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Article: 30 Dreamy Floral Wedding Graphic Elements

30 Dreamy Floral Wedding Graphic Elements

Created by Lana Elanor -

The floral graphic is one of the staple designs for a romantic and feminine touch. Some printed to product design even considering the flower design to accentuate the atmosphere and the meaning. It includes a wedding celebration. Floral print and design can set the theme while also adding a sense of beauty to the wedlock plan. 

Due to the high number of usages, you can even call the design pattern a floral wedding graphic element. The flowery design can be part of many elements, including your invitation, greeting, menu, to some decoration. It was considered as a primary part of the special days.

Why so? It is beautiful as well as bringing color and themes to the wedding detail. There is also the language of flowers that make it a great representation of love. They can mean from "I love you truly" to expressing devoted affection. With a range of versatility and meanings, your design or wedding graphic choices can set your bridal tones. You can pick some picture or illustration from its style, the flower type, the arrangement, to its details. 



1. Bohemian Wedding Decor Flowers

This clipart design by PAW studio makes a great example of developing wedding themes through floral graphics. The Bohemian theme was loved due to its down-to-earth natural touch, which includes a range of flower types. It includes roses, lupins, pea flowers, white daisies, and azaleas. 

The clipart highlight is the realism touch that is represented through a pastel palette. It also uses a natural brush style that makes it good for many elements, including an invitation to bag print.

PURCHASE NOW | Created by PAW Studio


2. Orchids Boho Wedding Decor

The next floral wedding graphic by PAW studio also emphasizes the theme through its array of aesthetic illustrations. The designer uses orchids as the primary flower inspiration. The clipart bundle also includes nuptial décor elements and some other plant images.  

The flower set uses the same illustration style, which is a hand-painted natural brush with a soft palette style. The design comes with series of details. Thus, you can use it for posters, gifts, invitations, and greeting cards. 

PURCHASE NOW | Created by PAW Studio


3. Roses Frames Bouquets Borders Wreaths

Another floral design that fits many occasions is roses bouquets. The design by PAW studio set the theme as a country-styled graphic. The result is an outstanding blend of pink rose, green, and woven-like materials. 

It also uses the same paintbrush aesthetic with a soft color palette. With ranges of details and frame design, you can use it as many wedding graphic elements, such as invitation, greeting card, or menu detail. 

PURCHASE NOW | Created by PAW Studio


4. Acrylic Abstract Floral Wedding

Using acrylic illustration style, the clipart appears with a vibrant, strong, yet romantic appearance. The color palette is striking as well as bold. The design emphasizes the beauty of abstraction, which is seen from its wreath, background, and framing designs.  

It is a perfect choice for a romantic and modern wedding. The graphic is also suitable in many wedding media, such as decoration, painting, invitation, and many more. It plays a lot with contrast and color palette. 

PURCHASE NOW | Created by Olga Koelsh


5. White Roses Floral Set

It would not be roses if the floral design did not fit well for the bridal ceremony. The flower of love is the main inspiration for this clipart and pattern project. The designer creates an ideal detail for many marriage elements. 

You can use it to beautify a greeting card, invitation, DIY project to your menu decoration. What makes it an exquisite floral wedding graphic is the perfect mixture of realistic white rose and other intricate drawing elements. 

PURCHASE NOW | Created by Lisima


6. Psychedelic Flowers Bright Florals

Just like the name Psychedelic flower, the graphic illustration brings out many details and intricate drawings. It represents a lot of flower types that come along with other design elements. The clipart also comes in many styles, wreaths, frames, and patterns.  

The main attraction of this graphic is the mix of simplistic color, unique natural arrangement, and intricate details. With those points, you can use it for wedding invitation designs, book titles, decorations, or cards. 

PURCHASE NOW | Created by Lana Elanor


7. Flower Bar Spring / Summer Floral

Lana Elanor shared an outstanding floral design for you who are looking for a sweet and blooming appearance. The graphic itself offers several wreath designs made of various spring and summer flowers. It uses soft pastel colors to exude a sweet vibe.

It has a wide choice of colors and flowers. The package also comes in high-resolution 240+ graphics for you to play with the elements. Considering the style design, it is a perfect choice for your invitation cover or project's highlight.

PURCHASE NOW | Created by Lana Elanor


8. Graphite Style Floral

Bringing out the beauty of monochrome design, the graphite style illustration can create an authentic wedding invitation or greeting card. It even fits the modern minimalism theme. As one of the popular wedding graphic choices, this clipart works best with almost any background. 

You can use a vibrant background and make a highlight through the black-and-white penciled floral set illustration. It comes with 10 flower pictures, six leaves, three flower arrangements, four wreaths, and 16 backgrounds. 

PURCHASE NOW | Created by SLS Lines


9. Baroque Wedding Flowers

This floral wedding graphic design is the epitome of elegant, sophisticating, and modern. The realistic drawing and the vibrant color palette enhance the whole wedding aesthetic. It also comes with a lot of elements that allow designers to play around with the graphic. 

