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Article: Should You Learn Animation Or Illustration?

Should You Learn Animation Or Illustration?

Animation and illustration are two related fields that might be difficult to choose which one is more suitable for you to learn further. So, let's find out!
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Animation or illustration is two fields that are quite interesting to choose from, especially if you have a good artistic soul and can create an animated learn with various programs or applications. However, many people are confused in deciding whether they will study animation and illustration. Of course, this is not an easy choice, because you need to know which one really suits your desires and is also your current passion.

Don't let mistakes in these choices of animation and illustration make you less than optimal in learning the choices that have been determined. When something is done wholeheartedly, the results obtained will also be maximal. But, some of you may also think, what if you study both at the same time? It is purely your choice but understands the consequences that your stamina, energy, and time will be drained to learn animation or illustration at the same time. If so, then you can be sure that your mind will be split in two. Isn't it better to choose only one option, but you are maximal in running animation and illustration, rather than choosing two at once but it will make you have to fight extra hard. Unless, if you are the type of person who used to learn multi-talented.

To understand more clearly how to choose a profession in the animation or illustration field, you can learn to consider some of the points listed below. So that later you will be able to make a choice on the best option and be more enthusiastic about doing it.


Specifications required in the animation or illustration profession

Animation or illustration is not an easy profession for ordinary people. Only certain people can carry out this profession. It also requires a long journey; learn something new, lots of drawing practice, and so on. The point is that it takes a process to deepen animation, and people who have gone through a long struggle and have a lot of experience can enter this field. Here are some basic must-have specifications to learn animation and illustration:

1. Solid drawing skills

Drawing skills are purely a must-have for people who want to learn the world of animation and illustration. The fundamental stage that must be understood is the anatomy of the human body, animals, and also other objects that exist in the world. In addition, some additional theories such as color theory, background, and others must be owned properly. You can learn it manually by drawing hard. But, in this modern era, you can use software like Photoshop to do this task. With the presence of a variety of programs available, here you will learn it easy to create extraordinary works. So it's not only drawing illustration skills that must be strengthened, but also how you use media like Photoshop for an animation to get what you need.

2. Have high creativity

Animation or illustration is a field that requires a high level of creativity for those who want to jump in it. The artists also should not be rigid in learning a work of art. They are required to have a flexible mindset in creating the work. In this way, the results obtained will also be following the needs and be able to compete with current trends because the trend is flexible and not rigid. So, you are the one who has to learn the trend animation and put it in the form of creative works of art.

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3. Able to work in a team or individually

In the animation or illustration career path, you will probably work in various industries in the world, ranging from video games, VFX, and so on. On a large scale, of course, you must be able to learn with a solid team. This will be the basis that what you will make later can be adjusted to the needs of the company. This is where the work created will be able to get approval from all parties involved in a project. Some more specific abilities for animation and illustration, such as Modeling, Texturing, and others, of course, you will need to have. In addition, you also need soft skills to discuss and learn with fellow teams on a project, especially if you are a person who has a lot of ideas in mind.

4. Growing with the Community

Many people feel that they have created an extraordinary animation or illustration work. But what kind of extraordinary level did they get? What is the benchmark? Is it worth it or not? To be able to answer all these questions, learn with the community is the solution. You need to join an illustration community that is professional about this. From there you will be able to get significant benefits, which can exchange ideas with each other. And if you have created something, you can share it with your community friends and compete to determine which work is the best compared to others. This is what will make you learn more experience for better development of animation and illustration in the future.

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Difference between animation and illustration

Now let's talk about the difference between animation and illustration. By understanding the difference between the two, it will be easier for you to make a choice. The reason is, both learn to have a big role in determining the career path you have in the future. With the right career path, certainly, the achievements and income that you will get will also be very large. This is where the more you will be able to learn for the future, and this will affect how your skills and experience will increase over time. You can see more about the different animations or illustrations below:

1. Animation

Animation major is a major that can be considered quite popular. There are a lot of people interested to learn in this department. Not only when entering a university but also when entering a company, the number of applicants who apply is not kidding. The reason is, when they can have qualified abilities in this field, it will be easier for them to get a job, be it as a freelancer, full-time, and so on. People who are in the animation department will learn many things about 3D Modeling, Storytelling, Post Production, Concepts, and the like. For future professions, usually, graduates in the animation field will be recruited as interns or juniors in animation companies. The more experienced and the better skills you have, this will make it easier for you to learn the peak of a better career in the future.

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2. Illustration

The major of illustration is also quite popular with people who want to study further in this field. The illustration itself is a field that is expected to replace traditional drawing methods. In this course, you will learn a lot about certain programs or software that can be used to learn the best illustration work. Usually, the illustration department will lead to projects in the field of Merchandise Products, Advertising, and so on, both offline and online. It is also quite popular and used among YouTubers today. For more depth, the illustration department is also closely related to Web Development. If you can learn these abilities well, the potential for large income can certainly be achieved easily.

