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Article: 15 Best Photo Editing Apps for IOS & Android

15 Best Photo Editing Apps for IOS & Android

Visual images are one of the many higher market solutions. In many cases, photos with retouching tend to add more meaning and make work more expressive. That is why promoting business through photography gains more recognition in this social media age. It also turns into one of the reasons why photo editing apps are getting more popular. 

But, the idea of using advanced editing apps makes many businesses feel intimidated. It mostly resolves under the fact that some apps demand further design knowledge. At some point, photo editors also request higher performance technology. Fortunately, the trend has changed the app's availability for mobile device users. 

Yes, to gain more market and join the trend of social media, many photo editing programs reach iOS and Android users. The trend is not only proving better user availability but also capabilities. It gives mobile users gain the same opportunities to make good post photo productions on small devices. For those in the loop on how to find secret apps on iPhone, there are also undisclosed photo editing apps that offer unique features, broadening the spectrum of creative possibilities. To give you some head up, here are some assortments of apps for iOS and Android users.


1. Adobe Photoshop Express 

You can consider one of the most popular adobe apps, the Adobe Photoshop Fix. Starting with the industry standard, this is an app that you can use in both IOS and Android. Even though Android or iOS have different brains, you can use them for free. That aspect makes this all-around photo editing program way better than any other. 

Just like any other android or iOS app, the usability is pretty limited even though it has a large number of Photoshop best editing tools. Most of the limitations come from the smaller media, which makes the process quite hard at some points. With time you can get the idea better, especially if you are familiar with Photoshop in general. 

Using a bigger iOS or Android device will help you get through the touch screen aspect. The app is pretty quick and compact since you can upload a photo, take one from the camera or use one from Creative Cloud. Some editing tools available are filters, saturation, cropping, and many more. But, the automatic filter correction makes it one of its functions in it. 



2. Adobe Photoshop Fix

Adobe does well with its expansions on the iOS and Android apps. One of the best photo editing apps you can find is the Adobe Photoshop fixes that mostly focus on editing portraits. Again, the smartphone app is free. But you will need to have an Adobe account to log in and enjoy the photo editing tools as well as the Creative cloud access. 

It is not one of many familiar iOS or android photo filter apps. In this one, you will concentrate on fixing or removing some elements from the images. It contains fixing shapes, size, position, highlights, shadows, colors, and many more. So, the app is not for filters. Instead, you got some advanced editing tools that make everything adjustable. 

The powerful function came from the liquify section editing tool. The iOS and Android photo editing tools will automatically register each facial feature. After the apps recognize each feature, you get the chance to alter them. That makes it one of the unique apps that allow users to make some detailed alterations and develop perfect photos. 



3. Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor 

Still, with the industry standard, Adobe also embraces iOS or Android users through its lightroom photo editor. Lightroom CC is for professionals since it is jam-packed with advanced editing tools. The functions are also varying, which turns it into one of the great free apps you can use on mobile devices. 

However, while it does target a more professional target, the Lightroom photo editor also works for quick adjustment. It works just like the desktop software apps but with more restrictions regarding the space and device. However, as one of the many photo editing apps, it does not try to give too much to the users. 

Instead, the iOS and Android device users will focus on creating high-quality adjustments. It also appears with a simple slider, which makes light, details, distortion, color, and many other adjustments easier. As iOS or android apps, it does support RAW files, which is one of the best ways it gathers a solid community. 



4. Photofox Photo Editor

Known under the name Enlight Photofox, the photo editing program is only available on iOS. Apple users should be happy with the fact that it is one of many free apps that has high capabilities, mostly on the artistic touch for photos. In this iOS app, you have a range of editing tools that allow you to create dramatic effects. 

You are free to add graphic elements, blend, play with the alternation, and many more. It also uses layers for the workspace. So, you can expect an easier learning curve. In this iOS photo editing software, you can make surreal pictures. But the free option only has two layers. You will need to get the pro iOS version starting from a $3 subscription or a $65 one-time purchase for more.



5. Canva 

If you are an android user, the name Canva will sound highly familiar. Yes, the edit tool app is one of the famous options for android users. However, Canva is also available for iOS users. So, iPhone users can work with Canva as well. In this case, the program mostly stays in the business-related branded photo editing apps circle. In other words, it gives more possibilities. 

The program somehow highlights social media availability, capability, and continuity. That means that Canva is trying to encourage users to create or use photo editing templates that fit with the current social media craze. But, again, it makes the market gain more access and support through its functionality. Thus, Canva did well in joining the trend. 

However, Canva did more than just an image editor with filters and stickers. IOS users or android device owners got the chance to create many visual images across media. It works for posters, collateral marketing, websites, or social media posts. That is why it is one of the most powerful apps you can use on small smartphone devices. 



6. Instagram 

Aside from being a social media network, Instagram itself is one of the many powerful photo editing apps out there. Both iOS and Android versions come with vast functions such as adding filters, creating simple and quick color adjustments, putting stickers, and sharing the results. In many cases, Instagram itself will help build an online following. 

So, what makes it different on the android or the iOS device? The biggest difference is in the appearance, but the overall functions are the same. You can take photos, edit them with some elements, and share them on Instagram. Both iOS and android have the same process, which makes them popular in no time. 

The powerful move by the social network also includes its editing tools. People do not need to use more than one app. They can take pictures, photos, or videos and edit them right on the app. However, it only focuses on the most basic photo edit tools. It contains stickers, texts, effects, filters, and many more. Harnessing Instagram power deserves a place in multifunction android apps.  



7. Foodie 

Photo arts is more than about portraits. And you got full support for food photographs with the help of Foodie, one of the best photo editing apps you can use. It is a free program that you can find on both iOS and Android, and both have the same powerful tools to offer. In this case, Foodie does perfectly when trying to embrace the trend of foodgasm photos. 

