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Article: 20 Best Graphic Design Tools for Beginners and Professionals

20 Best Graphic Design Tools for Beginners and Professionals

Currently, becoming a graphic designer is one of the most sought-after jobs. This is due to the tendency of people to enjoy various content in a visual form. Multiple companies and organizations also significantly invest in graphic designers to create content, marketing, and products with graphic models.

Technological developments have also made this job feasible to pursue. By utilizing a gadget or laptop device, you can easily become a graphic designer. By using technology, it will certainly make your work easier, but don't forget the supporting software or application to further extend the design process.

Supporting applications can be used for professionals or beginners. They are better known as graphic design tools. The choice of application used also varies. It can be adjusted according to user needs. For those who are professionals, using premium applications is highly recommended.

However, if you are still learning, there are many choices of free applications that you can try. Besides being able to increase experience in using graphic design tools, it can also be a means of choosing the right application according to your capabilities.

These are various special applications for graphic designers that you can try, especially for those of you who are experienced in the field. Using these multiple applications will make your work easier and result in better quality. By improving your work's productivity and quality, you should be able to satisfy clients or companies even better. Check this out:



The first of many graphic design tools you can try is Vectr, a graphic designer performance support application with a browser-like concept. This graphic design application is friendly to all users, both professionals, and beginners.

Many features are available in this application, including a font library, filters, various shadows, and editing features. Don't hesitate to learn using this tool as there are tutorials that will help you use all of its features. Although simple, this application is reasonably practical and popular as it's been widely used by graphic designers.



Gravit Designer

Next up is the Gravit Designer, which will help you do vector-based editing. It has a complete range of features, from blending, filters to color and light editing. This application also supports various storage existences, from pdf, jpg to sketch and eps.

This Gravit Designer application can also help you to make smoother image movement movements. It can be used for various platforms and is a popular graphic design tool to use. You can use this application for all types of graphic design projects, from the simple, the simple, to the most complex ones.




If you are accustomed to using the SVG format for graphic models created, you can also use Inkscape. This application is quite interesting because it makes SVG the primary format for storing designs, making it more practical than the other models.

The features available in this application are also complete, including the object cloning feature, node editing, image tracing, and many others. This application is well known in the graphic design community because it has an unlimited number of designs to do some creative experiments.



SVG Edit

The next choice is the SVG Edit application, a friendly application for beginners who are just learning graphic design. This creative tool has features and a clean and easy platform to operate, making it friendly for new users. You can create various files with an SVG existence, then export the files if necessary.

There is a set of tools that you can use as a base tool when working on graphic design. For designers who want to use its features, you can also take advantage of the full features. Although it seems simple and more appropriate for beginners, it's an ideal software to do basic graphic design works.




If you are more interested in using graphic design tools that are connected directly with internet networks, then Photopea can be the right choice. This application only available online, and it requires a stable internet network to perform various processes and its feature performance.

The interesting part of this application is that it supports two graphic models at once, ranging from vector to raster models. Storage is available in various formats, from PSD, CXF and more. The most notable feature of Photopea is its powerful and diverse brush tools, which could help you create fantastic-looking works.




Gimp is an application that has long been popular as an alternative to Photoshop. Besides being able to be used for free, this application will help you to create stronger and more detailed image results.

For those who want to use Gimp, it is advisable to try other simpler applications first because Gimp is more suitable for professional graphic designers. Some features that make Gimp popular are its image manipulation features, lights control, and many others.



Photo Pos Pro

If you find Gimp to be a graphics app that is too full, you might want to consider the simpler graphic designer tool such as Photo Pos Pro. It is an application that is more compact than Gimp but with similar features and functionality. The features that make this application quite popular are fast tuning, contrast fixing, and many others.

If you feel that the available tools are too few, scroll the menu that says expert to see various additional menus. This menu will make the graphic images you create more powerful and detailed. If the tools you want to use are not available, try to expand the plugins to expand the function.



Sumo Paint

Do you want to be proficient in Photoshop but are confused by the various options that are in it? Don't worry. You can use Sumo Paint which is simply summarized to resemble the features in Photoshop. By learning Sumo Paint first, stepping into an application like Photoshop can be the right step.

Sumo Paint is one of graphic design tools that has an interface resembles Photoshop, looks user-friendly, and can function for various purposes. The superior features of this application include 300 of the best quality brushes, stamping clones, symmetrical devices, and many others.