The ranges of motifs, flowers, and design, allow ranges of design possibilities. You can fit it with a black background to highlight the floral design, as well as creating a luxurious styled design.  

PURCHASE NOW | Created by Luiz da Rolt


10. Elegance Flowers Vintage Blossom

Luiz da Rolt creates a magnificent work in creating floral graphic clipart that fits perfectly for many wedding elements. It brings out a vintage-styled aesthetic due to its realistic colorful palette. It even comes in individual arrangements and isolated PNG. 

With that said, the stylish vintage graphic can help you generate a loving pattern for your wedding invitation, print décor, menu, or greeting card. It helped to set the theme and also detail for the ceremony. 

PURCHASE NOW | Created by Luiz da Rolt


11. Botanicum

The same designer (Luz da Rolt) also offers a highly detailed flower wedding graphic with different themes. Botanicum V.2 exudes a fairy garden-like impression with its variety of colorful botanical prints. The bundle gives 170 png individual floral elements. 

With that number, then you can play around and create a befitting design for the project. You can use it to arrange beautiful images for the invitation, clothing, accessories, wallpaper, and many more. 

PURCHASE NOW | Created by Luiz da Rolt


12. Romance Flowers Pattern

Making a pattern design is not an easy feat, but Luiz da Rolt will help you with his/her set of floral graphics. Romance flower pattern clipart includes eight luxurious designs that make a great addition to wedding elements. 

You can use the pattern as an invitation background, clothing print, souvenir, or photo album cover. What makes it worth considering is the use of pastel color and intricate drawing. It fits with a modern theme or trend. 

PURCHASE NOW | Created by Luiz da ROlt


13. Sunflowers

Falling under the illustration category, the sunflower graphic by Luiz da Rolt brings up a lot of design possibilities. It works wonders as floral wedding graphic elements such as invitation, menu, prints, information, cards, and so on. 

But the main point of this design is the beautiful arrangement and design. It has 37 separated floral elements that allow you to create unique floral pieces. It even includes geometric and texture elements, which enhance your freedom in design. 

PURCHASE NOW | Created by Luiz da Rolt


14. Wonderland

Inspired by the Alice and Wonderland painting style, the designer pays attention to the deep color set in this floral graphic. What makes this work stand out is the distinctive painting styles, color set, and elements. 

You can find some flower drawings and arrangements. At the same time, it also offers some designs, such as Alice, Hatter, and many other characters. With this clipart, you can create exquisite wedding graphic elements and set the theme as well. 

PURCHASE NOW | Created by Luiz da Rolt


15. Watercolor Flower Arrangement

In this clipart, the dusky blue pastel color represents the spring warmth. Heather's beige and lilac flower set the floral graphic's tone, which turned it into a glamorous piece. It comes with some flower collections that allow you to play around with many elements. 

The artistic touch in this design comes from its realistic watercolor aesthetic. It can fit a darker or lighter background to make an attractive invitation, cards, or menu design. 

PURCHASE NOW | Created by Busy May Studio


16. Rose and Gold

If you want to create a luxurious floral wedding graphic, then you can take a look at this clipart. The bundle includes ranges of roses arrangement and some golden elements. The main design was painted with complex details.

It has a beautiful vibrant color as well as realistic illustration. Meanwhile, the golden wedding graphic elements come as complimentary details. When used for invitation, greeting, or other wedding elements, this graphic will be a great theme inspiration. 

PURCHASE NOW | Created by Luiz da Rolt


17. Black Red and Gold Floral

Sophisticating, royal, and luxurious are what you find in this design. The flower clipart includes some individual PNG files that allow you to play around with its arrangement. Each of the floral designs consists of black, red, and gold flower bouquets. 

The combination creates a realistic and prestigious manner. Thus, it can be a great wedding prop, invitation, or the biggest day menu detail. You can complete the graphic by incorporating a scripted font. 

PURCHASE NOW | Created by Digital Curio


18. Blush Floral Patterns

This flower wedding graphic element brings a burst of burgundy, pink, and cream palette to your design. The clipart itself consists of 29 individual flowers, including mums, roses, clematis, and many more. 

With that vast range of illustrations, you got the chance to make your art pieces. It also makes a lot of possibilities for different wedding props. You can create a classic, colorful invitation, modern menu interface, classy souvenir prints, or beautiful patterning. 

PURCHASE NOW | Created by Avalon Rose Design


19. Pink, White and Silver Floral

When soft and girly pieces are the intention, this clip art will make a perfect choice. The floral graphics come with pink, white, and silver heralds' flowers design. It offers a classic design that looks feminine for the wedding day.  

While the wedding graphic looks very standard, you got the choice to play around with the clipart. You can use five different PNG to make a perfect bridal shower invitation, props, souvenirs, and other prints. 

PURCHASE NOW | Created by Deigital Curio


20. Flora Arrangement Vintage

Vintage design is not always old, rusty, and washed. In this floral wedding graphic, 32 hand-drawn botanical pieces were meant to create a vintage-styled impression. You can arrange it by yourself. Combine it with the drawing elements, and then you will end up with a sophisticating design.

