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Article: 30 Best Game of Thrones Tattoo Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Game of Thrones Tattoo Ideas You Should Check

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The epic world of Westeros with our roundup of the best Game of Thrones tattoo ideas! Whether you're sworn to House Stark, carry a torch for the Targaryens, or fancy the cunning of the Lannisters, there's a tattoo design for every fan. Game of Thrones has left an indelible mark on pop culture, inspiring legions of fans to ink their allegiance onto their skin.

From intricate sigils and fierce dragons to iconic quotes and scenes, each tattoo tells a story as rich and complex as the series itself. Ready to wear your fandom? Explore these awe-inspiring Game of Thrones tattoo designs that range from subtle and elegant to bold and dramatic. Let's get inked and keep the spirit of your favorite fantasy saga alive!

Game of Thrones Tattoo Ideas

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What Are the Most Popular Game of Thrones Tattoo Designs?

Game of Thrones isn't just a TV series; it's a cultural phenomenon that has inspired a legion of fans to wear their hearts on their sleeves—literally. If you’re considering joining the ranks of those sporting a Game of Thrones tattoo, you're in for a treat. Here’s a rundown of the five most popular designs that have inked their way into the hearts of fans around the globe:

House Sigils and Mottos

The noble houses of Westeros come with their unique sigils and mottos, making them perfect tattoo material. Whether you’re a lone wolf with House Stark’s direwolf and the motto "Winter is Coming," or you prefer the fiery spirit of House Targaryen with its dragon sigil and "Fire and Blood," these designs proclaim your allegiance loud and clear. Each house's emblem embodies a rich backstory and personal identity, making these tattoos a top pick among fans.

Iron Throne

The ultimate symbol of power in the Seven Kingdoms, the Iron Throne is a formidable tattoo choice. Intricately detailed, it represents the heart of the series—the ceaseless struggle for power. An Iron Throne tattoo not only stands out due to its complex design but also serves as a conversation starter, evoking the intrigue and ruthlessness of the quest for supremacy.


The Stark children’s loyal companions, the direwolves, symbolize protection, loyalty, and the mystical side of the North. A direwolf tattoo is not only a nod to the beloved characters but also an emblem of strength and resilience. These majestic creatures make for striking tattoos, often designed in large, detailed pieces that command attention.


No creature symbolizes "Game of Thrones" more than the formidable dragons. A dragon tattoo, especially inspired by Daenerys’ three—Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion—epitomizes power, freedom, and fearlessness. Opting for a dragon tattoo can be a fiery statement, crafted in vibrant colors or stark black and grey, soaring across your skin with regal majesty.


The series is not just known for its epic battles and stunning visuals, but also for its memorable lines. Tattooing a favorite quote from "Game of Thrones" can be a deeply personal way to connect with the series. Whether it’s Tyrion’s insightful "I drink and I know things" or Arya’s list of names, these tattoos are both textual and immensely meaningful, often reflecting the personal philosophy inspired by the characters’ journeys.

Choosing a Game of Thrones tatto is about more than just fandom; it's about carrying a piece of the story with you, etched into your skin. These designs, each rich with symbolism and story, offer a unique way to express your admiration for the saga. Whether you lean towards the bold and graphic or subtle and sophisticated, there’s a Game of Thrones tattoo waiting to claim its place on your canvas.

What Are Some Small Game of Thrones Tattoo Ideas?

When it comes to expressing your love for "Game of Thrones," size doesn't always matter. Small tattoos can pack just as much punch as their larger counterparts, especially when they symbolize such a rich and dynamic universe. If you're looking for subtle yet powerful Game of Thrones tattoo ideas that won't take up much space but will still shout your fandom, here are five minimalistic designs that might just be what you need to pay homage to this iconic series:

Three-Eyed Raven

The mysterious and enigmatic three-eyed raven is more than just Bran Stark’s alter ego; it symbolizes foresight and mystery. A small, simple silhouette of a raven with three eyes can be placed discreetly on the wrist, ankle, or behind the ear. It’s not only a nod to one of the pivotal elements of the series but also a design that can intrigue those who see it, inviting questions and perhaps even a discussion about fate and destiny.

Valar Morghulis/Valar Dohaeris

These High Valyrian phrases meaning "All men must die" and "All men must serve," respectively, capture the essence of life’s fleeting nature and the inevitability of death—a central theme in "Game of Thrones." Getting these phrases tattooed in a delicate script can serve as a subtle yet profound reminder of the show’s brutal realism and philosophical depth. They work perfectly as matching tattoos, perhaps on opposite wrists, symbolizing the balance of life and duty.

Small Direwolf

For those who prefer to keep it low-key, a small direwolf tattoo is perfect. It’s a direct tribute to the Stark family and represents loyalty and protection. This tattoo can be as simple as a small, minimalist outline or a tiny filled-in silhouette placed on an inconspicuous part of your body like the inner finger, behind the ear, or even on the ankle. It’s a small but powerful way to show your support for the North.