You are certainly no stranger to Canva. You can use this application on your gadget or laptop with high specs. This application is the pioneer of graphic design tools that are comfortable and easy to use, plus various templates that make the editing process easier.

For those of you who want to use a compact, comfortable, and fast application to create attractive graphic images, Canva is the answer. Not only can it do photo editing, but it is also capable of creating blog headers, social media posts, and various simple graphics for your online assets.



Design Wizard

Finally, you might also want to consider the Design Wizard graphic application, which has many full-featured options. Besides being able to do editing concisely, you can also choose various fonts, objects, or stocks that are available in it. This will make the images you create more varied with various models.

Just like Canva, Design Wizard is an application that emphasizes a concise and concise editing process. If you are interested in using this application, you can download it for free on various platforms.



Pixlr X

For those of you who want to use graphic designer tools made specifically for editing and exploration purposes, Pixlr X can be the right choice. This application is the latest application, which provides many interesting features for users. Pixlr uses html5, compared to the previously widely used flash models.

By using Pixlr X, you can easily do photo editing as you wish. In addition to the various features that are made specifically for users who are already professional, basic features such as image cropping, filters, and layer editing can still be used in full.




If you want to use graphic design tools that provide complete features and a concise process, then Snapseed could be your consideration. Snapseed is a graphical application developed by Google, so it has good features and performance as the real graphics application.

For those of you who want to get more complete features, there is an open-source desktop application that you can use. For those of you who are beginners, you can use the 29 tools provided by Snapseed, while those who are professional can use the additional features available in the special menu.




Still, as a graphic designer that allows novice users to use it, you can use Fotor. This application makes the editing process more concise with a wide selection of tools available in it. There are many effects that you can use, all of which can be downloaded immediately without worrying about having to download them one by one.

If you are interested in using this creative tool, you can download the application on various platforms according to the device you are using. The excellent features available in this software, among others, are filters, images that can be retained, to color and size adjustments.




There are many graphic models that you can find, including infographic models. This model has recently become quite popular because it provides information more effectively than using text. To make an interesting infographic, of course, you need an application that is specifically made for infographics.

Easelly is the right application because it provides a variety of features that support making infographics. Every tool available in this application is easy to use. It even provides a beginner-friendly desktop appearance. You can save graphics and infographics that are created using either a jpg or pdf existence.




Just like Easelly, Infogram was developed to create a variety of graphic models specifically made for image and data projections. Inforgram is one of the graphic design tools that are popular because you can directly export data files from Excel into the application. Automatically, the spreadsheet that you choose can be uploaded directly as data.

You can also add videos or personal images to support the graphics that you have created. If you want to present an attractive presentation, which is not only prominent in the graphic field, then the Infogram can be the right choice.




If you need a tool that can help you create a concise infographic with a user-friendly interface, then Visme can be the recommended choice. Visme will help you with a variety of tools and features in it, which has a complete range for creating various graphic models of maca.

There are two versions that will help you create infographics and other two-dimensional graphic modes, namely the free and premium versions. For the free version, you can use half of the available free features.




Another versatile application that you can use is Snappa, which is an application for creating simple designs, infographics, or even complex artworks. You can complete a simple infographic in just a short time by taking advantage of the graphic application features available in it.

Similar to Easelly or Visme, you can use Snappa for free, making it friendly for users who want to learn and develop their talents. Even though you use free features, there are many choices of tools that are important and can make your work easier.




If you want to create a graphic design with an animated model, then Animaker is the right choice. If you are still having trouble finding the right animation model, you can use the image model available in the library menu. Besides making work easier, it can also be a comfortable place to study for beginner designers.

There are many choices of features that you can use, including complete character models, supporting icons and images, to interesting video animations. For beginners who are not familiar with the wide variety of images and their features, there are tutorials that can help you understand the tools.




Another great option of many graphic design tools that you can use is Krita, which is an image support application that is used not only by designers but also by artists, illustrators, and comic artists. The available image brushes are various, and you can choose according to your desired needs.



Artwaver 7

Most artists want to create a more realistic image result, which is why Artwaver 7 has been widely popular among graphic designers. It's the only application among other graphic design tools that provide more than 800 tones of colors, complete with backgrounds and fonts available. This application is suitable for both professionals and beginners.




So those are some graphic designer tools that you can use to make your job as a graphic designer easier. Each application has its own advantages, as well as the features available in it. Try to look into each one of them, so you can understand and test which application is most suitable to your working style.

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