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Article: 30 Professional Law Firm Business Card Designs

30 Professional Law Firm Business Card Designs

A good lawyer knows the law; a clever one takes the judges to lunch.
Here are some of the most professional law firm business cards that you should check!
Created by VOLTA Brand Shaping Studio | -

The beauty industry is one of the largest industries in the world, whose value is currently estimated at trillions of dollars. With the growing number in this industry, the competition in it is also getting tougher. 

One way to deal with the intense competition is to present attractive branding and visual identity for your business. With this attractive visual and branding identity, your business will appear more professional, stand out, and attract more public attention. 

One of the most important elements in branding a business or company is its logo design. In this discussion, we will discuss the 30 best beauty product logo designs ideas that can help you to present attractive branding and visuals for your beauty business.


1. Alliance

Created by Bladesmith Branding |

Match with the name of the business itself, all products offered by Ourganic use only organic ingredients that are good for the body. This characteristic is shown in their branding design by using natural and soft organic colors. This very rich brown color looks very beautiful and goes well with the personality of this business.

The designers also deliberately use a few elegant concepts to elevate the look and make their beauty products more professional and attractive in the eyes of customers.


2. Campos e Farias

Created by Rodolfo Ventura |

Alice skincare is a beauty brand that really upholds the natural theme as its main branding. Each product consists of organic ingredients that are good for the environment. The designer wants to support this identity branding in their logo design and visual branding by using various natural design concepts.

Their logo is very simple, using an illustration of a woman taken from the side. This illustration is made in a simple and elegant style, which is deliberately presented by the designer for the visual identity of Alice.


3. Nascimento Melo

Created by Guilherme Nogueira |

Flor is a brand that puts sustainability first. All of their packaging products are made from recycled and environmentally friendly materials. To support the vision of this business, the branding design used is also very simple, without using unnecessary details. 

This minimalist concept was deliberately chosen so that no ink is wasted to display things that are not necessary for the packaging or product. The designer uses a classic and elegant typeface as the main element that makes this business interesting and distinctive.


4. Santos Castro

Created by Matheus Machado |

Fresh and natural are the core values ​​that YOU brand want to display in its branding identity. Using green which symbolizes natural and fresh elements makes it looks very beautiful. 

In addition, what is most striking is the use of a logo consisting of an elegantly styled typeface as the main symbol of the business. In the typeface itself, a slight variation of detail is given in the form of adding a leaf icon to further accentuate their line of business.


5. Gustavo Franca

Created by Kaymi França |

The classic and unique style typeface is used as a design symbol by this Mabige brand. The typeface style used is deliberately chosen because it can accurately represent Mabige's own identity and personality.

From its appearance, we can see that Mabige is a beauty brand that wants to look elegant and classy. They also want to appear welcoming and friendly with its soft design concept.


6. Barros e Oliveira Martins

Created by Renato AB Studio |

MOON looks more modern and trendy with the use of their simple and simple logo. This impression is also strongly supported by the use of very striking colors, which are combined with black, which also maintains the classy impression used by the brand.

The unique typeface of the MOON logo itself is one of the distinct elements that distinguish this brand from other beauty brands.


7. Hans Juergen

Created by Yogas Andrian |

The monochromatic color used is one of the first things that this brand notices. The use of black and white in their visual branding presents a modern, classy, ​​and clean look, which fits perfectly with the branding personality they use.

In addition to color selection, the logo style used is also very unique, using a simple style typeface but still giving details that make it stand out and are easy to recognize. In the logo that shows the name of the business, the letter O is given a simple line that makes it look more attractive.


8. Soares Castro

Created by ADD Branding |

The appearance is very classy and very luxurious, reminding you of the design branding of exclusive and expensive designer brands. Although the concept and appearance presented are minimalist, some extraordinary details are used by the designer that makes the appearance striking.

One of the interesting things is the use of the ARO logo, which is given a geometrical style that makes it look classy and modern. In addition, what also attracts attention is the use of simple but detailed illustrations given in this branding product from ARO skincare.


