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Article: 30 Fantastic Bar Menu Design Ideas You Need To Check

30 Fantastic Bar Menu Design Ideas You Need To Check

Are you looking for fantastic design inspirations?
Here are some of the best bar menu design ideas you can find online, check this out!
Created by Petra Skrastiņa |

Many bar owners tend to neglect how their menu looks. They think that people just sit, make an order, and that's all. Without knowing how important a bar menu design should be, most establishments only literally write what they serve on a piece of paper, without proper layout placement or design accent to make it more exciting. Thus, the menu becomes a simple introduction letter for what they can do, which could be the best sales source of that bar. So, how should we treat the design?

Having a proper drink list is so important for your business. Your menu is the print media that makes a lot of contacts with your customer. If you can tweak this simple media into something that excites their consciousness, it would turn a simple printed paper into a powerful marketing media. Now, can you see how important it is? A good design can be a good booster for your business.

What kind of benefits can we get from a proper bar menu design? According to research, it could affect the profit you will earn. You can even get 10-15% more profit just from changing the design of the menu into a more presentable one. A properly designed concept could show more excitement, attention, and clarity about the available menu. By adjusting the design, you can control and affect their buying behavior.

A good bar menu design also gives your customer a good experience. Can you imagine how difficult and annoying to read or find the drink, meal, or anything you want to order because of a messed-up text layout? That will be enough to stop them from visiting your bar in the future.

Now, you know the importance of a good one is. The next thing you have to do is choosing which design you want to use for your drink list. Here, we have a list of the best menu design ideas you should take a look at. Let's start!

1. Appendix

Created by studiowmw |

This bar menu emphasizes the logo of the company. They put it spread on many parts of the layout. Moreover, it uses a readable font style that gives it a more functional value. It is indeed one of the best menu design ideas you can try.


2. Pinche Bar

Created by Human |

They have successfully applied the wild west and industrial theme of the Pinche bar to the visual. The usage of the artistic graphic, plus a simple layout, gives it a vintage vibe. If you want to try an idea that has an impact, this is a good choice.


3. Joker No.19

Created by Ipek Eris |

No need for more color. The idea is only to use black and white to create an elegant yet clear layout. However, the designer adds different types of font and retro graphic style to make it attractive. That's enough to give it an impactful look for a drink list.


4. La Lluna Lounge Bar

Created by Maria Berga |

Minimalism is the first impression you will get when you look at this Bar Menu. It is a perfect match with the modern theme of the bar itself. The usage of minimalist and non-hook font also feels like an exclamation of the place's beauty.


5. Muszla Gdynia

Created by Dot Studio |

We can feel a retro vibe on the overall visual. The Scandinavian-style art vector on the bottom and the layout that reminds you of the 80's dining place make it look beautiful. It feels warm and inviting, which is a unique vibe you can find for a drink list.


6. Yeahnot

Created by Marina Mescaline |

A unique idea like this allows you to keep the customer's attention for a long time. Therefore, there is a chance they will order more. The square frame on the print looks like a house plan image. You can divide each menu easier using this concept.


7. Boisson Curie

Created by Rocío Fernández Fuks |

For customer who wants to spend their evening at the bar, this design idea is the best choice. The gradation color gives it the sunset feeling. It is warming and relaxing, the atmosphere that all bars should have. Best of all, you can show that through your drink list.


8. Santo Gordo

Created by Aiham Karahawa |

The simple layout with scribbles here and there creates a close feeling. This bar menu design is the right choice for a place where every customer can have more freedom, no boundaries. It shows that to create a good bar menu, you only need simple adjustments.


9.  Barley

Created by Sowl Creative Studio |

Using unconventional ideas by adding extra folds like this print is a fabulous concept. It gives a sense of adventure on every page of the menu. This kind of bar menu design also makes it easy to navigate, especially with its clear and typewriter font style.


10. Tasty Lounge bar

Created by Alphamark |

The print utilizes three different font styles to describe the drinks, explanations, and categories. That design itself is enough to show its elegance. It is good composition to help customers identify the content, plus it feels like a five-star and luxurious type of menu, isn't it?


11. Friends of Ham

Created by Passport Design Bureau |

This format sheet style is truly fantastic. It does make it look unique. On the other hand, this adjustment helps the customer find what they want to order easier and faster. By looking at its composition, this bar menu design is also easy and affordable.


12. Ginhaus

Created by Petra Skrastiņa |

An all-centered layout with bolded and colored texts is one of the best ideas. It fills the paper and creates a nice balance. The center position also feels inviting to read. Moreover, this bar menu is easy to follow, which is another plus point of this concept.


13. Cask Bar NYC

Created by Laurianne Froesel |

The vintage concept is always acceptable for creating an eye-catching visual. The hand-drawing image adds strong retro nuance. Moreover, the column layout also feels like the ads column from an old newspaper. Appearance and functionality-wise, this concept is a piece of art.


