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Article: 30 Best ProCreate Illustration Ideas You Should Check

30 Best ProCreate Illustration Ideas You Should Check

Created by Megbuddart  |

Embarking on a digital art journey opens up a realm of creative possibilities, especially when armed with the powerful tool that is ProCreate. Whether you’re a budding artist or a seasoned illustrator, ProCreate illustration stands out as the digital canvas of choice, blending intuitive functionality with a vast array of brushes and effects to bring your visions to life. As we dive into the best ProCreate illustration ideas, our goal is to not only inspire but also to showcase the versatility and potential of this beloved app.

With the rise of digital artistry, ProCreate has become synonymous with innovation and creativity in the realm of illustration. This article is tailored to help you navigate through the plethora of ProCreate illustration ideas, ensuring you find the spark needed to ignite your next project. We’ll explore a curated selection of themes and techniques that highlight the extraordinary capabilities of ProCreate. From whimsical character designs and intricate landscapes to modern abstract forms and detailed portraiture, the ideas we will feature are handpicked to guide and refine your artistic process.

ProCreate illustration isn't just about the final image—it's a journey through imagination, skill, and digital prowess. Stay tuned as we unfold some of the most compelling and captivating illustrations crafted with ProCreate, guaranteed to both challenge and excite artists of all calibers. Whether you’re looking to expand your portfolio or simply seeking inspiration, this compilation is the perfect starting point for your next digital masterpiece.


ProCreate Illustration Ideas

1. Tkachenkohanna_

Created by Tkachenkohanna_  |


2. Rositooth

Created by Rositooth  |


3. Lemoncholy_

Created by Lemoncholy_  |


4. Eve_farb

Created by Eve_farb  |


5. Gretlusky

Created by Gretlusky  |


6. Skychandlerart

Created by Skychandlerart  |


7. Jaredsylvia

Created by Jaredsylvia  |


8. Thestudio.g

Created by Thestudio.g  |


9. Paul_rabaud

Created by Paul_rabaud  |


10. Thecolinhoodshow

Created by Thecolinhoodshow  |


11. Leannehatch_illustration

Created by Leannehatch_illustration  |


12. Aranchaperpinan

Created by Aranchaperpinan  |


13. Emma_rose.illustrates

Created by Emma_rose.illustrates  |


14. Vanya_illustrations

Created by Vanya_illustrations  |


15. Domi.illustration

Created by Domi.illustration  |


16. Ramonakaulitzki

Created by Ramonakaulitzki  |


17. _Artmonic

Created by _Artmonic  |


18. Cbabi

Created by Cbabi  |


19. _Minitory

Created by _Minitory  |


20. Simply_katy

Created by Simply_katy  |


21. Lilys_wonders

Created by Lilys_wonders  |


22. Itsallinsideus

Created by Itsallinsideus  |


23. Olyabad

Created by Olyabad  |


24. Veryberrydraws

Created by Veryberrydraws  |


25. Skull_lover_us

Created by Skull_lover_us  |


26. Kaethebutcher

Created by Kaethebutcher  |


27. Kaylee_palette

Created by Kaylee_palette  |


28. Xin Li

Created by Xin Li  |


29. Studio.zosara

Created by Studio.zosara  |


30. Megbuddart

Created by Megbuddart  |


What Is ProCreate and How Does It Benefit Illustrators?

ProCreate is a feature-rich digital painting app designed specifically for iOS and tailored to the needs of creative professionals and hobbyists alike. Its intuitive interface coupled with a powerful graphics engine makes ProCreate illustration a go-to for anyone looking to create high-quality digital artwork with ease.

The benefits of ProCreate for illustrators are multifaceted. Firstly, the app offers an extensive library of brushes that simulate the real-world experience of painting and drawing. These include pencils, inks, charcoals, and artistic brushes that can be further customized, giving artists the freedom to create unique textures and styles.

Moreover, ProCreate supports high-resolution canvases and multi-touch gestures, allowing illustrators to work with fine detail and navigate their canvas naturally. This level of precision is complemented by the app's impressive layering system, which affords the user complex compositional control—each layer can be individually manipulated, providing endless possibilities for the creative process.

For illustrators concerned with motion, ProCreate includes animation tools that bring illustrations to life through frame-by-frame animation. This feature opens up opportunities for artists to expand into the realm of digital storytelling and dynamic content creation.

