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Article: 30 Authentic Ideas for Bakery Branding Design

30 Authentic Ideas for Bakery Branding Design

Here are the top bakery branding designs, made by great artists, that you can use as references to even make a better one, perhaps. Check these out!
Created by Widarto Impact |

When working in a business field, the chances are that you have to start from the very basic branding design. In many cases, there are some items and parts that you should take care of just to make a positive and efficient branding process. So, how do you prepare for the authentic ideas to start working with a new bakery? Here are some ideas that you should think about beforehand. 


Make An On-Point Bakery Branding Design 

1. Creating A Powerful Logo

Bakery logos take a great role in creating a brand identity and also your branding power. In this case, you will need to consider creating a powerful logo. When creating a logo, make sure that it will allow you to communicate with the audience from every aspect. It includes how the logo depicts the product, the concept, and what style your business is going on. Some of the design elements that you have to consider include color, graphics, fonts, and looks. 

At some point, you also need to consider the kind of logo you are going for. Are you looking for a logotype, using character, or what? The main idea that you should underline when creating a bakery branding logo is to communicate, visually appealing, long-lasting, stay along with the industry standards and impression. 


2. Promoting Your Bakery Offline

One of the ways to make sure your branding works as best as it can is by supporting it with whatever you can. The best one is doing offline promotion. No matter how big or small your bakeshop is, advertising is one of the vital branding options. You can do it in old school way by using flyers, posters, logos, signage, product packaging, or the bag. 

Creating a lot of sense under offline promotion was not something you should worry about. You can create a whole branding project that includes a logo, wrapping paper, tote bag, or signage, and other aspects. Along with your business card, this bakery branding idea will help you gain people's attention. 


3. Considering The Online Media

Since there is a boom in social media in recent years, you can also use online media to pump up your bakery branding design. You can use social media and banners to make online targeting. By starting from the more popular social media such as Instagram or Facebook. You can share the shop's baking style and products. 

If you want more than just social media, get your hand at creating an online channel. Having an online presence can work as well as alluring people with your tasty bread smell. Make your branding design applied in the same online media, from logo, signature, pattern, or any other brand identity. So, your project will stand out. 


Bakery Branding Ideas

1. Antoinette by Matias Funes

Antoinette states its brand identity through a wholesome design bundle. Starting from the logo, it has a majestic woman portrayed with a vintage-style stamp design. It works as the first bakery branding to look at. After that, the bakeshop does the same style for other elements. It includes the business card, wrapping paper, tag, uniform, even the bag. 

Created by Matias Funes |


2. Balloon & Whisk by Thinking Room

Balloon & whisk, a cake shop in northern Jakarta, states its brand identity through a more playful bakery branding design. The logotype style brings out a more vintage-styled theme, which later works well with the cute illustration and pastel color branding. The color signifies different flavors, delicacies and also a powerful display that is applicable for every branding element. 

Created by Thinking Room |


3.Janyszek by 404 Tearzzz

Janacek branding is simple yet straightforward. The uses of simplistic graphics fit the vintage-styled bakery shop. The logo and the graphics also work as a pattern for the product packages, labels, or signage. The design signifies the old tradition, natural, and handcrafted identity of the shop. It even comes with more logo alternatives that still work with its brand identity. 

Created by 404 Tearzzz |


4. Croissant by Dave Arustamyan

Focused as a bakery shop that produces delicious croissants, this company, with small café and online orders, makes a distinctive branding identity through its inventive logo. The use of line art that looks like a boat and croissant states the products and the bakery shops' location (near a lake). The branding also uses warm pastel color to help signify the warmth of French flavor. 

Created by Dave Arustamyan |


5. Boulangerie by Ilya Gorchaniuk

Bringing out a more authentic and regal touch, Boulangerie states its professionalism through the logo style, color pallet, and detailing. The bakery branding design uses a logo that mixes B letter and wheat graphic. What makes it effective is how the orangey and blue color palette works for all items, including packaging, bags, paper, business cards, posters, etc. 

Created by Ilya Gorchaniuk |


6. Zac's Bakehouse by Crown Creative

Zac's bakehouse's color palette and logo tell a more rugged and traditional story. The idea of using a simple sans logotype with texture fits the traditional hand-made bakery shop style. The color type of blue and gold also signifies the more masculine style, which also fits every packaging element. The bakery branding also works for the social media and online market.  

