20 Best Corporate Identity Design Examples

These are the most fantastic corporate identity design examples that can help along the way. Take a look and get inspired!
Created by Agata Kosturek | https://www.behance.net/gallery/62592673/done-by-us-Corporate-Identity-Interior-Design-Brand

Corporate identity design is a creative asset that makes a particular brand stand out more than its competitors. Corporate identity design includes but is not limited to the style, logo, typography, uniform, the product of the brand, and much more.

The terms of corporate identity design should reflect the company personality, what kind of service they offer to the customer, or what type of vibe they give. Corporate identity is very crucial that it could attract the customer by the visual of the brand.


Why Corporate Identity Design is Very Important

Having an identity that will be remembered and become the hallmark of the brand is every company's goal. Consider that corporate identity can differentiate one brand from other brands. The following are some of the reasons why corporate identity is so important:

1.Reflects The Characteristics of The Company

By using branding or marketing, a company needs to make people understand what the brand stands for. Having an identity that is consistent and designed well will be so much easier for a company to create awareness for the brand.

A corporate identity design will show people how the company works, communicates with the market, maintains its cultures, environment, and many other things related to the characteristics. It also becomes the apparent personality of a company when running its business.

2.Indicates Company Determination & Professionality

A corporate that invests a good amount of money and effort to create a personalized identity will create a better vibe of determination of being professional and successful in staying on the market.

This kind of signal can indicate that the company is already planning to prosper by giving customers and employees a sense of trust and professionalism.

It will be more impactful if the design is consistent so that those companies can ensure people that they want to be recognized and remembered. In other words, it could improve the company's competitive edge.

3.Reduce Company's Cost for Advertising

Once a company's identity is already well-known among the market, its existing image could contribute so much to the business.
For example, a company's unique identity could impact the launch of a new product, so it doesn't have to invest more money in advertising for the new product.


Examples of Great Corporate Identity Design

Struggle to find ideas or inspiration for corporate identity? Here are some of the best examples that could be your source of inspiration for identity design.

1. Sambrinvest

Created by Hoet & Hoet | https://www.behance.net/gallery/83166283/Sambrinvest

Sambrinvest is a Belgian financial group that invests in regional companies, whether big companies, startups, or SMEs. Sambrinvest chose a fresh and minimalist design for their corporate identity.

It uses a monochromatic color palette that makes its company design seem clean and professional. The logo and design styles really suit the image that the company wants to give to people as a finance group.

The consistency of the style in the company's logo, identity, and website, make the design seem more appealing and complement each other.


2. Eletromidia

Created by Gabriel M. Ramos | https://www.behance.net/gallery/108565927/Eletromidia

Eletromidia has a slogan and goal to be unique and different. Their focus is to connect people and subjects in unique and bold ways. With their focus on uniqueness and boldness, these focuses are reflected well in the company identity design. The use of bold and clashing colors is executed well and professionally, making the brand's personality easy to tell.

Even though Eletromidia uses bright and clashing colors, the designer still maintains to create a minimalistic design that makes the identity still look professional.


3. Antaderk

Created by Rami Jbara | https://www.behance.net/gallery/113446219/antaderk-Branding

Antaderk is an application that is made for helping the customer booking and requesting appointments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Antaderk has a goal to make the customer happy when using the company service.

This goal of Antaderk is reflected in the design of the company's logo. The company's logo is initially a smiling face that has been designed to look sleek and modern. The use of a simple combination and vibrant color is suitable for the audience target of the company.


4. W.kids

Created by Svetoslav Stankov | https://www.behance.net/gallery/58354413/Wkids-Language-School-Branding

W.kids is a company which runs in the education field for children by teaching them languages. Because their target market and audience are children, the designer chooses the bright and fun color for the identity. The playful style of the design complements this bright and fun color. Even though the design is playful, the designer still manages to keep the neutral theme suitable for every audience and market, including adults or the parents.