9. Sathler Francisco

Created by Lucas Oliveira |

This brand uses the sea and sky as two main elements, which are appointed as branding identity and visual creation. These two elements are also used by the designer as the basis for creating visual branding that appears fresh and natural.

The use of typography and the choice of typeface play a very important role in setting the tone of this branding design. Overall, Nabe looks very modern and trendy but also simple, which really represents their personality.


10. Neilsons

Created by Ryan Romanes Studio |

To appeal to the target customer, this brand appears in a feminine and very soft style. The overall look of their branding and visual identity is very beautiful.

A logo that consists of the typeface of a business name determines the appearance of branding. Because of this elegant and feminine style, the branding looks perfect, which is also complemented by pink, which is used as the main color of the brand.


11. Allebrandt & Fernandes

Created by Pedro Kirch |

With the minimalist concept used, the brand appears very calming and captivating. Amade is a natural cosmetics brand that appears with an elegant and simple personality. The designer managed to design a logo that captured the personality well. Through the use of simple style typefaces, as well as muted colors that seem natural, Amade cosmetics look very dazzling.


12. Rodrigues Uchoas

Created by Gabriel Eich |

Most of the brands we've discussed use elegant and classy branding, but Solis stands out with their more modern and professional appearance.

Their product range mostly focuses on protecting the skin from the sun, so this line of business becomes the visual identity displayed by the designer in their design logo. By making the letter O an illustration of the sun itself, the concept used is very creative and interesting.


13. King Collins

Created by Pop & Pac Studio |

The first thing that immediately attracts attention when you see the branding identity of this brand is the use of a very beautiful logo. The symbol of this brand uses a very artistic and blissful typeface style. Appearing in an elegant but simple style, the font style used is very appropriate, matching the branding personality of the brand and elevating the look of the branding.


14. Packer Advocacia

Created by Cássio Podgaietsky |

The designer designs the typeface used in the symbol design of the Flare brand. The logo used is very soft and classy, ​​but the designer also doesn't forget to show a "bold" impression that fits the target audience of this brand. 

Wanted to create a brand that mainly caters to brave women; the branding is made using striking colors such as yellow and various trendy elements to represent their motto.



Created by Valkiriaic |

Bo&Co is a beauty brand that wants to appear with an elegant personality but still look youthful and modern so that it is also attractive to younger target customers.

To display this personality, the designer uses a minimalist and trendy logo by writing the company name in a modern typeface style. In addition, the circle used to frame the logo also makes it look perfect, with an additional small detail in the form of a dot as a variation.


16. Garcia de Souza

Created by Thaís Neres |

Aceskin focuses on providing products that target the younger generation (Gen Z) as their main customers. With this target customer, they want to make a more hip, trendy, and cheerful look, according to the personality of Gen Z itself.

Because of this, the designer strategically uses bold and colorful colors as the main colors of the brand to create a more striking appearance and display the company's branding identity. Even though the style and colors used are bold, the logo is kept simple to keep it look modern and attractive.


17. NoBa

Created by LEP1EJ PL |

Taking inspiration from the tree shape that represents the forest, the same as their brand name, the appearance of this logo design looks natural. The tree illustration is made in a unique style, which is the main characteristic of the brand that distinguishes it from other brands.


18. Ladun

Created by Abdelrahman Khaled |

Amna is a skincare brand that focuses on providing natural plant-based products. This line of business is one of the main values ​​that they display in their logo and branding design. Starting from the use of natural colors such as green and brown to the use of leaf icons as a detail in their logo design, this combination of elements represents the identity of the business.


19. Lawwise

Created by Przemek Bizoń |

This branding design for Human Factor appears very modern. This minimalist but trendy design style has been one of the most popular styles in recent years. 

The branding style is minimalist and versatile; it can be customized again to show the branding identity of each business, like this Human Factor brand. The logo they use is simple, in accordance with their branding concept, only using a modern style typeface that is still attractive.


20. CCA Law

Created by VOLTA Brand Shaping Studio |

The soft gradient colors consisting of pink and purple colors, as well as the use of an elegantly styled logo, is a very beautiful combination that can inspire you. 