Little Dragon

If you're drawn to Daenerys Targaryen’s fiery spirit, a tiny dragon might be the perfect choice for your **Game of Thrones tattoo**. Opt for a small, stylized dragon curled up in a neat, compact design. This can be an elegant way to express your admiration for the Mother of Dragons and her quest for the Iron Throne. Place it on your shoulder, wrist, or even your collarbone for a touch of regal flair.

House Sigil Icons

Each major house in "Game of Thrones" has a sigil that represents its heritage and honor. Choosing a small icon of your favorite house's sigil, like the Lannister lion, the Baratheon stag, or even the Tyrell rose, allows you to show allegiance to your chosen house without committing to a larger piece. These can be done in simple black ink or even a touch of color to make the sigil stand out, perfect for places like the side of your forearm or your ankle.

These small Game of Thrones tattoo ideas are not just a great way to pay tribute to one of the most thrilling sagas in modern television but also a fantastic way to carry a piece of its legacy in a subtle, stylish way. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just appreciate the artistry of the series, these tattoos are sure to keep the spirit of Westeros alive and close to you.

What Do Different Game of Thrones House Sigils Represent in Tattoos?

The rich tapestry of "Game of Thrones" is woven with symbols and sigils that represent the various noble houses of Westeros. Each sigil not only carries with it a unique identity but also a deeper meaning, making them popular choices for Game of Thrones tattoos. Here's a look at what five of the most iconic house sigils represent in tattoos, adding layers of intrigue and personal expression to your ink.

House Stark: The Direwolf

The Stark direwolf is more than just a pet to the children of Winterfell; it's a symbol of loyalty, strength, and the harshness of the North. In tattoos, the direwolf represents resilience and the ability to endure through tough times, mirroring the Starks' ability to survive against all odds. Fans often choose this sigil to express their own resilience or loyalty to family and core values. Placed on the arm, back, or chest, it serves as a fierce reminder of one's inner strength and fortitude.

House Lannister: The Lion

"Hear Me Roar!" The Lannister lion stands for power, wealth, and pride. In tattoo form, this sigil often symbolizes courage and a regal bearing. It is chosen by those who see themselves as leaders, influencers, or simply those with a fearless heart. A Lannister lion tattoo might be adorned in gold and crimson hues, demanding attention and admiration, perfectly placed on a shoulder or as a chest piece, symbolizing the wearer's commanding presence.

House Targaryen: The Three-Headed Dragon

Representing fire and blood, the Targaryen dragon is the ultimate symbol of transformation and rebirth. This sigil in a Game of Thrones tattoo speaks to those who identify with Daenerys’s journey from exile to a conquering queen. It’s for those who have overcome great trials and emerged stronger. Inked with flames and sometimes flying around the famous Valyrian phrase, “Fire and Blood,” this tattoo is often placed on the arm or back, symbolizing a fiery spirit and indomitable will.

House Baratheon: The Stag

The noble stag, symbolizing the Baratheon house, stands for resilience and majesty. This sigil in tattoo form often appeals to those who consider themselves protectors and providers, much like Robert Baratheon’s role as the king. It's also for those who are battling their own wars and stand resilient in the face of adversity. A Baratheon stag might be found towering on a forearm or across the chest, a symbol of enduring strength and dignity.

House Greyjoy: The Kraken

“We Do Not Sow” — the Greyjoy kraken is a symbol of strength, tenacity, and a fierce independence. This sigil is often chosen by those who resonate with the resilience and sometimes rebellious nature of the Iron Islanders. The kraken tattoo, sprawling its tentacles, can signify a grasp over one’s fate and an unyielding attitude towards life's challenges. It’s perfect for a sprawling tattoo on the back or shoulder, embodying the untamable spirit of the sea.

Each Game of Thrones tattoo featuring a house sigil carries with it a personal connection to the sprawling saga, embodying the values, struggles, and stories of the characters that fans have grown to admire or despise. Whether you choose a sigil for its aesthetic appeal or its deeper symbolism, it’s a way to keep a piece of this epic story alive and close to you, all while showcasing a bit of your own character and story through the artful expressions of ink.

What Are Some Quotes from Game of Thrones That I Can Feature in a Tattoo?

Game of Thrones isn't just a treasure trove of epic battles and political intrigue—it's also a goldmine of sharp wit and profound wisdom. If you're looking to immortalize some of the most memorable words from the series in ink, here are five iconic Game of Thrones quotes that make perfect tattoos. Each one carries a depth of meaning that goes beyond the surface, just like the best tattoos do.

"Valar Morghulis”

This High Valyrian phrase meaning "All men must die" is not only a popular greeting in the darker corners of Braavos but also a striking choice for a **Game of Thrones tattoo**. It’s a reminder of life’s fragility and the universal inevitability of death, which resonates deeply with many fans. Elegant in its simplicity, it can be tattooed in a beautiful script or paired with thematic imagery like the Faceless Man's coin or a skull.

