30 Coolest Vintage T-Shirt Design Ideas

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T-shirt is a widely popular medium for creatives. Not only that, but it is also a form of a universal method of communication; everybody wears a t-shirt. And when it comes to a vintage t-shirt, it is just full of authenticity. Not only is it timeless, but it is certainly cool to wear. There are some methods and printing techniques to create a vintage t-shirt. Although we are not going to the detail of the practices, we have narrowed down some of the coolest vintage t-shirt designs to inspire your projects. Check them out!


1. CrazyDogTshirts

Created by CrazyDogTshirts


2. MazeCustom

Created by MazeCustom


3. ItsartDesign

Created by ItsartDesign





5. prettybadco

Created by prettybadco


6. KingFamilyTees

Created by KingFamilyTees


7. Loudoggshop

Created by Loudoggshop


8. besttees911

Created by besttees911





10. Nuansabening

Created by Nuansabening


11. NaturalVintageeShop

Created by NaturalVintageeShop


12. Ourmine_collections

Created by Ourmine_collections


13. Mustardyardpress

Created by Mustardyardpress


14. GraphicTeesForLess

Created by GraphicTeesForLess


15. 13_dollparts

Created by 13_dollparts


16. KajalGuptaDs

Created by KajalGuptaDs


17. The90sStreetwear

Created by The90sStreetwear


18. pb_vintage_

Created by pb_vintage_


19. PurpleBananaCo

Created by PurpleBananaCo


20. wycovintage

Created by wycovintage


21. tores09.store.bkk

Created by tores09.store.bkk


22. smellliketeespirit

Created by smellliketeespirit


23. jual.sale

Created by jual.sale


24. smilexstudio

Created by smilexstudio


25. repsycho_store

Created by repsycho_store


26. boiscloset

Created by boiscloset


27. goosebumps_2022

Created by goosebumps_2022


28. sakrit_shop

Created by sakrit_shop


29. CrookedTeesCo

Created by CrookedTeesCo


30. Lex_johorbaru

Created by Lex_johorbaru


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The above references are some of the best artworks done by talented designers all over the world. Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to leave us a comment below! Cheers!

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