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Article: 15 Best Client Gift Ideas To Get Repeat Business

15 Best Client Gift Ideas To Get Repeat Business

Treating yours customer well will certainly make a good impression on you or your business.
So, here are some fantastic gift ideas for your clients!

In a business, it is important for you to always provide the best treatment for your client. Treating your client well will certainly make a good impression on you or your business. The following are some gift ideas that you can give to your client to make them repeat business.


Benefits of Giving Gifts to Client

If you want to make your business grow, of course, you have to encourage people to buy the products that you offer. In addition to new people who have never bought your product, one of the biggest target markets that you should prioritize is clients who have already bought your product.

You have to figure out the best way to get them to repeat business with you. This can be done by improving your business products and services. Everyone who has a business mostly only focuses on the products they offer without paying attention to the quality of their service to clients.

Even though the quality of this service is one of the most important things that determine whether a client will stay and do repeat business with you, one of the best ways to make your business services better is to give your clients gifts.

Giving gifts to your clients will make them feel special and appreciated by you and your business. With this feeling, their chances of trusting your business or repeat business will certainly be much greater.

But apart from that, the following is a more detailed discussion of the advantages that you will get from giving gifts to your business clients:


1. Make Your Business Different and Superior When Compared to Competitors' Business

Business competition in this era of global competition is getting tougher and tighter. Your rivals are no longer from the area around you as they were a few years ago. Because of the rapid development of technology, now you have to compete with business competitors from other cities or even countries.

This makes it an urgency for all businesses to make their business different and superior when compared to their competitors' businesses. One way you can do this is by giving gifts to clients. By giving gifts to clients, you will get a higher place in the hearts of clients.

If you have this, then the client will be more willing to repeat business with you than your competitors.


2. Giving Good Impression to Client

Who doesn't like being given a gift? Everyone will certainly feel special and appreciated if they are given a gift. This also applies in the professional world as in the relationship between clients and business.

If from the beginning you have given a sense of appreciation and also a pleasant feeling to your client through gift-giving, then you will give a very good impression. This impression will certainly represent your image and also your business in the eyes of clients.

A good impression is one of the main factors that determine whether someone wants to do repeat business with you or not. You can give gifts before or after transactions with clients.

Giving gifts to them will certainly make a good impression where they will remember your business as a business that respects its customers and is also very thoughtful.


3. As One of the Best Branding Technic

You can give gifts that have your business logo or any gifts that will remind clients of your business. Some gift ideas that you can give are mugs, cardholders, notebooks, and other items that already have your business branding.

One of the best tips that you can use is to give gifts that will be used in daily activities. This, of course, will make clients who use gifts or merchandise remember your business.

In this way, indirectly branding your business has entered the scope of personal clients. Clients will be more likely to repeat business because of their subconscious minds, who are constantly reminded of your business.


Tips for Choosing a Good Gift to Give to Clients

You must keep in mind that your relationship with your client is different from other personal relationships such as family or friends. The main purpose of giving gifts is to make them repeat business. 

Therefore, there are several things that you must pay attention to when choosing gifts for your clients. The following is a summary of tips and things you should pay attention to help you choose the right gift:


1. Personalize Your Gift

Even though the relationship you create with your client is a relationship based on a professional nature, there is nothing wrong with giving a little personal touch to the gifts you give to clients.

Personalization here does not mean to give personal items or step over professional boundaries. Personalizing gifts for your clients can be done by providing names or things that characterize them in your gifts.

If you have established a fairly close relationship with your client, you can also find out what kind of gifts are the client's favorites. This, of course, will give the client an impression that you really prioritize them and also consider them as important people.

Finding out the client's favorite gift will also make it easier for you to choose a gift for a future event. Of course, there will be some other circumstances that require you to give gifts to clients again, right? Therefore, it is important for you to know your client more deeply for a better relationship.

Giving a special feeling to clients is very necessary to maintain good relations and also build a better image of your business so that they have a greater possibility for repeat business.


2. Respect the Client's Gift-Giving Rules

In the business world, your client may not be a personal individual. Your client can also be a company or a brand. Usually, a company or a brand has its own rules about gift-giving from business partners.

It is important for you to know the rules and boundaries that have been set by your client regarding this gift. In determining a client gift, you must first know what kind of gift your client will receive.

Usually, if your client is a company and not a personal individual, they will prefer a more professional gift. Not only companies, but a client who is an individual also sometimes has its own rules when it comes to receiving client gifts.

If you want to give a client gift, then you must ensure that the gift you give is in accordance with the rules given by your client. If you violate these rules, of course, you will indirectly give a bad impression to your clients.Or worse, your client will not accept the gift and may send it to you again. If you have this, then later, you will not be able to influence them to repeat business with you smoothly.


Client Gift Ideas to Make Repeat Business

Some of you might already know the benefits and tips for giving clients gifts when establishing a business relationship with them. But you may still be confused about finding the right gift to give to your clients.

Actually, choosing gifts for clients is a very simple and easy thing to do if you follow the tips that have been discussed earlier. Don't worry, here are some gift ideas that you can give to your clients to get repeat business or repeat orders from your clients:


1. Gift Boxes

The first gift idea you can give to your client is a gift box. A gift box is a box containing a gift that you can set your own contents inside. This gift box will be even better if given a personalized message or a special personalized item for the client.