One thing that makes Foodie worth the best editing apps is its exceptional filters and editing features. You get around 30 filters that work for food images. One of the best photo editing functions you can get is the perfect bird's eyes shut. The android program helps you make the perfect alignment and make the color pop up in good ways. 

Is Foodie as powerful as photoshop? Unfortunately, no. You have to cope with the more standard and fundamental editing, such as changing the filter, color adjustment, or some advanced manual photograph. Though, both smartphone users can get Foodie for free. So, iOS and Android users can enjoy some high-end food photo enrichment from this app. 



8. Pixelmator 

It is not a surprise that iOS users tend to get more exclusive apps, including those paid ones. One is included in the Pixelmator photo editor. It is a paid app only for iOS (not android), and you have to buy it for about 40 USD to get its full potential. But the positive thing is that it has a huge range of editing features. So, your money will not go wasted. 

While it does cover all of the essentials, most of them are not advanced. You cannot make professional photo enhancements through this iOS app. However, most features for graphic designers and photographers are available. They are enhancing image tools, editing text graphics, or advanced compositions. 

Some rudimentary tools are creating collages, templates, effects, and many more. Compared to many photo editing apps, Pixelmator does offer pretty good tools. The interface also looks professional despite the more confiscated media such as iOS phones. Regrettably, Android users cannot join the joy since it is unavailable for the iOS platform.  



9. Bazaart

For those who are looking for editing apps that work well with image effects, manipulation, and surreal results, the options are not that varying. It is especially true for Android users since not so many apps can attract the right market. It's a different matter for iOS users since they can enjoy Bazaart as the best pick in the Appstore. 

In this case, Bazaart does highlight its image manipulation tools more than just changing colors and removing blemishes or objects. Some more advanced photo edit tools include transforming photos and adding some unique effects to them. The complex process was made easier with Bazaart since the developer knew the limitations of phone users. 

Compared to the basic apps, you have the collage and montage tools that help you combine multiple elements for your photo. You can add graphics and text to transform a mere photo into nightmare fuel or wonderful imagery. It can handle segments and give surreal effects. And the iOS app also embraces instant background removal and templates. 

For most, it is one of the best photo editing apps that you can use for classic yet advanced alternation. Bazaart also comes with templates that help give instant change for new iOS users. The pre-made design and some more Instagram story templates also embrace the shifting popularity of social media platforms. But again, android users cannot try it.  



10. Touchretouch 

Since iOS get many exclusive apps, Android also has options that deserve to be the best photo editing options out there. Android users can try Touchretouch to make some essential changes. It delivers best when users want to remove unwanted objects from images, such as blemishes, people, or objects. It does perfectly, except you have to buy it for around $2. 

Compared to the price tag, the editing tools are pretty basic. You could remove any object in the photo with some simple takes. So, it is a great pick to remove photobombers, pimples, or blemishes. However, it does work with a single tap. And lastly, iOS phone users can also enjoy the app with the same amount to pay. 



11. Visage

Proofing a good take on the basic function can mean more for smartphone users. An example is the retouching selfies used by Visage. Visage does not give enough advanced options when compared to more powerful photo editing apps. However, it works like iOS or android beautification with more options. 

One thing that you need to underline is that Visage is a selfie photo editing application. You can take pictures and then use the app for some edits, such as retouching the portraits. It is pretty powerful to smooth the skin, add makeup, or add a background to enhance your pictures. It is one of the good android apps aside from its ads (for the free version). 



12. Afterlight 2

iOS and Android users can enjoy the Afterlight 2 as a pretty vast editing tool. You can make tons of artsy overlays and alternations for your picture using the fair and quick editing scheme. Just like any other all-in-one app, you can do pretty much everything, including changing the hue/saturation, exposure, tone, and contrast. 

Another function that is as good as Adobe apps is the text features. You have vast functions and freedoms. Afterlight 2 also works with RAW files you capture from an android or iOS phone. So, it works as a perfect photo editing for a newbie to professionals. Some other good points that rival paid apps are the set of textures. 

The iOS version and the android photo editing apps have some different selections, but most of the textures are intake. The best out of the texture packs are the real film light leaks, prism effects, and dusty film overlays. It also consists of more than 70 preset frames with customization possibilities. So, it does good as a free app for both platforms. 



13. Over graphic design maker

When compared to other apps, Over does not give too many editing options. In this iOS and android photo app, you get a little bit of everything. So, expect the most fundamentals other than advanced edits. The biggest highlight of this app is the text editing option. You can add multiple texts with different styles, fonts, and interfaces. 

Some iOS or android text editing functions include text alignment, size, tints, and layering. Over gives the best for those who love working and pinching some quirky text in photos. It also embraces social media needs by sharing buttons for a range of social media networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 



14. Facetune

Facetune is a paid app for both iOS and Android users. For about a $4 fee, the app focuses on selfie editing tools that can give professional results. Smooth skins, facial features adjustment, changing background, and some highly advanced face alternation. With how powerful the photo edit tools are, Face toon can make your image look like a doll. 



15. LiveCollage 

Compared to many other photo editing apps, LiveCollage is very basic. It does offer some functions such as text, color, and size customization. But, there are not too many picture enhancements aside from colors. But, this free iOS and Android app pick up the game by providing a huge range of collage presets. So you can enhance your social media photo collection display.  



Final Words

The fifteen apps are just a glimpse of the ranges on the internet. Android and iOS are hugely received and have increased app demands. Thus, you can always find more and more options out there. Each has different perks, such as a significant editing function, free, paid, or exclusive for a specific platform. No matter the app, make sure you choose the one that fits your workability.

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