5. The Tattoo Museum

Created by Simon Lukas Mers | https://www.behance.net/gallery/108540905/the-tattoo-museum-Bachelor

The corporate identity design of tattoo museums shows a minimalist personality. Take a look first at the logo of the tattoo museum, and you can see a group of shapes is perfectly outlined. The logo is constructed by several shapes that have their own philosophy and meaning.

The designer chose the black and white color palette to represent simplicity and neutrality on the company personality. The simplicity of the design is consistently implemented in every item.


6. DBU

Created by Agata Kosturek | https://www.behance.net/gallery/62592673/done-by-us-Corporate-Identity-Interior-Design-Brand

The DBU, or done by our company, wants to symbolize their company's personality in the design. The designer presents the blue ultramarine color to symbolize dynamism, courage, modern, open, and fresh look in the corporate identity.

The use of simplistic and clean styles for the design of the brand identity is expected to create more good feedback and approaches coming from the market.


7. Meta

Created by Hyek Kim | https://www.behance.net/gallery/65910817/Meta-Rebranding

Meta is a software developing and augmented-reality goggles manufacturing company. Because Meta is working in the technology sector, the designers want to create a simple modern look but still symbolize their service.

Meta believes that people should not be confined in a box or rectangular-shaped technology but be more able and natural when using technology to make the experience and working environment more effective and healthy.


8. Hudday

Created by 8y5 Studio | https://www.behance.net/gallery/100274523/Hudday

Hudday is a content creation company that focuses on offline and online communication and social media. Making the audience engage on a company brand is their mission. They have great typefaces and palettes.

The typefaces combine the boldness and edginess for brand communication, which is softer for regular content design. With the great standardization, the palette design has a binary-colored brand and a strong contrast.


9. Atopa

Created by Ramotion | https://www.behance.net/gallery/108086735/Atopa-Brand-Identity-Design-and-Website

Atopa invests in potential companies that will affect the future. It was founded in 2016 in the USA. Atopa is the founder of Flow Finance company which is a modern financial platform for companies that highly grow.

Atopa is a firm that cooperates with people to establish companies. The brand identity is designed by Ramotion. It uses an iconographic style that has a very stylish, clean, unique, and modern look.


10. Smith & Hobbs

Created by Bepolar Lab | https://www.behance.net/gallery/97254889/Smith-Hobbs-Law-Firm

Smith & Hobbs was founded by two partners in 2020. It is based in Chicago. The visual identity of this Hypothetical Law Firm was created to reflect their principle (solidity, elegance, security).

The design style uses a serif font that looks very solid and perfectly complements the logo. The use of two contrasting colors perfectly matches and gives a clean and cool impression. It is so elegant like the company's principal.


11. Itsumo

Created by Kate Anto | https://www.behance.net/gallery/65128121/ITSUMO-fashion-branding

Itsumo is a private limited company incorporated in May 2005. This company is a wholesale importer of fashion accessories. Like its slogan, more progress, more comfort, more beauty, they want to share more than just a brand.


12. Zelios Gardens

Created by Bill Pappas | https://www.behance.net/gallery/80395405/Zelios-Gardens-Branding

The Zelios Garden team presents the natural beauty that gathers in their garden. They are botanical gardens that offer a learning experience about nature with 25 acres of landscape and 3,500 trees (flowers and herbs).

The corporate identity design is done by Bill Pappas. The final logo is created with cool symbols. The concept behind the logo is inspired by the glass tower, statues theater, vegetable garden, and the deer grazing that reflect the garden.


13. Oberhafen

Created by Marco Stoermer | https://www.behance.net/gallery/98286065/Oberhafen

The corporate identity design promotes a modern cultural institution that provides a variety of cultural offerings, which was previously a part of an old port. The main idea is to turn the old industrial locations into cultural locations with the mechanism of the identity remain the same.

Transforming the visual language of seemingly undersigned old freight train signage into a design system that communicates culture and flexible creativity.