Another key benefit of ProCreate illustration is its portability. Since the app is designed for iPad, it allows illustrators to work from anywhere without the need for a full desktop setup. This flexibility can be a significant advantage for freelancers or those who find inspiration while on the move.

ProCreate also includes advanced features such as the QuickShape tool, which helps artists create perfect shapes with ease, and the ColorDrop feature, which simplifies the coloring process. Combined with the ability to record time-lapse videos of the illustration process, artists can not only create stunning artworks but also share their creative journey with others.

In summary, ProCreate serves as a comprehensive toolkit for digital artists. Its combination of user-friendly design, powerful features, and mobility makes it an invaluable asset for illustrators looking to bring their ideas to life in the digital space.


How Can You Customize Brushes in ProCreate for Unique Illustrations?

Customizing brushes in ProCreate is a pivotal feature that allows illustrators to infuse uniqueness and personal flair into their ProCreate illustrations. This customization capability provides artists with the flexibility to alter existing brushes or create new ones from scratch, tailoring them to the specific needs of their project or style.

When you begin to customize brushes in ProCreate, you tap into the app's powerful Brush Studio. Here, you can adjust over 100 individual settings that influence the brush's behavior. These settings include aspects such as shape, grain, dynamics, and texture. By tweaking these parameters, you can determine how a brush interacts with the canvas, such as how it responds to pressure sensitivity, tilt, and speed, which are crucial for achieving the desired effect in your ProCreate illustration.

The shape and grain of the brush play a major role in defining its look and feel. The shape source defines the outline of the brush stroke, while the grain source affects the texture within the stroke. Artists can import custom shapes and grains or use ProCreate's extensive library to experiment with different combinations.

Dynamics are where the true power of customization lies. Adjusting properties like flow, jitter, or falloff can make a brush feel more organic or mechanical, soft or sharp, consistent, or variable. This is especially useful for illustrators who want to mimic traditional media or create something entirely novel.

Furthermore, ProCreate illustration artists can take advantage of the app's ability to save and share custom brushes. This not only allows you to build a personal brush library that you can carry across different projects but also enables you to share your brushes with the ProCreate community or integrate others' creations into your workflow.

In essence, the Brush Studio in ProCreate is an illustrator's playground. By mastering brush customization, artists can expand their creative toolkit, ensuring that every stroke on the canvas is a reflection of their unique artistic vision. Whether you're crafting delicate linework or bold textural fills, ProCreate's brush customization offers the freedom and control necessary to elevate your digital illustrations to new heights.


What Are the Best ProCreate Features for Creating Digital Art?

ProCreate illustration offers a suite of innovative features that make it an indispensable tool for digital artists. This powerful app is engineered with a rich selection of functionalities specifically designed to facilitate the creation of digital art, whether you are a novice or an experienced professional.

One of the standout features in ProCreate for creating digital art is its high-resolution canvases. Artists can work with canvases up to 16k by 4k on the latest iPad models, offering immense detail and clarity for large-scale prints or detailed illustrations.

The app's advanced layering system is another cornerstone for ProCreate illustration, providing artists with the capability to manage complex compositions. Layers can be manipulated with various blending modes and effects, allowing for intricate layering strategies that can take your artwork to another dimension.

ProCreate also features a QuickShape tool that helps artists create precise geometric shapes, which is particularly beneficial when precise linework is necessary. This feature aids in maintaining the crispness and accuracy of your shapes, an essential aspect of digital art creation.

Moreover, ProCreate's ColorDrop feature simplifies the process of filling areas with color, increasing efficiency and allowing for more time to be spent on refining your ProCreate illustration. Its color management tools, including the Color Harmony feature, help artists choose complementary color schemes, ensuring visually appealing palettes.

For artists who value brush variety and customization, ProCreate's extensive brush library, along with its Brush Studio, allows for endless possibilities in texture, shape, and dynamics. This ability to fine-tune brushes enables artists to emulate traditional art mediums or invent new styles entirely.

The app’s Gesture Controls are another pivotal feature, offering artists a customizable and intuitive interface that can significantly speed up the workflow. By assigning common actions to simple finger gestures, ProCreate illustration becomes a smoother, more intuitive process.

Finally, ProCreate's Time-lapse recording feature captures the creation process in real-time, allowing artists to share their process or review it for self-critique. This feature not only offers educational insight for others but also provides illustrators with a powerful tool for personal growth and brand promotion.