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How to choose between focusing on the animation or illustration profession

Now it's time to discuss the most important points of animation or illustration, namely how to determine the best choice between the two. It is not something difficult as long as you know how to learn it well. As is known, there are many variables that you can use in making life choices. You also need to understand that whatever choice animation and illustration you choose, each starch has provided consequences (losses and gains) that you inevitably have to face. Think of this as part of your life choices and life journey that you will later make as a valuable experience. Here are the steps to learn between choosing animation or illustration:

1. Which one matches your passion

First, the method in determining the choice of animation or illustration is to know which one suits your current passion. Passion is a feeling of enthusiasm and passion for learning something. Believe that if you choose something that is your passion, then whatever the consequences are in front of you, you will enjoy it. Why? Because you do something, you love. Your journey to improve and learn your illustration skills will be smoother, and this will be good for your future.

2. Which one has good job prospects in the future

Second, the next method to determine the choice of animation or illustration is to see which of the two can provide good job prospects. Of course, if you learn at it with the naked eye, you will learn that both provide good job prospects. But if you look at it personally, you certainly know the extent of your current abilities. By looking at it personally, then you will find the answer by yourself which of the two options, animation and illustration, can bring the best job prospects in the future. This is not money-oriented, but after all, you need to learn realistically that the hard work you have put in also needs to be paid with proper compensation.

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3. Which one can improve your current skill

Animation or illustration is a field that will be able to give you a lot of experience and also a valuable learning process. You certainly do not want the time and energy that has been mobilized to be wasted. That's why you need to choose the option that can improve your abilities easily. If you feel that animation is the answer, then choose this field. However, if you feel that illustration is the answer, then don't hesitate to learn and choose this option.

4. Ask for advice from other people

Sometimes judging something personally is also not a hundred percent right step. From here, you can try to learn for advice from those closest to you. By getting advice from the people who have supported you, from there you will be more confident in determining which is the best animation or illustration option. As a result, in the future, you will be able to carve the best results that you can easily learn. And, this will further convince you that what you choose is not wrong and is right.

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Tips to become an animation or illustration Expert

Animation or illustration is a world that is very exciting and can be implemented easily in the digital era like today. This is why there are so many job vacancies in the animation or illustration field. Of course, to be a reliable figure and can be taken into account by the company, you must be able to learn how to become an expert or experienced figure in the realm of animation. In this way, you will be able to produce the best work, and the company will also be satisfied with the performance you currently have. The following will discuss information about tips to learn an expert in the animation or illustration field. And how so that you will be successful in the long term:

1. Practice all the time

Never feel that you are satisfied with the achievements you have today. Nothing is perfect in this world, and trends are always changing. To be able to learn about this trend, all you have to do is keep practicing and practicing. By practicing regularly, it will be able to improve the abilities you currently have. You will also be able to learn new illustrations or something you never knew before in animation. From here, your portfolio or value will increase and grow rapidly compared to before. Never stop training yourself and make yourself the best.

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2. Learn from influential people

Second, in becoming an expert in the realm of animation or illustration, you also need to learn from influential people. You can find these kinds of people in various media and communities. Or, if you are lucky enough, then you will be able to connect personally with this person by working at his company or having his email or phone number. From here, you can learn for input on how to learn a better person than before. And, you will also get secret information about how to achieve success, like the achievements that successful people have achieved. You will not only have a passion for animation and illustration. But you will also really be able to run it with passion because your target is to learn similar achievements with these influential people.

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3. Create a portfolio to show your skills

Sometimes explaining something is not enough, but you need to prove your capabilities in the animation or illustration area. From here, what you need to learn is to create a portfolio that you will be able to use as consideration for the company or agency you are applying for. The portfolio will also be a benchmark for how far you obtain current abilities are and whether you can compete optimally with other candidates. Therefore, make sure that you put all your abilities into making the portfolio so that you can show the company the extent to which your skills can learn a significant contribution to the company concerned.

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4. Never give up, even though you have failed

Fourth, you also must not give up despite the continuous failures you face because, indeed, the name of failure is a lesson and a consequence in every action taken. Believe that from 10 failures, there must be 1 brilliant success that you can get. You can't be discouraged. All you have to do is learn to fight. For example, when you take education in animation or illustration or work in a related field, then whatever problems and risks lie ahead, you must face them bravely. Never lose to circumstances. You have to prove that you can beat the situation no matter how difficult it is.

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5. Observe and imitate the style of professional people

The next thing you need to do is observe and imitate the styles of animation or illustration professionals. This will ensure that what you learn is following current standards and trends. The reason is, these professionals must also have their preferences about what and how a work of art animation and illustration can have an impact on society, a particular company, or community. If you are curious about their work and want to learn it, you don't need to worry because the current technology has provided many media where these professionals distribute their works or portfolios, for example, through Instagram, Facebook, or various other sources on the internet. Of course, you just need to access them and learn what animation they make.

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Final Words

Have you got enlightenment about which one should be chosen animation or illustration? So, have you made your choice? Hopefully, the presence of the above reviews will guide you in making the right choice. In addition, it is also hoped that it will be able to help you to achieve better success in the field of illustration.

Believe that whatever field you choose is not a problem. What matters is how you give dedication and all your heart to learn in it. When you give something wholeheartedly, then you will get the best results too. Remember that the struggle will not lie to the results. The harder you fight, the greater the value you obtain.

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