic |

The needed features for creating logo designs are the fonts, color, typeface, and design styles. You can determine the font type that fits the academic's identity. Is it formal, casual, or what? After that, the creator or you can start optimizing the logo design as a whole. Consider working with minimalistic design, pay attention to scalability, and versatility, then get feedback. 

Getting feedback is probably one of the keys to reaching the real meaning of the brand. Try to send and ask for feedback for both the clients and other associated groups. Check whether the education logo design fully captures the brand identity. Make sure the audience gets the message, the visual appeal, and the proper audience, and they stand out in the market. 

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