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Article: 21 Worst Client Habits That Graphic Designers Should Be Aware

21 Worst Client Habits That Graphic Designers Should Be Aware

The graphic design realm is not always about sunshine and rainbows. Since you have to work with people, you are bound to meet many kinds of clients. From the patience to the hot-headed one, your graphic design clients can make your job harder. Because you are already on the same train, here are some of the worst habits that you might have to face in your career. 


1. Too Many Revisions 

If you consider commitment issues and make them bigger as revision, then you should be prepared with clients that ask for too many revisions. This is a habit that always occurs in many graphic or any design world. While it is a common and unavoidable occurrence to ask for a revision, you can always set several revisions to avoid the worst. 

States the number in the term and contract before you start the graphic design project. It is surprisingly not about the designer making a mistake, sometimes the client's worst habit kicks in and complains. Thus, looking for even a single mistake in the design and asking for a revision. Mostly it happens when creating logos and design identities. 

2. Additional Work 

Shameless people are not shy to ask more. In the case of graphic design clients' worst habit, they might ask for additional work outside the term and agreements. Do you need to do it or not? It depends. This kind of habit can be good or bad. If they ask you to spring some extra work and won't pay, it is a big no or the worst. If you got extra bucks, then it is a good deal. 

3. Good Design Cheap Price

Price is pretty much one of the things that get a lot of attention. In many cases, you will handle a haggler-type client. It is not a bitter worst habit that you can avoid, but you can face it with dignity. Most of the time, people are starting to see Photoshop and know how to use it. Thus, they have a bad idea of what the design is worth. 

On this worst occasion, you as a graphic design worker need to stay strong with your price that is worth your time. Many of these worst client habits decide to outsource the project to India or other locations with very low prices. But you are a professional. So, hold out for those customers and show your graphic model's worth.  

4. Not Willing To Pay Additional Cost 

If you ever want to ask for more extra price or cost at the end of the project, most people or clients will say no. It is not only the worst habit from the graphic design clients but also the designer. It is best to specify the additional cost in the front. So you get an okay, or the buyer cannot say no. It can include some costs such as printing, stock, or rush projects. 

5. Throw The Printing Cost On You 

It is alright to handle the printing for clients, but if you find there are too many customers, you can pin the cost to them. The idea is that many worst-mannered patrons put outrageous graphic printing costs due to the error in the final design. To avoid it, you can recommend your customer for a printer or let them choose a printing service. So, you are free from extra costs. 

6. The Know Everything Client 

Another worst habit that makes a designer boil up is the know, everything client. So, these sorts of people tend to feel or think they know everything about design. Thus, they might force or push you to do exactly what they tell you to. It can be very annoying, especially if this worst habit did not tell their competence. 

To handle this habit, sometimes you have to deal with it and continue the graphic design project. If they do force you to make something that is impossible, don't be afraid to tell the truth. You are the person in charge of the graphic and design project. Show your input and give the worst client a reality that you are the one hired as a professional designer, Not them!

7. Over Control 

Similar to the know everything client, a graphic design clients' worst habit that can raise blood is over control. Most of the people with this trait will not allow much freedom for the designer. Sometimes people with this habit tend to limit or already have an ideal graphic concept in their head. Thus, you need to follow whatever they want to without any consideration. 

If you have to face the worst over-controlling client's habit, try to tell who you are. Let them know without sounding rude or harsh that you are the one that was hired for the graphic project; if you can do what they want, then okay. But if you cannot, don't be afraid to throw out some of your opinions or suggestions. Your competence in design matters in the project. 

8. Unavailable Clients 

Graphic design clients with the worst habit that you need to be aware of are those with very busy schedules. There are always 1 in 10 clients that are never available for you as the designer. At this point, you might need a lot of discussion and questions about the project. At the same time, you need to contact the client to eventually look at the graphic sample. 

When the client with this habit comes, the solution is up to you. Since you cannot tell about how the graphic and the design process are, then you can either do anything to contact the client or and get the project done. In the worst-case scenario, you might have to revise the graphic design result but save your time or waste your time to reach the unavailable client. 

9. Commitment Phobic

If you ever see a person wandering around a shop and consider all of their options before buying it, most likely, they are very detailed. This kind of action or habit in graphic design did not pose any worst effect, as long as they know what they want. In other words, if they can signify the design or the graphic model that they are serious about, then it's fine. 

However, this habit can turn worse if they become indecisive. It becomes a red warning for the graphic design project if they fall into a repeat. This kind of worst habit can waste your time deciding on the design. In the worst case, once you start working with the graphic project, they might want to revise or change something again and again. 

In the worst case, you need to state the habits and tell your opposition. Tell them what you need and what they have to do in a given time. Thus, they can make their mind faster. You can also write a term about the graphic project that the client only has several revisions. Small changes or big changes for the graphic are allowed with the agreement and other terms. 

10. Make Something Bigger 

Whether the client is clueless about the project or being ignorant, there is always one that wants to make something bigger. This kind of worst habit of graphic design clients has become a sort of inside joke for every designer. The idea is that they always want to make certain elements altered and make them bigger. In the worst-case scenario, you have to deal with it.  