14. Agudelo Velásques

Created by Renzo Design Studio | https://www.behance.net/gallery/96302633/Agudelo-Velasquez-Brand-Identity

The company operates in the solid and corrugated fiber box manufacturing industry. The company was founded in 1986. It is a great Corporate identity design created by Renzo Design Studio.

The design of this company is a combination of the letters A, V and the shape of a shield and ornament on the top of a pole. It is basically a simple idea that makes for an extraordinary design. The combination of colors used gives the impression of luxury and elegance.


15. MoneyFellows

Created by Omar Saraya | https://www.behance.net/gallery/110520565/Money-fellows

Money fellow is a digital solution for those who want to manage their savings. Their concept is based in the Egyptian culture El-Game'ya or the money circle where a pre-agreed amount of money for several months is paid by each individual of a group. The total amount each month goes to a different member.

The logo is a minimalistic wallet design. The piggy bank, the wallet, the actual bank symbolize money. The logo also plays on the letter F and M in an abstract. The color palette is around green and blue. Green is reflecting money, and blue is reflecting the digital presence.


16. Brandmaster

Created by Madeo | https://www.behance.net/gallery/114161021/BrandMaster-Visual-Identity-Rebranding

BrandMaster is a platform for brand management aimed at marketing professionals. The design of this corporate identity makes for great-looking communications, gives you complete control over your brand.

The company is focused on setting the standard to be followed by others and developing innovative marketing solutions. The identity design of this company is cool and modern, created by Madeo. The color used gives a fresh impression.


17. Vadebike

Created by Pol Solsona Studio | https://www.behance.net/gallery/91150435/Vadebike

Vadebike's new graphic identity has been designed to tell a revolutionary new system in Barcelona related to private bicycle parking. Vadebike encourages bicycle use and has a positive impact on sustainability and mobility arrangements within the city.

Pol Solsona Studio is the creator of Vadebike's brand identity. The character takes the form of the parking lot itself and guides users to use the services appropriately in a disruptive and entertaining way.


18. Voice Orbit

Created by Amr Bo Shanab | https://www.behance.net/gallery/87573603/Voice-Orbit-Brand-Identity

The company provides services for marketing activities like audiobook recordings, documentary films, and advertising, IVR recorded messages, dubbing works, and others that need professional audio commentary.

The logo is designed by using the shape inspired by the sound waves towards the microphone. It uses the orbital shape that circles the mic as the position of the globe. It indicates the global spread of sound that reflects the connotation of its slogan, The Voice That the World Listen to.


19. Incentex

Created by Bratus Agency | https://www.behance.net/gallery/78757487/Incentex-Visual-identity

Incentex was established 20 years ago. This company is a trusted aviation supplier with high-quality products. It has a unique, fresh-new, and modern identity. The meaning of rounded borders is the global connection, business, and international flights.

Routes illustrated by typography and line are linked through all applications to emphasize its purpose of connecting the world. The icon is beautifully created by using the contrast between negative and positive space.


20. Heba Shaik

Created by Antonio Calvino | https://www.behance.net/gallery/96046165/Heba-Shaikh-Brand-Identity

The firm Heba Shaikh has the aim to personalize the fashion industry and complete the non-stop consumption cycle through innovative technology. The most dominant qualities of the firm are modernity and quality.

Antonio Calvino is the designer of its visual identity that has amazing typography. The brand identity also has multiple color palettes that can break the communicative rules of traditional fashion.



A corporate identity is more than just your preferred color scheme and custom letterhead. It is the self-image used for outside and inside communication of a corporation or brand. It must have a well-planned concept to be strategically implemented.

A corporate identity reflects the company's personality. A high-quality and beautifully designed corporate identity supports and enhances the brand's image. The purpose of identity design is to make it different and better able to differentiate itself from competitors. We hope these 20 Best Corporate identity design examples have provided you with some helpful pointers on how to build inside and outside a great corporate identity.

What do you think of these design examples? Feel free to leave us comments or ask any questions in the section below. Cheers!

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