"Not Today”

Spoken by Syrio Forel and later by Arya Stark, “Not today” is a phrase that symbolizes defiance against odds and death. It's a powerful affirmation of survival and resilience, making it an excellent choice for anyone who has overcome personal battles or challenges. This quote can be styled in bold, assertive fonts, perhaps accompanied by a sword or an image of Arya herself, to remind the wearer of their own strength and courage.

"I Drink and I Know Things”

Tyrion Lannister’s self-aware proclamation about his drinking and wisdom provides a lighter, somewhat humorous option for a tattoo. It’s perfect for those who share Tyrion's wit and love of wine. This quote would look great in a whimsical font or as part of a larger piece featuring a goblet or the iconic Lannister lion. It’s a fun nod to one of the show’s most beloved characters.

"Fire and Blood”

The motto of House Targaryen encapsulates Daenerys's fiery resolve and the tumultuous history of her family. A **Game of Thrones tattoo** featuring this quote can be a declaration of one’s fiery spirit and transformative power. This phrase paired with a three-headed dragon design not only pays homage to the Targaryen legacy but also serves as a striking piece of art that commands attention.

"The North Remembers”

A solemn reminder of the Stark family's resilience and the memory of the North, this quote is perfect for someone who values loyalty and justice. It evokes a sense of solemnity and unyielding resolve, ideal for a tattoo that represents enduring loyalty or remembrance. Paired with the Stark direwolf, this tattoo can be both a personal statement and a tribute to one of the series’ most central themes of memory and revenge.

Whether you’re looking for something profound, witty, or downright epic, Game of Throne offers a wealth of quotes that can translate into meaningful tattoos. These tattoos not only keep your favorite moments from the series close to you but also carry layers of personal significance that resonate with the journeys of the characters—and perhaps your own. Choose the one that speaks to you the most and let it ink a permanent place in your saga.

Where Are the Best Placement Options for Game of Thrones Tattoos?

When choosing a spot for your Game of Thrones tattoo, the landscape of your body is as vast and varied as the lands of Westeros and Essos themselves. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement or prefer something more discreet, here are five ideal placement options that can showcase your love for one of the most epic fantasy sagas ever told.

The Forearm: Show Off Your Allegiance

The forearm serves as a prime real estate for a Game of Thrones tattoo, especially if you're opting for house sigils or famous quotes. It’s easily visible and offers enough space to accommodate detailed designs like the direwolf of House Stark or the lion of House Lannister. Plus, it's perfect for those spontaneous moments when you want to roll up your sleeves and reveal your allegiance—or maybe even spark a conversation with fellow fans.

The Back: A Canvas for Epic Scenes

If you’re thinking about a larger, more intricate tattoo, such as the Iron Throne, a detailed map of Westeros, or a dramatic dragon scene, the back provides a vast canvas. This area allows for expansive and detailed storytelling, perfect for those who want a tattoo that not only represents but also narrates their favorite aspects of the series. A full-back **Game of Thrones tattoo** can be a breathtaking piece of art that turns your body into a living, walking epic.

The Ribcage: For Something Personal

The ribcage is a popular spot for tattoos that are meant to be more personal and close to the heart—literally. It’s an ideal place for the names of your favorite characters, a poignant quote, or smaller sigils. The ribcage offers a more intimate canvas, suitable for designs that are meant for the wearer more than for the world. It’s also one of the more painful tattoo spots, which can be a testament to your dedication to the saga!

The Ankle or Foot: Subtle Yet Sophisticated

For those who prefer a subtler tribute to Game of Thrones, the ankle or foot can be a charming choice. Small symbols like the three-headed dragon, a mini Iron Throne, or even tiny emblems of the various houses fit perfectly in these areas. They are easy to conceal, yet remain a discreet nod to your favorite series, offering a touch of mystique as fleeting and intriguing as a whisper from Varys.

The Chest: Bold and Frontal

The chest is a powerful spot for a Game of Thrones tattoo, particularly if you want something that sits close to your heart. This placement is ideal for larger, bolder designs like a full House Stark banner or a Targaryen dragon sprawling across the skin. Not only does it provide a broad area for detail, but tattoos here are also emblematic, making a strong statement of passion and pride every time you opt for a V-neck.

No matter where you choose to place your Game of Thrones tattoo, what matters most is that it reflects your personality and your connection to the series. Each spot tells a different story, much like each episode of the show, and whether you’re going for bold and visible or small and subtle, your tattoo will keep the spirit of your favorite fantasy alive on your skin.


Game of Thrones tattoo designs offer a unique way to carry a piece of the epic saga with you. Whether you choose the stark imagery of a house sigil, the fiery breath of a dragon, or a poignant quote, each tattoo is a testament to the enduring impact of the series. These tattoos not only declare your fandom but also weave your personal narrative with the rich tapestry of Westeros. With countless design choices, each tattoo can be as bold or as subtle as you desire, ensuring your Game of Thrones spirit is showcased exactly how you see fit.

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