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Article: 12 Tips to Create Effective Packaging Design

12 Tips to Create Effective Packaging Design

Packaging design is all about balancing its beauty and function.
This article covers some tricks for you to create it successfully. Check this out!
Created by Best Studio |

Creating a packaging design is one of the essential parts of marketing because it will decide your client's business success. So, keeping in view its significance, here we have some tips for creating a successful package design.

Knowing the end customer is a fundamental part of creating package design. You should make sure that what kind of design will attract your target customers the most and that will tell you about the main idea on which you will further proceed to make eye-catching package design.

You must know that whether the customer is male or female, young or old, like for which category you are making our products and their interests and uses, it would help you to design the package according to their mindset.

Here goes the list of tips that you should mainly consider when creating a packaging design:


1. Consider the Competition

You have to acknowledge the fact that you are not alone in any field, there is always the better one in that field. So, keep an eye on your competitors that how they have designed their products, and after knowing the things, you can make a comparison and see by yourself how you can make your product better than your competitors.

Also, you should go to the stores and check that how your product will look like standing between its competitors and what is the thing which will make it better against them?


2. Are Your Product Benefits Prominently Displayed?

Instead of focusing on the product features, you should prominent the outcomes of the product for the customers, it would be more enchanting and attract more people towards the project.

You can focus on questions like does the product meet their needs and desires? Does it provide them with the best? Or does it make them feel relax and satisfies?

So, you need to look at the consumers' real needs and desires and then include them into your packaging design through content or visuals.

Created by Elif Şahin |


3. Consider Multiple Designs

You should check out different designs and put them in front of you. You don't have to stick with one design. It would be best if you made a comparison, and in that way, you can figure out the practical design for your product.

Besides considering more than one design, you also need to show them to your friends and family and take views from them because they can be the customers. They will judge better, and it is not necessary that what is your best choice will be the best choice for others too. So, ask for their views, and it will also help you to choose a perfect design.

Created by Tatiana Rusalovskaya |


4. Make it stores friendly

While designing your package you should also focus on the ease of shopkeeper. Don’t make it too unique or unusual as it would not be easy for stores to store your product or to display it on the shelf.

By considering the ease of store your client can generate more sales.

Created by Hatch Design |


5. Are You Starting a Brand?

If you need to make a good package design, you must plan for the future, which will help you proceed next.

Moreover, consider that you will make a brand and other products will also fall after this. In that case, you will have to adjust the type, color, designs, and other things likewise, so it would be great for your future too and make a perfect product family.

Created by Abby Kwon |


6. Family Appearance

It means if you have more than one product, consider your other products too while creating the design for this product. Different products from one company are just like a family. So, what you should need to do, make them look like a family so that consumers will make an idea from the design that this product is also from the same company.

It would be helpful in a way that if you already have a lot of customers using your products, it would help them to recognize that this is also from the same company and they will buy that product in their previous trust for your company.

Created by Best Studio |


7. Consider customer’s Experience

Always consider the customer's experience to buy your product and design likewise.

You must have to keep in view that whether the customer can touch your product or smell it. To check the quality of the product this is considered a basic practice. So, you should make sure that your customer can do this. Also, you can provide one extra piece to the stores and advise them to keep that for test purposes. After observing these things in perspective, you can better know the consumer's experience and then design it accordingly.

Created by Arithmetic |


8. Think Of Your Package as a Shelf Billboard

You have to make sure that the package would have enough space to show your product's features and benefits because these things must be displayed on the box.

If your product is large enough to display features and benefits, that well and good, but if it is small, you have to add some space and make room for them to fit in.

Created by Samuel Restorick |


9. Make it POP with Color

While designing your package you should also focus on the color. You have to consider the fact that many famous brands choose their specific color so that it will make their brand distinguished from others. So, you have to select which color would be the color of your brand and from which color you want your brand to be recognized.

Created by Gander |


10. Quality Printing

As the quality of the printing will reflect the quality of your product so you and your designer will have to wisely choose which printer is the best and have the perfect fitting quality for your product.

Unless it is not experienced, don't go to the printer. Always go to the most experienced one so the best quality will reflect the best product.

Created by Diana Ramirez |


11. Make your description effective and concise

Choosing the words for description should also be done very wisely because they are the reflection of your product.

Your words must be to the point and concise—no need to give out any extra details and knowledge. You have to show only features and benefits in the most straightforward way so that no irrelevant information would be given out.

Created by Rachel Whitt |


12. Redesign your Existing Package

Sometimes you see that the other competitors are copying your designs, that’s the time you need to upgrade your style and design. Upgrading is also necessary for making your company rant on no#1. You also need to upgrade the style and design.

As it is said that you only have 3 seconds to attract your customers, and those 3 seconds will decide the future of your product, so if the shopper sees the same type of things, it might be possible to get detracted. Hence, you should keep your design unique and distinguished from others. Also, if you don’t want to give the chance to others to copy you be wise and intelligent, keep on redesigning and it will increase your sales too.

Created by Denise Höd |


Final Words

In conclusion, to create a successful packaging project you need to understand how design is affecting customer buying behaviour. Always keep in mind certain questions about what's working and what's not, at the same time look into the current trends and how your competitors approach the designs. Once you have checked all of these, you will absolutely have a wonderful packaging designs and your clients will come for more. Cheers!

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