With these robust features, ProCreate has cemented its position as a leader in digital illustration tools, offering artists of all skill levels the ability to unleash their creativity and bring their visions to life with precision and ease.


Can You Create Animation in ProCreate for Illustration Projects?

ProCreate illustration isn't just about static images; it also offers powerful animation capabilities that enable artists to bring motion to their creations. ProCreate's Animation Assist is a simple yet robust tool that makes frame-by-frame animation accessible and enjoyable.

The Animation Assist feature provides a straightforward timeline view at the bottom of the canvas, where you can add, duplicate, and manage frames with ease. Each frame represents a layer in your project, allowing you to control the sequence of your illustrations to create the illusion of movement. This feature caters to both beginners and experienced animators, offering an intuitive interface that simplifies the animation process within the ProCreate environment.

One of the great benefits of using ProCreate for animation is the instant playback feature, which allows you to see your animation in action as you create it. This real-time feedback is invaluable for tweaking timings and ensuring the smoothness of your motion.

Furthermore, ProCreate supports onion skinning, a crucial tool in traditional animation that lets you see several frames at once, providing a reference for the movement and position of your illustrations over time. This helps in creating fluid, natural animations, as you can precisely plan out each movement.

The settings within Animation Assist also let you adjust the frames per second (FPS), giving you control over the speed and smoothness of your animation. Whether you aim for the cinematic smoothness of higher FPS rates or a charming stop-motion effect with fewer frames, ProCreate gives you the flexibility to bring your unique vision to life.

For illustrators looking to incorporate motion into their digital art, ProCreate's animation features open up a new realm of creativity. From creating engaging GIFs to full-fledged animated sequences, ProCreate illustration provides the tools necessary to explore the dynamic aspects of your artistry.

In sum, ProCreate equips illustrators with an accessible animation studio, transforming the iPad into a powerful tool not just for static digital art, but for the creation of captivating animations that can enhance storytelling, add value to your artwork, and bring an additional layer of interaction to your creative projects.


What Are the Limitations of ProCreate for Professional Illustration?

ProCreate illustration is celebrated for its robust features and user-friendly interface, but like any application, it has its limitations, especially when used for professional-grade work. Understanding these limitations is crucial for illustrators to know when ProCreate is the right tool for the job and when they might need to look elsewhere.

One of the inherent limitations of ProCreate is its platform exclusivity. ProCreate is designed specifically for iOS, which means it is only available on Apple’s iPad. This exclusivity can be a barrier for artists who use other operating systems or prefer a desktop environment for their professional work.

While ProCreate supports high-resolution canvases, there is a maximum limit on the number of layers available, which can be a constraint for complex illustrations that require a vast number of layers. The exact number of layers you can have depends on the resolution of your canvas, and while it is generally sufficient for most projects, it might limit those who work with extremely detailed or large-scale prints.

ProCreate's illustration capabilities are also predominantly raster-based, meaning it relies on pixels. This is a limitation when scalability is concerned, as unlike vector-based images, resizing a raster image can lead to pixelation and loss of quality. This can be a significant issue if you need to adapt illustrations for various formats and sizes.

Moreover, while ProCreate has animation features, it is not as advanced as specialized animation software. The tools are ideal for simple animations but may not suffice for illustrators who need complex timeline management, bone rigging, or 3D modeling capabilities.

Furthermore, the color management in ProCreate can present challenges, particularly for print-ready illustrations. The app works in RGB, and while it is possible to convert files for print, artists may require additional software to ensure color accuracy in the final CMYK output.

Finally, while ProCreate offers a suite of export options, there can be limitations in terms of file compatibility with other industry-standard software. Professionals often need to switch between programs for different stages of their workflow, and files from ProCreate may require conversion or adjustment when imported into other applications.

ProCreate illustration is a powerful tool with much to offer to professional artists. However, being aware of its limitations is important to manage workflows effectively and to choose the right tool for specific aspects of professional illustration work.



ProCreate illustration has emerged as a cornerstone in the digital art world, offering an impressive array of tools and features that cater to both amateur and professional artists. Despite some limitations, its intuitive design and powerful capabilities ensure that it remains a top choice for those looking to create stunning digital artwork on the iPad. Whether you’re sketching, painting, or animating, ProCreate empowers artists to turn their creative visions into reality with sophistication and ease. As the landscape of digital art continues to evolve, ProCreate illustration undoubtedly stands out as a versatile and dynamic platform for creative expression.


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