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Article: How to Design Fantastic Social Media Graphics

How to Design Fantastic Social Media Graphics

Follow these basic steps to design social media graphics that make your brand stands even more engaging to your audience. Check this out!

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One of many things that successful brands have in common is that they have a solid social media presence supported by the graphics. It's inevitable since visual attraction is important. Many people decide things based on what they see.

The adage says, don't judge the book by its cover. But at the same time, people admire the visual they are presented with. The many numbers of social media platforms encourage visual stimulation with various colorful esthetic posts.

There is a high need for social media graphics that could connect the brand with the audience. It is higher now more than before since the current internet users are more prone to visual stimulations. That means they favor content that has a graphic instead of a text.


Why Social Media Graphics Are Important

Among many ways to engage with the public, using images has proven to be a successful one. That is sufficient to say, bringing an A-game on social media graphic is essential. It's more than just garnering attention. The graphics have to be able to tell something and keep visitors engaged.

For any online social platform, the engagement number is what matters. The number of subscribers and followers only matters when the account can keep the interest by keeping their followers engaged. Keep in mind that each platform has its definition for engagements. 

For social media like Facebook and Twitter, engagement is when the post has a lot of comments and reactions. For Twitter, how many times the post is being re-tweeted and quoted also counts as engagement. The same goes for quick-paced platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

It takes more than just a good graphic for the content. But a coherent flow with the theme, brand, and most importantly, with what the market wants. Keeping an updated content with the right media will highlight the brand and put them forward. At any rate, the social convention states that a conversation must happen on this platform, and the account holder is responsible for how it goes.

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Key Tips for Fantastic Graphics

It may sound complicated to create a fantastic graphic. But it's far from the truth. There are many ways to stay being social while maintaining an aesthetic graphic on the feed. Here are several tips on creating a fantastic set of social media graphics for your posts.

1. Have The Right Graphic

Keeping an online presence is equal to being aware of how the media works. Understand that it has an insatiable thirst for new content and feed. It could be anything, from a random shot on daily life to an important subject to share.

The profile picture is equal to having a glimpse of the company. Most companies and brand put their logo with a bright background color. The bright color is meant more than just to attract attention. It also will make the logo stand out even more.

Being on multiple platforms means understanding that each platform has different sizes set for graphics. For example, the profile picture size in Tumblr is 128x128 pixels, while for Twitter, it's 400x400 pixels, just like LinkedIn.

While the cover image also widely diverse between each platform, Youtube has the largest size at 2560x1440 pixels and Facebook as the smallest at 851x315 pixels. Anyhow, to reinforce the presence on social platforms. It is best to have the logo appear on both profile and cover images. 

These different sizes mean you have to be ready and have each size in hand. Do not crop or resize the existing graphic to fit. That shows negligence and unprofessionalism. When creating a new set of graphics, make sure that you have them ready in several sizes to be uploaded to the right platforms.

Not compromising the graphics will show that each platform got the same amount of attention. And it will be noticed by the visitors. Being social, especially online means there is a minimum standard of appearance that the profile must have.

Keep in mind that you have to optimize the image before uploading. Make sure that it's the best image and can boost the media interaction. There is a social convention that happens on each post.

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2. Keeping It Simple

The most engaging images are those that are simplistic in nature. It can be the product with a text or a picture that simply focuses on the products. Sometimes, a simple text with the right fonts can garner enough social attention.

However, a simple graphic doesn't necessarily mean a bare picture with a minimalist design and a handful of colors. It can be a bright and colorful picture with a lot of patterns. A simple graphic means something that has a solid focal point.

Simplicity also has to be translated into the theme being used. As you know, the graphics used cannot be randomly chosen. They may look as if they are random, but the larger picture must be visible. 

There are a lot of themes available that you can use as inspiration when creating a social media graphic set. You can see from these themes that they are keeping it simple by having a graphic and text combination.

Anyway, no need to feel restricted by the themes. It's there to help you streamline the graphics. You can still change the colors and typeface used in the graphics as long as it stays with the theme. And if you want to break free, don't forget to put divider or filler posts to separate the feeds.

When you understand the company's value and what they want to bring into the media, it's easy to define simplicity in their terms. The social convention may dictate one thing, but it doesn't mean that it has to be followed to the letter. At any rate, keeping it simple will help in highlighting the posts.

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3. Stay On The Brand

Any social media presence means bringing your brand to the public. It's been a good promotional method where you have control over what and when to post. It doesn't matter if the brand is new and still struggling or already established for almost a hundred years. The many platforms are an even ground.

If you are the brand you're carrying, then you need to insert several personal posts every once in a while. However, this can be tricky when there is a theme going on. There is the option to make personal posts with similar graphics. 

But it is socially acceptable to have personal posts as fillers. That shows a break from being the company and return to you as a person. Many influencers use the media to speak their thoughts and opinions other than promoting their works.

There may be some hot button issues around the world but check first if it's in line with the brand's values. Timing is important for any post on social media. But it doesn't mean that it's necessary to have a public comment on the media all the time.

Anyhow, when it comes to graphics. Choose the graphics that represent the brand. Consistency is key to keeping social media presence. The graphics presented also have to be in line with the brand values. The logo has to be present as well as using the brand's colors. 

The brand color and logo are important in keeping the media exposure linked back to the brand. It also helps to keep the social interaction that happens on each post contained on the brand.

It is best if the company logo can be visible on the graphics. But if it not, make sure that the graphic is in a way watermarked as copyright. A brand that has its values translated in its social media graphic will garner hit the engagement on its mark.

