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Article: Best American Football Games for PC You Should Try

Best American Football Games for PC You Should Try

American football is very popular not only in the context of sports but also in video games. Although there are not many games related to American football with classic football, there are still several projects on the gaming market that are worth the attention of gamers.

Among them are both familiar football simulators and projects with unusual setting and even a plot that will shock you. But first things first.


Madden NFL

Madden is a popular simulator of American football, somewhat similar to the FIFA series of games. 

Similar to FIFA games, Madden NFL is released regularly, adding new gameplay features to the game and optimizing the best NFL spreads, player ratings, rosters, etc. There are currently 23 (!) games available, starting with Madden NFL 2000 and ending with Madden NFL 2023. Moreover, Madden NFL 2024 was recently announced.

Of course, the difference between the games in 2000 and 2023 is colossal. But Madden NFL 2022 is radically different from the current game. It features innovative new game mechanics that offer advanced control and inspire creativity. A unique ball possession system will give you total control on the field, and new quick passes have also been introduced. In addition, changes to grips and new user-controlled counters have been added.

Unlike NHL or FIFA games, Madden NFL feels like complete entertainment without the need for regular bug fixes. For example, in the NHL, there are regular bugs with game models such as sticks, helmets, and pucks. And in FIFA, characters can sometimes literally "break." Madden NFL doesn't have this problem because it's technically quite simple due to the fact that it's American football.


Blood Bowl 2

Sounds pretty creepy? Blood Bowl 2 is a sports strategy action game released by Cyanide Studio in 2015. Blood Bowl is a mix of fantasy world and sports. The characters are taken from the Warhammer universe, so you can easily find goblins, undead, gnomes, necromancers, and other dark fantasy "legends" here.

The player is a coach and a strategist who manages his team during matches. You will develop your team by gaining XP and unlocking new skills. It looks pretty stable and calm, right? Yes, this is true, but until your first team member leaves this game world permanently. And this is not the usual sale of a player to another team from an outside league. A character can literally die on the playing field after a very active attack or be trampled by stronger trolls. There are two modes available in the game:

  • Single Player. There is a simple plot; all you need to do is win the main tournament. But these are not simple matches like in FIFA because there are story aspects to them.
  • Multiplayer. In classic PvP mode, you also select your team composition and look for a real opponent, not a plot boss.

You will create and manage your team online, choosing one of the worlds taken from the Warhammer universe - orcs, humans, dwarves, High Elves, Dark Elves, Skaven, Chaos, etc. The more Warhammer fans you are, the more familiar characters you will meet. 

A similar game about American football can be called Mutant Football League from the studio Digital Dreams Entertainment. The project has much lower ratings than Blood Bowl, but is still worth your attention.


Axis Football

Let's return to the latest classic project dedicated to American football. Axis Football is a kind of analog of Madden NFL, which is also released regularly, and, unlike Blood Bowl, there is no need to create animated cartoon characters. Axis Football is a breath of fresh air for those who didn't like the Madden projects, which were almost the only quality American football games.

Axis Games nevertheless decided to take an adventure, and fortunately, it was a success, and now there is some variety on the market. In their game, gamers can play for their favorite teams and feel all the difficulties and challenges of business, being coaches or owners of a football team. 

Thanks to additional game mechanics, such as searching for scouts, coaches with special skills and options, and finances, these aspects are opened. This last aspect is very important because you can end your career very quickly, just like in real life, without proper financial management.

Overall, Axis Football is a good option for those looking for something new and more challenging in the sports gaming genre. The project is somewhat similar to the legendary Football Manager, but gamers can directly participate in leagues and matches in addition to management.


Final Thoughts

Surprisingly, there are quite a few American football games for PC. This is probably due to the fact that outside of America, there are more soccer fans and, therefore, are not interested in games of this genre. But despite this, developers like Electronic Arts and Axis Games delight American football fans with high-quality projects. Perhaps the market will soon be replenished with something new and fresh, so keep an eye on it.

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