The colorful yet realistic depiction of floral arrangement increases the chance of creating masterpieces. You can use it to beautify wedding elements, such as invitations, prints, or cards. 

PURCHASE NOW | Created by Luiz da Rolt


21. Meadow Floral

A lovely color made with lovely illustrations. Meadow clip art collection brings you a fresh, bright, crisp, and intoxicating graphic. The design itself consists of ranges of colorful flowers such as pink tulip, pink lily, yellow tulip, white ranunculus, and snapdragon. 

The colorful flower makes a graceful appearance. When combined with some of the background elements, you can develop a befitting soft invitation, card, pattern, and many more. It works perfectly for wedding graphics or other prints. 

PURCHASE NOW | Created by Avalon Rose Design


22. Reverie Floral

Reverie design brings you a set of classic and elegant floral graphics. The clipart underlines the floriography that accentuates different color types, and flowers have varying meanings. The whole arrangement of soft colored flowers represents sincerity, admiration, understanding, and purity. 

With that connotation, you can say that it is a perfect choice for floral wedding graphic props. You can use the light-colored flowers and their arrangement to make a classy invitation. 

PURCHASE NOW | Created by Avalon Rose Design


23. Bellini Floral

Giving a touch of realism in the design, the Bellini clip art brings you very detailed graphics. The intricate feature and high resolution allow you to create a very classy invitation, wedding card, greeting, or menu design. 

The clip art also provides ranges of leaf designs to complete the floral art arrangement. It will be a perfect choice for you who want to create a captivating print or highlight for the ceremony. 

PURCHASE NOW | Created by Avalon Rose Design


24. Velveteen Moody Floral

Just as the name says, the design offers a velvety color and illustration. The high-resolution images create a vivid popping color in your print. The clip art itself consists of some pink, purplish, and red roses. It also includes some leaves ornaments to complete the collection. 

You got the chance to make your floral arrangement with its assortment of flower illustrations. You can make some wedding graphic designs, such as modern dark background invitations, books, cards, or menus. 

PURCHASE NOW | Created by Avalon Rose Design


25. Folklore Floral

Inspired by the vibrant yet calming impression of folklore painting, the clipart gives you ranges of flower graphics with the same art style. It uses a soft pastel color palette that fits perfectly with its hand-drawn illustration bravura.  

The soft clip art and pattern works perfectly for many wedding ornaments and props. You can use the wreath design and its elements for invitation or highlight. You can also use the pattern to make an intoxicating wedding graphic design. 

PURCHASE NOW | Created by Avalon Rose Design


26. Fairy Garden

To represent the beauty of Fairy garden, the clipart gives you a range of vibrant colored antique floral designs. The distinctive coloring and realistic illustration make this clip art very intoxicating. It adds colors and signifies the merry of the day. 

With its variety of features, the floral wedding graphic allows you to create personalized arrangements. You can use it as a print, background pattern for invitation cards, book menu covers, souvenir designs, or decorative items. 

PURCHASE NOW | Created by Avalon Rose Design


27. Ambrosia Floral

Come as an illustration kit of vector and PNGs; this clip art is a complete choice for a wedding design project. The cartoonist's floral illustration works together with the pastel color pick. At the same time, it also includes relevant font design. 

What makes this design one of the best picks in the range of possibilities. You can create many designs, patterns, and arrangements for the wedding graphic—for example, invitation, print, card, or decoration. 

PURCHASE NOW | Created by Avalon Rose Design


28. Ivory and Rose Gold Floral

The floral graphic gives you six intricate illustrations of ivory and roses gold bouquets. As the rose is the staple of marriage props, you can say that this design is a great choice to pick. It brings you high-resolution pictures that look amazing in both dark or light backgrounds. 

The design also allows you to create beautiful patterns. When used with some antique-styled fonts, you will be able to make an epic floral wedding graphic design. 

PURCHASE NOW | Created by Digital Curio


29. Line Flowers

If you are going for a more modern bandwagon of minimalism design, you should check the line flowers clipart. The design uses hand-drawn floral illustrations as its themes. There is no color except the line art. 

Due to its lack of color, you can fit it with any background or color palette. Use white to signify the pure and holy moment. Try black invitation, card, or other wedding graphics to make it popped out. 

PURCHASE NOW | Created by Luiz da Rolt


30. Botanical

This design also uses the same art style for its floral graphic. Line art flower pattern design makes it a perfect selection for classic, elegant, and luxurious impressions. It is also a great choice for a modern-styled bridal theme. 

You can use simplistic design and drawing to beautify the invitation design. It also works wonderfully to set the wedding graphic themes, which is a black and white minimalism theme. 

PURCHASE NOW | Created by iHelpUrArt



Flower details, designs, or prints are one of the staple wedding props. You can use some floral wedding graphics to help set the tone or theme. At the same time, it works as a beautiful addition to many of your marriage props. 

You can use it to make a beautiful bridal shower invitation. It also works to highlight a focal point on the invitation. Some clipart is also a great addition for the print, souvenir, or some other element patterns.

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