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Article: 30 Spookiest Halloween Products & Packaging Ideas

30 Spookiest Halloween Products & Packaging Ideas

Trick or treats, be so sweet, give me something good to eat!
Here are some of the spookiest halloween products and packaging design ideas you should check!
Created by Joanna Lisowiec |


1. El secreto de Drácula

Created by Joselin Grisel |


2. Random Stills

Created by Piotr Rudkowski |


3. Freaky faces

Created by Hyunah Mun |


4. Lost Magic

Created by Pierre Kleinhouse |


5. Dodo

Created by Dodo Packaging |


6. Bagaboo

Created by Victor Stavila |


7. Aunt Stella’s

Created by Printing Circle |


8. Starbucks halloween

Created by Julia Svoboda |


9. Sorbet

Created by Yelllowlion (Evgeniya) |


10. ALXNDRAcom

Created by Alexandra Cook |


11. Yummibox

Created by Angélica Martins |


12. Void

Created by Bicho Raro |


13. Caramell by Spell

Created by Екатерина Рожнова |


14. Boreal

Created by Samuel Perrier |


15. Cereals Addams

Created by Blanca Cormenzana |


16. Zombie Coffee

Created by Haeju Jang |


17. Toyvian

Created by 麻薯 行星 |


18. Taylors Coffee

Created by Kim Duffin |


19. Zefir

Created by Under Bodja |


20. Trick Or Treats

Created by Kev Rogg |


21. Jollies

Created by Kevin Ching |


22. Folklore Society Gin

Created by Joanna Lisowiec |


23. Olde Naples

Created by Diego Gutierrez |


24. B!monada Halloween

Created by Ângela Ferreira |


25. Here for the Boos

Created by Belinda Kou |


26. Hallo Week

Created by Kendrick Kidd |


27. Candy Monster

Created by Charlie Bennett |


28. Witchcraft

Created by Nicolaas Kotzé |


29. Taresso

Created by Taresso |


30. Brewing Origin of Darkness

Created by Pedro Correa |


Let us know what you think!

The above references are some of the best artworks done by talented designers all over the world. Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to leave us a comment below! Cheers!

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