Created by Crown Creative |


7. Forno Mariani by Cobra Studio

Forno Mariani bakery branding signifies the long story of the shop that was born in 1967. The uses of a unique, simplistic typeface as its logo help accentuate the vintage-styled bakery. It also goes with a hand-drawn graphic and soft pastel color palette. With its model, the design works for everything, including the social media feed, posters, and the bakehouse style itself. 

Created by Cobra Studio |


8. Odette by Dmowski & Co.

A patisserie in Poland that goes with a more modern and high-end style is what Odette wanted. The branding design goes with serif logotype with monogram cake design. The soft blue and golden color pastel help create a more visually appealing set of branding. It also looks luxurious with a lack of illustration or graphics, which help it work for packaging. 

Created by Dmowski & Co. |


9. First Bite by Caroline Reeve

The first bite bakeshop style is more on the playful and modern take. If you are working with a bakery that has a younger target market, make sure you look at how the first bite creates an appealing design. The use of a unique serif typeface and cookie drawing works like a charm. It is unique and fun with a colorful palette, which helps create a more approachable bakery impression. 

Created by Caroline Reeve |


10. Monxuxu by Vegrande

When the target market is millennials, some touch of minimalism, quirky graphic, and fun application will make more impression. Take a look at how Monxuxu bakery branding design uses a lot of surrealist illustrations that somehow fit the theme. The uses of blue and white create a fun contrast and visual point, which help enhance the artisanal bakery shop identity.  

Created by Vegrande |


11. La Panadería by Valcam Studio

La Panaderia stays true to its name impression. The uses of scripted typeface create a more approachable shop logo. Along with the soft color palette, the bakeshop brings out a more modern branding intake while also stating its professionalism. The uses of some stickers like graphic design add brand identity that still follows the old-time bakery style.  

Created by Valcam Studio |


12. Jordi Morera byGriselda Martí

When simplistic and modern design works for raising awareness, Jordy Morera uses the same ideas for its bakery branding. The project uses monochrome graphics, pictures, and symbols, which means to tell a message about the importance of healthy bread. It is visually unique and eye-catching and also helps accentuate the message with less distracting design elements. 

Created by Griselda Martí |


13. Baguette by Rhea Jain

The Baguette logo tells all of its business matter from its unique logo. It is a perfect bakery branding design that signifies the ingredient, name, and product. Another cool idea about this design is its color pick that accentuates the sense of organic and natural ingredients. Green and orange, with its simplistic drawing bakery logo style, make perfect packaging and brand identity. 

Created by Rhea Jain |


14. Salut by StormSlash Studio

The Salut branding design deserves a real salute. The French bakery chain uses a pretty simplistic style for its logo and name. It uses a unique typeface and a unique sphere model for its representative picture. The cleanness plan itself allows more fun application, including the orange-black color palette, poster, menu design with pictures, and packaging. 

Created by StormSlash Studio |


15. Ioannidis by Madlen Angelopoulos

Ioannidis uses a fresh breath of marketing with its patterning design. The uses of boxy line art patterns like design create a fun bakery branding logo. It also uses a unique typeface that accentuates the name and its brand identity. In order to fit the whole logo style, the bakery uses a pattern model for packaging, uses the same idea for uniform, and has the color palette for other items. 

Created by Madlen Angelopoulos |


16. Benedito Calixto by Rene Camargo

Playing around with the geometrical design for its logo does help create a more sophisticated identity. In this case, Benedito Calixto brings up three logos to use in different media. It works as a pattern, as a greeting card cover, tote bag print, pins, and the paper bag. The simple design also helps make the bakery logo work with a contrasting green and cream color palette.  

Created by Rene Camargo |


17. Pão & Opção by Matheus Ferreira

You can create a fun and sophisticated design with unique typeface swashes and strokes. Just like this bakery branding design that fits the theme, color palette, and photography. The uses of green, brown, and white state natural ingredients. The fun "&" picture works for creating unique branding details that are applied as wrapping paper's pattern. 

Created by Matheus Ferreira |


18. Anna Thierry by Estudio Albino

Anna Thierry's branding reflects its delicacies in the bakery business through the delicate branding design. The bakehouse uses ranges of soft pastel color to help bring a more subtle feeling of care, perfection, perseverance, and passion. The patisserie logo also adopts a simplistic design, which again fits the theme as well as creating a more luxurious touch in it. 

Created by Estudio Albino |


19. Bread & Butter by Adrian Dziama

This project plays a dramatic design with its color palette, typography, and photography. The use of black-yellow color palette help creates a bakery branding identity and contrast. Meanwhile, simple typography increases its versatility, which works for every element such as social media feed, packaging, posters, etc. The photography makes the whole marketing element feel alive.