11. Lack Of Research

The lack of planning and research might be one of the most common worst habits that you need to handle professionally. Your client might want a graphic project without any idea what's going on. They don't know how complicated the process is, and they don't know what to do or what they want in the particular design model. So, what should you do? 

Chances are, your clients are pretty clueless about the work. So, your job is to help the patrons to go back to the start and do more research before signing the contract. Tell them that it is very difficult for you to come up with a graphic model or nail the design ideas. Explain every detail of the job, so you can counter these worst types of habits.  

12. Not Planning The Project Beforehand  

One of the bad habits of graphic design clients is not planning everything. As said in the previous point, you need to explain everything in detail and ask your worst client to start from the grounding. But this planning can also include the deadline, estimated time, prices, and terms. 

Going without planning can make the process of creating a graphic project more complicated. You might face a sudden tight deadline, cancellation, or change of concept. This is the worst habit that you must handle professionally. Try to discuss and plan the design project together. Layout every detail, so the bad habit client can figure out what they can expect from the lack of planning. 

13. Doesn't Provide Any Copy Or Image 

Surprisingly, not planning can also affect some other aspects, including not giving you the copy or images for the graphic design project. As a common worst habit, you can press the client that you won't start the project without prior copy or images. It will force the worst customer to give it to you on time, even though it is just a dummy text or bad reference. 

14. Use worst or Small Resolution For Print 

What if they are prepared but not so? In other words, some of the worst habits clients might ask you to do a print graphic design project with a very bad picture. What it means by bad is not having high-resolution images. This kind of habit can end with badly printed graphics that appear blurry or cracked. 

Most of the time, this is not the actual worst habit. However, it is usually due to the lack of understanding about the project. They don't know the graphic design terms such as resolution and pixels. Thus, they ended up with whatever they found. If so, your job as a designer is to recommend them using high-resolution stock illustrations or images. 

To counter this habit, you may need some skill to explains the design terms. Tell them the result of using that insufficient graphic. You can also offer options to either change the images or use them as small as possible. Another worst habit that follows is persistence. If your client wants to keep the image, then write it on the contract about the low resolution and the bad result. 

15. Force You Using Bad Designed Graphic Logo Or Other Element 

One of the graphic design clients' worst habits that can make the project progress feel like a bad day is giving you bad elements. It is another example of clients that are prepared for the project but did not do it well. The problem goes on the graphic element that they give you as part of the project. In this case, the logo or the element is poorly designed or worst. 

Like the one that gets paid for the project, this kind of action might make you feel hurt with your artwork. Unfortunately, you have almost no right to do anything with the already settled graphic elements. You need to learn to judge and to argue if the original element did not fit your overall design. Try to inform the client with the worst habit and negotiate for better.   

16. No Down Payment

Avoid any design before the client agrees to a down payment. This kind of habit relates to the chance of a scam, stealing it, and not paying your work. So, the characteristic of this worst client is that they want to see the finished design even before paying. Try to avoid any kind of acts like this. You need to be extra careful with people in forums or classified social media.

17. Slow Payment 

If one habit is not paying you and stealing the job, the other worst habit is slow payment. These two types of clients are the scum in society. If you can, always ask for a down payment before the design graphic project begins. You can regulate the number accordingly, such as pay all for small projects or half for bigger projects. 

To avoid any worse stealing or art thief, you can write down in the term about giving the final graphic file before the customer pays all. So, being smart with money and cost is a habit that every designer needs. Counter the slow payment by giving the final result as you receive the full payment. With that idea, the worst habit client will try to pay you faster. 

18. Unnecessary Legal Action

When it comes to stubborn graphic design clients, you need to prepare for legal action. It is not a habit that you can handle easily. In this case, you can counter it by saving all of the evidence. It can be in the form of paperwork or emails. Make sure you also have a lawyer that can help you to handle the worst kind of client. 

19. Cancel Ongoing Project

Another worst habit from a client that you need to consider is one that loves to cancel projects. No matter the reasons, no one loves canceling an ongoing project. To protect yourself from any bad consequences, you need to use a graphic design project contract. A contract is one and simple way to protect you by all means. 

But canceling project habits is not always due to the customers. You can also cancel the project for some reason. Most designers that work with graphic projects will refund clients up to the finished work when the issues are from the designer side. But some give no refund at all due to the graphic design project cancelation from the client.  

20. Asking Files Years Later 

There is always a reason why designers have old files in their storage. One of them is to face the client's worst habit of asking for files after a long time. At some point, they come back after years to ask for the same file from your design project. Sometimes this habit can be annoying, but it won't cost you much to save an old project and backup it on an online cloud. 

21. Returning Just For Login Information

Another worst habit of graphic design clients that forces you to see them again is asking for login information. There is a time when you have to jump straight to the patron platform or profile to do the graphic or design project. It means you will have the login information. In this case, you can save it just for your career record and a little help for forgetful worst clients. 


Final Words

Nevertheless, being a good designer is not an easy task. You have to handle the creative graphic and design project as well as deal with the customers. While there are always professional and good-hearted people, you might also need to prepare yourself for the worst. Hopefully, this list of bad habits of graphic design clients can help you in the future.  

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