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Article: 30 Powerful Feminism Ad Campaign Ideas

30 Powerful Feminism Ad Campaign Ideas

A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and humanity of both women and men.
Here are some powerful feminist ad campaigns to inspire your works!
Created by Carlitos Pinheiro |



Created by Lea Onofri |


2. 16 Days of Activism 2021

Created by Laila Ajjawi |



Created by VELKRO |


4. Period Campaign

Created by Kylie Buss |


5. No Es No!

Created by Mehdi EL Mahboubi |


6. Enough

Created by Beatriz Patarata |


7. Women's Rights are Human Rights

Created by Lorena Giostri |


8. 8th of March!

Created by Cinthya Álvarez |


9. Women's Day | fashion

Created by Andrea Arques |


10. Like A Woman

Created by Loz Ives |


11. No Traço Delas

Created by Gabriela Almeida |


12. Orange The World

Created by Catherine Polak |


13. Youtube Yoodle

Created by Paula Cruz |


14. Women’s Day Illustration

Created by Abbey Lossing |


15. Sneha Foundation

Created by Vikash Kumar |


16. 8M (8 de marzo)

Created by Andreaga |


17. ideaMONKEY International Womens Days

Created by Harrison Banda |


18. Bauhaus Women

Created by Zoki Cardula |


19. Inspiring Women

Created by Rebeca Cyrineu |


20. 8th March International Women's Day

Created by Lucia Types |



Created by Jane Berezhna |


22. Women support women

Created by Diana Didudo |


23. Women's March Protest

Created by Hayley Thornton-Kennedy |


24. Silent Consent

Created by kissmiklos |


25. International Women's Day

Created by Martine Lindstrøm |


26. Love Should Not Hurt

Created by Mohammed Zaki |


27. Read Scifi

Created by Paula Cruz |


28. L'Ecofeminisme es la Resposta

Created by Carmela Caldart |


29. Girls Right’s

Created by Carlitos Pinheiro |


30. OK Needs Her

Created by Sydni Levis-Nasada |


Let us know what you think!

The above references are some of the best artworks done by talented designers all over the world. Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to leave us a comment below! Cheers!

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