These two elements are perfectly combined, creating a distinctive and attractive appearance for the Et Toi brand itself. If you like feminine visual branding like this, then you can use this visual concept inspiration in your business.


21. A&D

Created by Fadwa Ahmed |

This beauty and spa use natural ingredients and tools from nature in their practice. This identity is displayed through their branding logo design. From this logo, the first symbol that is easiest to catch is the form of a spring that symbolizes natural elements. The use of an outer frame in the form of a capsule is a very appropriate addition to the logo, making it look more elegant and classy.


22. Lucena Welter

Created by Amanda Dias |

The designer deliberately uses a simple and minimalist design for the logo and branding design from Blumin. Beige and black are also used to create a good contrast with one another. This specific shade of light beige is the right choice because the color is very natural and clean, showing the identity and calming personality of this brand.


23. Brightman

Created by Madcats Agency |

The business name Solaria is taken from the word Solar which means sun. Because of this, the sun symbol is the right icon to use as a logo design for this brand. The use of the sun element is also not only seen in the logo design but is also continued in their branding design and product packaging, specifically in the use of orange color, which represents the color of sunlight.


24. TIffaany Heah

Created by Jalal Abdul Aziz |

The design concept is simple but very incredible. The appearance of this symbol is very complementary to the look of the product branding and visual identity used by the brand. Even though the logo only consists of the business name typeface, the style of typeface used is perfect for the brand.


25. Mohamed Bin Afif

Created by Mohammed alKaff |

The appearance of the Lelive brand is not only elegant but also displays their line of business well. Lelive is a beauty brand that also provides organic and natural-based products that are good for the environment, so the logo and visual identity used are made to represent this value. 


26. Roberto Fonseca de Castro

Created by Júlio Martir |

The design concept used for the Skinimalist brand takes directly from the elements in the name of the business itself. Skinimalist, which is a combination of the words Skin and Minimalist, is used by the designer as the basis of the design.

The branding and logo colors used are nude colors that represent the natural color of the skin. Meanwhile, the logo is made simple, with the form of a monogram S, as a representation of the minimalist element promoted by the brand.


27. Von Wobesser

Created by the branding people |

Agache is a brand that provides only high-quality skincare developed directly by a professional dermatologist. This identity is displayed through the use of an elegant, classy, ​​and minimalist branding concept. The logo uses a simply styled typeface. In addition to the typeface, there is also a circular icon filled with rays around it, which matches very well with Agache's branding concept.


28. Chabrier Avocats

Created by Elie Kupsc |

Exquisite and luxurious are the first impressions that are immediately obtained when you see the logo and visual identity of Adama. The design style used is minimalist, but the use of a classical style of typeface is the main element in setting the tone of the design. Overall, this work was done very professionally; it succeeded in making the Adama brand appear classy and exclusive.



Created by Guto Negrão |

The Terrapi branding looks very clean and natural, following the image that this brand wants to display through its logo and visual design. The main colors used are muted nude colors and black, both of which work to create an immaculate color combination. The logo used is simple, consisting of an elegantly styled typeface which is the most striking element in the branding.



Created by LEP1EJ PL |

Last on the list, we have this amazing branding design. Jurlique looks very stunning with its very graceful visual branding. The typeface style chosen is very representative of the luxurious and minimalist branding definition of the Jurlique brand.

Although the appearance is simple, some subtle details in this typeface have succeeded in making this brand look more exclusive. We can see that there is a good use of detail in the curves and flow of the typeface.


Final Words

Branding design is a very important thing for a business, which will determine how your brand will appear and be known by the public. Apart from the products and services of your business, branding identity is one of the determinants of your brand status in the eyes of the public, especially for beauty brands. In an industry that places great importance on aesthetics and appearance, good visual branding will really help you in placing your brand in the hearts of customers.

The example above is a design inspiration that you can use as a guide to creating an attractive logo as well as a branding design. The 30 works that we discussed earlier are the works of various professional designers that have been specially curated for you.


Let us know what you think!

The above references are some of the best artworks done by talented designers all over the world. Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to leave us a comment below! Cheers!

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