Created by Adrian Dziama |


20. Tortaria Cristi Teles by Faixa 2

The majestic and regal-like impression, color palette, and looks help to state the Tortaria target's market. At the same time, it creates a more dynamic and versatile design for the bakery branding. Which means the project works for everything, including business card, packaging, wrapping paper, etc. The good point of its project is the ability to state the handcrafted bakery product. 

Created by Faixa 2 |


21. Windmill by Mohammed A. Abdulkhaliq

Playing with wheat illustrations to create a windmill graphic is a smart move for this design. The idea states the name and also explicitly communicates the products. It is a smart use of the logo, as well as making it versatile for almost every advertising element. It works as a wrapping pattern, distinctive bakery branding design packaging, signage, and also brand identity. 

Created by Mohammed A. Abdulkhaliq |


22. Bear Bakery by RE ORII Studio

A bear holding a wheat symbol is a real depiction of the name. It is a cute picture that helps attract an audience as well as creating a brand identity. The bakery branding idea itself is pretty much simple, with the gold-white-black color palette. It creates an authentic design that fit the whole concept and objects, such as packaging, paper bag, bottle, etc. 

Created by RE ORII Studio |


23. Mi Pan by Firmalt Agency

As a popular bakery shop in Mexico City, Mi Pan has more than 30 years of experience in its heart. In order to accentuate that specific details, the bakery branding focuses on creating an easier to recognize and unique symbol. Thus, some graphics help to state the bakehouse's identity, experience, and professionalism through its logo, pattern, packages, or other items.

Created by Firmalt Agency |


24. Dora by Abio Design

Abio's design uses a unique color pick to accentuate the distinctive Dora bakery identity. The bakeshop focuses on creating a wild fermentation, which includes wine, coffee, and drinks. Thus, the visual detail focuses on flexibility and proportion. The branding includes some typography, unique color, packaging, and illustration. 

Created by Abio Design |


25. Amusans by Lencanna Graphic Development

To help strengthen Amusan's classic brand, the vintage touch was given to this bakery branding design. The idea is simply to create a more impactful design as well as an impression from every element. It works with the unique logo design, business card, packaging style, envelopes, and menu paper. All items have the same aesthetic and graphic style. 

Created by Lencanna Graphic Development |


26. Freyja by Eszter laki

Given the name of one of the Greek goddesses, the Freyja project means to accentuate the true baker's experience. The branding design comes with a heavy touch of traditional impression, which favors the true style of Freyja bakery. As the logo symbol, the design uses a simplistic typeface and croissant ship shape. It is simple and applicable for packaging and other items. 

Created by Eszter laki |


27. Flor de Oro by Pupila

The name itself means flour, a basic ingredient of bread. What makes the advertising stand out is a simplistic logotype style that helps create a more exclusive impression. The color palette and geometrical pattern also create a more distinctive identity, which you can use for almost every element, including boxes and bakery paper bags.  

Created by Pupila |


28. Sania by Lebtex

The Sania design is somehow unique and modern. The unique curved line as its symbol's identity makes a novel impression. It doesn't accentuate the bread business, but it works to illustrate the traditional big bread produce. The design itself also works with many elements, including business cards, wrapping paper, and packaging. 

Created by Lebtex |


29. Caylo by Miguel Carballo

If you want a more youthful and modern type of branding, check out this Caylo bakery design. The logo uses a fun typography style and a donut-shaped 'O' character, making it simple yet straightforward. Another plus is the color palette that states the more modern market. It also complements the whole project with quirky graphics for every material. 

Created by Miguel Carballo |


30. Borland by Widarto Impact

In the opposite of an approachable and friendly manner, Borland offers a more sophisticated logo that helps state the bakeshop brand identity. It implies luxury, handcrafted, and simple impressions. The bakery branding design uses turquoise green as the primary color that affirms luxury. The combination works for everything, including menu flyers, cards, packaging, etc. 

Created by Widarto Impact |



Creating effective branding material was never an easy part of starting a new business. In this case, the bakery business comes with a lot of capacity. Thus, the illustrator should consider more than just the face to make a perfect branding. Some people even have to dig deeper into the philosophy and the business identity. 

Understanding the brand is the first step that will help steer the project direction. From that, you can choose the typeface, concept, color, or other design elements. Underline that the most vital part of branding is to communicate the real business identity through graphic representation.

So, which of these branding references you like the most? Let us know your thought by writing your comment down below. We hope this example could inspire your projects!

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