30 Stylish Company Profile Design Concepts

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A company profile is a written and visualized introduction to a business or corporate entity that tells the reader about its business, works, missions, goals, strengths, and what they provide. Oftentimes, a company profile includes the story of the company's business, founding, and description of its products or services. It is commonly used as a tool to present the overall personality and the functionality of the corporation. Here are some of the most stylish company profile design concepts to inspire your projects!


1. Architecture Firm

Created by Aamir Shahid


2. El-Metwaly Coffee

Created by Hassan Ali


3. Monkeyrtising

Created by Mahmoud Yehia


4. Pingo

Created by Gabriel Eich


5. TAD Triple Ace Design

Created by Mariam Adel


6. Thread & Needle

Created by Phuong Thaoo


7. House Frame

Created by Ruben Daems


8. The Arrows

Created by Ruben Daems


9. Relevancy

Created by Eryash Mryyan


10. Exe

Created by Shariful Islam


11. Systematika

Created by Parco Studio


12. Babel Company Profile ‘19

Created by Mohammed Fahd


13. Neon Company Profile

Created by Pubric lab


14. Wasta

Created by Ramim Chowdhury


15. Mawani Company Profile

Created by Hussain Mohammed Al Bakri


16. Tuwiaq

Created by Ahmed El-Shapasy


17. IRS

Created by Onice Design


18. Studio 7

Created by Nisrine Sarkis


19. True Art Studios

Created by Ahmad Zann


20. Dr. Psy Company Profile

Created by KSCO Studio


21. Raaxo Synergy

Created by Timothy Exodus


22. Aqarpedia

Created by Reham Youssef


23. Studio7

Created by Nisrine Sarkis


24. Goldblum Company Profile

Created by Twomatch! design studio


25. Medtrade

Created by Кристина Шакурова


26. Platek

Created by Alessio Pompadura


27. Babord Branding

Created by Tom Emil Olsen


28. Go Crispy

Created by Abdulrhman Mamdooh


29. IBTech Company Profile

Created by Hussain Mohammad Al Bakri


30. Rai 28th

Created by Caca Passos


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The above references are some of the best artworks done by talented designers all over the world. Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to leave us a comment below! Cheers!

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