14. Felix

Created by Graphasel Design Studio |

Felix's bar menu design really shows the identity of the brand. The beautiful Greek-style graphic on the background with an elegant frame of drink list is enough to tell the customer that they are in a luxurious place.


15. Inglorius Spirits

Created by Marianna Mantikou |

Marianna adds a beautiful story-telling style to this concept. The book-style layout and the extra transparent image on the background represent the list of each page. It also helps customers to understand the text that they read. I think it's all a menu needs to create a purposeful concept.


16. Blin Butcher

Created by Tractorbeam |

It clearly shows the main approach of this concept. The font style, color, and paper are the object you can find in the butcher shop. This bar menu really portrays a strong brand identity from each of those elements. We think it is one of the most fantastic ideas.


17. Rare Bird

Created by Peck Design Associates |

The text placement and typography choice look very interesting. The irregular font on the front side of this menu works very well. It becomes the focal point of the menu. Moreover, the layout flow here also guides the customer to find what they want to order in this drink list.


18. Intermezzo

Created by Kenny Coil |

This bar menu really represents the place itself. This beautiful bar has two visual identities. They are the bright and calm day, then the dark hot night. For that reason, it uses the brochure-like design, the retro-hooked typography, and modern minimalist font style. The overall design shows those concepts very well.


19. Prei Cocktail Bar

Created by Sonich Touch |

A low number of color tones for the menu design ideas on the Prei Cocktail Bar menu emphasize every element really well. It shows the natural ambiance of the bar. The three-color palette also is well-combined, creating a balanced and beautiful composition of a simple yet mesmerizing design.


20. Cask Bar + Kitchen

Created by Crown Creative |

The hand-drawn image really portrays a retro vibe. However, the color combination on the background and the font style give it a futuristic vibe. It is a unique and accomplished combination of menu design ideas.


21. Varvara

Created by Anastasia López Deniz |

The layout reminds you of the old dining restaurant concept. The simple image and frame style shows you that retro and unique design. However, the placement of each element oozes the modern vibe. Thus, it creates an artistic yet familiar visual for the customers.


22. The Bare 40

Created by John Robert Register |

The more different a design, the more it has the potential to become a powerful marketing media. This concept shows you that clearly. Using three different paper colors with a table-style layout and simple font style, the customer won't forget what they see. That is clearly one of the beautiful menu design ideas we've noticed.


23. Oxwell & Co

Created by Kin Halid |

Marbles wall is the Oxwell & Co things. But, they are not only using that material on the wall. Their bar menu is also the same. It uses a marble-patterned background. That gives a beautiful and artistic touch to the menu that makes it so beautiful.


24. Carter Barbershop & Bar

Created by Burgo Design |

When you run a barbershop and bar, you have to try this combination with green army color, neat layout, and stylish font. The gold letter also matches perfectly with the green background. To emphasize that it is also a barbershop, Burgo Design slips a pair of scissors in the visual.


25. Emilie

Created by Estusdio Albino |

The bar is named after the inventor of the gramophone, and the visual idea depicts the romanticism of the old era. The soft pink rose color and simple font style create that kind of nostalgic moment. With just a folded paper, you will understand that the beautiful bar menu design doesn't need to be complicated.


26. Black Tap

Created by Madonna+Child Design |

You can feel the urban style vibe on this design. The three different sections, the item list, marketing area, and the product's image, are everything you need to create a charming and attractive visual for customers to read. Moreover, the pop-art style image shows beautiful retro menu design ideas.


27. Bar Ginger

Created by Vita Mak |

The designer seems to like to keep everything organized by using a neat style of design. Vita Mak uses this unique shape to make everything easier to use. Then, she chooses a beautiful dark blue and gold-colored font. Neat and elegant menu design ideas indeed.


28. Ostro Kitchen Bar

Created by Puro Diseño |

This idea is to use a combination of classic and modern layout styles. From that combination, customers could enjoy the menu with a beautiful design and different experiences. The menu design may look simple, but this is clearly one of the best works.


29. The Horse & Elephant

Created by Michael Knapek |

How can we create an elegant and gorgeous drink list? Make everything neat and in order, like this one. Knapek uses an efficient concept by adding a logo and separate the layout into different parts. The drink list also uses a proper typography treatment, so it is readable for customers.


30. Meduza Bar & Kitchen

Created by Eugene Wisotow |

This bar has a relaxing atmosphere where people can have a conversation for hours. The branding clearly vibes with the menu design. The light and dark leather brown paper used to create the earthy vibe. With the straight and modern font style, the whole visual gives that homey feeling.



These are the best bar menu design that we have curated for inspiration purposes. You can pick these examples above and use them as your references. We hope you won't have any dilemma finding the preferred menu design ideas for your establishment and projects. Let us know your thoughts! Feel free to write your comments in the section below! Cheers!

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