You can fill this gift box with samples of your latest product or other gifts that are liked by your clients. This client gift is very simple and also very easy to make. If you don't have time to make your own gift box manually, nowadays, there are many service providers who have provided gift boxes that you can personalize as you like.


2. Calendar

One of the most widely used gift ideas by many people is a calendar. A calendar is an object that is ideal for giving to your clients. Many businesses such as banks also provide calendars to their customers at the beginning of each year.

The calendar that you give to your clients can be personalized first with the branding of your business. So if your clients use the calendar, they will also see your company logo or branding every day. You can give this calendar to important events such as Christmas or new year.


3. Nut or Fruit Basket

Not only calendars, but this one gift idea is also one of the types of client gifts that many people give to their clients. Giving a nut or fruit basket is a very thoughtful thing. You can add an additional thank you card or personalized message to this basket.

One of the reasons why these gift ideas are chosen is because the items are very easy to find. You can assemble your own basket or buy directly from fruit shops and department stores that sell gift parcels.

In this day and age, there is already a lot of fun nut and fruit baskets that are being sold in the market. They no longer use the basic and old-fashioned type of basket. Now there are many sellers who offer fruit and nut baskets with a unique appearance.


4. Desk Plant

Table plants are one of the most sought-after gift ideas today. Now, there are many people who have started using real plants as decorations for their desks. You can reward your client with a beautiful desk plant.

You can choose whether you want to give your real client flowers or a fake plastic one. If you want to reward them with live plants, you can give them a kit to grow their own desk plant.

This kit already contains seeds, soil, pots, and vitamins for plants. The client only needs to regularly water and take care of the plants. This unique client gift will surely please the clients.


5. Cookies

Who doesn't like well-baked cookies? Almost everyone likes cookies that are delicious and can be eaten at any time. You can give a cookie package as a client gift as a thank you. These gift ideas will certainly be liked by clients and can encourage you to get repeat business.


6. Mugs and Tumblers

Mugs and tumblers are the right gift ideas that you can use as branding media. You can include your logo or business name on this mug and tumbler.

But make sure you choose good-quality mugs and tumblers so that clients are more likely to use this gift. Of course, it would be useless if the client gift you gave was not used by your client, right?


7. Gift Basket

Not only nut and fruit baskets, but you can also give your clients a basket containing non-food gifts. You can fill the basket with everyday items such as a shower kit, socks, or tie sets.

Gifts like this will certainly give a more luxurious impression and give a good impression on your business. This way, it will be easier for you to get repeat business.


8. Gift Card or Coupons

If you still don't know your clients well and are still not sure what gifts you should get for them, then giving coupons and gift cards can be one of the best client gift ideas for you. 

This way, clients can determine for themselves what items they want to get with the gift cards and coupons that you provide.You can give marketplace gift cards or also shopping coupons at famous stores. It doesn't have to be an expensive gift card; an adequate amount is enough to represent your gratitude for the repeat orders that they do.


9. Wine

For a long time, wine has been one of the most frequent client gifts given to clients. Giving wine to your clients will give an exclusive and luxurious impression to your business.

Not only wine, but you can also include some snacks that can accompany the wine you give. Usually, there are many people who make wine baskets accompanied by accompanying snacks for a more luxurious gift.

You can give this wine to your clients who have given you repeat business many times. Wine can be the best gift idea for clients who are already subscribed to your business.


10. Toiletry Set

Toiletry sets are currently one of the most used client gift ideas by many people. The toiletry set is considered to be a gift that will definitely be very useful so that it will be used by clients.

In addition, the toiletry set is a gift idea that is very easy to find. Giving your clients a toiletry set will certainly make them feel more special and encourage them to repeat orders for your business.


11. Coffee and Tea Blends

Tea and coffee are drinks that are in great demand by almost everyone. In this way, the tea and coffee blend is one of the best client gift ideas for you. You can order a tea and coffee blends package, or you can make your own with the client's favorite coffee or tea.


12. Notebook

Sometimes, less is more. Giving a simple gift like a notebook to your clients is enough to give them a special feeling that will encourage them to repeat business.

Sometimes, less is more. Giving a simple gift like a notebook to your clients is enough to give them a special feeling that will encourage them to repeat business.


13. Pouch

A multifunctional pouch is one of the best client gift ideas that you can give to your clients. This pouch will be used by the client for their daily life. You can also include your business branding in this puch.

Currently, there are many providers of multifunctional pouches that you can customize yourself. You can choose the size, material, and also type of design according to your wishes.


14. Personalized Card

Sometimes, you don't need a fancy client gift to give your client. A personalized thank you card with a message is enough to represent your feelings of gratitude for the repeat business they give you.

For a more personal impression, you can write this thank you card yourself with your own handwriting. You can also use quality paper and envelopes with an attractive appearance.


15. Powerbank

Powerbank is an object that is often used and is also sought after by many people. This makes power bank one of the best client gift ideas that you can choose. It lasts very long and pretty useful for any type of client. I mean, who doesn't use devices?


Final Words

In giving gifts to your clients, there are several things you should pay attention to. Giving gifts to your clients is one of the most important things that can give you more opportunities for repeat business. 

If you give a thoughtful and meaningful gift to your client, the client will be more likely to forge a deeper professional relationship with your business.

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