Created by September 5th |


4. Keep The Market In Mind

Do understand that the audiences in each platform are different. Each social media have their market and segments. This is what the graphics have to highlight. Each post has to do their best to be the media that connect the brand with the market. 

Learn from the already well-established brands on how they keep their social media presence. These brands managed to expand from their already existing market and reach out to new ones. They manage to break the social boundaries and keep garnering new fans.

Think about the target market when building your social media graphic set. Think about how the brand will be seen and how the graphic will fit in the chosen platforms. And the most important part of thinking about is how the media can expand the social reach and garner more buyers. 

These days, most brands have included social platforms in their media set during a product release. The task is how to translate the brand's wishes to meet the market. The question is not on how to bring them to cross the platforms but also on how to keep them engaged.

Having a presence on multiple social media platforms, it's imperative to have the theme streamlined among all of them. There must be a red line that can connect the people from various other social media platforms that come over. 

With the high rate of plagiarism and the swift cry of cancel culture on social platforms, make sure that the brand doesn't break any of the boundaries. Also, make sure that the media presented on the social platforms are inclusive. 

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5. Understand What The Platforms Cater

What Instagram needs is not the same as Facebook and Twitter. Each social media platform caters to different markets, and each has its way of reacting to images. Even though LinkedIn is a social media, but it has a rigid presentation compared to Facebook. 

Each platform has its preferred and supported media, and the graphics included must follow suit. Do not let the media size restrictions hold back the creativity on the social platforms. Instead, use it to create unique media specifically for each of them.

In an online social platform, the graphic aspect is important to keep the engagement going. However, each platform has a different niche. It's important to understand that niche and utilize it to maximize the impact of your social media graphic set.

By 2021, Twitter allows HD graphic upload on a tweet. It is inciting more graphic content from the creative minds. However, it doesn't make Twitter the best place to post graphic feed compared to Instagram. That is because Twitter caters to people who seek a quick feed update and able to comment on it.

In terms of graphics, Instagram is still the most preferred social platform for a brand to promote its works. However, this Facebook-owned company doesn't support a long caption, and a video feed is limited to under 2 minutes. But it's still socially preferred than Pinterest, which also big on images and video.

Youtube is a good example of a platform that can cater to multiple image sizes. It also allows comments to keep a two-way social interaction. The profile page also supports interactive media as well as the still one. However, this means that the media for Youtube. 

Another thing to consider is how the graphic speaks to the viewer. Make sure that the profile picture, cover image, and color scheme are analogous in all platforms being used. That way, each viewer will have the conviction that it's the same brand.

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6. Keep In Balance

The image has to be balanced to be appealing, such as the texture, color, and composition. That is what lures the random viewer to check the media presented. Anyhow, the factors mentioned above are also important factors to be balanced in. 

With that being said, having the right image is important, but keeping it balanced with the caption and stay with the feed theme is equally important. Understand that some social platforms have a limitation on each post. 

Not everyone enjoys a long caption on Instagram. No matter how interesting the image or the video is. The same with how a Facebook post won't get much of a click when it has a less engaging title.

A good balance can be attained by having the right caption that supports the image. Having the right social media graphic can boost exposure and keep the social interaction going between the brand and viewers.

You can start choosing the platform that supports any media and graphic as well as text, depending on what the brand needs. Understand that each platform is different, so there may be a need to curate the images to post on each platform. 

The images don't have to reach the point of being exclusive on a single platform. It only adds the workload with minimum social impact. What you can do is to have the images ready for different platforms to maximize their media usage.

At some point, the image must be able to talk for itself and not relying on the caption. The same goes for a video. The thumbnail must be able to summarize the video while keeping the viewer curious enough to click and watch it. 

Another balance that you need to pay attention to is the online presence with the offline. It is good to keep the followers updated, but oversaturated the feed with a random graphic can be counter-productive in the long run.

Make good use of the scheduled post function to plan the feed. That way, you can pay attention to what's happening on the social platform as well as how to give your post maximum media exposure. 

These scheduled posts are also a good way to gauge the social situation in the media to see which post is suitable. It's also a great period for analyzes the impact of media exposure on the business, which leads us to our final point below.

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7. Always Open For Adjustment

After a quarter or monthly analysis, you could tell which graphic garners the most engagement. You could see the pattern happening in the audience. The data is enough for you to better understand the audience.

Use the social media graphic as the way to gauge how successful a campaign is. There are several tools that you can use to measure it. At the very least, figure out which type of graphic has the highest view. 

The adjustment may happen immediately to boost the exposure. Or it happens on the next campaign. Make sure that the adjustment fits the platform. It doesn't have to be a radical deviation from the original post. But it could include one or two things that will spark media exposure.

Don't forget that most platforms offer advertisement plans. For a specific fee, you can have the posts appear among the user's current feed to ignite their interest. These advertisements are made based on the user's history search and shown interest. So, the market is more specific compared to having the post on your regular feed.

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Social media is a competitive land where content can be lost easily in an endless stream of other feeds. It's even more important to have the audience click on the post instead of scroll past. Posting intriguing graphics is only one of the ways to have an online conversation on the media.

Anyhow, it is easy to design a series of fantastic social media graphics. The key is understanding your brand and willing to make adjustments whenever required. The branding itself is of the utmost importance because it has everything about the business there. It must have the logo, tagline, and color. 

Lastly, don't forget to enjoy the process, and have fun!

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